(2014-10-10) Coincidence
Coincidence 1
Summary: Hellstrom arranges to encounter Pepper on a random day.
Date: IC Date (2014-10-10)
Related: Yes
NPCs: None
Scene Runner: Hellstrom
Social/Plot: Social

One of the many skyscrapers within New York City is where Pepper finds herself. Due to some mix-up, original documents weren't delivered at the indicated time, therefore she finds herself with the documents in hand within an elevator bank of 8 lifts. One particular elevator opens and beacons for her entry. A male steps out and passes her walking toward the exit. Other than that particular person, there are no others in the immediate hallway.

Outside it is mid afternoon and rain falls hard down on the streets. People dart in and out of sheltered areas and have been exceptionally rude as they steal cabs, bump people, and splash others without concern of their well being. Pepper steps into the lift, her umbrella already had the rain shaken off, now closed and tucked under an arm. A Ledger is held against her chest with that arm, her other hand lightly resting on it sheet she presses the button for her floor. Her hair is tightly back in a bun today, and has chosen a black pants suit set with a crimson silk blouse beneath. As always she has her black high heels on.

As the door begins to close, a voice is heard, "Hold that elevator." and his umbrella pierces the space between the closing doors. They then widen to reveal a well dressed Daimon Hellstrom carrying a black leather zip top satchel. He presently wears another black suit with deep blue penstripes with some form of exotic leather shoes which match the belt. His dark blue shirt is offset by a blue and grey tie. His eyes meet Peppers and he immediately smiles, "Miss Potts, it is an unexpected delight to see you again.". He steps into the elevator and presses a button, a floor lower than her own choice then he takes his position next to her with his back to the rear wall.

Pepper moves to stop the doors, but he gets there first. Her gaze lifts to him, an easy, warm smile finding her features. "It is good to see you as well, Mr. Hellstrom." She steps back, standing next to him, but a polite distance between. "How does the day find you?"

"Wet." albeit he doesn't have a drop on him. Only his umbrella has a hint of water upon it (shaken dry of course). Nor does his shoes show such trials of the deluge. "Yourself?" is asked as he glances over while the doors whisper closed.

"Cold." Pepper admits with a faint chuckle. Regardless of having an umbrella, her suit still has some dampness to it at the bottoms of her slacks, and some on her jacket.

He glances to her ledger and as he raises his own zip case he states, "Seems we're both doing the work of those who knew better than to go out in this weather."

She may notice his physical warmth and that she will dry out more quickly than if she were to be riding the elevator alone. Without even really thinking about it, she shifts slightly closer to him. That subconscious need for warmth. "Business doesn't take holiday regardless of the weather. deadlines are unforgiving." Pepper smiles up at him before turning her gaze forward to the doors again.

The elevator is quick and it has risen to his floor. The doors open and he says, "Unrelenting even." he states before taking a step to depart the elevator. Once outside, he glances back and states, "I'll catch you on the way down." as if he knows her schedule even before she does.

Outside in the hallway is a lavish outer office - the entire floor is owned by the legal firm of Geller, Green, Bing, Tribbiani and Buffay. Behind the wide reception area are three lovely women ready to greet Hellstrom.

She glances at the floor a moment when the elevator stops. There might even be a small, brief glimmer of disappointment. His comment does make her curious, but she smiles regardless. "That would be welcome. See you soon." A glance is given to the women, briefly sizing them up before the doors close to take her to h er own floor. She is perhaps rather curious about him, but such thoughts have to be put aside. It is perhaps a half hour later before she graces the elevator again, Ledger tucked under her arm, umbrella dangling from her wrist.

The elevator descends the eight floors to where Hellstrom initially departed. It passes the floor without hesitation.

Two floors beneath it, the elevator comes to a stop and the doors open. Hellstrom stands there holding a white rose with hints of peppermint like stripes within the petals. He no longer holds the zip case but he does maintain his umbrella and former style of clothing. "Hello again." he states.

Pepper is a bit disappointed when it doesn't stop on the floor she is expecting. Though when it pauses and she sees him, the smile returns. "I thought you might still be busy." She steps slightly to the side to let him have his spot at her side of he wishes.

"I was; but not too busy to find time for this." states Hellstrom as he enters the elevator and offers the rose (that has thorns upon its stem). His offering finds himself standing at her side again, her to his right, the hand holding the rose delicately.

She turns slightly towards him to accept the rose, fingers briefly brushing his in the exchange. "Thank you, it is beautiful." Her finger does find a thorn, but she shifts it before it can really pierce too badly. small prick. She lifts the flower to take a light inhale.

/Delicate./ He thinks to himself as he considers her stature. His eyes capture every detail of her movement, the brushing of his fingers will find the physical warmth of his touch such that his body also generates such heat. The doors close, and the elevator will begin its descent. The scent of the flower is that of a rose, yet it has hints of peppermint within it, as if it has been spliced with the peppermint plant.

His words finally come, "I thought maybe you could use something beautiful in your day."

She is curious to that scent, studying the rose for a good moment before green eyes lift to him. "it is certainly welcome. Thank you. Though I have nothing to offer in return."

"Let your hair down." is said in a softer tone as he makes the request, which could be the option in trade. Hellstrom follows his statement with, "It would be a fair exchange, beauty for beauty."

Her eyebrows raise at the request, but she chuckles softly. "I suppose fair is fair, if that is what you wish." She offers him her ledger, "mind holding this for me a moment?" If he complies, she takes her now free hands to undo the bind to her hair, letting it fall to grace just past her shoulders. Running her fingers through the locks, she offers to take the Ledger back. "Better?"

Hellstrom will take the ledger and clasp it with the umbrella in the left hand. He watches her movements, the undoing of her hair, and seems pleased as it hangs loosely. Eyes capture the image and he gives a nod. "Exceptional. Thank you."

Tucking the Ledger back under her arm, she smiles at him, keeping the rose held delicately between her fingers. "Thank you as well."

Hellstrom will turn away, resuming his position next to her on the elevator as the final floor is reached. The doors open and he will motion into the lobby, "After you."

The lobby windows can be seen from the elevator bank. The rain still pours. The streets appear dark and dismel even with the hundreds of thousands of yellow taxi cabs and other vehicles upon it.

She nods and steps out, graceful with the soft, rhythmic taps of her heels. Coming to the doors, she turns to smile at him. "It was good to see you again. Perhaps we will see each other again soon enough. I hope you have a good day." She turns to head out into the rain, opening the umbrella before she heads off to where she parked.

Hellstrom will bid her farewell, "It will be my pleasure. And you do the same."

He will step out with her. The rain will be forgiving in her particular stride. No drops will strike her clothing or shoes. Though the umbrella will be pounded as normal. She will not be allowed to get wet.

If she is to look back when she reaches her car, she will not see him.

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