(2014-10-08) Switcheroo: Power Woman and Witchblade, Part 4 - Let's See the Sorceress
Switcheroo: Power Woman and Witchblade, Part 4 - Let's See the Sorceress
Summary: Power Woman - in Sara Pezzini's body - and Sara Pezzini - in Kara Zor-L's body - head Earthward and visit Zatanna to see what she can do to help them figure out how this happened, and what they might do about reversing it.
Date: 2014-10-08
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For her own part, Kara - still in Sara's body - arranged for Sara - still in Kara's body - to be released from the Watchtower, certifying that she seems to have enough of a handle on things to not destroy whole swaths of the planet by accident. Hopefully. Her repayment for this 'favor' was simple: a ride, cradled in those mighty Kryptonian arms, to Gotham City and the Shadowcrest Manor. She too wants to talk to Zatanna about this. "I promise, though. If you two need alone time after we talk this over, I'll make myself scarce. Laurel gave me a cash card, so I can call a cab, catch a train, and head back to New York." Because she's still going to have to keep up the pretence of Detective Sara Pezzini, NYPD.

Needless to say, the trip there is a little awkward. Sara is not exactly what one would call a proficient flier. She's agreed, of course…aside from the interpersonal issues, Zatanna is the magic expert. So, dressed in civvies (because screw the leotard and tablecloth combo), Sara flies them out to Shadowcrest, landing there on arrival. (Okay, so "landing" really mostly means "flying into the wall a little harder than intended".

Zatanna Zatara could have just opened a portal. But.. they flew. And so here they are. Zatanna lets them in, looking at the two.. curiously. "Karen. Sara." She looks at the proper bodies because.. she can sense something is wrong. But she isn't Empathic. She leads them, not into the parlor but back into the library. The larger on the inside than physcially possible on the outside space that is truly her 'home'. "… I know something is going on. You're both making my teeth itch." SHe gestures to an antique couch, love seat and great chair around a table. "Do either of you want tea?"

Kara, in Sara's body and dressed in civvies that are not, probably, quite of Sara's style but still passable, with trenchoat over that, raises her hand. "I'm Kara. In Sara's body. She's Sara, in mine." Gentle reminder about the secret identity, though of course Zatanna would have no way to know if they'd discussed that, yet. "No tea for me, thanks. Short version: we've been body-swapped, we don't know how. I was fighting two more shock troopers from Mongo," at which point confusion shows on Sara's brunette face, as Kara realizes she may need to explain /that/ to Zatanna too, but one darned thing at a time, "and when they blew up, something … happened. I came to, in Sara's body in New York, in some warehouse, taking fire from some mob enforcers. That … did not go well." There's something dark and sad in those borrowed eyes. And a hungry flash from the Witchblade. Kara leaves Sara to describe her side of matters.

Yeah, that's not exactly the easiest "entry statement". "Pretty much…everything Kara just said." says the racktastic Kryptonian blonde. She looks a little embarassed. "I've spent the past couple days learning how not to break things." She spreads her hands. "She probably knows a lot more about what's going on than I do."

Zatanna Zatara blinks. Looks at the two. It's clear she is putting some pieces of a puzzle into place. "Well.. this is certainly… interesting." She looks at them both. "I was in Boston when the… event occured. I certainly felt it. But I'm not a telepath or any 'path. Nothing odd happened around me. But I've since spoken with peers.. and it would seem the source of the event. Or at least the Epicenter anyway was here in Gotham."

Kara sighs, shrugging her borrowed brunette shoulders. "OK. So there goes my theory. Which was hair-brained, I admit; suitable to my usual blonde locks. I'd thought maybe it had something to do with the odd alien magical energies of the Mongo shock troopers. I just couldn't figure out why that would have tagged Sara. I was point-blank in close melee contact. She was all the way in New York."

Oh, Right. Memory is not so good in Sara's body as it was. Kara catches up. "Oh. By the way. I realize we didn't exactly bring you on board with this. There's an alien rogue planet, self-propelled, run by a galactic despot. Planet's name is Mongo, despot's name is Ming the Merciless. The serious uptick in meteor showers and asteroid sitings has been them, attacking to soften up the planet. And now they're sending these armored shock troopers, probably to keep us busy while they've been bringing the planet into the solar system, closing on us. They use advanced alien tech, but also magic, and sometimes they fuse the two together in interesting ways. Like the shock troopers, whose power sources are magical, but their armor is technological. And alchemical."

The blonde looks back. "Well, you and I were together at that one crime site…" she tells her original body. "So I don't know if that has some coneection, but maybe there was some kind of…residual magic, or something like that?" She looks to both. When she's looking back Zee's way, a perceptive person might notice a red glow in the eyes.

Zatanna Zatara tilts her head. "Kara?.. er.. Sara… " She taps her temple. "Your eyes are glowing.. I've seen what that can do. I'd.. like to keep my head intact. And my home?" She smiles slightly. "It's possible. I will have to see what I can find on this Ming. I'll admit I know nothing off the top of my head at the moment. But i can tell you the epicenter was here in Gotham. The Museum of Natural History. I've been studying and working on wards before going to investigate. So far it seems that other than the body switching.. only those with arcane or occult senses have noticed the situation. Or at least aren't acting upon it."

'Sara' - Kara, in Sara's body - moves over and lightly rests a hand on her own body's forearm. "Easy. Remember what we practiced. Breathe. Feel yourself pulling in cool air, and letting that cool take away the heat building up. Just … keep breathing, it should go away. But look away from Zee until you're sure you've got it, OK?" Last thing either of them want is Zatanna hurt, and damage here in her magical library wouldn't be much preferable.

"OK. I don't know how any of this works for sure, I'm just playing hunches. Would it help any to study us? Maybe you could find whatever … I don't know. 'Resonance'? Whatever's connecting us together?" Kara, in Sara's body, offers the lovely raven-haired sorceress. And then she winces, closing her eyes and raising a hand to her temple, as images start storming across her mind's eye, thanks to the Witchblade. "Calm down, damnit. Stop with the highlight reel, will you." she murmurs, darkly.

Zatanna Zatara looks at the two of you. "I'm reasonably certain there is no answer to that question and offer that won't get me into trouble with the both of you. I may be an infinitely powerful sorceress but even I can't stand up to the likes of you two alone or together." She shakes her head. "But I think, yes, a hypnotherapy session might be the best way to understand what's happened to the two of you."

Sara blushes; it shows more on the pale skin than the normally more bronzed skin she has. She looks aside, getting interested in the carpet…no, wait. Carpet's flammable, Sara. She ends up basically looking down at her chest. That's safer. "Don't suppose there's a "mind swap" spell out there that could get us back into us?" She'll raise the issue, sounding embarassed. "Actually, if it's showing you something, maybe it's trying to show a solution." And then at the last "I'm willing to try anything."

"Well, it's solution right now is … not fit for public consumption." Not that they're in public, but Kara - in Sara's body and dealing with the Witchblade - is just trying to paint a mental picture in as few words as possible. "Zee, I trust you. Clearly, we both do. You do whatever you need to do to try to find answers. I've been mostly naked more times than I care to count the last few days; what's a few more? I can afford the wardrobe losses." Meaning she has no intention of charging Sara's meager wardrobe budget for /her/ challenges with a sulky, bitchy Witchblade. "Remember: if you can't get the heat to dissipate, close your eyes. It can't burn through your eyelids. OK?"

Sara blushes a bit. "Sorry, I'm not used to dealing with all these powers. This one hasn't cropped up before." She'll close her eyes. It's the safer version, anyhow. Besides, if she's not seeing those legs…err, Zatanna…she should be fine. "Thanks, Kara." she offers to the woman in her body. "Just don't let people get pictures of you naked, and I'm good."

Zatanna Zatara nods. "Alright. Here… please.. both of you.. lay down. Get comfortable." There is a small area with Victorian reclining lounges. "Close your eyes and begin breathing slowly. Let the tension ease from your bodies.."

As she talks in a calm, even tone, she begins preparing what looks like incense. With a flick of her finger, it ignites in a green balefire sort of glow.. the perfume is aromatic. The pungent scent of sulfur and the rich sweet smells of cinnamon and jasmon and other exotic ingredients. The combination will help both women to relax.. not unlike the effects of anthesia. After all it would not do for either to go uncontrollable right now.

"Breathe in… and out.. my voice is your guide. You are safe. Protected. You will remain aware and responsive to my voice but your bodies will feel as if they are weightless. No stress. No fears or worries. Free. Floating near the sound of my voice.."

"Happy to help. I remember what learning all this was like. Imagine doing it with teen girl hormones." Sara's voice offers with humor, as the Krytonian borrowing it offers reassurance to the human woman in her own body. "OK. No nudie pics. Got it." Even if it means she has to hack to destroy them. She will.

Kara walks Sara's body over to one of the couches and lies down, closing her eyes and folding Sara's hands over her tummy as she listens … and tries to relax. Relax. Re …

The blonde has no real experience with hypnosis, and well…the Kryptonian lack of resistance to magic, plus the lack of experience, means she'll go under like she had lead weights attached to her ankles. After lying down, it takes a very short time for her breathing to steady and stable,

The blonde has no real experience with hypnosis, and well…the Kryptonian lack of resistance to magic, plus the lack of experience, means she'll go under like she had lead weights attached to her ankles. After lying down, it takes a very short time for her breathing to steady and stable, letting her slide into her trance state.

Zatanna Zatara moves to sit near the two women. "Good.. you will remain receptive to my voice. All other sounds. All other sensation is of no concern. You will not even notice the other input. Perfectly safe. Perfectly weightless. Warm. Comfortable. Easy, quiet breathing."

She moves over to Sara's body first. After all, the Witchblade is a peripheral partner in all of this. 'His' investment in getting Sara back to normal is largely even greater than Zatanna's. "Open you mind to me, Kara." Fingers gently touching the temples of Sara's head. Eyes closing as she begins to explore through the mind of the Krpytonian contained within.

Kara lies back in Sara's body and relaxes. She finds it odd, how long she seems to resist simply falling off to Zatanna's will; it has never been this hard before. But it happens, still; she trusts Zatanna completely, and that eventually wins out. The Witchblade, by comparison, is sulky and bitter. 'He' wants Sara back, not this alien bitch's mind in Sara's body. She doesn't accept him, doesn't accept his suggestions, his input. And she is weak, in his view, because she still weeps - if without tears - over those that had to be destroyed that she might live. He wants this over. So, after firmly expressing himself, he recedes, giving Zatanna access to Kara's mind.

From prior explorations, one thing that would become immediately clear is that Kara's memories seem less … distinct. Less complete. Less whole. Clearly, her crystal clear, perfect recollection of events is an aspect of her biology, and did not transfer to Sara's body.

Back two weeks, and Zatanna would see the first images captured of Mongo shock troopers, assaulting an upscale hotel in Manhattan. Members of the League were present, and others, and all did what they could, eventually stopping both, but not without loss of life amongst the civilians. Evidence is gathered, processed. Then Kara is landing outside that same hotel hours later, speaking with the police, and finally giving Sara a thumb-drive full of League data on the incident, to help their investigation.

Other fights follow, brief flashes of Kara confronting a few other pairings of these golden-armored heavy weapon humanoid 'tanks'.

Then, at least, a battle Monday evening. Kara streaks down into Metropolis from orbit, bleeding speed and glowing with heat as she swoops in and pounces on two more troopers, throwing them well clear of the park they had been in, before they can target any civilians. They crash into a construction site. The battle is swift and fierce. She willingly shatters her hand to a pulp punching through their magically-enhanced armor to rip out the power core of one. It's self-destructive throes send a torrent blast of energy which she then directs at the other unit, causing it's mutually assured destruction. The Kryptonian blonde flies up into the sky, absorbing solar radiation, her hand bubbling and snapping as that energy heals her grievous wound. And then there is a staticy flash of blue-white energy …

In the next moment, she is hunched over behind crates in a warehouse, bullets pinging and zipping overhead. Confused, disoriented, a bullet spalls through one of the crates, and large splinters of wood pierce human flesh, causing pain that is a surprise to a Kryptonian used to caring nothing for such trivial dangers. Her pain, her rage, activates another presence, an angry, sulking presence. Rage ensues, pushed, augmented. The ripping sounds of shredding fabric. And then she leaps over the crates and attacks. Butchery. Wholesale slaughter.

Kara, in Sara's body, looking down, still confused, coated in the spray of blood from her victims, dressed in a 'thong bikini' of organic metal, with gauntlet and boots. She wipes herself down with shreds of clothing, searches the bodies, taking IDs and cash, gathers everything from Sara's clothing, and puts on a trenchcoat. She has to find herself. Either her body has fallen, or worse, her body has an unknowing person behind the wheel. So she makes her way to a Stark-LexCorp high speed rail station, and heads for Metropolis.

Kara makes her way to the construction site, but no one is there. Desperate, she calls not the League - her biometric accesses won't work, and she cannot remember the override codes, too long and complex for mere human memory - but instead someone else. Caitlin. The image of the gorgeous redhead appears full-framed within her mind. Tentative conversation leads to arrival at the site with help. Gathered into the car, they talk … and Kara reveals the truth. There are tests. Questions. And acceptance. But there is a curious, confused distance between them, as their embrace feels almost like cheating.

Returned to the Watchtower. Meeting Sara in her own body. Quizzing and teaching. Learning about the Witchblade, and teaching Sara how to be a Kryptonian but not a life-threatening menace.

And then she rests in her own body's arms, as Sara flies them to Gotham, and the Mansion.

Zatanna Zatara lets the memories slowly play out, eyes closed, lids fluttering as the flood of memories, images and sensations reach her. She breathes slowly. "I see…" She finds it very puzzling and interesting. Curious. And of course trying to wrestle with the Witchblade is always difficult and troublesome.

She sits back. "This is all that you remember, Kara?" Her voice calm and thoughtful. "No other details you can offer?" Her hands fall to the shoulders of Sara's body.

Of course, there are other things Kara does remember. Time spent in her secret identity. Time spent with that rather exceptional redhead. Time spent discussing and debating dealing with the threat of Mongo. But nothing more stands out amongst her memories that is of any magical relation.

More to come!

Inner Manor — Shadowcrest Manor — Otisburg
Upon entering the manor, a long gallery hallway opens up to a number of doorways and rooms throughout the expansive old structure. A large hand carved stair case winds its way up to the second floor while a smaller back stair case leads down to the cellar and store rooms of the manse.

To the left of the gallery hall is the parlor. Antique furniture and period works of art fill the space while a setting for tea rests on the small table. A dark mahogany bookshelf is present in the corner, complete with a selection of neutral books, many first edition and quite old.

A lavish formal dining room is located to the right of the hallway. Complete with ivory linens and crimson draperies, a candle lit crystal chandelier hangs in the center of the room. A large banquet table and chairs worth far more than one would expect from an actively used piece commands the most attention.

A period kitchen and pantry space is located farther toward the back of the manor. The decor fresh as the day it was put into place. There is an antique icebox cooler rather than a refrigerator. The magical aura radiating from it suggests it is more efficient than anything technology could offer today. All the other amenities seem to be the same, period but with magical enhancements.

Taking up most of the first floor space is a lavish library and study reserved for the acquired obscure and arcane knowledge the Zatara family has collected over the decades.

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