(2014-10-11) Coincidence 2
Coincidence 2
Summary: Hellstrom arranges to encounter Pepper on another random day.
Date: IC Date (2014-10-11)
Related: Yes
NPCs: None
Scene Runner: Hellstrom
Social/Plot: Social

In the lower east side of the East Village, Pepper finds herself on her way home. Traffic is a nightmare, the skies are clear and it's evening. Traffic doesn't seem to be moving and there's a pang of hunger that strikes deep. All around are eclectic shops, unique eateries, and equally unique artsy people and places. Parking is accessable and Pepper will find a cornucopia of various delights all around. From sushi to burgers, pizza to chinese and all the eccentries therein.

Coincidence or not, Daimon Hellstrom is noted standing in front of a Chinese restaurant. He wears a business suit, however no tie. His collar is open and he reads the menu on the window. The smells in this area are also divine.

Pepper approaches the Chinese place, as that happens to be her favorite. She is talking on her phone as she nears, purse tucked under an arm. A dark blue skirt suit is the choice today with a white blouse. Her hair is even down. "Let him go then. I will contact the staffing agency and lock or his access." Beat. "Don't argue, I won't put up with his antics, nor his attitude. Get it done." She ends the call and tucks the phone away, only then realizing she came up behind a familiar face. "Oh, Mr. Hellstrom…"

Turning to her addressing him by name, "Miss Potts, fancy meeting you here." he glances to the restaurant and then back to her then offers, which again could be translated as instruction, "Share dinner with me."

She almost declines, glancing at the time on her phone for a moment. Clearly gauging her schedule. After some consideration, she smiles, "I can spare some time, I would love to."

Hellstrom smiles, offers his right hand and leans in to whisper, "Then let's not waste any time."

Pepper glances to the hand a moment, her fingers briefly gracing his palm before her hand shifts on his arm to take his elbow instead of he allows.

"Shall we, then?"

He will open the door and guide them both into the restaurant. The smells are divine. The physical building is deeper than it is wide so there are double booths on the right, single booths on the left and the ocassional table in the middle when space allows. Further back is the wait area and then the kitchen. Hellstrom will guide her to a single booth on the left and allow her to sit before he takes his own seat across from her. The table is small and their legs are close. If she is attentative, she will detect the warmth of his legs.

The waitress approaches and he greets her in Mandarin then turns to Pepper and asks what she would like to drink. He will either allow her to relay it to the waitress (who does speak english) or if she tells Hellstrom, he will relay it to the waitress in kind. He already knows what he wants but will also give her time to pick, yet, since it is her favorite spot, she's likely already picked it out.

Ultimately, orders are made, drinks are delivered, and it allows them time to speak once again without disturbances.

He notes indicating that he's paying attention, "Your hair looks radiant. What made you wear it down?"

Pepper follows him in, a small smile to offer her quiet approval of the choice. Settling in the seat on her side, her purse is left on her lap for now, long legs crossing at the knee though makes her foot grace his leg. She murmurs a light apology and uncrosses them. She orders an ice water, telling

Hellstrom to give him the chance to handle the orders. Once delivered she takes a light drink, smiling soft. "I enjoy it down when it isn't so warm or humid outside."

Hellstrom is quite comfortable with his piercing gaze that does not faulter when the gaze is returned. He also ordered water as he doesn't wish to drink alone - or maybe it's just courtesy.

"Winter is coming." Hellstrom observes the pending season and continues with a question, "How will you escape it?" His question may have merit in that she is lithe and may hold little body heat during the cold, wet, and windy months.

Pepper chuckles, "I've been through enough winters. Just means longer, heavier coats and thicker fabric for my suits. Also warm drinks, and a fire at home." She sips again at her water. Her gaze doesn't leave his, confident and as unrelenting. She isn't easily intimidated, even with such a dominant man.

Offering casual, yet historical commentary, "Fire. Prometheus is always remembered during the cold months and the dark nights." he doesn't bother with the whole angering the Gods part. Instead, he says, "How about this. We ask one another a question, the other has to answer honestly. We taken turns. You go first."

Ah, the question game. Pepper smiles, "Alright." She settles back in her seat as she considers him, "What exactly are you hoping to get from me?" Yes, to the point.

"Get from? Not get. Share with, perhaps." Hellstrom notes the nature of the grammar and then answers as he too leans back against the back of

the booth in a more casual posture, "I thought it was obvious. You intrigue me. Your presence is intoxicating. I would desire to share time with you. To know you, to have your hand brush against mine even as the rose pricked the tip of your finger. To take in your fragrance as your hair is allowed free to flow about your shoulders. To know the woman that is Pepper Potts for who she truly is and not what I can /get from/ her." after a pause, Hellstrom asks, "Does that answer your question?"

Pepper listens, her eyes never wavering from his, but her expression is unreadable. Though as he finishes, her lips curve into a smile. "Yes, your turn."

Instead of being too deeply involved in the pursuit of the moment, Hellstrom takes a different path of questioning, "Tell me your favorite place, be it a vacation spot, a beautiful view, somewhere that gives you the rush of good feelings from deep within."

Pepper considers that question carefully. "Venice. I've only been there a few times, but it is my favorite get away. Even if so very rare." She sips her water again, "What is your favorite pass time? something to destress or Shrug off the weight of the day."

He takes in her answer, accepts it gracefully but will not comment instead he hears her question and will answer in his own right, "Oddly, my

chosen field is part of my de-stressing. I'm an invesigator of sorts. I like mysteries and have to follow them to the very end. Most of history is a mystery. Mankind spends hundreds of years amassing trinkets, building cities, and creating civilization only to allow all to crumble and start anew. In many cases what's left over is what I find the most intriguing. So if it is reasonable to believe that my relaxation time is found in ancient mysteries, then that is mine."

Hellstrom then chooses another question, "If you could have anything in the universe; what would it be and what would you be willing to give up for it?"

Pepper nods lightly to his own answer, but there is interest there. His own draws a contemplative look. "I don't even know. .. Not something I've ever

really thought about. I have what I need, and I stay busy. I suppose the only thing I lack is real romance, but I hardly have the time." She chuckles. "What about you? Is there a woman you go home to?"

Hellstrom smiles to the question and shakes his head, "No." then with a reflective consideration he says, "My home is quite devoid of a woman's touch or presence as is my heart."

Which lends him the focus of his next question which is sort of a declaration in its own right, "Would you allow me the opportunity to offer that romance of which you long?" somehow, she knew that question was coming. "You are a very charming man, Mr. Hellstrom, but are you exclusive in your relationships?" Dealing with another Tony is the last thing she needs.

"If that's what it takes, then yes." answers Hellstrom with the conviction of one who is inclined to pursue a woman and play by her rules. Plus, he's been alive for over 100 years, there's always women in the future, women in the past, and women in other dimensions and other times. So of course he'll be exclusive.

Pepper smiles at that. Of course. .. She doesn't know the rest. "then I will allow you to."

Content with that answer, Hellstrom takes a drink of his water and will begin telling a story of a trip to the wilds of south america where Machu Picchu was the focus of an expedition to discover the origins of the Totem of A'rapuii. An artifact assumed cursed after a previous expedition had been mostly wiped out from an unknown sickness. To break the curse and save the rest of the team, the curse had to be broken.

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