(2014-10-10) A New Angle
A New Angle
Summary: Nitro and Black Lightning follow a lead on the escaped meta villains
Date: (2014-10-10)
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NPCs: Pam - sister to Major Disaster
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Social, part of a plot

Having looking into the issue of Major Disaster's sister, Nitro (or Black Lightning) took the initiative to get on as a visitor at the detention center she is housed at, for those criminals suffering terminal illness. Its the same said one where they fought Weather Wizard, Angle Man and Major Disaster before and the repairs are coming along nicely. Being a business meeting of sorts, Black Lightning is in his blue/black/bold costume with his eye visor/mask on as well.

They are led into an open room and she is wheeled out to greet them. Not too old at all, but her body wracked by terminal illness, she looks far older than she is. She has lung cancer, and probably hasn't stopped smoking either. She doesn't wait for either one to talk, looking up at them, she'll say, "What now, what do you want?" She might not be happy to meet with them.

Nitro is dressed in his costume, not overly tight, but ulitarian. He has a visor over his eyes which also has a built in hud for him to utilize. Having informed Black Lightning of what he was going to be doing, it was nice ot have company coming with him for the interview. So when they make it to the prison, Nitro does take some time to look at the reparis thats been done to the prison, along with some unknown companies working on repairing the security for the prison.

Once inside the prison and taken to where they would be meeting the prisoner, the sister of Major Disaster, Nitro didn't know how to go abotu questioning a terminally ill person. But he knew he wouldn't be mean to her. So when she comes out still smoking, he sighs a little. "We needed to sit down and talk with you about your brother who goes by Major Disaster." he says to her.

Moving to take a seat at one of the tables, Black Lightning remains quiet, letting Nitro ask the questions, glad the other man is willing to step up like that even.

The woman in the chair, puts out her smoke, maybe noticing the others might not like her smoking around them. A slight hint she does care about others in some way. "Ya, what of that prick? He said he'd get me out of her and some nut jobs stopped him. He's good for nothing anyways. What's he up to now, breaking into federal buildings?"

Quirking a brow up at her words and what she says about her brother. Seems like there is no love lost between them, seeinga s she does put away her cigerette, Nitro moves closer to her. "He was stopped by us." he tells her. "THough I'm starting to see why he was trying to get you out, but he was going about it the wrong way." he says gently. When she asks what he's been up to, Nitro glances to Black Lightning for a moment,t hen takes a breath. "Your brother was captured and taken to prison setup for metahumans, but somehow he and others escaped. My team and I are looking to capture him, but I wanted to talk to you and see why he was coming to get you out, as well as where you think he may be?" he asks.

Black Lightning nods to Nitro, exchanging in the look he's comfortable with Nitro doing exactly what he did, giving her the direct response of why they came here. "He was getting me out because the state won't cover my medical anymore," she says, harrumphing a bit. "Said he'd get the money to cover it, blotched that, the little ass." He looks off to the window, maybe realizing Nitro is warming her up a bit. "Have no idea where he went after breaking out, haven't heard from him sense. That idiot that got away when he came here, Angel…" Not Angel, she stops shy of saying a longer name, correcting, "Angle Man, he might know."

Nodding his head as he takes a chair and moves to sit with her, listening to her as she talks. "What were you about to say just a moment ago?" he asks. "Angel…" he lets it go. "Do you know Angle Mans real name, if you do please help us." he says to her. His voice isn't condesending, or hurtful. "What medical problem do you have that your brother is trying to get money for?" he asks curiously.

Looking from window to a guard, then more directly at Nitro, she responds, "Angelo, he's real name is Angelo." Then grabbing the front of her shirt, as if a nervous action, like grabbing buttons, or a necklace, she leans forward a little, "Chemo, I've been through a round, I've exceded my limitations on what the State can afford per patient. I still smoke, they say I've invalidated my access to the care by not taking care of myself."

Nitro memorizes the name. "Do you know his last name by chance?" he asks. "And thank you." he says gently to her. Watching the woman as she grabs her shirt, he frowns when she tells him of the care, and he surmizes that she has cancer. "Do you still have some fight in you Pam?" he asks gently, looking into her eyes, though she can't see his, he is looking and he holds out his hand to her.

As if giving in, she slaps her hand down onto Nitro's, to give it a squeeze, "Christ sake you, I still have fight, its what the Bronx teaches us kids." Then she shakes her head, giving his hand a push back. Not to be too sappy, but showing she still wants to live even if she's done this to herself. "I don't know his last name, he hangs out in little Tijuana over there. A dive called 8-Ball Willies. Angelo, thinks he's sharp with all the ladies. Sometimes brags about what he's done with that Angler of his, banks robbed."

Holding her hand tight in his hand when she gives it to him. He could feel that fight, "Alright, then no more smoking. I will see what we can do to get you sponsered then." he tells her. "But I want you to promise your going to keep fighting and I will see what I can do." he tells her. When Pam tells him about Angelo and the place that he hangs out, "Thanks, I will see about him and get him and your brother. I'm sorry I have to come to you like this, but theres been too many people hurt by your brother and the others." he apologizes and part of him is angry that her brother would do this when he should be standing by her side.

She widens her eyes, just to show Nitro he has her attention, "I'll try," she says in her wraspy voice then. "They've been hurt too, they just react to it differently, mind you." She says about her brother and his friends, "Going about it all the wrong way. Don't have to go easy on him, you, but don't go shooting for a kill." She's not worried to talk like that, guns and killing happens in the neighborhood she grew up on.

Smiling, "Alright, I don't kill." he tells her. "I will do my best when bringing your bother and his friends in. But you hang in there, and I will see what I can do to help you." eh smiles to her. He stands up and takes her hand into his, "I will be back to visit as well, alright."

She finally offers a hint of a grin, "I'll keep you to it." Him coming to visit. There is a person under her exterior after all. She doesn't wait, she motions for a guard to wheel her along. She does filch out the pack of smokes from her pocket and leave it on the table as she parts company with Nitro and Black Lightning.

Black Lightning had the location looked up quietly on the Outsider comsys with someone back at the control room/base, "You want to check out this place," he says, relaying the street address. As if offering to do it now, or later, at Kyani's discretion even.

Fade …

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