(2014-10-10) Orientation Day
Orientation Day
Summary: Bobby and Julie(Satana) are brought up to speed with things happening at Xavier's.
Date: 2014-10-10
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Caitlin Fairchild stands at the podium, going over the attendance as the half-filled room looks through the documentation they've been given on their first days here. She looks up at the clock and realizes it's not quite time to start. "Thanks for coming in. We'll start in about 5 minutes." She says, smiling. She's currently dressed in professional attire. A pale blue blouse with a navy blue skirt.

Julie is one of the new students here, the redhead teen looking around with a curious expression. She's dressed in black, such as it is, a halter top and skin-tight pants. Slipping into the slowly-filling room, she hangs near the back and watches the tall blonde at the podium.

He is running late on purpose so Bobby comes in taking a seat by Satana. There is no look really given to any of the others than the papers on the desk. Phone going off its playing 'Let It Go' and he lightly curses under his breath and tries to turn it off. It finally quits and he pockets it while running a hand through his hair feeling rather out of place. No he doesn't want to be here but they felt it best to get him back into the swing of things.

Caitlin Fairchild smiles as Bobby makes his way in. "It's.. good to see you, Bobby. We'll need to get you into more classes soon. Perhaps we'll even see you training in the Danger Room." She smiles, as he seems to have been the last. "So… I think you all know the idea that we've sold your parents… and the public.. on. We're a prestigious boarding school for some of the most elite students in the country. This is all true. What the rest of the world *doesn't* know…. is that you all have something very special in common. You're either a metahuman, or you have abilities like metahumans." She smiles. "While you are here, you will be given a top-level education… but you will also be trained in getting better control of your powers, and finding ways to use them productively." She notices Satana and smiles. "The first thing you'll notice is that Xavier's has a dress code. Once you've found your room assignments, your uniforms will be delivered and you'll be expected to wear them whenever you're on school grounds…" She clicks a pointer and pictures on the overhead projector show the different dorm-type rooms available, as well as examples of the uniform.

Satana smirks over at Bobby, grinning with amusement when his phone goes off. She doesn't catch the connection, of course, and whispers huskily to him. ~Heya…~ She's about to say more, perhaps when she hears the words 'dress code' come out of the official-looking woman at the podium. The teen wrinkles her nose at that and mutters something under her breath. Likely something not-very-nice. Snorting softly, she slumps down in her chair and lets her legs slide under the seat in front of her. Fingers run through her spiked hair, and yes those are -horns- atop her head. Little ones.

"Hi." Bobby says in return to the girl next to him. Then his attention turns to the one at the podium offering her a nod. He actually isn't dressed to code but is wearing jeans and a Xavier's tshirt but not uniform.

Caitlin Fairchild nods as her face turns grim. "If you hadn't been paying attention to the news, There's been an increase in the number of missing metahuman teens. We'd uncovered a plot that basically had some bad people kidnapping these teens, people like yourselves, and experimenting on them and their powers." She doesn't look to Bobby, not wishing to put him under any kind of scrutiny or pressure. "Some of your fellow students have been victims of this. Because of these actions, Ms. Frost and I will be making sure that everyone is proficient in their use of powers, and learn how to react during a kidnapping scenario." Her face turns serious as she looks each student in the eye. "Let me just tell you now, that Ms. Frost, myself, and the rest of the staff here will ensure you right now that this will *never* happen again."

Satana looks serious for the first time since the lecture started. Pursing her lips at the mentio of abduction and experimentation, she nods slowly and sits up a bit. When Ms. Fairchild looks away, she whispers to Bobby again. ~I'm Julie. New kid here…~

The mention of the kidnappings and experiments causes him to tense a bit. Bobby has rather surpressd most of it but still has nightmares. A hand runs through his hair as he tries to relax a little. Looking to the girl at his side, "Bobby." he says softly in return.

Caitlin Fairchild looks over to Bobby and Julie. She clears her throat softly. "There'll be plenty of time to socialize afterwards. You might want to listen to this last bit." She clicks another button, this slide shows Linda and Lana in action, along with Fairchild taking on some men in tactical uniforms and assault weapons. It's a series of slides, all showcasing each one doing something extraordinary. "If you develop control over your powers quickly and keep up in your classes.. We have a 'Graduate level' class for you all." She smirks. "Linda and Lana are the first in our Ultimates team. We'd like to expand that roster. This is where you all come in." She smiles. "And I'm the Team Lead. So i'm the one you should think about impressing." She nods and smiles brightly. "Alright. Any questions?"

Satana does pay attention, actually, watching with narrowed eyes as the slides of the battle are clicked through, one by one. She can't resist raising her hand. "Does joining the Ultimates Team mean we don't have to wear the dorky uniforms?" The redhead points to Linda's red skirt in particular. And while it sounds like a snarky question, the girl seems fairly strait-up and serious about it.

At the clearing of the throat Bobby jumps rather banging his knee. Wincing he also about falls out of the desk catching himself before actually hitting the floor. Trying to be cool about it a hand runs through his hair. The question though from Julie makes him smirk a little bit hoping this takes the attention off him.

Caitlin Fairchild raises a brow. "You do still have to wear the dorky uniforms… and even moreso, you'll have a separate field uniforms for the Ultimates. Currently we're working on a design." She closes up the presentation. "Any of you Fashionably inclined wish to throw some ideas into the ring, come see me after class. Linda and Lana's field uniforms are their own current design. That will change to something more… uniform."

Satana nods once, her question apparently having been answered. And yeah, she makes it look like that was a legit question, even. Glancing down at her own attire, Julie looks like she mugged a hooker to get the tight leather. And maybe she did. The redhaired teen smirks, but keeps the suggestions to herself. For now. No, it's a fair bet that leather won't be on the list of options. Bobby's little 'incident' did catch her attention, but she doesn't look over to him until he's actually settled again. And that's to roll her eyesin a way she hopes is discrete.

"The pool for new students is on the roof." Bobby finally announces out loud with a slight smirk. Its funny to see how many will actually look for it later on. As the uniforms are explained he looks rather bored a moment having had gone all through this before.

Caitlin Fairchild raises a brow. "No… it's not… And if you freeze the *real* pool over again, You'll have cleanup duty for a month." She winks. "Anything else?"

Pool? There's a pool? Crimson brows raise at first, then she catches his smirk. Julie may have lost her memory, but she wasn't born yesterday. Or something. Her unusual eyes narrow a touch, and she laughs softly at Ms. Fairchild's response. Okay, so maybe the neatly-dressed lady isn't so bad after all. Uniforms excepted. Sitting up almost properly, now, Julie stirs and looks a bit restless. There's room assignments and class schedules, among other things.

At least he is trying to be funny. Bobby looks down as she mentions about freezing the pool again. It was a dare that he couldn't and he proved that he could. Now though he waits for them to be dismissed.

Caitlin Fairchild smiles and nods. "Alright. Get to your rooms, change into the uniforms, grab some grub. Your class schedules will be with your uniforms." She nods and watches everyone file out, waiting for stragglers.

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