(2014-10-09) We Need Your Help
We Need Your Help
Summary: Hawkeye and Black Widow recruit Nightcrawler for a trip to Mongo
Date: (2014-10-09)
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A wonderful fall day in New York City, the blue elf is out in a blazer, nice sweater shirt, fun slacks looking all metro even. Save the three fingers, the three toes with no socks or shoes, and the tail whipping in the wind like an excited kitten. The kitten image is lost by the spade on the tail, the canines in his grin, and the yellow eyes. He wouldn't know otherwise, he thinks its cool.

So anyone looking for him, checking cameras on the infrastructure and all that, would know, he went into Coffee Bean, throwing down with a mean blended lattee and some bagel with lox on it. Served, a few stares, some curious, most thinking he's a devil. The rumors of blue imps on the whacky internet sites might not help. He doesn't mind. He's got that cold coffee and bagel while looking over the financials in the daily papers, just sitting down and snapping the paper open crisply to get to the good stuff.

Natasha of course went hunting for Kurt. Finding him, she drug Clint along to go to town. Of course, it's a coffee shop. When do they ever turn down coffee? She is in casual civilian attire, any weapons hidden. entering, she heads to the counter first. "Large vanilla latte."

The moment 'Tash grabs the door, Clint catches it and holds it open a little longer to let his partner through first. The bell jingles, announcing their entrance, and he lets the door close behind him on its own. He, too, is dressed casually; dark t-shirt, cargo pants, boots, and a pair of sunglasses. If he's carrying, well, it too isn't obvious. The moment the pair hit the counter, he's next to her, leaning on an elbow. "Coffee. Just… a coffee."

Glancing down at 'Tash, brows rise behind the 'glasses. "Do they still do that here?"

It's another look, however, scanning the small dining area for their target of choice. It's not hard to find him- just look for the blue guy. Leaning, Clint whispers in her ear, "Yeah, that's him. Believe it or not, I met two blue guys. But he's the teleporter."

They might give a few choices of just coffee, having a few blends, but a black cup of joe can still be had, if asked for the right way.

As if every day, Nightcrawler as Kurt Wagner reads the financials, "Nein, nein, w(v)e are too late, I told them to move if we wanted that account, this is why we're not leading in our markets." Completely upset about some lost potential business merger, discussed, he goes to the next part of intellectual matter in the paper. The comics, and he reads a little, chuckles at the humor, then takes a bite of lox bagel, chewing before lifting blended latte sugar coffee drink to get his blue lips on the straw.

Natasha grins a little at Clint. "We've met. " of course, she knows everyone right? She casts a brief look Kurt's way before paying for their drinks. Moving to another part of the counter, she collects hers. "Shall we?"

"Oh yeah, the one guy who flirted with you," is offered in a deadpan. Clint gets his coffee as well, and after paying for the two, is ready to head towards the table. Collecting little creamers, he pockets them, then begins the short path back. "Hey, Wagner," comes as a greeting. "Glad you could meet us."

Not knowing he's spotted or who is here, Kurt if focused on the matter in his paper. Once again talking to himself, "Nein, Nein, Chuck, she's going to pull the football." Then he's chuckling and shaking his head. It doesn't get old, in Kurt world at least. Then he's being visited for some surprise planned meeting.

"Ja, ah, yes, hello … schmackhaft-chen and Agent Barton, a pleasure, as always. Sure sure, I would love to meet with you," all fun German accent. Oddly, no fun names for Clint yet, alwasy Agent Barton. He puts the comics away, like he only read the financials, despite laughing at a reprint of Snoopy.

Of course, Natasha didn't tell him exactly who she was last time. She appears at her partner's side, "Agent Romanoff." She smiles at Kurt, "Good to see you again."

"Schmackhaft…?" Twisting around to look at 'Tash questioningly, Clint faces front again and gestures to his partner first to take a seat. "Mind?" Even as he's asking, he's pulling up a second seat for himself. "If you've got a little time, we'd like to talk to you about something." He pauses for a long moment, and a hint of a smirk rises. He's going to play with this one. Just a little. "It's kinda about Domino. Not completely, but sorta."

Assuming Widow knows German enough, she'll know schmackkaft as tasty, and chen as little, the pet name one gives to close ones (little-cat, little-bear), more in this case, little-treat (a play on apples she might pick up even if ignoring what Kurt said). "Er, Agent Romanoff, ja, I should of seen that coming. I always fall for the wrong sorts." He's still joking, maybe. He's still smiling, maybe (canines make it hard to tell).

"Ja, Domino, you act like we're all buddy buddy or something," says Kurt, not really forgetting the contract they entered and her access to his NY residence, but not giving up that information either. "Is Domino okay," he ponders, belying what he just said about not being all friendly like.

Clint doesn't know German, which is why he's silently asking 'Tash for a definition, or some sort of response. He knows the curses, certainly. In more than just German!

"Yeah, well, I've seen the two of you together, and," Clint pulls his phone out, pulls up a couple of screens, and pushes the screen across the table in Kurt's direction. Artist sketch that looks a whole lot like Wagner. "Theft from a police impound lot."

Clint pulls the phone back, hits the screen a couple more times before he pockets it. The coffee is attended, and there's a touch of a lift of shoulders that seems to underscore his even tones. Does Clint expect Kurt to give 'it' up? Nah.

"She is, yeah. But now, she's got herself wrapped up in something that I'd like to talk to you about." Clint's voice drops now, and he though he keeps his tones conversational, there's a professional edge that underscores it. "Need your help on something."

Looking down, at the screen, "Oh there's a handsome …." Maybe fellow, but Clint points out the theft thing, "Scoundrel, he looks vile, I wouldn't trust him. Ach, what is the world coming with criminals like him on the loose." Despite Nightcrawler still grinning of course. Heck police sketch these days could be anything, and even discriminating, of course every shadowy thug is going to be a blue devil now.

As Clint drops his voice, Kurt does have a game face, "On the idea she may need help, you got me there Agent Barton. Can you tell me what it is, I'd like to help." Even meaning the two Agent's. Despite the sketch and the theft from the impound lot, he does mean well, part of his upbringing, his faith, his genearl nature.

Clint stares at Kurt for a prolonged moment, his expression inscrutable. He's SHIELD. And before that, he was on the 'wrong' side of the law. "Yeah, taking a Challenger from the impound lot and amazingly getting it from its spot to the road? Talent. No evidence of a helicopter to airlift it from its spot." He lets his tones fade off on that one, however, as he addresses the other issue.

"Teleporting. Infiltration." Two words, carefully enunciated so the meaning of what he wants is clear. (Also happens to be very close to what occurred at the impound lot the other night.) "We happen to need those skills."

When Clint looks to her for a translation of the German, Natasha just chuckles lightly and shakes her head. Don't worry about it. As he goes on to bring Domino into the conversation, Natasha's expression is unreadable. She'll play along, her gaze a bit more stern when she looks back to Kurt. Especially when the theft picture is shown.

She sips quietly at her latte as Barton goes on, taking point in the conversation for now. Though as it rounds to the mention of infiltration, she finally speaks. "It is a difficult venture, and one that Domino is working with us on. I can promise you this: You won't find anything like what you will be facing with us there, on Earth." And yes, she says that with complete deadpan.

"Ah, yes, I'm working on the later, quite familiar with the former, mind you," grins Kurt at that thought. "I think I can help, if we just overlook poor sketch of an otherwise handsome man and a mysteriously vanished Challenger." Even though, he's just putting that out there and no accusations were made (not that they had to be, everyone at this table knows exactly what happened).

"What, not on Earth. Going full well, understanding that four years ago, when I came out, I look like nothing on earth, ja, but what are you talking about. And understanding, I just went to another dimension with Agent Blackout and met a bunch of cute guys that look almost as handsome as me, what is this you're pondering and why is Earth sounding overly important the way you frase it like that?"

"Moving a, what… fifteen-hundred pound car? I'd say 'familiar'." Clint is giving this more for his partner's benefit than an accusation, and his tones remain even and impassive.

Clint falls silent as 'Tash takes over; the pair look and act very much as if they've worked together for some time. There's quiet understanding, and undoubtedly silent communication. Now, he takes a sip of coffee and sits back in his seat, taking a look around at the patrons of the place.

Natasha smiles easily, fingers curled around her latte as she regards Nightwalker. "We have a bit of a situation. I am gathering people of certain skills to be able to help us with this. It requires stealth and infiltration and your teleporting skills will be keenly useful."

As far as 'not on Earth?' Natasha's smile steels a little, "This 'situation' will take us off-world." Of course, there is a very real chance they won't make it back, but as they say; that is possible in any operation.

"It was a car, I can't lift that many people - I mean carry, carry …" That many people, Kurt isn't lifting anything. First time in his life, and inspired by Domino as training to learn to be more sneaky. Apparent, Nightcrawler needs more sneaky training though. Or an image disguise cause cameras missed him but the guard he showed himself too had a decent enough memory. Then again, blue devil on a sketch pad will always look like him regardless of how accurate.

Hisll good up until off-world, despite deminsion traveling already once (on purpose, not just regular teleporting), this is more real off world. "What, like space?"

"And should you accept, I'd suggest that you have your will updated and last wishes known." There's no smile on Agent Barton's face when he says that, though the deadpanning is done. He's serious. "There's a pretty good chance we won't come back. But, if we don't come back, it might be okay because there may not be an Earth to come back to."

Wagner's question gains a hand in the air, a finger raised in a 'one moment' gesture as he leans over to another table, empty, and nabs the newspaper there. Of course there are articles about the Mongo invasion, and invaders. Clint quickly folds up the paper and spins it around to point at one of the many articles. "Their homeworld. We're point and we're going to make this stop. We need people who can move quietly, stay quiet and take orders as well as think on their feet. Agent Romanoff is lead on this and her word is like hearing it from God."

There is a faint nod in agreement to the not coming back, "We can't fail. There is a lot at stake. If we do.." Her voice trails lightly, glancing to Barton quietly a moment before looking back to Kurt.

She smirks a little at the God comment. "Getting there, we have covered. An immediate evac in a pinch may not be as quick as we like, and what we take with us is what we will have other than what we may find there. Intel is limited with some scouting already done, but situations can change just as easily the longer we wait to go."

"I don't know if God has a place in this Agent, mind you I am a man of faith despite how I look," saying that he'lls keep Natasha distinct from the word of God in his mind. He'll only jump off a cliff for one most likely - regardless if it matters either way with porting and wall crawling capabilities built into his body. Smiling the same as ever though.

"Domino agreed to this already? I mean, even if she isn't agreeing to this, if it means helping everyone else, I'd be remiss to not help you out. Especially if you could use my talents." It all sounds reasonable, "And you've talked to these scouts? They've gone, where ever this stuff is coming from and came back to give you the report and stuff?"

"No, He doesn't. But Agent Romanoff does." Just in case, he's making it quite clear. This is too serious a mission for arguments and disagreements to crop up. Inclining his head in acknowlegment, Clint adds, "Yeah. She's good with infiltration." And they've worked with her at least once before. "Full intel briefing will be before we leave. Pack for necessities, then a secondary, then a tertiary. If we can take secondaries, we will."

"I've read the reports." Natasha raises from her seat, a light touch to Clint's shoulder with the movement, her coffee in the other hand. "We will be in touch, but prepare best you can, and keep this quiet. Things like this, we don't leave with fanfare or they will know we are coming. If that happens, we've lost before we've even begun." Just to put the gravity on the situation. "I will let you know when we have a difinitive date; we are still gathering the team."

She gives Kurt a small salute with her coffee before she turns to exit with her partner.

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