(2014-10-13) Bank Robbery and Hostage Crisis
Bank Robbery and Hostage Crisis
Summary: The NYPD is in a stand-off with bank robbers holding hostages. Heroes take action to help. What a mess.
Date: 2014-10-13
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Scene Runner: Spidergirl
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NB: Throughout this log, Power Woman is operating in the body and with the powers of Witchblade; and Starfire is in the body and using the powers of Jack Flag.

A bright day in New York, and Spidergirl finds herself killing some free time by swinging from building to building. "Ugh… so bored…" she grumbles to herself as she leans on the edge of a building, her feet gluing themselves to the edge, so the heroine is now standing upside down, arms crossed. "It's not like I WANT crime to happen, but…" she speaks to herself, then sighs, "Anything to kill this boredom." she grumbles. And, at the cue, she hears sirens. "Hm?" she blinks, then looks in the directions of the sirens and sees several cop cars all heading in the same direction. "Ask, and ye shall receive. New York, you never fail to entertain, I guess." she says as she jumps off the building and starts to follow the police, web-swinging from building to building.

All police cars arrive to the bank, forming a barrier on both sides of the road, policemen taking cover behind the police cars. Anyone with access to police radio would know there's a bank robbery with hostage situation in progress right now.

Along came Jack of Hearts, looking like himself but obviously he'd had a bit of a makeover cuz now he looked like a red white and blue dressed supermodel that had once been on captain America's team…if Captain America ever ran a team. Jack was walking along the sidewalk, with a regal grace to his movements. Pausing in his trek as he saw cars with flashing lights and sirens he decided to approach for a better look at all the commotion.

As police vehicles arrive, and police are disgorged from their vehicles, out comes Detective Second Grade Pezzini, strapping on her vest as she then slides on her leather jacket over it. "Alright, guys. What do we have?" she queries the first cops on the scene, moving from her car to another of those forming the barriers and barricades. She won't stay in charge of the scene for long, but for the moment, she's what they have. And she wants to do everything she can to make sure the people inside get out alive. Even the perps, if she can help it. But they're negotiable, to the wielder of the Witchblade, if not so much to the Kryptonian heart, mind and spirit trapped inside her body.

Spidergirl arrives, landing silently on the top of the building in front of the bank, on the other side of the building, just in time to hear the policemen speak to the detective. "We have a hostage situation. Witnesses count four masked guys armed with guns and shotguns in the bank, but there could be more. They are holding the customers and employees hostage, but so far made no demands or ransom." he explains, and Spidergirl listens to it all. "Me and my big mouth…" she mutters to herself, "I really need to stop complaining. I wonder if crime would just simply stop if I stopped complaining about boredom…" she says as she throws a web across the street, and swings toward the top of the bank's building. Of course, one of the policemen notice Spidergirl. "Hey! It's one of the spider freaks!" he calls out, to which Spidergirl just rolls her eyes as she lands on the rooftop. "Great. Thanks, Jameson…" she grumbles to herself.

Inside the building, there are six armed robbers. Two wielding shotguns, one of such standing guard over the hostages, all on their knees with hands behind their heads, while the other keeps watch on the front, but outside of line of sight from anyone outside the bank. The other four are armed with guns, and are currently getting money from the ATMs and bank tellers.

Jack smiles warmly and waves a hand to spidergirl as though he recognizes her. Then looks around and jumps over the barricade to walk toward the front of the bank leisurely, almost sauntering as he whistles a merry tune. Was this guy crazy or just stupid?! Everyone knew you didn't go past a police barricade! Well apparently that was one memo that Jack of Hearts hadn't gotten, which is quite odd to say the least.

"OK. Until someone else shows up, I'm the negotiator. Give me the bullhorn, and get the throw-phone ready." 'Sara' orders, firmly. She crouches down, waiting, and tries to stay calm. If only she were back in her own body, she'd have all the power she needed to get in there and save those hostages. But she is in Sara Pezzini's body, with the Witchblade on her arm; Kara Zor-L is going to have to do it the harder way. She can only hope and pray that will work.

"Carson, get the Hell down and stop pointing at the Spider, damnit." 'Sara' calls out sharply. The last thing she needs is for them to warn the goons inside about a vigilante on their rooftop. This is all tense enough, thanks.

Spotting 'Jack' hop the barricade, 'Sara' pulls her pistol and marches right at him, aiming for a headshot if only to make sure she gets his attention. "I don't think so. Get back behind the barricade, mister. Don't make me do this. There are people's lives at stake in there, and you are not going in there and make it all worse." Meanwhile, Kara is wondering if it's this body that makes her doubt other heroes' abilities. But Jack has never been this reckless, before, that she has seen. Too bad his teammate isn't here; she knows Stargirl would know how to deal with this. The rest of the Guardians she does not yet know.

Spidergirl finds an open window in the upper levels and enters the bank through it, roof-crawling all the way down, being careful to not be seen by any possible patrols, though she finds none in the upper levels. Things change when she reaches the main level, her danger sense being the only thing between her and being promptly spotted by one of the gun-wielding goons. "Great…" she whispers to herself. One of the gun-wielding goons is watching the stairs. She'll need a distraction to get in.

Meanwhile, outside, Carson grumbles, "But it's one of those spider freaks, ma'am, she's here to help the robbers! Don't you read the Daily Bugle?" he says, frowning, before returning to his position, grumbling.

Jack turns blinking at 'Sara' and smiles warmly "Please put that down, there's no need to use it on me. I don't intend to get anyone hurt. Don't worry, I have a plan. If you'll let me? Or you can do the risky and time consuming course of negotiating. I don't know about you but I don't much like to negotiate with people who have shown they think their lives and wishes are more important then other people's"

"You just hopped over a police barricade, mister." Kara may know Jack's name, but Sara does not, or so Kara assumes since Jack didn't call Sara by name. "That barricade is there because /no one/ but other cops are supposed to cross, because this is a volatile situation with people's lives at stake. Now, I'm asking nicely: Please go back and get behind the barricade." She shakes her head. "I don't love negotiating with terrorists and criminals. But I love telling people's families about their dead loved ones even less. You go strolling up there, they'll kill hostages. And you won't have to tell their families. I will. Now, please. Get back behind the barricade." Kara would so much rather be inside, right now, with Spider-Girl. But she has to do Sara's job to the best of her ability. And she has no idea how to get herself inside to help out without risking the hostages.

Jack looks a bit confused before he looks over at the barricade he hopped "No one? Even Heroes? If you'll let me, I'm hoping to get inside and the hostages out without any blood shed. Please just let me try?" his tone genuine and emploring "I'd be a poor Guardian if I didn't try to help, wouldn't I?"

Spidergirl was getting impatient. As long as that guy remains watching the stairs, and from a safe distance, she cannot do anything without revealing herself and giving time for the guy to warn everyone she is here. As she tries to formulate a plan, the shotgun-wielding goon watching the bank entrance cocks his shotgun and fires a shot outside, breaking the front glass door. The shot hits no one, though, as he aimed high, just to get everyone's attention. "Listen up!" The goon yells from inside. "I want all the police OUT of here! We want a safe way out, or else we'll start killing the hostages! You have fifteen minutes to comply!!"

Crap, Spidergirl thinks, it seems there's a time limit, now. But at least this was a lucky break, as the goon watching teh stairs turns around to watch his teammate shoot his shotgun and make his speech. Naturally, Spidergirl jumps at the chance, shooting web at the guy's face to keep him from screaming, and clocking him hard to knock him out. Quickly, she pulls the guy up the stairs, and webs him to the wall to keep him from moving. "I'll return for you later, chump."

"There isn't exactly an exception to the rules and laws for heroes, mister." 'Sara' responds. Of course, as Kara she floats past such barriers all the time. But Sara doesn't believe in capes. And Kara has to play Sara the best she can. "If you think you can get in there and do something that /won't/ risk the lives of the hostages, then you should be able to tell me about it."

But then 'Sara' has no more time. The goon shoots out the window and starts shouting demands. And now it's time for her to do her job. She snatches up the bullhorn and shouts back, "That's not how it works, and you know it. We're not leaving with people's lives at stake. You want a way out, you negotiate. You hurt the hostages, we come pouring in and everyone dies." She grabs up the throw-phone, takes two long strides back, and then runs forward and twists, hurling the thing through the open shattered window. "Now. Pick up the phone and talk. Or not. Your call." And she puts away the bullhorn. She's done shouting, even if she used technology to do it.

Jack nods with a friendly smile to 'Sara' "don't know how it works here, but other places, the bad guys know you won't kill everyone, that's why they take the hostages cuz they know you want them alive. I'm thinking a trade might be an option" whether 'Sara' is listening or not Jack starts sauntering toward the bank again "Alright, alright, no need for anyone to get hurt right? Hurting people is just going to make things worse for you. Why not let the hostages go and you can take me instead? I'm worth more then what you got in there" smiling sweetly at the window of the door as Jack walks femininely towards it.

The bandits all hear Sara's voice amplified by the bullhorn, and the goon 'leader' shouts back, "How's this for negotiations, then? No one gets near the bank, and you all leave, or hostages will start dropping! One by one! You all have five minutes to decide! After that, if we get no reply, well be executing the first!!"

Inside, Spidergirl is happy someone is keeping those guys distracted, though before she can leave the staircase, she spots another gun-wielding goon coming her way, "Wayne? Wayne, where are you?" It seems he came to check up on the guy she just clocked. "Wayne, are you pissing on a potted plant again?" The goon says with some mild annoyance in his voice, which makes Spidergirl turn her head to look at the unconscious guy she just webbed to the wall, and underneath her mask she has a look of disgust at the guy, before shuddering and shaking her head. "Come closer, little fly~" she whispers, waiting for the other guy to come closer to the stairs so she can take care of it, as well.

'Sara' mutters darkly. "I swear … I should just tell them to shoot his arse." But she won't. She could never do that, even if the 'real Sara' could. Because inside, she's still the true blue heroine she was born to be. She may not have her Kryptonian birthright, but it doesn't matter.

'Sara' pulls up the other end of the throw-phone and waits. When the bandits don't answer, she picks up the bullhorn and shouts back. "How's this for negotiations? You put down your guns and you walk out with your hands over your heads, or everyone dies here today?! Got it!" First rule of the hero: the bad guys don't get to set the rules.

'Sara' stands up and pulls her gun, as she starts marching towards the bank. "Let's go, guys. Those people in there are waiting for us to save them. So … that's what we're going to do. No capes. No spiders. Just true blue NYPD. Let's go!"

They really shouldn't have pushed her buttons. That was a dumb idea.

Jack stops in his trek at the threat to everyone inside and looks over at 'Sara' "Your show I guess, I tried" and starts walking away back into the crowd. But rather then stand back and watch the show, Jack decides to break into a run and make for the side to swing around back. Running right thru the back door, shoulder first. Kori was no hero, she wasn't even trained as one, just a princess hiding out on a distant planet but she had to find a away in somehow and help, she couldn't just stand by and do nothing!

The goons answer 'Sara's 'negotiation', "Alright, lady!" the goon leader shouts, "Let's do it your way, then. We'll be dropping the first dead hostage now!" and then silence. Moments later, there is the sound of a gun firing, several times, and it doesn't come out the front of the bank, no. Following the shot there are the screams of terrified hostages! But it wasn't a hostage that got shot, not that the police knows it yet…

This is not being a good day for the web-crawler, as her stealthy attempt to subdue the second guy resulted in stealght failure as a third guy showed up right as she jumped, spotting her just as she clocked the second goon. "It's the Spider-freak!!" He shouts to the rest of this group while unloading his gun on Spidergirl's direction. Luckily, the guy wasn't aiming very well, and Spidergirl's danger sense helped her avoid the bullets.

Wrong answer. Really wrong answer.

Poor bastards.

Whether or not any of the other cops follow her, 'Sara' charges right through the shattered front door at a run, gun in hand. She's trusting the Witchblade to keep her alive if at all possible, and she's going for the hostages. And if they've killed any? She's likely going to let the Witchblade have them. That won't be pretty at all. It's a Hellish way to die.

Once through the door, 'Sara's eyes sweep everywhere around her, looking for targets and threats as she barrels through, heading for the gunfire and the hostages.

Jack looks around onc he's inside but is spurred onward by the sound of gunfire. Jack runs for the front of the bank, trying to take the robbers by surprise and punches the first robber in the head before sweeping her gaze over the room.

Spidergirl was put on the defensive by the guy shooting a lot at her, but that also left the guy distracted of his surroundings, allowing 'Jack' to clock the guy out. "Whoa, nice punch." she says, surprised, "But it's dangerous here. Those guys have guns and won't hesitate to shoot me or you. Go hide while I take care of them, ok?" she says, right before another goon shows up at the door, just as Spidergirl jumps off the wall she was on, and meets the guy head-on with two feet to his face to knock him out by surprise. "I'll ask you to call the cops…" she says while webbing the guy's wrists and ankles to the ground, "But I can hear them outside already." All that is left is the two shotgun goons.

And speaking of shotguns, the 'leader' seems to have heard 'Sara' making her way in, and just as she turns around the corner, the guy is there, standing in the middle of the room with his shotgun pointed at Sara, "Not another step, girl." he says. Behind him, on the other side of the room, in the corner, the other guy stands watch over the hostages, holding his shotgun aimed at the group. "Now drop your gun and surrender, or my friend over there might get ideas. Y'know, he has a twitchy trigger finger, y'know?"

(You want Sara back? Then you're going to have to stop pouting and help me.) O o . Kara pushes at the Witchblade, as she pursues the bandits into the bank's heart. And her reaction to the confrontation? Definitely not what that jackhole is expecting.

"First up, moron: Not a 'girl'. I am an NYPD Detective. And you're a perp, and under arrest. Put the guns down, or regret it. Those are your options." Apparently, 'Sara' is done negotiating. She shows no fear whatsoever as she aims right at the bandit leader and …

… charges, full-tilt boogie. To Hell with the damned gun. She's not a killer. But she's no coward, either. The brunette launches herself right at the shotgun-wielding leader, heedless and unafraid of his weapon. Its explosive discharge will only mean the Witchblade finally is forced to heed her demand for action. And then he and his friend will regret the day they were born.

Jack chuckles at Spidergirl "thanks Spidergirl but I'm the cavalry and yeah cops are already here if you mean the cars with the flashing lights and the people in uniforms that came in them. Name's Jack" he smiles giving spidergirl a wink before running off to head further into the bank "You boys really ought to guard your backsides!" Jack bellows loudly down the hallway to make himself a target and give a distraction.

Spidergirl nods to Jack, smiling, "Nice to meetcha, Jack, but you really should be hiding now. I'll head in and try to get them by surprise and—" but before she can react Jack rushes in and yells to get attention focused on himself. And he gets it. The guy guarding the hostages quickly aim his shotgun at Jack, but before he shoots, Spidergirl hits Jack's back with her webbing and pull the guy back into the back. "Ok, mister, you're not playing nice." she says as she picks him up and brings him to a side room, "So I'm afraid I'll have to put you in the time-out room until it's all over." she says, before closing the door shut by webbing the door.

Meanwhile, back at the front lobby, at the same time, while Sara is running toward the goons, the leader frowns, "Wrong move, broad!" He says as he takes aim and shoots Sara right as she jumps at her before getting out of the way, not wanting to be caught in Sara's momentum. The other guy, the one who almost shot Jack, turn his head back to the fray as he hears his teammate shoot the shotgun again.

The blast goes off from the shotgun, and it nails Sara in mid-leap. But even as it is doing so, the pellets expelled from the barrel in the blast of detonating explosive powder and rapidly-expanding gases, sinewy organic-looking metal erupts all over Sara's body, rippling outwards from the bracelet on her wrist as it rips and shreds her clothing, even her body armor. But the pellets strike … and bounce off, harmlessly. And as 'Sara' keeps sailing forward, arms out-stretched, razored tendrils explode from the gauntlet now encasing her right hand and forearm, and ensnare the leader, accepting his second blast with just as little effect as she pulls him close … and headbutts him into unconsciousness.

Then the brunette with the gleaming bejewelled armor turns and glares at the remaining gunman. "Put it down. You don't want to make me angry. This is your last warning."

Jack smiles grimly at the gunman and shakes his head before getting tugged back "whu-!" finding himself picked up by Spidergirl "Hey! Spidergirl, put me down I can-" and then he was in a room and the door was shutting quicker then he could reach it. He tries opening it anyway before sighing "No trust…that's what this world lacks…trust. What a sad sad state" disheartened and disappointed Jack looks around before opening a window in the room "No sense in me sticking around for the smoke to clear.." He climbs out the window to make his escape.

The leader is shocked as he doesn't see a shower of blood and gore from the nigh-point-blank shot, but instead sees the girl get 'covered' in what seems to be… no time to deliberate what it is, he just got grabbed, gotta— and he gets knocked out by the hard headbutt, falling unconscious to the floor. The last remaining goon is shaking in his boots, but keeping his gun pointed at Sara. "Stay back! S-stay back!!" he says, trying to sound intimidating but doing a piss-poor job at it. "Stay back! Or… or I'll shoot!" he says, a moment later moving his shotgun to point at the hostages. "Them! I'll shoot them!!" but then the shotgun is intercepted by a white, gloved hand as Spidergirl grabs the shotgun by the barrel and pulls it out of the goon's hand, causing him to gasp and look toward where his gun went to, and meeting Spidergirl's masked face. "Boo." she says, making the guy yelp in shock and fall on his butt. "Good boy~" Spidergirl says, before shooting a web from her wrist to stick the guy's right wrist on the ground. "Alright, that round up all of them." she nods.

The barely-covered brunette advances on the last goon, but he is disabled and she is pleased nonetheless. "Good job, Spider-Girl." she offers, nodding to the masked woman. So, no one was hurt. None of the hostages, anyway. "I'm going to have to call in the other officers, now. You should probably get going." But she steps forward and offers her gauntleted hand. "Thank you, for helping. I'm glad no one was hurt. I should thank Jack too, when I get a chance."

Spidergirl turns toward the voice and sees a woman wearing less than most girls do in Victoria Secret catalogs, and blushes, silently thankful she has a mask to cover her face, "Ah, it was not a problem, it's kind of my shtick to stop the bad guys." she says, reaching for the gloved hand for a nice, tight shake, "Despite what the Daily Bugle says, of course. Glad you're not after my hide." she nods, smiling under her mask. "Though… may I offer a bit of advice? That costume of yours… don't seem too practical, unless, of course, you plan on using it as a distraction?" she asks, tilting her head in curiosity, her voice having no disdain for the other heroine, just plain curiosity.

'Sara' chuckles wryly and shrugs her shoulders. "It's not exactly my idea, to be honest. But it works." After all, the Witchblade does what it wants to do, and it wants Sara like this. Honestly, it wants things like this in a fit of petulance, because it wants the /real/ Sara back. And if it can't have her, it'll make this weird alien witch trapped in her body into a poster child for its frustrations. "Still. I'm glad that the Bugle has it wrong. They call me Witchblade." 'Sara' gestures to the armor, and the gauntlet. "It's the name of the weapon. But it suits. You really should go."

Spidergirl blinks softly, "Witchblade? Interesting. Nice name." Thankfully, this spidergirl isn't like the other, male spider hero, who likes to take pictures. If she was him, she'd probably be having her secret camera take a few shots of Sara. But she's not. She's a nice girl. "Well, you seem to have taken down a guy wielding a shotgun without taking any damage, and I heard a shot being fired, so I'll take your word for it." she nods, smiling, "Oh, there are four more in the back. They're unconscious, but I need to free up one of the hostages I was forced to lock in a room." she gestures for Witchblade to follow, "I got him behind this door, and webbed it shut, he was trying to get himself shot out there. Literally. You think you can cut the web? I'd rather not wait hours until it dissolves, or break the door."

"Well, I can probably do something." Witchblade offers, as she follows Spider-Girl, unsure what she's going to find. She certainly didn't expect a bit of a blowtorch out of her palm, disintegrating the webbing. But, it works. Of course, the room in question is empty. "Well, it looks like he found that window terribly convenient. Maybe you will, too?" she offers, with a smile, trying to play like her gauntlet gouts flame every day, rather than that she is shocked and astounded.

Battery Park — Lower Manhattan
This is a much smaller and more elite version of Central Park. Though manicured with perfect lawns and highly groomed flora, this is one of the playgrounds of the rich. There is a windmill, as wide as it is tall, is the most prominent feature here. Several observation decks protrude around it, offering a way to view the ocean. It is safer than its larger cousin due to the fact that guards are employed by private corporations. They tend to meander about the park during the day and vacate at night. Even here is not a safe place at night.

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