(2014-10-17) Mongo Again
Mongo Again
Summary: Vance saves the day, again!
Date: IC Date (2014-10-17)
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NPCs: Rico, Lionmen, Ming Raiders
Scene Runner: Jack Flag.
Social/Plot: Plot

Vance-in-Courney's-body was successful in arriving at the ship under the power of the Star-Rod. Once inside, things were powered up, orbit was established, and a general search was done planetwide for com units and specific life signs. Neither were found and considering the last thing that happened was an encounter with one of the Mongo storm troopers, Vance-in-Courney's-body decides that it's most likely that his own body, along with Jack is on Mongo. Joy of joys. Vance-in-Courney's-body gets to go back to Mongo. But slave women cannot be enjoyed this time, there's body swapping and - /oh my god, what is that itch? I know it's not my… cripes, I don't have my…/.

The ship is flown back to Mongo, shields activated, and as soon as it is possible, Vance-in-Courney's-body will start doing a scan for com units or specific life signs (metahuman).

After the coliseum, where Courtney-in-Vance used her staff to great affect while Jack feared the centipede like monsters, they fled with Rico of the Tree People and the Muscle Lizard who might be a random alien not of the regular enslaved people of Mongo. Not wanting to take the group back to Arboria directly in case they were pursued, he instead lead them to a mutually border kingdom without name but Ruled by King Jugrid, who was an unknown as concerned Ming for loyalty purposes, though his son, Prince Thun was at least favorable to the Prince of Arboria and on good terms. Rico thought they could go to his location for some assistance in finding out the situation in Arboria and of their pursuers.

This was a large savanna/plains land with rolling hills, tall grasses, it ran west from the hills (Magnetic Mountains) where the slave coliseum was along Arboria and towards Coralia, an underwater kingdom in the great sea. They had to go to the canyon where Prince Thun made his home. They were presently on the ground, outside the canyon, waiting to make contact with Lionmen scouts of Prince Thun to see if they could seek refuge. Vance will pick up the signals north of Arboria, where they crash landed last time.

Jack is in the company of Courtney, side commenting, "The more we stay on this one planet, the more it is weirder than space in general." In part because of all the enslaved races having their own distinct regions and kingdoms that seem like distinct bio systems as well. Even as they wait, two Lionmen Scouts are coming up over a hill near the Canyon and towards the group, asking, "What do you seek amongst us Rico, you bring trouble." He points at Jack and Courtney.

"The planet!" Courtney-in-Vance's body exclaims "Forget the planet how do you think I fill." hands make a wide V as she gestures to the male body she is inhabiting "I mean sure in some ways it is more convenient," especially when nature calls, "there is no doubt. But I don't know how this could ever be comfortable." she doesn't say what this is, but during thier walk she has often gotten squirmy (adjusting the 'package' without touching it…cause ewww) and she often is itching the several days growth of beard that is growing on Vance's face.

Meanwhile up in the ship that dodges radar detection, Vance-in-Courney's-body struggles to find his friends. All the various pings on the scan are false positives. Until finally, there's a grouped ping-ping that indicates the location of the metahuman friends. "Gotcha!", exclaims Vance-in-Courney's-body and then will begin a more directed movement of the ship down and toward the atmosphere below. It will take a few minutes for Vance-in-Courney's-body to arrive.

"We just need passage to Arboria, it is not your trouble, we assure you," returns Rico, and he enters small talk with the man Lionman in the scouting groups.

Jack shakes his head towards Courtney, "If it helps, it never really is …" Comfortable that is, and he doesn't give pointers on adjusting, or spitting as a way to defelct eyes from casual adjustments in mixed company (no, Jack doesn't spit in real life while adjusting, ever).

As the talks continue, it seems favorable, they don't want the trouble, but they are friendly to Arboria, at least Prince Thun is. The main lion scout turns, "Come though, we must hurry to the canyon, the King has his scouts out and …" Even as he says that, two airsleds are spotted in the sky, coming from the Magnetic Mountains and one of Ming's outposts there most likely. A few shots are fired widely for affect, not really hitting the group. "Quickly," suggests the lion, turning to run towards the Canyon.

Jack could wait to help with the sleds when they get closer, but doesn't fly and that could jeopardize Rico and any potential alliances that may come when Earth tries to stop them, so he looks to Courney, "I'm going with …" To help protect their current friends in the situation.

Distraction is what Courtney needs if she is going to put up with this body for to much longer. The talk between Rico and the Lion scout barely cuts it, but she gets to jist of what they are saying. "How far is this canyon?" she doesn't think she can walk much further like this. When the laser fire rains down she stops short of cheering. "You go, I'll cover you and see exactly what Vance's powers are capable of." she has nearly master the flying aspect of his powers. The flight from the arena and her own experience in that area was a big help. So up she goes, focusing on quickly lifting hisself into the air and heading toward the incoming ships.

Descending rapidly, yet still miles out, Vance-in-Courney's-body reads the monitor which indicates that those metahumans are active and there are assaulting forces. Vance-in-Courney's-body pilots the ship so that it will come up behind the airsleds in the seconds following. The ship's weapons are charged and targeting begins. A countdown until the targets are in range starts, 25, 24, 23, 22…

Jack runs along with Rico, the Muscle Lizard and the two Lionmen scouts, the canyon proper is some leagues away, but a small rift finger is merely a couple hundred meters over the next hill.

The air sleds part company. One directly towards Courntey-in-Vance's-body, the other moving sideways. Whether to bypass of flank her is yet to be scene. Each sled has two men, one pilot, like a charioteer, the other in back. Each sled has a needle nose the pilot can shut a ray from, the back man has access to more weapons choices perhaps. While the one coming straight at her starts to shoot the ray gun on the sled at her, the man on the back picks up a crossbow like weapon that seems to be a bola net launcher and he fires one shart in an arc towards her, moving to rapidly reload it with ammo at his side. It isn't too close, but she'll see when it gets in the general area, the three balls on lines attached to each other erupt into a 10' diameter net - something that can catch runners or Hawkpeople even.

"Forcefield…need a forcefield how the hell does he do this crap?" s/he exclaims flailing arms around and focusing on trying to create one around herself. She did it before while there were flying away, getting it to work again isn't working. "No forcefield….how about a blast than." a hand come up, pointing it toward the sled with the dudes firing things at her/him. It seems she has better luck with the TK Blast, her old body has a similar ability and the use is the same. TK blasting the the enemy she manuevers to try to avoid the bolo net. One of the weighted balls hitting her in the chest the other wrapping and hitting inthe back. There is an oof from her as the wind is knocked out of her and she looses some altitude, one arm pinned down as she net is partially wrapped around his body.

'What do you mean, Vance Astrovik approaching?' Goes through his head in his own little psychodrama before coming into range and pushing the /fire/ buttons with Courtney's fingers. Vance-in-Courney's-body fire-fire-fires at the air sled which is attacking her/his own body. "You better not be messing up that pretty face!" is said in the cockpit to nobody in particular. PewPewPewPew

Bolas hits Cournty-in-Vance and as she works on her pinned arm and the netting wrapped around her body, the air sled turns to follow, thinking they have him. This isn't a capture mission it would seem, the raiders taking Vance and Jack more serious, not to be enslaved or subjegated (or mind erased). It opens up its own ray, blasting in an arc converging towards her-in-his body. Out of a cloud above emerges the Guardians ship with Vance-in-Courtney straffing the air sled and splitting it, as the two havles and the riders fall toward their deaths.

Meanwhile, Jack runs with the other four, but the sled doens't turn on Courtney-in-Vance, instead following the group and gunning for Jack. He gets clipped in the shoulder with a blast that sends him tumbling, he recovers yelling, "Keep running Rico, the child of your Prince is safe, honor our agreement." Not knowing if they'll see each other again, not yet knowing the ship is here, the group reunited. He turns to face the air sled, trying to dodge ray fire from the nose, taking a bolas, and ripping at it when it gets to him. Sittin more as a target, for as long as he might take ray gun blasts, to buy time for Rico and their allies amongst the Lionmen for the moment.

Trying to extracate yourself from a net is a lot easier when you aren't have to dodge weapon fire. And now she doesn't since the calvary has arrived "It's about damn time!" the exclaims as Courtney/Vance fights to unwrap the net from around the unfamiliar body she is trapped in. It takes a bit, but it finally falls free and she can fly up once more and go after the other sled. Since the TK Blasts seem to work (even if they were ignored ;)) she fires another Blast at the remaining sled.

When in range, music can be heard over the PA; Peter Schilling - Major TomVance-in-Courney's-body pulls the yoke to the left, practically power sliding teh ship to miss Courtney-in-Vance's-body and fires a split second afterward toward the other air sled. Pew Pew Pew Pew.

Seeing Courtney-in-Vance escape and turn to TK blast at the sled, coupled with the arrival and joining of the ship piloted by Vance-in-Courtney, Jack finds a rush of pride, "Took you long enough." The blasts and the pew-pews from the ship leave little chance for the air sled. It doesn't even spilt or fall, but simply blows up, bits flying and raining into that savannah land of the Lionmen beyond the Prince's Canyon country.

Thinking they're taken care of, knowing it went quick, Jack runs towards the first two men that fell when the ship split that sled. For the purpose of making sure they're out, or if he needs to tie them somehow to prevent them calling for reinforcements. Courtney-in-Vance can hear him yelling more as she's flying and outside of ship, "Did we win yet?!" Ming's troopers accounted for, Rico watched from the Ridge near the canyon and is waving towards them and the ship if they'd still like to follow down in to the Canyon. Where its deeper, the ship can fly into it even.

"The battle, not the war." Courtney-in-Vance replies to the question Jack offers as she flies down to land near him "You think Vance is flying the ship…." she doesn't postulate about who's body he is in, though she is pretty sure she knows and is terrified to find out.

Piloting the ship, Vance-in-Courney's-body slows and will begin the descent into the canyon. There it will be hidden from immediate detection and out of common visual line of sight. The PA system is dampened and the music fades. At least on the outside. Inside the music continues to rock out and when the ship is settled down and the engines powered down, the door flings open. Vance-in-Courtney's-body standing akimbo in the door frame. Hands on hips, feet spread, looking super cool in her super suit and her hair back in a pony. She calls out, "Where is my body!?!?!"

Heading for the lip of the canyon to look at Vance-as-Courtney asking for his body, they will all see a walled city, built into the canyon itself with some external buildings. Something of a mix between the canyon people in the remake of time-machine meets the elves of Riverdale, using the rock itself to carve out rockways with open rooms and pillars carved into it. People are arleady gathering, alerted by the lionmen scouts and Rico's arrival.

There are stairs and ladders to get down, and with the arrival of others, they can help so that Courtney-in-Vance and Jack can come down to join. Moving to near where a platform is (for air sleds and the like, hopefully near where Vance has the ship hidden), Jack moves and grins, "I ain't got it and no bro-hug, too awkward."

Following as they are led to the cave like city of the lionmen, Courtney-in-Vance watches as the ship comes in for a landing. The stairs are used regularly, but the ladders just get bypassed as she fully capable of just floating "I swear if he has done anything with my body, when this situation rights itself I'm going to kick him so hard his boys won't come down for a week." it's a whisper threat. Only those close would be able to hear it.

Vance-in-Courney's-body leaps from the ship. In mid descent she calls for the Star Rod which will appear in her hand and will modify her descent. As she spies Courtney-in-Vance's-body, she will smile and say, "My, I am one sexy beast." to herself and as she touches down in front of Courtney-in-Vance's-body, she will announce, "Hey there good lookin, what you got cookin?"

"Might be a good lesson," says Jack quietly to Courtney-in-Vance's comment and more aloud, "Ya, lets not make it more awkward than it already is." Though he chuckles, "Better than a mirror is it?"

As they're talking, Rico and Prince Thun arrive. Seemingly the biggest lionman of this settlement, he has a princely crown within his large and thick mane. "Welcome to me demanse, say with us, feast with us, Rico tells me your world may come to to fight Ming, that his Prince is joining this cause. I would welcome you for a time amongst my people." Pointing out its a limited stay at least.

Would probably disagree with Vance had she been in range to hear what he said "An excellent lesson." she nearly mutters as she turns to the cheid lionman and greets him, as Vance and not as herself, since she can hardly say she is Stargirl when she is in a male body "Thank you. I'm Vance and this is Jack. That is the plan. Hopefully if we can all work together we can overthrow this dictator Ming and free all of you from his tyranny.

Distracted from her intended string of wonderful it is to see his own body greetings, Vance-in-Courney's-body turns to see the prince. Hears the commentary by Jack and even the remark of Courtney-in-Vance's-body and realizes there's something going on that's more important. Vance-in-Courney's-body smiles to the prince and stays silent. She knows her place is not to speak but to be in the kitchen making vittles.

Jack doesn't have a place making vittles, but he keeps quiet the same as Courtney-as-Vance responds to the Prince.

"We hope, we hope, come share our wine then, an offering to this quest your people partake on our behalf Vance, and Jack, and their lovely friend." He moves, shaking Vance's hands with both of his large paw-hands, as he says each name slowly, then of course, bending and taking Vance-as-Courtney's hand to kiss it. Perhaps more awkward if Vance-as-Courtney is keeping up the ruse and not wanting to offend the Prince as a potential ally. "You are always welcome here," he favors Vance/Courtney with a deep look and a smile before returning to Vance. "We are afe her for a time, they will send a patrol in 12 cycles to check on this last one. They do not know how far they may have to follow you, but that is standard for them to send more if they do not hear back from their raiders." By cycle, he means a measure of time close to hours, or half a day. They can stay the night, but have to leave in the morning it seems, to avoid drawing more attention to them running around on the planet again.

"Wine and food would be much appreciate." a hand goes to his stomach "It has been quite a while since we have eaten little and been through quite a lot before arriving here." Courtney-in-Vance shakes the hand, but has to stifle a chuckle as the Lion Cheif treats Vance-in-Stargirl to so old fashioned chilvary and a visual undressing. She's seen the look many times, but usually not quite like this.

Vance-in-Courney's-body curtsies as her hand is kissed, she does her best to blush and act like a girl. She remains quiet but glances over at her teammates for some hint as to what's going on and there's going to be a lot of explaining in the near future.

As Courtney-in-Vance talks and treats with the Prince, sparring Vance-in-Courtney from teh visual undressing over and over, or other comments more suggestive, Jack moves closer to him/her.

"Its you right, Vance," he says, just making sure, "Don't die on me again, I thought you were toast. Then I woke up here with you, but it was Courtney." Starting to explain what has transpired as they are lead to a nice feast hall, one open air balcony for dancing over the canyon, hearths for fires on the opposite side. Food is being brought in to treat the unexpected guests.

"Oh my god." blurts out Vance-in-Courney's-body before she can get a control fo her tongue, "Yeah. I thought I was toast too. I'm just glad to see I survived." She's distracted for a moment looking at the backside of Vance and comments, "I've got a sexy butt." then covers her mouth and looks back at Jack, "You have to get me out of this body. The hormones are making me say and do things that I … well no one can ever know."

"Dude," responds Jack, shaking his head, "Don't talk about your butt, I might look. No one will ever know, well, Courtney will. We'll leave it at that." He moves towards where food is being put out, more open banquet style, help yourself to a table, no organized seating. "Better do it before we get back to earth, switching them back, cause I'm totally gonna have Courtney doing funny dances on video if I get to a phone." Fair warning, fair play. "So, it seems Ming has this thing for big monsters, had us fight one. We managed to escape that, was going back to Arboria when you found us." And saved them.

Moving with Jack, Vance-in-Courney's-body also gathers foodstuffs because it's been a long time since she ate. A smile comes to her face when Jack mentions making recordings. He remains quiet in his communications, "Oh heck yeah. We need some of her picking her nose, pulling a wedgie out of her butt, some dated dance moves, and even more dated clothing. I know this thrift shop on 25th and Martin where we can get some great hippy-chick gear."

Funny thing is that Jack meant Courtney, using Vance's body for funny stuff, but now its more like double the prank if Vance will do the same to Courtney. "All right, disco ball and roller skating, I'm in on this one. What the hell happened anyways, you were figting that Ming soldier, I saw it blast you, you just woke up as Courtney, or anything before that?" Not that it matters cause the wine is pretty good now that he's tasting it. And Vance already said he got stuck pondering the body after the near death, maybe curious if other adventures ensued or just pondering the body he was stuck in.

There's a shrug. Vance-in-Courney's-body has no clue what happened or why. And yes, the food and wine is good.

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