(2014-10-20) Made in Japan
Made in Japan
Summary: Catching up after another Mongo adventure and the body switch of everyone, Jack, Vance and Courtney end up fighting a Giant Toy Robot
Date: (2014-10-20_
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NPCs: Giant Robot
Scene Runner: Stargirl.
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They enjoyed the festivities, neither overly bothered by lionmen/women other than Prince Thun commenting occasionally towards Vance-in-Courtney. The following day, assured Rico was on his way to Arboria and everything was in good standing. The Guardians returned to Earth yet again. Cosmic energies mingled and mixed and managed to revert the parties involved, overriding the mystical energies that caused the transferrence of minds.

Finally, they go to what seems to be their favorite place, order up some food, relax. Jack definitely goes for chili-cheese fries and whatever burger has BBQ sauce and thin onion rings, maybe some blue cheese on it even. As the food is coming, he has a shake to drink on while waiting for it. All settled there, he finally says, "So, we're agreed, we'll swear off space for at least two weeks this time, if we can." Though, with them, it always finds them, but its a nice sentiment.

"Give up space? What are you talking about? We have yet to defeat Ming. It's our duty to put him down like the dog he is. "

Courtney may have been invited to this little burger eating party, but she has yet to make an appeareance. In fact since thier return to Earth, which had her leaving the Guardians prescence quite quickly and without explanation, she has maintained radio silence. Could it be that she is avoding one or both of her team mates?!

Meanwhile around the diner life continues as the waitress wanders around refilling coffee mugs, taking orders or clearing tables. Approaching the table where the two Guardians sit she does much the same, getting the dirty plates out of the way while trying to remain unobtrusive.

A hint of a sigh, Jack shrugs, "It is, but Batman is planning on going up there. I'm sure Captain America will be in on it. Ming is out of chances." Like Mongo is becoming a hot party place for earth's mightiest. Then he shrugs, "Okay okay, we can go up, see if they need us in zapping his ass back to, wherever Ming's come from, its our duty, but man, I'm ready for earth time."

The waitress goes off, leaving the two men alone, he looks around, "Where's Courtney, didn't she get my message," like she might get where he's coming from and he needs that support, even if she would agree with Vance. He gets out his smart device, starts thumbing, he swypes/types a message, 'Missing mah pegasista in arms! You en route?' Then hits send.

"Batman is a myth." notes Vance with a grin. He follows the flow of the conversation and says, "Bro, she needs personal time aft the mind switch. To get over the icky factor. She already thinks I'm a creep. Then I was in her body. .. she Hass to think the worst.

Jack doesn't get an immediate response to the text, it's a few minutes in coming and when he does it's an image. (http://www.sharenator.com/image/376317/) and nothing more.

Meanwhile the waitress reappears with two plated peices of apple pie ala mode, which they probably didn't order, but she sets them down in front to the men anyway. "Someone called in and insisted on you two having pie." she explains

"Looks great, thanks. " replies Vance before digging in. He then asks, "Food she text? "

"True," says Jack, getting the massage back, "If I swapped with you, I'd shower for a week at least." He half grins at the image, pursing his lips the same. He thumbs away just the same, kids these days. 'You live!' He could ask more, but the image is a start for certain.

"You didn't do anything, like mess up her place or something did you?" Jack, looks up and gladly takes a pie, "Just what I needed." He doesn't hesitate to take a bite, forget they don't know who it was at all and there are tons of Bounty Hunters off in the myriad nearby galaxies actually looking for them. He nods, "replied at least …" Technically, wasn't texted.

"Heck no. I wouldn't mess up her stuff. " answers Vance.

Jack's phone buzzes again with an incoming text, this time actual words from Courtney, "Pie. Yum!" so either she is the one behind the mysterious pie or she is spying!

"I figured, just wouldn't explain …" But pie coming in, thankful for Jack and Vance, it wasn't laced by a bad guy. The text comes in too. "The f…." His words trail off, Vance gets enough its a WTF moment as he looks at his screen. Blinking curious, not yet looking up and around, but replying, 'Pie, Yes … Y U No Here?!?!' He'll peek around though, unsure, "Either she sent them or knows we're here though." His fork hand doesnt' complain as he looks around the establishment, lifting his next bite to his lips without abandon that's for sure.

Jack's phone buzzes again with an incoming text, this time actual words from Courtney, "Pie. Yum!" so either she is the one behind the mysterious pie or she is spying! <REPOSE>

"I figured, just wouldn't explain …" But pie coming in, thankful for Jack and Vance, it wasn't laced by a bad guy. The text comes in too. "The f…." His words trail off, Vance gets enough its a WTF moment as he looks at his screen. Blinking curious, not yet looking up and around, but replying, 'Pie, Yes … Y U No Here?!?!' He'll peek around though, unsure, "Either she sent them or knows we're here though." His fork hand doesnt' complain as he looks around the establishment, lifting his next bite to his lips without abandon that's for sure.

After digging into the pie, Vance chews and does not speak with his mouth full, he listens to the relayed messages or confusion therein. Vance furrows his brow and says, "What's the deal?" in a curious tone trying to follow what's going on with the txts between J and C.

Eating the pie, no sign of Courtney yet, Jack talks to Vance between bites. "Other than a funny confused icon, I only got 'Pie. Yum!' as the pie came in. Either she called and knew we would have it, or she's in here and I can't see her." Though a grin, "But hopefully she's in good spirits at least, I mean, its pie! But only two pieces, strange things are a foot." He could add at the Cirlce K, but that's way before his time, tha tmovie.

Another buzz and anoter text this time with a picture. The picture is a group of thug in various states of injury and scattered across the ground it what looks like a dirty alley. So she can't be in Metropolis "You think they'd learn." is the words that go along with the pic.

Vance leans forward to look. "What the heck? " trying to discern what is in the pic.

Holding it up to show what it is, for a better view at least, Jack says, "Looks like fun for her, not sure where that is though, too dirty for here, maybe not dirty enough for Gotham, maybe farther up the coast?" He still has pie to occupy him, though, trying to finish the last few bites it seems.

The next image that comes in was definantly taken in or around Times Square, it's a slightly blurry pic of someone dressed as Santa Claus, but on a rooftop. It looks like it was taken from a distance and zoomed in "Either someone in this bank has been extra naughty to get a personal visit, or he plans on robbing the place. I think I will ask him!"

Vance states shaking his head, "So what's the deal with all the texting? I understand it's a means of communication. But in space we just clicked the comm and spoke to one another. On Earth, it seems like a must-do thing. Wouldn't it be easier to communicate verbally to get the message across than to text random word bombs?"

Even as Vance asks, Jack is texting right back, "Heh, most wonderful time of the year, save some for us." Scoundrels and vagabounds that is. He looks up at Vance, "Totally not the same thing, our comsys is like always being connnected. With texting, you answer when you can and don't have to say something stupid. You can think about it before you send it. Like being yourself, but the you you see in your head or something." Forget that he probably sends lots of stupid things without thinking. "Besides, I can talk with you and text at the same time." Though, honestly, when he's texting he does phase out real world just a little (lot).

Vance shrugs, leans back and swivels in the booth to place his back to the side wall and his legs upon the booth itself. "We would have never drempt of this stuff in the 70s."

Buzz. Buzz. And a picture of a beat down Santa Claus in handcuffs being put into a police crusier "Little Timmy shouldn't be seeing this. OMW…if nothing else goes down.

"Yes, you were worried if your chest medallion matched your leisure suit," grins Vance, then the buzz comes in and he chuckles. Not sure if Vance wants to see the picture or not, but holds it up the same. He texts back, 'Pie almost gone - No Pie 4 U!' Well, plenty left, the diner isn't running out anytime soon. "I bet if you did have this in the 70s, your swag would be all over it. Pimped out cases, leopard prints, fuzzy dice - actually, you can do it cheap, the invented the bedazzler, totaly 70s." Says the guy who doesn't know the 70s at all.

Vance chuckles, "Yeah, no. I'm doing just fine with my flip phone they issued me. Any way. What are we doing if not going to space? You have alternative s? some earth base missions? We going after those gold guys? "

"If you want we can get you the WWII era radio phone they used in the 80s, that looks like your carring a brick with you," grins Jack about the flip phone and it being dated. "I'm finding it odd that we haven't heard from the bounty hunters. Lately, maybe we should check in with Skrull's, do a sweep of Earth or something just to be safe. This Mongo stuff and us focused there - I mean, who knows what could of happened since we've been gone. Go see how the other Guardians are doing?" The ones still floating around the galaxy.

"You snooze ya lose. No badguys for you!" is Courtney's response a few minutes later via text. "Hitting the outskirts of Metro…wow that's one large robot!"

"What Robot?!" Not quite so loud, but some excitement from Jack. He starts to thumb a message back, but gives a pause. Wait, she didn't send a picture, he can't be sure this time. "Okay, we'll save pie," then a pause, what if she's serious, "Robot, real or joshing with us?"

"No txt, fght gi-robot." this time a pic is included. She's not joking, it's a giant robot shooting beams out of its eyes. "Hlp!" it is only a matter of moments when a commotion can be heard in the near distance, less than a mile away, an explosion or two, car alarms and the others noises one would associate with a giant robot trying to take out a city.

"No time for Pie!," announces Jack, getting up. He calls to the waitress, "My tab, add it on …" Maybe she's used to the Guardians doing this, maybe she doesn't have time to protest, he instead runs out of the diner and heads towards the noise. He takes out his earpiece then, no time to text, "Tell me you're on line here," more for Courtney, "I'm inbound, Vance should be on his way." Maybe Vance got up for the powder room. Jack is running to close the distance on that mile to the giant robot.

The giant robot fight isn't immediatly seen. A skyscraper or two are between Jack and the view. He doesn't have to go far to see it though. Stargirl zigzagging in flight around the giant 'bot as they exhange fire on each other. The robot's laser comes from its eyes, hers of course from her Star Rod.

Vance jumps up and says, "Guess I got my answer to what we are doing. Let's rock this out. " He will bolt for the door after leaving money on the table.

Getting a good fix on the giant robot when he finally sees the fire fight going on, Jack picks a route to get there. Good thing Vance was kind enough to pay first, Jack assumes its on his growing tab, not realizing Vance has been picking it up all along.

His primary focuses is getting within a block with a good line of sight, for the purpose of picking up a manhole cover and chucking it at the thing to give it some distraction while Stargirl is still blasting at it.

The manhole covers whirs through the air in a wobbly trajectory toward the robot. It smacks into the chest plate of the robot, wedging itself into the the metal. It does the job though and the robot looks down and around for the source, firing down onto the street at random…boom goes anouther car.

Vance positions himself above and behind the robot and about 40 feet up. He intends to outright blast the back off its head.

Two in the sky with good range for heavier fire power currently. Jack will do what he can to draw attention while moving towards the robot and still sticking to dodging. No telling how hard one of those blasts will hit, so better safe than sorry. If a blown up car happens to be by as he moves closer, he'll huck one of those at the robot as well.

With Stargirl zooms around pew-pew it with her own energy beams, leaving melted slag where they hit as Jack throws the car and Vance TK Blasts it. It's getting it from three sides. The Robot tries to deflect the car being thrown at its head with its laser beam, but the TK Blast from behind drives the robot into the car anyway, so that the car smashes into its already partly melted face. The one-two punch from the new arrivals does the job and the robot droops as the powercore in the head is severed from the rest of its metallic body.

Vance args. "I totally wanted the kill shot." but he still laughs about the outcome.

Considering it was a combination, Jack won't argue Vance about it. He finishes the distance still to be closer to the group. "Next time, call dibs earlier, I'll not interfer with your KS." Looking over the robot, he ponders, "Questions is, from space?" He doesn't know much about giant robots on Earth, but simply looks it over curiously, as if he could tell it was from space or not (and he can't tell that, he's not quite that tech savy).

If one were to actually inspect the robot they would find the words 'Made In Japan." engraved on the bottom of one foot as well as all those other disclaimers that toy companies put on toy robots so parents can't sue them if little Timmy gets hurt playing with it.

"Some type of toy maker?" asks Vance. "Just super sizing them? "

Going to look at the foot with Vance, Jack shrugs in response. "Or someone with a really big sense of humor gone wrong." He'll go to start pulling off the disclaimer, "Think you know someone who could analsyze it. I mean, is it real toy robot with enlarging ray or something, or can your NASA buddies figure out where it really comes from." Spectroanalysis type stuff.

Vance nods, "Yeah leery me give them a call. We'll get some people out here to check it out. " He makes calls on his flip phone.

Having gone to start pilling off the large tag, Jack stops himself from damaging it more if they can just come check it out. Then again,it made more sense that way, not like its going anywhere soon and if he's folks arrive first, they'll get what they need. "See, with a smart phone, you could just say, call my peeps, or whatever, avoid dialing all together." Dialing, so 70s.

Vance smirks.

When he gets off the phone he says they are in route. Damage control will be here first.

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