(2014-10-10) Sprechen Deutsch
Sprechen Deutsch
Summary: Satana arrives to school, discovering she can speak German while in Kurt Wagner's class
Date: (2014-10-10)
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It's been a bit of a whirlwind for the new student at Xavier's, but 'Julie' is finally making her way to her first class. At least that's what she calls herself, anyway. Julie is as good as anything, right? The redhaired teen dresses more like a streetwalker in tight leather pants and a halter top, but she pulls it off with a natural self-confidence that completely overlays the fact that she can't remember anything past her arrival in New York. But that's another story.

History class. Julie struts in and makes her way right up to the front, leather pants scuffing softly as she slides into a seat. Reaching up, she fluffs the spiked red hair a bit; okay, so she IS a little self-conscious about the small horns. But no biggie, right? She's a bit early, and looks around to see if anybody else is arriving yet.

If it might help with the self-conscious thought of the horns, the teacher arrives. He's had a few history classes since his own arrival, was expecting a new student today, looking forward to getting everything back on track sans some trouble some students trying to be trouble. Kurt Wagner comes in carrying a sword case, he's been promising the kids swords, better make good on that progress.

Maybe having caught the fluff ot the spiked hair to help with the horns and keep them hidden, he talks as he moves, "Today, we'll be looking at Jan Sobieski's gambit more closely during the battle of 1683." The accent is thick German, including 'v' insteadof 'w' for his pronunciation. Thick but understandable all the same. Walking past the vicnity of the news student, Julie, he side comments, "It looks fine, frauline." Not that he saw the horns, but her hair. Then walking past to the front is a blue devil, literally. He prefers elf, or imp in some cases, over devil, but for all purposes anyone familiar with common iconography will seem him as a blue devil. Pointy ears, cannines, yellow eyes, three fingered hands, three toed feet, pointy-spade like tail. Sure, he wears a nice comfortable blazer jacket over a nice button-like shirt, nice slacks, quite sharp even. Though no shoes, and the hands, his smile that could be a grimace.

Still time to spare before class itself, he only announced the topic for people like Mr. Kaylee Andrews. He sets down the long sword case, turning to Julie finally, "You are my new student?" He takes her in and despite age difference, even if not apparent, he can't help notice her looks, how she is dressed.

Julie grins wryly at the comment about her hair, her gaze wandering along the fuzzy-blue fur of her teacher. And the tail as well. Yeah, she's gonna fit in just fine, here. Brows knit, then, and she tilts her head with the look of a curious canine. There's something… his accent, maybe? Or perhaps it's the spade-tipped tail.

She's staring, and then she clears her throat when she's addressed. "Ja… I mean, yeah. I'm Julie." No last name, apparently. Grinning a bit weakly, she adds. "My, um, memory's sorta wonky. Just so you know." As in: gone.

"Ja," he questions, noticing she went to German for a moment. "Its okay, I'm sure your on par with some of the students who do not have memory loss as an excuse, you will do fine Ms. Julie." He uses the name that is supplied, no last name given, she's still afforded the respect he gives his otehr students.

Kurt smiles though, taking a seat on the corner of the desk in the room. "Sie sprechen meine deutschen, ja?" Just a ponderance, not sure if she said yes in German noticing his thick accent. The translation being "You speak my German, yes?" He folds his hands in front of him curiously at that thought, lifting one leg up. Not just to fold over his other kneed, but up next to him, bending slightly more than most folks would find comfortable. Not quite crouched on the desk, one leg still down, he could almost be a gargoyle of he brought the other one up.

Julie smiles at his reply, deciding that she likes the blue teacher already. Relaxed, her reply is smooth and all too natural. "Ja, ich spreche es ein wenig." Yes, I speak it a little. Then she blinks, perhaps surprising herself with this sudden revelation. Crimson brows knit, as if struggling to remember…. nope. Nothing else there. The redhead shifts in her seat, the confusion on her face clearing slowly.

Perking a brow up curiously at her own curiousity at discovering the German language, Kurt grins some. "Ms. Julie, <speaking German is one thing, plenty of time to ponder how you came about this ability, no>?" He continues speaking German for her benefit, not sure if it will help or note, but if its familiar it can't hurt. A few more students are trickling in as time advances towards proper class time.

"<What's important is your here now, safe and sound with the time to ponder this curiousity Ms. Julie. Its not my place to help with that, but please, feel free to ask questions as we go along, we all want to be as comfortable as possible.>" He hasn't moved much from half crouching half sitting on his desk, curious at the developments Julie is finding with her discover of other languages, "<I only know a couple more, but I can try them to see if you recall others?>"

She smiles at his continued use of German, apparently understanding him quite well after all. <Yes, yes it is. Although it's a bit more natural to me than I first thought.> Julie replies. <And thank you. There's a lot of changes I'm still trying to figure out right now. This is helping, I think.> Or at least it doesn't hurt. The redhead brightens a little and she nods. <Sure! I'd like that. Fire away, and we'll see what else I may remember.>

<Good Ms Julie, I regret your memory being what it is, but I like your spirit of willingness to try the new, you should be commended,> grins Kurt, rather serious actually about that. Not quite an 'adventure' but its there in her spirit. He stands up then and moves closer, first trying some Latin, <Can you undersand me this way?> His Latin is broken but he gets his point across at least. This is the main one, he only has a couple left, mostly broken French and some Romani (gypsy). For all he knows she might learn languages as an ability too, he's not podnering that, just enjoying being able to speak in his native tongue with another person here in the states, making Julie all of 2 such people he knows.

The other students are beginning to filter in as the teacher and the new student explore languages. Julie cants her head the other way when he switches to Latin, and once again her reply is smooth and natural. <I can understand you just fine, thanks. Maybe even better than German. What language is this, by the way? I wanna say Latinae… Latin?> Again her brows scrunch up as she tries to recall something.

She is better than him in Latin, Kurt won't argue it at all. <Yes, Latin it is. You're very well in this language.> He offers a golf clap, smiling more at this game. Still in Latin, <Another then,> and he switches to French, <Do you speak the language> as the parle vouz seems to something quickly picked up by most learning French. His French is as shakey as his Latin, he won't get lost and could find help with native speakers, just he would stick out as unpracticed but capable.

Julie frowns and wrinkles her nose when he switches to French, and she just shakes her head. Her response is in German, apparently finding it to be a comfortable common ground between them. <Sorry, but I don't follow that one at all. I like German much better and Latin about the same. But I'm sure there are other languages wandering around in my head.>

Julie keeps the conversation to German when she replies. Her expression relaxes into a small smile and she follows his gaze about the room. <I don't think that history is boring.> she declares, although with her memory it's not likely a fair comparison to anything. <I'm not sure if I know how to use a sword, but I'm willing to give it a try…> She looks at the case he brought in with him, perhaps wondering what he means by a 'sword'.

<Fair enough Ms. Julie,> grins Kurt just the same, moving towards said case. <Glad you like history then, its a world one is easily lost in.> He means in a good way, like a good book, or watching a good movie. It has pirates and vikings, and villains and everything they have and more for him. Not his primary subject for his own education, but the one given to him by Emma as a place to see if he fits in. <Glad you are with us,> he says to her, then to the class in general, "Everyone, let's welcome Ms. Julie in joining us. I shall hope those of you familiar with what we've covered will be so kind as to help her catch up. Its Friday, I did mention a ponderance of reliving some of the battle we're talking about, but I'm thinking there are still places in this Mansion I would like to see, maybe we can pretend to learn some history and get some fresh air, nein?"

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