(2014-10-15) Dangerous Little Spider
Dangerous Little Spider
Summary: 1937 Russia. Hellstrom lays eyes on a pre-teen Black Widow.
Date: IC Date (1937-MM-DD)
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NPCs: Alexi Novokrova
Scene Runner: Black Widow
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The year is 1939, Mid December.

Every country has their own way of trying to get ahead, try to hold the greater power. The Germans have their research division of HYDRA, Russia has the secret covert-ops training grounds; The Red Room. A group of 27 orphans, for which young Natalia Romanova is one of. Nearly 12, her ruthlessness and taking to the programming sets her apart from the others on another level. Dr. Erskine only recently finished the Super-Soldier Serum, and while it may have gone badly and birthed the Red Skull in Germany, the Russians got their hands on some of the formula. Over the next few years they will be working on their own variant.

From a young age, each orphan is programmed, deprogrammed and reprogrammed to the point that their true origins are a muddied dream and they have no idea who they really are. Implanted memories, controlled to what they remember, or think they remember. As they train and grow, they are molded through harsh and rigorous training into the perfect Assassin.

If you fail, your dead. With how secret this facility is, they can't afford lose ends. Such is how Natalia gained her first kill at the age of 9. Another young girl she considered a friend became her target as she was forced to kill her in front of her instructors. That changed her. Darker. Colder. Untrusting.

Now two years later and nearly 12, that has only solidified and she has done nothing but excel in her training.
The camp itself is a modestly small facility. Training grounds above ground with actual barracks, commons room and other more covert training areas below ground. The above ground areas are mostly physical training, sparring areas, obstacle courses. Meant to condition the body for swiftness and agility.

It is above ground that Natalia is at the moment, along with three others, running the course. They are pitted against each other. The competition is meant to be cutthroat. The young girl is dressed in what might be considered prison rags. Tattered, dirty clothing that barely offers any protection against the harsh winter of Russia. Her red hair is haphazardly tied back, random bruises and cuts on her skin from other training sessions. Tired and sore muscles that she ignores. Today; it is even snowing. Making some parts of the course slick where its turned to ice.

None of them wear gloves as they grip the cold bars and slats of wood as they cross the course. One of the others starts to get close, but Natalia swings on the bar, letting the other go beneath, only to come down and kick her roughly down into the snow, breaking the girl's arm. She continues on without even pausing now that one of her competition is out of the way, ignoring the stinging cold of her hands as she jumps from one platform to another.


Daimon Hellstrom has many contacts within the Russian secret service. It affords him access to intel and secret places. He stands next to Alexi Novogard, one of the directors at the facility. He watches Natasha do.her stuff and he comments in the Russian, "Deadly little spider, that one."


While Natalia hasn't gained her 'codename' just yet, she is getting there. A little older and it will fall into place.

Jumping from one part to the next, swinging over this, running across that; with the training thus far even as a child she is fairly agile and quick. Though body fatigue does have its negative effects and she is indeed still, just a child.

One of her other competitors takes out another, leaving her with just one. She ducks behind a partial wall piece, crouching down some as she waits for the other to come by. As soon as she has her chance, she jumps out, grabbing the other girl and delivering an elbow to the head to knock her out. Last one down, Natalia continues to the end unhindered, landing at the end with her pants causing small tendrils of smoke in the cold air.


In the Russian to Alexi, "Impressive, my friend. She is your star student, I trust? Or have you better?". Hellstrom is curious about the lineup and level of skill beyond that of which Natasha displays, even at her age.


Alexi smiles, signalling to let the victor head back in. She just earned herself a nice warm meal. The others? To med-bay. Some of them might not make it that far. "She is. There are a couple on her heels, but she always manages to stay one step ahead. She is our prime candidate thus far when the serum is prepared."


"It would be a shame if the serum fails and ruins a perfectly good subject.", states Hellstrom in a reflective tone that could indicate previous failures and ruined tests. "Perhaps there will be a way to prevent such a loss."


"I will take a few years yet, I am sure. They are still young." Alexi doesn't seem bothered by that fact. He will be a little more concerned when the subjects are older and its nearing time to use it.


"Quite." agrees Hellstrom about the young age. He imagines Natasha in a few years when she becomes a woman. What a deadly spider she will be.
He turns and indicates the door, "I happened to bring a bottle of vodka that has been sitting dusty on my shelf for many years. Shall we?"

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