(2014-10-27) New Moon
New Moon
Summary: Simon completes the transfer of Violet Moon to Topaz
Date: (2014-10-27)
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NPCs: Simon, old proprietor of Violet Moon, Gus, a resident spirit of the establishment
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Social

The transfer was at hand, Simon had everything signed over, all payments made, it was the passing of the keys that made it more official in the realm of the mystical. A good day for it, with the moon waxing near full and a good alignment of the heavens and constallations even. A few whispy clouds rolling for the day, meaning the moon would be out more than covered even for the evening. Simon wore some of his best, if not out-dated suits, packed and ready to go. At least, packed in extradimensional space for easy retrieval of needed items at his leisure versus carrying luggage.

Waiting inside with the key, as soon as the door chimed, its as if he knew who it was and welcomes the comer with open arms. "Good to see you, the place is ready, Gus is lively today. I told him as much as I could, to prepare him, but he's always restless during change."

The chiming of the bell at the door always brings a smile to Topaz's face, it's such a happy sound. "Dear Simon," she holds both her hands out in greeting and leans in to give a peck onto his aged cheek "If I did not know how content this made you feel and how sure you are that it is the right decision, I would do my best to change your mind." the comment about Gus has her laughing "He is an old man, afraid of change like most old men. He has been around forever, and will be here long after both of us are gone. Stubborn old ghost." it is said with affection

"Ah, Topaz," grins Simon, "You know me too well. The sentiment that you'd try to have me change my mind is a comfortable one, and a good sign that I am more than ready." Having returned teh pecks to cheeks, he is now holding up the key. "There are a few extra rooms beyond the confines of these walls," folded space, the like, "The key works just the same if you trace the sigils over its eye." Not that it has them shown, but he seems a hundred percent certain she will easily find the doors and the sigils to open them through the only key for all the rooms in the establishment. Its a nice thick old skeleton key with a large eye, larger than need be.

"You are. I feel no doubt at all in your mind over this. Gus though is a different story." Topaz takes the heft key and weighs it in the palm of her head a moment, before it disappears to someplace, maybe on her, or someplace equally safe "Will I be finding any nasty surprises hidden in any of those rooms? Imprisoned demons? The Lost Scepter of Ra? Some mummy you were given but forgot about?" she jokes of course, she would probably know if there was anything that powerful on the premises.

Grinning, but having to think about it, Simon considers it for a moment, "Nothing you can't handle." Half a grin, and at least suggestive nothing dangerous like lost artifacts or demons. Still, no telling what he hasn't moved in all his years as proprieter, or what could be attracted to what he still has on the property. "Gus would know more what is hiding in the shadows. I would watch out for imps or gremlins at the worst, I think there is a little opening for some of the buggers, I think Gus helps them to keep me on my toes. Nothing to cause any grief." Giving another hug/squeeze, he chuckles a little, "I'd be more worried if the house go too quiet." More serious on that sentiment.

"Considering all the magical energy stored in these walls I could probably take on the Lord of Hell himself," Topaz doesn't say his name, "And win." she that will happen at some point in her life. "If the imps and gremlins become to much of a problem I will put them to work. Or send them to Hellstrom…let him deal with them." the hug is returned "Quiet…the sound of Gus plotting something.

Grinning with a nod, "Plotting or conspiring, yes." Simon looks up to a room or location that Gus might favor. "He still has a few unwanted friends, but he knows not to bring them during busy times. Doesn't mean won't invite them over." During mundane times of the year/phases of the planets moons, as if knowing the owner doesn't need sleep. Tapping his chin one last moment, "Ya, if you can put them to work for you, might make things run a little smoother." Something he might of wanted to do, but just couldn't, though you have the ability far more than he does to achieve that outcome. "There is a mirror in my room, direct line, you should find me if you need to." Or there abouts, he grins and shrugs, "Its all your young lady, make the most of it." Pausing enough for parting words, then finally turning to leave, "Until our paths meet again." By way of finally leaving, he'll wink out though, going to whatever dimension he planned to visit first.

"I guess with Samhain coming up I should be wary of what Gus is up too." Samhain being another name for Halloween "I will keep him on check." or she will try at least, grumpy ghosts aren't always agreeable to what others want from them "You be safe in your travels. If you have need of me you know how to get a hold of me." as she leaves she says something to him in an ancient tongue, a blessing of sorts for safe travels and with the power she puts into it, it may stick.

Simon gladly takes the blessing on his way with him, it'll stick as long as he doesn't push its bounds either. The house is quiet for a moment as if settling with the transaction complete. Afterwhich is a whistle, like an old steam pipe settling, but with a musical quality. Its not an old furnace/steam pip, something else. Maybe a hint of Gus, his own disquiet, or lament that Simon is gone and things have changed. Its followed by another such sigh of pipe/music, a dirge maybe.

With Simon gone, Topaz looks around the little shop. It seems a bit empty without the prescence of the lively old man, but that is something she is just going to have to fix with her own prescence "I know Gus, I'll miss him too." she crosses the little shop to go behind the counter, a line she has never crossed before "His departing while sorrowful, is timely, big things are coming and none of them are fit for a man such as he." she talks aloud, trying to ease Gus as best she can.

There is a sign of music again in the house then quiet, as if agreeing or lamenting. Then quiet, giving the house a moment, as if comming to her words then though, the door bells chime though the door doesn't move. Perhaps its her address, her way with words and sentient beings. A small sign at least Gus may have simply come into the room. Any mischief not planned for tonight at least with the parting of Simon. Its enough she could easily part the veil to see the ghost, or let him be as he makes adjustment to the new circumstance.

She may not be able to see him, and peeking would be rude, so she is content in just feeling his prescense in the room. "Well Gus, there is a lot of work that must be done here. I'll try not to disturb anything to much, but I would like to make the inside of this place a little bigger and with all the magical energy and the converging leylines I should be able to draw enough power to do that. What do you think?

As mischevious as he can be, Gus remains in the spirit of letting a parting friend part. He may have enough sense of what seems to be coming the same, there is eventually a stir near the incense and other ritual items and shelves. A few things move. Not to point out specific items but almost as if Gus simply agrees, something can be done, and there are plenty of materials on hand to use even, to help with the protecting of this convergence.

"I will take that as a yes than. First make the place bigger, than deal with strengthing the wards protecting this place." with that Topaz gets busy preparing for the extensive rituals that both jobs will require.

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