(2014-10-13) Coincidence 3
Coincidence 3
Summary: And once more
Date: IC Date (2014-10-13)
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Scene Runner: Hellstrom
Social/Plot: Social

It is one of those days. Its a Monday on a Friday and what a hell of a way to end the week. Well. Office-part of the week anyway. Managing Tony never sleeps. It is raining and dreary outside with that chill of October rolling in. A meeting runs late, a sudden necessary call, and before she realizes it, it is an hour later than she intended before she even makes it home. It is to the point that she doesn't even want to bother with stopping for food. Delivery works just as well.

Her apartment is very well maintained, clean and pristeen to the point that it may look more like a model home with no one living there. Everything is tasteful and 'modern', thanks to the well-sized paychecks she receives in her position as Personal Assissant to the CEO. It is nice, but of course not overly wealthy. Her checks aren't THAT nice.

About a half hour later she has taken the time to take a shower and change into a pair of dark cotton shorts that are rather short, and a tank top. Comfortable home-alone kind of clothing. Her hair is damp and still gives off the fresh smell of lavender and vanilla shampoos and soaps. Padding barefoot, she pulls one of the various take-out menus from the fridge. Thai tonight.

Outside, Hellstrom appears at her door holding a large paper bag filled with Thai. He presently wears black slacks and a maroon dress shirt. No jacket, no tie. Once again, he is dry and shows no signs of the rain's effects. His other hand is freed as he places his umbrella next to the door frame and it allows him to ring the bell.

She picks up the phone… and the bell rings. Pepper blinks, setting the menu and phone aside for a moment while she heads towards the door. Peeking through the peephole briefly, she opens the door. "Mr. Hellstrom." She greets, though her surprise is clear. "Forgive my attire, I can go change. Please.. come in?" Is that Thai food she smells?

Her words are met by a warm smile and a simple, "Good Evening." and he will step in. Once inside, he will turn and offer the bag, "I happened to be in the neighborhood, was hungry, and thought maybe you would be hungry too. Thai?"

He intentionally left the umbrella outside against the door frame. No need in bringing it inside, then again it's likely symbolic or something male.

When the bag is eventually opened, the contents will be Thai. But not local. There may be subtle hints that the food is fresh and from a remote part of the world. Or they could just be from a really authentic Thai place in the city.

"Actually, I am. Was a crazy day." Pepper shuts the door behind him, locking it out of habit. "Can I get you anything to drink? Tea? Wine? Water?" She takes the bag if he allows to the dining room table to open it and fetch a couple of plates after. Setting them on the table along with some silverware she finally gets around to actually inspecting the food as she lays it out. "This is definitely not from my usual place. Where did you go? It looks amazing!"

"What ever you're having to drink. The food is from Phuket", Hellstrom answers regarding the location with which he obtained the food. Which is a small island province of Thailand, or it could be the name of a local restaurant. He helps with the placing of the foodstuffs and then follows with the question, "Have you ever been?"

She's familiar with Phuket, grabbing a bottle of wine and a pair of glasses to bring to the table. Pouring the rich red wine, the bottle is set aside after. "Please tell me you mean a local restaurant." Pepper picks up her glass, not quite getting to the food yet as she goes to claim a seat across the table from him. "Our past meetings weren't just coincidences were they?" And the fact he showed up out of no where with the very food she was just about to order?

Standing on the opposite side of the table when all the placing and pouring is done, Hellstrom seems to be waiting for her to sit before he follows suit. His eyes return to hers as he answers, "No to both accounts." He will let her process and he's curious to see where her mind takes her with his answer. These next moments are those that are the reason he isn't a man who normally gets into situations with normal women.

Granted, Pepper may be 'ordinary', but she deals with Tony Stark aka Iron Man. She's sat in for him during the initial beginnings of the Justice League. She settles in her chair, watching him carefully as he sits, if he does. She takes a deeper drink of her wine, considering: "And you did all this for me?"

Taking the seat opposite her he too settles in, takes the napkin and places it into his lap. As he does, he answers, "Are women not the reason men do what they do? Helen of Troy, Cleopatra of Egypt, Allansandra of Atlantis, Boudicca of the Celts. All of these women made a difference in the course of history. All of these women had men who went out of their way to attract their attention. You are one of those women."

"So far you pay so much more attention than Tony does." She smiles faintly at that, with no real warmth behind it, taking a drink of her wine and setting it aside. A napkin is also placed in her own lap, quietly dishing up a few items on her plate while she listens. "I am flattered." A much warmer smile this time. "Though I must ask; how do you do it?"

Hellstrom will take a sip of the wine and after placing the glass on the table will look back to Pepper. His answer is kept simple, yet again, "Magic.". He allows her to absorb the answer. He takes a few items with tongs from a small serving dish and places them on his plate. Hellstrom then follows his statement with, "There are many things in this universe that are unseen. I am one who likes to reveal them for what they are. In this, the truth is one of the more important things in my quest for understanding. Therefore, know this. I will never lie to you. It would be a waste of both of our time."

"Magic." Pepper repeats. She waits for him to serve himself and be ready to begin eating before she starts to eat her own quietly. A very neat and polite eater. Always well mannered and proper. "Complete honesty is honestly more than welcome. I have to deal with enough deceit, lies and shadow games in the business world. As they say; not everyone who smiles at you is your friend." Yes, she's trying to take this in stride and process it. Dealing with the League has helped with that by miles, really.

Once finished taking what he will take; Hellstrom will also take care in how he eats. He does not press the subject of magic but he's pleased it's out there and she will not be surprised when more comes out. Instead he comments, "I also deal with those that would lie and use trickery to get what they desire. My contracts are simple, straight forward, and there's very little fine print other than disclaimers."

Pepper smiles a little, "There are those kinds everywhere." She really doesn't eat a whole lot. Enough to satisfy, but not overindulge. She takes great care in maintaining her figure. Once finished, she leans back in her seat, taking up her glass of wine, recently refilled. "I suppose it is a good thing that I have been tempered to expect the unexpected on a daily basis, hmm?" Though there is clear humor in her tone. She can handle this. Or maybe its the wine.

"If I didn't suspect you could handle me, I would be walking in another direction." states Hellstrom with a smile. He's got a plan, somewhere in that mind of his; a plan that has already taken many steps and quite the consideration.

Once he sees she is finished, he will eat no more. He too will settle back in the chair and take his glass in hand.

"Well, I am glad that you decided to stay the course." With him reclining as well, Pepper flashes a quick smile. "Come see something." She takes her wine in hand, stepping out onto the balcony. With her attire, she is a bit chilled, but braving it with the wine in her system to offer some kind of warmth even if light. The view is beautiful over the city- at least to her. The bustle and busy-body city low and beneath in a sense that its all just left behind. "I know I mentioned Venice as a place of a getaway, but this is peaceful to me as well. It is relatively quiet up here, and I can leave the fast paced day to day life below when I can."

Hellstrom will follow her lead out onto the balcony. With their back to the table as they walk, he will magick it clear with a simple and silent cantrip. Stepping out onto the balcony, Hellstrom will take his place to her left as they look out over the city. He doesn't feel he needs to offer lengthy comment as it is her personal observation and there's nothing he should add or take away from it. It just is. She may note his warmth now that he is in proximity of her and with the stark contrast to the cool night air. Hellstrom will take in the cityscape and state, "It's lovely."

"One reason why I chose this apartment." Nice and high up. Though considering his warmth, she shifts a bit closer to him, drawn to it. Her skin is already cooled by the chilled air. "Though I suppose if the building is ever on fire, I'm not in so good a position?" She chuckles. She turns to face him, wine still held carefully in her hand as she lingers close for warmth. "You know; I realized that I agreed to let you.. romance me.. Date?" Can never be certain with older terms verses more modern lingo. "I don't know your first name. And.. you can call me Pepper."

Hellstrom squares with her, his left shoulder to the city beyond. He steps a bit closer and will raise his right hand to her temple where fingers will trace back through her hair, over he ear and gently stroke through her hair. He answers, "Hello Pepper, my name is Daimon. It is a pleasure to meet you." is said in softer tones.

Pepper smiles as he moves closer, the touch met with a light tilt of her head into it. So warm. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Daimon." Her wineglass is shifted to hold it by the rim with her fingertips to dangle at her side, half forgotten. Her other hand lifts to brush her fingertips against his cheek.

Hellstrom will dip and will move to gently place his lips to hers where his warm lips will softly kiss her own. Though his intentions are to keep it brief. He does not wish to overstep or move beyond this particular base.

Her eyes fall shut as his lips press to hers, her hand pressing a little firmer against his cheek, fingers sliding a little into his hair as it slides more towards his neck. Pepper leans a little closer, even if brief she finds herself wanting to be closer. Or it could be the cold. Regardless, as it breaks, her lips curve into a smile as her green eyes open to look up at him.

He too smiles as their lips part. Eyes meet hers and he says, "I should be going. You've a busy day tomorrow." With that, he steps back.

"I always have a busy day. Lack of sleep isn't anything new." Pepper lets her hand fall away as he steps back. "May I be so bold to ask if you would stay? Nothing has to happen… Just.." Though it sounded far better in her head, she cuts off the thought before it finishes to avoid further embarrassment. The wine is also discarded on a nearby table.

Hellstrom smiles and states with a knowing tone, "Oh, but something would happen. In this, I would like to anticipate such happenings a bit longer." He touches her cheek once more and will then move from the balcony into the apartment. This may give her the opportunity to see the clear dining table before he states, "We will see one another again, soon."

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