(2014-10-17) Enter the Black Knight
Enter the Black Knight
Summary: Hellstrom meets a drunken Black Knight.
Date: IC Date (1935-06-17)
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Scene Runner: Hellstrom
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Quarter till midnight in a bar sometime in the summer of 1935. Chicago, it rains outside pretty heavily and the bar is a refuge place for any and all who wish to avoid it. It's a nice place with lots of pretty dames and man wanting to bag them. One man however isn't here for the women or the liquor, he's here to capture another sort of game - the infernal sort.

Daimon Hellstrom leans with his back to the bar, he scans the room in hopes of spotting his prey. This takes time. He needs to focus on the target and concentrate for a few seconds to identify them. His scrying powers haven't been the same since he left the Hyborean Age and he was assaulted by Ni'thil, a horrific wizard of amazing power levels.

Presently, Hellstrom is wearing a dark suit with a nice classical cut to it. It is the 30s and he knows how to dress.

Dressing as well for the 30s, Octavius Garrett is here in Chicoga at the same said bar, his suit large in areas but nothing like a zoot suit, simply dressing for the times and following the trends. He is here for the woman and the booze. Ever since he's used the Ebony Blade, he's felt a desire to fight more, and when he drinks, he seems to forget those desires he's trying to keep out of his mind and soul.

Near the bar itself, he's with a dame and while not excessively wealthy, the depression didn't hit him too hard and while he can be charming, he's not opposed to let his money do some walking for them. With some bills out, he keeps the tab clear and the drinks rolling, for himself and the lady. Not drunk but inebriated at least. They share a joke and laugh, mixing with the cacophany of the bar, joining the din even if louder than if they were sober, everyone is going that way and it blends into the atmosphere as Hellstrom searches through the cantina in search of his prey.

When his eyes fall upon Garrett, Hellstrom becomes distracted and slightly confused. His brow furrows and he asks himself, "What is this?". His mind quizically puruses all the options of which Garrett may be which completely takes his mind off what is.

Hellstrom is blindsided by a heavy handed sap that takes him across the back of the head dropping him to the floor. Not unconscious, but dazed and on all fours.

The /man/ who sapped Hellstrom breaks for the exit. His eyes will be what gives him away to anyone who knows anything about the mystical, they are a solid visage of blood red - no pupil, no iris, just red. He is in fact, evil.

Not attuned to his purpose, to stop all evil, Octavius is dulled by the alcohol. But with the sapping and running, he turns to see what it is and in a moment is aware of what is happening. Not one for big transformation sequences, he stands and lets go the dame. "To me!" A shout, and as quickly, no flashes, no music, no camera going around him, he's got an Ebony Blade in a raised hand, and is in the arms of the black knight sans a Shield in this era.

As the thing makes for the exit, he hopes he gets his armament quick enough to not let it get a good lead on him and mindless of anyone who might be in his way, he'll start to chase after it, "Not so fast fiend, my blade shall feast on your flesh." A grin under his helm, him feeling that desire to draw more blood with the blade in his hand.

It only takes two steps and the demon is pinned to the wall with the un-piercing tip of the blade. It snarls and is totally caught off guard by the presence of such an artifact - of which can smite the demon. The creature snarls and will ponder means of escape.

Rubbing the back of his head, Hellstrom begins to gather his thoughts. Though he remains on all fours a moment longer.

The people in the bar are aghast at the presence and sudden appearance of the Black Knight. Some lady faints, another screams, and gangsters begin to pull out .45s.

As guns start to cock around him, Black Knight says, "Mortals, this is not your fight, least you seek to unleash hell tonight." His armor won't stop bullets so much and he can't take off his sword to protect himself if they open fire. He pushes the point into the demons flesh, piercing it a little, "No fight in you, no desire to taste the kiss of the Ebony Blade." Even though he's pushing it down in for that taste.

Hopefully Hellstrom doesn't need this guy alive right now, for any reason, Octavius doesn't seem in any other mood - send demon back whence it came or otherwise, other than let the blade taste blood. "You and your kind are not welcome in the realms."

The demon skin is pierced, it begins to burn at the very point of penetration. The demon screams in agony. Normally demons would escape bodies when they are slain. In this instance, the demon cannot flee or hope for release; the mystical blade will be the true death.

Hellstrom is suddenly aware of the dangers all around. He rises to his feet and observes the transformation of Garrett. Hellstrom commands, "I want him alive, Knight."

In his favor, Hellstrom has a voice that carries, over the other noise as this scene unfolds. The blade is steadied, the demon alive under its bite. "For what purpose, you are a fiend as well, that you wish to unleash him upon earth sir?"

He turns a little to see if Hellstrom can be seen in his peripheral, or to his sides, but not taking his focus off the demon, least it manage to escape from his clutch for the moment.

All the firearms are held in the ready, but none fire for fear of what may happen if they do.

Hellstrom begins his confident stride over to the Black Knight where he will place his hand upon the knight's sword arm shoulder, "I wish to learn why he is spying on me and what nefarious plans my father has in store. Then I will dispatch him to the depths of nothingness where he can threaten nor harm any more."

This Black Knight pulls his blade back, but not off the demon. Turning to look at Hellstrom then, seeing what or who he might be, "You're father and nefarious plans." Rhetorical question there. "I no not who you are but you suggest you are demon spawn like this."

Its his first time meeting Hellstrom, doesn't know if Hellstrom met the prior Black Knight or any from history for that matter, so setting some ground work for why he shouldn't think of Hellstrom as one of the demons.

There's a moment of quandary when asked the questions of the Black Knight. Hellstrom smiles and says, "Let's just chalk it up to - I'm Daimon Hellstrom - one of the good guys."

"Daimon Hellstrom," says the man with the sword, pulling it back more. "I am the Black Knight." Or at least the current one. "I will chalk this one up for now that you are a good guy. I shall trust you at your word then, that he shall be expelled to that nothingness." Not detecting a play on words from Hellstrom in the way it was offered, and accepting uneasily for now that it is naught but truth.

"Are there more Hellspawn, my blade is but damp and unsheathed, it may not return whine it came until it is fully wet." Either part of the curse really, or the way it plays in his mind in making him want to draw more blood.

Hellstrom steps forward, grabbing the demon by the throat and then glances around the room. "How about we get out of here and divise another plan for getting your blade wet. One that doesn't involve the innocents in the room."

Still touching on inebriation the same, Octavious looks around and realizes again where they were, in a bar in Chicago. "Well said, Daimon," he says, holding the sword out, blocked from putting it out of sight. "Lets devise this plan you speak of … this demons, they are sent after you then?" Hellstrom did mention his father was sending them, if he's turning towards good like he said, makes good reason for whomever his father is to send demons against him.

Intoning, Hellstrom says to the demon, "Let's go outside where we can better get acquainted with new and old friends."

The demon is drug outside into an alleyway. In route Hellstrom speaks with the Black Knight, "My father sends his spies, his horde, all to goad me into taking up his ways. I am not one who wishes to rule as my father does. I care little for the politics of the Hell Lords. I only wish to live my life, enjoy the treasures of this Earthly plane, and discover what it is to be human."

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