(2014-10-11) Hello Kitty on Patrol
Hello Kitty on Patrol
Summary: Cascade and Black Lightning chance upon each other
Date: (2014-10-11)
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A nice saturday night in fall over New York City. Some clouds some chance rain, but no thunderstorms. Yet, for those looking in the right spots, there is Lightning tonight. Slightly more blue than usual and moving like chain lightning. Moving, stopping, moving again. Not just in the sky, but roof top to roof top, sometimes down to the street level. Thus it is, that Black Lightning is moving through Morningside Heights in NYC and takes a moment to go to street level. It is more to show he is around, put in a public appearance here in there while still patrolling for the sake of being ready. He took a shift tonight with Outsiders and he's keeping to it.

Presently he comes down to land on the street level to give a look around for the moment.

Without the ability to patrol in any sort of awesome fashion, Brooklyn Waters tends to just find a spot to perch with her Emergency Radio and sit and wait. Tonight, she happens to be holed up on a rooftop in the Washington Heights area, watching other college kids coming and going for their weekend. If anyone could see her face, she may even look a little wistful as she watches, perhaps a little jealous that these kids have dates and plans while she's stuck doing her hero thing.

Then something draws Brooklyn's attention. A series of what appear to be lightning bolts moving closer and closer to her position has her eyebrow arching. Reaching over and grabbing the cheap 'Hello Kitty' binoculars she brought with her, she tries to get a look at who could possibly be generating the light show.

Its possible to get a good look from her level to the street where he lands. But then Black Lightning doesn't disappoint for the moment, if she does want a closer look. Taking to flying again, the lightning continues its approach, to a balcony, to a wire, where it travels on the wire a short ways, then up to a rooftop a block away. He pauses there for another look but then, as luck would have it, he's on the rooftop right next door to the one Brooklyn choose to use for her watch. Though, he's looking down, not at the rooftops, just using the vantage point, so he doesn't know he has a next door rooftop neighbor.

Brooklyn blinks as she watches Black Lightning move. It's pretty neat, after all! He's almost impossible to track as he moves, too, far faster than normal reflexes can manage. But, once he stops at each location, Brooklyn is able to keep up, until he winds up across the way from her. "Heya!" Brooklyn calls out quietly, offering the man a small wave in case he looks her way. She's certainly not gonna try and /stop/ him from moving on, if he intends to. But, she figures she might as well be a little friendly to someone who appears to be fighting for 'the good guys.'

Pausing, about ready to move on, he's then sure he heard a voice. Summoning just a little lightning to his hand for more illumination in the area, Black Lightning looks, then waves the same hand. "Hello, didn't expect to meet anyone up here, mind if I ….?" He looks at her roof top, then proceeds with what he was about to ask, if he could come over. He just comes to her rooftop, but gives her space, privacy and all that. Or professional courtecy, "Not meaning to move in on your watch here, sorry if I interrupted something?"

Brooklyn grins, shaking her head. Currently, she's wearing a black leather jacket over what looks very much like a high-tech swimsuit. She has a pair of mirror-lensed goggles on, as well, though they are currently up in her hair instead of covering her eyes. "Oh, no, you're fine!" she says, gesturing to the open rooftop on which she sits. "Plenty of room for more. And, thankfully, there's not a lot going on tonight. Mostly just kids out to have fune. I just kinda like to watch out, here, just in case, ya know?"

"Ya, no, I completely get ya there. Sort of what we're doing," he offers, coming closer. "Mind if I watch a moment, maybe learn something about this place you like and those kids?" It wouldn't hurt, Black Lightning takes a few steps closer. Even with a question already out there, he gives a pause and offers more, "You're out here, doing this alone? You prefer it like that, or, ever thought about helping others do this sort of stuff?" He doesn't even know yet if she is meta or powered, but the swimsuit, while flattering for certain, does have that high-tech look and is way out of place on a rooftop for a stakeout, much like his blue and black and gold suit would be just the same.

"Yup, just li'l ol' me," Brook says, smiling. "And go ahead and watch, it's a free country. But I like to watch out here, just cuz it's a lot of kids my age, you know? Just want to make sure they're okay." Brooklyn reaches over and turns her radio down, before turning and offering her hand up to Black Lightning. "I go by the name Cascade. And no, not like the soap. But, if you saw my powers, you'd get it." The girl is all smiles as she explains her name, almost like it's an inside joke with herself.

Moving to take the hand, "Black Lightning, the Lightning part says it all, but its a motorcycle thing, it was a fast motorcycle back in the 50s." He grins a little at her smile, maybe more curious about the name. "Cascade, like a waterfall? Or is it something else Cascading. You'll have to color me interested." He also looks down at the younger kids, "About college or so? Is that something you sort of gave up for this?" For all he knows, she could still be going to college, but its a good ponderance to start at without bordering into that territory of making assumptions.

Brook smirks and nods. "Yeah … something like that," she confirms about the waterfall theory. Then, she turns back to watch the kids with a shrug. "Nah, I didn't really give it up. I'm in school, just not here. Safer to do the hero thing away from where you live, if nobody knows you're doing it," she explains. "Straight B student, right here!" she says, pointing to herself with her thumbs.

"Straight B student is good," grins Black Lightning, actually meaning it. "Glad you're still going to school then. I still teach down in Metropolis, my day job - suicide slums." He doesn't give more details, but says enough at least. "I curious, if you wouldn't mind sharing more. If you're gonna be up here watching, maybe we could work together a little. I'm with an outfit in the city here, Outsiders, most of us are not from New York. Might be good for all of us to cooperate a little?"

Brook's eyebrow quirks as Lightning shares all that personal information, looking up at him. She shrugs again and leans back on her arms, looking out across the New York skyline. "I don't think I'm really ready for a team thing, yet. I mean, I'm all for working together and stuff. But, I haven't really sorted out where I wanna be or what I wanna do, you know? And I wouldn't want to have folks counting on me if I wasn't sure I wanted to be a part of it, you know?" she offers. "I mean, I'm totally flattered by the invite. 'Specially since you don't even know what I can do yet," she adds, grinning and winking at him. "But I'm not really looking to sign on for anything yet. I /just/ got out on my own, so … I'm checking that out right now."

Grinning and nodding, "Not quite an invite, more like I'd like to see what you can do, then maybe see if it can work out. No sign up, no strings attched, we're not Justice League." Then Black Lighting shrugs, not wanting to push in the least either. "More, I think, I'm offering to watch with you, do a patrol or something, see how things work out, play it by ear. I'm assuming you're good, desite the hello kitty intel you're using," he nods to the binoculars. "I mean, the suit and jacket alone say you're serious."

"Heeeey! Don't knock the 'nocs, man!" Brooklyn whines, grabbing the binoculars and hugging them. She smiles, though, and nods. "I /am/ serious. I just … well, like I said. I'm in school. I can't really afford super-cool spy equipment. I already had these, and they work, so I figured I'd use them." She then scoots over a little and pats the roof next to where she's sitting. "And sure, you can watch with me. I don't really 'patrol' much, since I don't have a car or an awesome way of moving around like you. I usually just pick a spot, turn on the emergency bands on the radio, and wait for a few hours."

Going to take a seat, Black Lightning grins, "I'm not knocking them, more ingenius, adapting and overcoming. Its a good thing." He looks back to the street a moment, seeing they're still doing what they do, being thier age nothing worse. Turning back to Brooklyn, he continues, "What are you in school for, if I can ask. I double majored in English and Poetry, while picking up my secondary eduaction certificate so I could go on to teach at high school." As if to show he's not after directly personal information, but rather just showing interest conversationally.

"Journalism," Brooklyn says with another shrug, watching the streets again with Black Lightning. "I wanna try and minor in photography, but I have to keep my grades up the first year before they'll let me take on a minor. Plus, you know how freshman year is. All those classes you gotta take just about being in college, like we won't learn by already being there." Then, she turns back to BL, curious. "So … you teach high school during the day, and then want to go out and fight crime at night? Are you like, a sadist or something?" she asks, grinning.

Chuckling at her joke towards him, he shakes his head. "I've seen some good kids die because of terrible men. I started by trying to stop drugs and guns from getting to the Suicide Slums in Metropolis. This, up here, was after a long day of disasters and incidents that threatened the city. Those of us there that day thought someone should band together to do better and keeping people safe. Did you hear about the metehuman criminals that escaped, we put some of them in there, we want to get them back in there." Yes, he talked quite a bit there, realizing it he says, "So, Freshman, that whole Journalism thing can change, or you dead serious on making it work?" He also likes the minor in photography, hand in hand the two.

"Well, I don't really know what else I'd /rather/ do," Brook comments. "I started writing a blog back in high school, and really liked it. Plus, I worked for the school paper, which was awesome. And I really /really/ like taking pictures of stuff, and then writing about it, so … if the shoe fits, right?" she asks, smiling over at Black Lightning. "But, I'm sorry to hear some of your students died. That's pretty terrible. But, it's good that you're trying to fix it! I really just want to help people the best I can, and so this is the best way I've figured to do it, so far."

"Natural fit then, Journalism, glad you're focused. Its the unfocused kids that drop out of college," regurns Black Lightning, he knew what he wanted at an earlier age, focused more in highschool on Engligh and writing himself. Giving her a shake, "Its life don't be too sorry, only thing to do is focus going forward, make things better for the new kids coming up. And you know, you on your own, doing the best you can, makes me reluctant to leave. Make a deal with you, no contract, but if I give you an earpiece to contact us, or me, would you promise to use it if you find yourself in trouble?" He looks at her, serious. Liftning a hand to hise ear now even.

OoOo! And ear piece? Brook is immediately curious and a little excited, craning her head to see. "Really? Sure! I mean, if you want me to have it. That'd be awesome. But … like … how does it work? I mean, is it like bluetooth for my phone or something?"

He only has the one from his ear, he does take it out and clean it off. Black Lightning explains as he does so, "Not as cool as the Justice League's stuff, but it has enough range to cover a few states out and relays to other ear pieces and our control room. Touch the lower button to talk, the upper but to go silent if you don't need a signal coming in." Like safety precaution. He hands it over, its hardly noticeable while in the ear but the buttons can be seen. "Just like bluetooth, except its our own encrypted circuit your on wirelessly."

"Ooo! /Nifty/!" Brook chirps as she takes the earpiece, examining it carefully. "This is /so/ rad," she adds, grinning. However, for whatever reason, she doesn't put it into her ear, instead unzipping a pocket inside of her jacket and sliding it in there. "Yeah, I'll definitely make sure and use it if I need help or anything. And I don't really ever go anywhere outside of here and Metropolis, so the range shouldn't be a problem."

Grinning a little, her excitement and age, not much younger than him, just shy of a decade perhaps, might be more reason he is glad he gave it to her. "Really though, keep it with you," Black Lightning replies. "I can get down to Metropolis in a matter of minutes, the only delay would be my regular power lines beind down. Plus, if you're calling on it, means you're doing your thing and I can get a better idea what this Cascade is about."

Brooklyn's pocket starts beeping at her, causing her to whip out her smart phone and disable an alarm. She sighs, disappointedly, pocketing the phone again before she turns to Black Lightning. "Well, that was my cue that it's time to head home so I can get started on my paper. But! At least that means I can give you a little preview of the whole Cascade thing," she says, smirking as she pulls the goggles down over her eyes and stands up. She sticks her hand out again, waiting for another shake. "It was nice ta meet ya, Bee Ell. Next time I get myself in to something, I'll let you know, 'kay?"

Standing to take the hand with a shake, Black Lightning smirks, aside from his initials, she says it with flare. "Don't say that too loud, someone else might run with it, you get away with it by being cute." He steps back, but only to watch, the preview. "Good luck on that paper, I'll keep an eye on your kids down there tonight." Probably honest, unless something comes up that needs his attention, he'll probably stay in the area.

Brooklyn laughs and shakes the hand, then offering him a salute. "Aye aye, sir. No more initials!" she quips. Then, she turns and starts running, taking several seconds to get up to speed. Then, she thrusts her hands out in front of her and a wave of water rises up under her feet, carrying her up and towards the edge of the building. There, she jumps towards the next roof, where another wave of water rises up to catch her as she 'surfs' away from Black Lightning and Washington Heights.

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