(2014-10-16) Dancing in Moonlight
Dancing in Moonlight
Summary: Topaz and Black Lightning go for a walk together, chancing upon the Violet Moon - and an opportunity is presented to Topaz
Date: (2014-10-16)
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NPCs: Simon, the current owner of Violet Moon
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-==[ Violet Moon — East Village ]==-------—-

The jingle of chimes rings through the front of the store can be heard as soon as the door is opened. Once steping aside the small shop is quite packed with a lot of merchandiese. On the right hand wall by the window are various incences for sale, then jars and jar of what looks like dried leaves and other componetes, white labes with stuff like Sage, Iron Shavings, Juiper, and Cedar and written on them are stuck to the front of each glass container. Further down the wall are candles for all different types of things. Some saying stuff like love or wealth, and others just sorted by colour. Below the candles are many oils of many different scents. The wall ends with a book case turned sideways, as if to form a makeshift back room. On the book shelf are many gargoyles, faeries, egyption gods, angels and other such figures. The entire other wall is lined with books, covering many topics. The occult, gems, ruins, religion, magical creatures, zodiac, tarot, and fantasy art books just to name a few. In the center of the store there are two tables, one filled with a varity of gems and jewlery, the other is a close case with wands, daggers, swords, mirrors and other spell aids. At the counter an old cash register with the numbers that pop up on squares sits there. There is also a varity of tarot desk that you have to ask the clerk on duty to get you. Behind the counter there are many drawers and a few cabinets further back, all closed. If they contain back stock or other trinkets not on the floor is unknown. There is a bookshelf one can see, packed fully with what looks like large ancient books, tomes even.

Finally, Jefferson made good on seeing Topaz. Calling her clunky, but effective phone even. It was the joking sort of thing a man says when interested in seeing someone, "Wasn't gonna be anywhere in the neighborhood, but have time if I stop by." Sort of an ordeal. Something to show up without it being completely random, or business (Outsiders) related. He arrives in a nice jacket, for the fall, but in street clothes for himself. Comments are most certainly made from him about how she looks, maybe a tip to amazing as she noted on it before.

As they walk, to look for ballroom dancing, its NY, with social clubs and other venues that may play with live orchestra's even, but there is a curious little magic shop in the Village. A curiousity passes over Jefferson, its like teh shop wasn't so much there but then is noticed. He jokes about going in quickly. And as they enter, there is a chime, but no bells behind the door, or wired door bells with tripped sensors. Its magical in nature, a real magic shop. "Interesting, sorry, this is all new to me, I'm fascinated," that magic is real, despite all that's happened of late, but it is new to him.

Even as they enter, the owner is at the desk, working on a for sale by owner sign. Its on wood, he is taking the time to paint it. Not new plastic with black marker, more traditional, fitting for the establishment. He is older, bald on top, long hair at the sides, wearing a velvet sort of suit, ruffles at his wrists as he dabs a quill pen into an inkwell. "Yes, may I help you?"

Topaz is a lot of things, amoung them being a bit old-fashioned when it comes to the man-woman dynamic. While she is forward enough to show interest, she fully expects the man to do his part. The date is agreed upon, the location deemed a work in progress as they stroll along the sidewalk. When the little shop is pointed out Topaz smiles "Oh yes. It is a great little shop. Some of the things are just knick-knacks for the wiccan set, but there are just as many genuinly things that are magic or magic related as well." she leads the way in, deeply inhaling the scents of incense that float in the air "Greetings Simon." she smiles at the older gentleman, that of course she knows by name "I do not require anything today, my companion," a hand goes to his arm "was just curious about your shop.

For his part, Jefferson seems to respect that Dynamic, genuinely wanting to get to know Topaz, findinger her more intriguing each time that he has seen her since he first met her. "Would anything be beneficial to me in here," ponders Jefferson as they enter, seeing how she sniffs at the air, more taking it in, all of it, he breathes more deeply too curious if there is more there than he realizes. He means in the sense of him being around technology more, would it work for him if he actually bought something.

Simon on the other hand, looks up and half smiles, taking Topaz's hand and patting it warmly. Perhaps they've known each other for a long time, him bordering half-magic and less lived than Topaz for certain, aging normally that is. "A pleasure as always Topaz. It is simply my time has come, I've worked long enough, I have decided I need to retire. If I can sell the place, I should be well off. Maybe some visit around the dimensions, real vacations …"

The question from Jefferson has her looking around and pondering a moment and then she beams "Actually there is. A book. I will see if it is still available." Topaz, with her hand now in the elderly gentleman's frowns at him "No, you are as spry as the day I meet you." Which with Topaz could have been five years or fifty. "I doubt any one could care as deeply for this place or is customers as you have.

"Thank you," says Jefferson, staying back a little as Topaz interacts with the store keeper. Grinning, seeming to enjoy the way she interacts with everyone, giving him that positive feeling just the same even if she standing with Simon and holding his hand in an endearing fashion; something infectious perhaps.

"You were always good with your compliments, love," he chuckles, putting down the impliments for the old sign he is working on. "Few, yes, few could, I like to think the shop rather picks the owner. I suddenly find it curious the day I decided this and set to work on the sign, you should enter Topaz. You have a fine way with people, don't you?"

"It doesn't make it any less true." Topaz comments with another smile, but in this case it isn't true, not with the aging man. "Your grandfather must be rolling over in his grave, knowing you are selling this place." from the looks of it, it has probably been open for that long "To bad your father didn't have enough magical talent to fill a spoon, but your grandfather, he had skill and so much power." she talks as if she knew the man personally. "Gus will be hard to manage. He is just starting to settle down after being banished for so long." the whole Spectre judgment thing "Are you saying that you think fate brought me in today. That it was destined that I buy your shop?" there is no question, she does have a way with people.

Simon forgets the sign he was preparing all together than, his long fingers still patting Topaz's hand at his arm. "Today was a quiet day, everything settled." Any restless spirits, the house itself, Gus. "Restless, but knowing what must be done. I do believe this is destiny Topaz, a fate I cannot question the more we talk about it." A smile, a laugh, "Who else can see that it lives up to the hopes of my grandfather, few else remain that knew him so well a you and I did. I can make a better deal for you, I know the Lounge still takes your time, but it is meant to be. Money can't reason with Fate."

A rare sigh comes from the sorceress "It is a quite day. Much to quite for a day that sees a man such as yourself seeking a simplier life." she shakes her head "There are few here in New York that could handle a place such as this. To many convergining lines." her eyes widen "They are a burden? Keeping them warded and safe from tampering?" the ancient ley lines "You have felt the surges and pulls. You can tell something is coming and you want to be free of this place and safe away before it breaks through." she is talking about the Pluto situation "Why did you not tell me earlier? I could have eased that." A shake of her head "You need to sell the place to me for me to run it. I do not own the Voodoo Lounge, though it is mine in all but name." she basically runs it while someone else profits, not that she doesn't profit as well, she is probably the most well paid bartender in the tri-state area.

A sigh, a nod, Simon has felt the tremors, especially in his shop where it sits on so many intersections of ley lines. "It is true Topaz, something is coming. I cannot do my part in keeping the wards it seeks to break. Like my life force, my magic dwindles. Spry as I may seem." A slight laugh from Simon, something towards bells even, from a mirthful youth he once had. Then a shake of his head, "I should of came to you, of all people, but it was an old man's pride that stopped me. I will set a price that doesn't depreciate the shops nearby at least then, it will be yours officially Topaz."

Topaz spares a glance at Jefferson, to get a visual gauge on how he is taking all this. With her empathy she can probably already feel it, if she focuses that direction, until now it's all been on Simon "You have been very good to me Simon. Like the father I never had." even though she is older than him by at least a couple of decades "I know now Simon, that is all that matters. I will pay any price you deem fair. Just be sure it's enough that you can live out the rest of your life surrounded by fantastic wine, beatiful women and soothing music." she gives the man a wink

Jefferson is quiet and content. He does find an attraction to Topaz, that's always there, but her business with Simon gives her a certain appeal more than before. She knows the man, is friendly, the man trusts and respects her to care for this shop that, with the discussion of the convergence of ley lines, seems rather important even. Almost as if he now is curious if Topaz is too good for him, out of his league as it where and yet, he is happy for her.

As for Simon, "Rest assured Topaz, I will have my feel of all three. I have lived a good life, my dues have been paid." Almost a reference to the afterlife, no telling with dimension or realm he'll end up in and yet, he is comfortable where he is going, more so relaxed that Topaz came in today and is willing to take over the shop.

»>I measure worth by a much bigger scale than you could ever dream up.«< Topaz says quitely into Jeffersons mind. That and if she stuck to men that were in her league she would die a lonely old woman in a few hundred years.

"I trust you in that, as with all things. You draw up the paperwork and I will sign it, gladly. Your grandfather would have been proud.

That makes Jefferson feel better, »>Thank you, that's inspiring, makes me want to live up to the measure of that scale you have Topaz.«< That and perhaps in some way, its more down to earth, he could of ended up idolizing her, not negatively or against his own faith, he knows what she said on the topic when speaking with Kyani, but would of made it hard to work together too while this Pluto thing unfolds.

Patting her hand again, noting the house remains quiet, not clanks in the attic, "He is Topaz, he is proud indeed, I think you will help elongate his rest." The eternal kind in whatever realm his grandfater is in now.

Their is a mental chuckle of amusement and then Topaz is focusing solely on her old friend "Azeez," there is that foreign word again, she has used it before when addressing Jefferson, after leaving him on his front stoop after the poisoning "Simon, I will miss you greatly." she leans forward and brushes a kiss on a cheek "You will not be a stranger." she tells him explicitly "You will at least drop a postcard to me once in awhile.

Jefferson remains silent then, letting Topaz continue with her friend, curious about the word, she might sense it, but also that he intents to ask her, perhaps to open conversation again between them.

Simon grins, closes his eyes to the kiss at his cheek. "You are too kind, you always were," he says jokingly, knowing she is indeed good with people in her way. "I can never be a stranger for long, this old place has secrets left for you to find still young woman," and he knows she is older than him, "I will never be far."

"You know I have always had a weakness for secrets." Topaz looks around the store, her gaze a nostalgic one before she turns back to Simon, "And you will always be here." she puts a hand to her heart. Oh so touching, how she connects to people. "I will leave you for now. You know how to contact me once all the paperwork is done. I trust it won't be long." she squeezes his hands and pulls free "Namaste." she gives him a bit of a bow and then turns to Jefferson and taking his arm heads out of the little shop.


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