(2014-10-07) Switcheroo: Power Woman and Witchblade, Part 3
Switcheroo: Power Woman and Witchblade, Part 3
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Date: 2014-10-07
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The body of the Kryptonian heroine Power Woman, complete with someone else at the steering wheel, has been brought to the Watchtower in the company of League members Batman and Marvel Girl, while questions have been asked and mysteries plumbed. The body of Kara Zor-L has identified itself as Sara Pezzini, a name unknown to the League members. Nevertheless, despite accidents of powers and unfamiliarity with her new physiology, the other woman has cooperated fully, if confusedly, with the situation. Now, she has asked for an opportunity to try to make a phone call, to reach out to her own phone in the hopes that whomever might now be at the steering wheel of /her/ body might answer it.

Far below the Watchtower, in upstate New York, the body of Sara Pezzini, with the mind (and soul, perhaps?) of Kara Zor-L aboard, is currently sitting in the back of a car, headed towards a school she has previously only visited from the air. She is wrapped up in a full-length trenchcoat as her nod to modesty, given there's very little of the clothes she was wearing that survived the 'incident' that followed immediately thereafter. She's pretty sure vine-like metal constructs don't qualify as 'clothing', especially when this skimpy. But then one of the cellphones in her pocket - the one she originally found in Pezzini's clothes - starts to ring.

Kara - in Sara's body - cannot recognize the number. Her memories for such detais are not nearly so clear now as they always have been before. But she figures whomever is calling might need the Detective's help. She should at least answer, or try. So she taps the phone, and finds it opens without a passcode. That … is convenient. Not at all secure. But convenient. (Sara, with Kara's phone, hasn't been nearly so lucky.) "Uhm. Hello?"

Okay. That's WEIRD. Sara - in Kara's body-, isn't used to hearing her own voice like that. Recordings, sure. But recordings don't interactively talk to you. So the detective in the Kryptonian shell comes out with a really directly indirect way of asking. "This may sound really weird…but are you supposed to be a blonde with tits like WHOA?" Hey, she didn't want to use names to give anything away.

With Marvel Girl's authentication of identity - that, for some reason, Karen's body has the mind of another woman in it - Moon Maiden sits nearby, working with JARVIS. It isn't just a matter of identifying who is on the other end of the phone call. Kara Zor-L is particularly vulnerable right now and there are people out there actively hunting Kryptonians. Which is why Laurel and JARVIS are tracing the phone call.

Trapped in Sara's body, Kara holds back a snort by main effort, but shakes her head at the other woman's phraseology. What is it with everyone and their obsession with her breasts? However, a little levity is appreciated. "You mean, was I born 'not from around here', with 'friends in high places' and a thing for the letter 'S'? And now I'm having issues with … interesting metal sculpture? And gunfire? Yes. That would be me." Kara turns Sara's head to look at the redhead beside her in the car, and points up, until green eyes light up with understanding. Then she continues. "My guess is, some of those 'friends in high places' got you a phone line? Which would be why I couldn't find you at the construction site? Tell my friend JARVIS that I'm headed towards callsign 'Kindergarten.' I think we should arrive …" She glances at the redhead, who gets the information from the driver, "… in another half an hour." Which would line up with the location coming back on this cellphone.

Jean Grey glances over at Sara, stifling a bit of a snicker at the line about Kara's cleavage, "Let her know we're tracing it, and we should be able to bring her back shortly. And hopefully we can figure out what exactly is going on." She pauses, "I didn't feel any sort of telepathic disturbance, so it's likely something else."

"Your friends are here." Sara tells Kara. "They said they're tracing the call, and they're going to work on bringing you back." And then, of course, she conveys the messages the other way, telling Jean and Moon Maiden "She says to tell Jarvis that she's going to callsign Kindergarten."

"I've got it." Moon Maiden taps a "button" on the holographic interface before her. "Kara," she says, breaking into the phone call via JARVIS, "This is Moon Maiden. We're tracking you and we'll send word to Kindergarten that you are coming. However, I'd like you to do something for me." And then Laurel begins speaking in a language that, somehow, SOUNDS like geometrically constructed symbols despite being sound. Specifically, she's saying numbers in Kryptonian. Translation: One. Two. Three. Five. Seven. Nine. Eleven. Thirteen. Seventeen. Laurel stops there and waits for Karen to reply.

Kara listens, nodding as Sara explains. "Hi, Moonie." Kara responds, with Sara's voice, when she hears her beloved friend over the phone. "OK." Then come the Kryptonian numbers. It's not as easy for Kara, right now, with only human ears and only a human memory. But she /knows/ these, very well. She thinks them every day. "Nine doesn't belong. The rest are all Prime numbers. Alternatively, two doesn't belong, as the only even number."

Sara, now that Moon Maiden is talking to Kara directly, doesn't need to worry about playing secretary. "So, are you coping with the interesting metal sculpture well enough? Also, have we got any idea why we ended up in each other's bodies? Because, being in yours is weird as hell."

"It is her." Laurel nods her head. About two weeks after they met, Laurel forced Karen to teach her how to count up to a thousand in Kryptonian. She's a math nerd. She adds to the conversation. "We've actually got a few other reports coming in about body switching." She explains. "News reports here and there. So far, no one has clued in that there ARE body switches. Instead, the medical community has mentioned that there are very rare occurances of complete personality changes in a person. Obviously, that didn't happen here."

Jean nods, "Nothing really happened from a telepathic standpoint, as I mentioned. I hate to just toss magic out there, but…" She looks at Laurel and shrugs, "I'm not sure what else it could be. I know Diana had some magical contacts with, I believe her name was Zatanna…" She hrms a bit, as an errant thought strikes her.

"I … I had what you might call a wardrobe malfunction. The men you were in a shootout with didn't make it." There's a real depth of guilt and upset in Kara's borrowed voice as she says that last. Her friends would know, Kara has never killed anyone. She has scrupulously avoided it, by every means necessary. It hurts, that she wasn't able to do that this time. "And the voice is … not pleasant." Kara doesn't like ominous empathic voices in her head.

"I've also met Zatanna. Worked with her." Kara replies in Sara's voice. "I could reach out to her … but getting anywhere is rather hard, now." By comparison to the casual globetrotting a Kryptonian can accomplish. "It happend right after I took out those two Mongo shock troopers. They have magical energy cores. But … nothing like this happened with the other two we took out." The ones in New York, at the hotel where Kara and Sara first met.

"I know Zatanna." Sara pipes up out of nowhere. "In fact, I need to go check in with her. Honestly, now that you folks have all made contact…body swapping is way outside my pay grade. So, you can hook back up with the people here, and I can get back to…well, as much of my life as I can." She says. Staying at the Watchtower doesn't sound like a thing she wants.

"I'm afraid it isn't that simple. The body you are in is…" Laurel considers this for a moment, "Powerful. Very powerful. In fact, it is one of the most powerful on the planet if not THE most powerful. You can destroy entire cities in hours if you wanted and, truth be told, we don't know you. Nor do we know how much self control you have. If Power Woman gets angry and doesn't focus her rage properly she can literally burn someone alive just by looking at them. I don't want to make you a prisoner but I think, for the time being, what we should do is bring your body, with Power Woman in it, here, and then you two should be… together. She can help you navigate the hardships of being Kryptonian."

Jean smiles slightly, "Exactly. And I can help relate that in more direct terms." She passes Laurel a worried look, then shrugs, as the telepath hasn't exactly left 'Kara' alone since the switcheroo took place either. "And to be honest, if this is something magical, bringing Zatanna here would probably be the best option."

"She has a point." Sara's voice offers, over the phone connection. "Frankly, I'd prefer to at least be able to give you some pointers. Even walking down the street could be a challenge, at full power. And I probably need your help. I can't even … make the metal sculpture go away. But I know it was 'away' before I go shot." Yes. She got shot. But she got better. Not as fast as her Kryptonian body would heal a wound like that, but she got better. "Once we have a chance to … work on things, maybe we can both go see Zee. I haven't visited with her in a while."

Sara replies "I'm fine with some pointers. And getting together to confer is a good plan. But I'm not willing to sit here in space jail, you folks. I've got a job, I've got a life, and I can't see to either one here. I'm willing to work together, sure. But we can do that on Earth, too."

Jean looks over at 'Kara', "And how exactly are you going to proceed without some basic training in Being Kryptonian 101?" She hmms, "We can talk to Kara about it, and I might be able to facilitate you with a bit of instant tutoring while we get this resolved… but with the power you have right now, letting you out without any training is something we just can't afford to risk. Unless…" She gets a bit of a wry expression, and says to the phone, "Kara, if we had to, we could place her at my alma mater for the time being…"

"Problem is, Detective, you can't do that job right now. You can't just show up at your job wearing my body. Your ID won't jive. Not to mention your abilities." Kara offers, in Sara's voice. "Our best bet, for what it's worth, is probably for me to try to do your job. I'm a quick study, smart and capable. I know the law, and most criminal procedures." Granted, her memory is not what it was. "But, if you can master enough control of my body, I'm sure the League can use you to help with the things /I/ would be doing, in return. We should meet on the Watchtower. The practice facility there is the safest place I can think of for both of us to work on this. Then we can figure out where to go from there." She's not thrilled with Sara taking up her cape for the world. And she imagines the same is true for Sara with her thinking of taking up her badge. But they'll have to do something. "No, Marvel Girl. PLacing her there would draw attention to the situation, and destabilize things at the school."

"I have to agree. Putting her there isn't a good idea unless this turns out to be long term." Moon Maiden says. "Detective, obviously with the powers you have, you could punch a hole in this space station and be out of here before we could stop you. The systems we have in place mean you probably won't kill us by doing that. Probably. Our resident telepath might be able to stop you. Or she might not. I don't know. What I do know is that with a flick of your finger, right now, you can kill an Olympic level boxer. Think about that. Please."

"I said I'm willing for some basic training." Sara points out, feeling her temper rolling up a little. "I just said that I'm not willing to be locked up here for the long haul. We can take some time, I can both get and give some pointers, and then we continue on." Sara crosses her arms. "So, we'll handle the basic training, and then we can figure out the practicals." Her look to the others is a little challenging. "Work with me, and I'll work with you. This won't be the first time I've had to handle learning weird crap like this."

Marvel Girl nods, "Alright, we'll do some basic training first, I'll help facilitate it a bit easier, and then we can get both of you back groundside until we figure out what the heck happened and how we switch it back. The Professor never told me anything like this was even possible, so I freely admit I'm out of my League here." She pauses, then smirks at Laurel, "No pun intended."

"No. /I'm/ out of my League. And the Detective is in it instead." Kara offers with Sara's voice over the phone. "I'll let you know as soon as we arrive at Kindergarten. I assume you guys can get the porta-pad set up?" A portable Zeta-beam transport pad, like the one they used during the Project: Rebirth rescue mission. They don't have a permanent pad installed at Xavier's. Not yet, anyway.

Sara replies "All right. Then it sounds like we have a plan. So, how about someone shows me to blondie's closet, so I can change into something other than a leotard with attached tablecloth?" She looks over to the Leaguers there.

"I'll take you to a room you can change in, then bring you a selection of clothing." Moon Maiden says. She's not going to let a stranger into Karen's room on the station. After all, there may be clues to who Power Woman really is. "JARVIS, please recognize that Power Woman is compromised. I'm authorizing her for demotion to guest status for the time being. Moon Maiden. Code…." She says a long series of numbers and words in Latin. "Stand by for second authorization." Moon Maiden looks to Marvel Girl, who will need to provide a second code to lock in the command.

Marvel Girl nods, and says, "JARVIS, Confirm and second, code…" And she rattles off a string of code words. To be honest, they sound completely random, it's almost impossible to get a feel for it. JARVIS, however, doesn't seem to have a problem as it acknowledges the change in Power Woman's status, at least for the time being.

"Hopefully once JARVIS gets an eyefull of this new body, he can whip up something for me." Kara offers. Soon enough, she'll be calling back to confirm her arrival at 'Kindergarten', the codename for the Xavier school in upstate New York. Soon thereafter, she'll be Zeta-beamed to the Watchtower under Guest credentials, and make her way - trenchcoat and all - up to the practice room. "This is going to be fun." Not. Then she takes off the trenchcoat, and reveals Sara's moestly undressed body, clad only in improbably high-heeled metal boots and what amounts to a metal thong bikini with pauldrons and gauntlets, all made of a vine-like organic-seeming metal. "This would be the 'wardrobe malfunction' she explains to her teammates. "And the 'metal sculpture'. FOr the record, the damn thing talks. Sort of. Mostly feelings, in my head."

Sara looks over as her body comes in, and can't help but look sympathetic. "Sorry. I know it's a pain in the ass." she tells Kara. "But, it's good to know you haven't gotten my body damaged." A wry smile accompanies her statement. "Hopefully we can get this sorted."

"I… I've seen that before." Laurel says. By this point, Sara-in-Karen's body has been given a new set of clothing, a simple pair of jeans and a large sweat shirt. One of Karen's lounging outfit. She steps closer and then walks around Karen. "I know I've seen this before! There was…" She closes her eyes and digs through her memory. "A Greek woman who wore it and an Egyptian a few centuries before her. The Hundred keep records of this…."

Marvel Girl glances at 'Sara' and blinks, "Um, okay. I'm guessing one of your powers is ignoring when it's drafty?" She shakes her head, giving Laurel a somewhat surprised look, "So this is something with a bit of a history? Interesting."

Kara, in Sara's body, visibly winces as Laurel starts describing bits of the history of the Witchblade. "OK. Now it's projecting images in my head. Greek woman, stola, with this thing as Thracian armor and sword. Egyptian woman, this thing as Pharoh-like breastplate and headdress, and spear." She smirks at Jean. "Hence the trenchcoat. I still feel bad about those men. But … this thing has a temper." And she didn't know enough to know how to stop it from compelling her to murder. "Care to tell me what the trick is to make it behave?" she questions Sara in her body.

Sara-in-Kara will have used whatever privacy, be it closet or bathroom, to get out of the leotard and into the jeans and sweatshirt. "No, but a healthy chunk of my paycheck is "buy new outfits" and I have been working on the "Detect Women's Clothing Sales" powers." She looks back to Kara. "Be more stubborn than it is. Also…since we've met before, hopefully you can give me a vouch to your teammates? Because the whole "we can't trust you" thing is getting REALLY old. Especially when I can see through the walls and hear everything that's happening. If I was a black hat, I'd already have done something about it."9

Marvel Girl grins, amplifying her speech with just a bit of telepathy so she doesn't have a problem being heard, regardless of the room, "Not necessarily distrust so much as making sure that someone who isn't experienced piloting a Kryptonian, for lack of a better word, doesn't do something that causes a fair amount of hurt." She shrugs a bit, "That is an interesting… symbiote, I suppose would be the best way to describe it." Her eyebrow arches a bit as she looks at 'Sara', then she shrugs a bit and shakes her head.

Kara offers Jean and Laurel Sara's ID pouch, including her badge and NYPD credentials. "She is a detective with the NYPD. She and I met on the scene of the Mongo shock trooper attack at the New York hotel. She's the one I gave our intel and evidence to." Is there a connection between that and the incident today? Who knows? Maybe Zatanna, but definitely not Kara.

"Well, I can do stubborn. I just didn't know I needed to." Or that it would yield to that. When it's inside her head as a surprise, she didn't know what to do. "It's not that they don't trust you. They're just concerned about what you might do with all that power, including potentially compromising secret identities, or more, without intending to." Kara then ammends that. "They're also concerned because there are people out there we've run into lately who have actively been hunting and hurting Kryptonians. Their paranoia is as much to protect you as fear /of/ you."

That being said, however, the woman with the lifetime's experience dealing with being a Kryptonian on Earth sets out to make a few things clear. "A few things to keep in mind: As much info as your senses are pouring on you? Use it. All of it. If you even stand your ground, unawre, and someone bumps into you, they're breaking something. You sneeze, you could start a brief hurricane or tornado. You have to stay in absolute awareness of your environment, and control of yourself, at all times. Even shaking hands means being keenly aware of the other person, because you have the strength to crush their hand to pulp without a thought. If you actually get mad … well. Don't get mad. Hot flashes are bad, too. Your eyes can form laser-like beams of energy stronger than almost anything I've ever seen. Your mind should be fast. Faster than you previously could have imagined. And your memory will be crystal clear and perfect. So use it, all of it, to stay aware and in control. Know what's around you. Tune in. It'll save lives."

"Not getting mad is gonna be an issue. I'm Italian. I have temper issues. And honestly, the more people try and either lock me down or coddle me, the more that's going to be an issue." She looks to the Witchblade. "It's got a mind all its own. You're going to have to figure out an equilibrium with it. But if you're not in a fight, it shouldn't be as big an issue." She nods wryly. "Yeah, it kind of sucks being you. No offense meant. But it's just…too much. Too much noise, too much speed, too much strength. Too much everything."

Sara's head nods, because Kara wills it so. "You're right. And that's what I live with, every second of every day." Which is why she does not doubt her ability to win in a battle of wills against the Witchblade. "Alright. So … how do you command this thing? Images? Words? Feelings? How does it work?" She's not going to address Sara's issues with being coddled or locked down; either she'll deal, or she won't. What must be done for the safety of everyone on the planet will be done. That's just the way it is. Not that Kara has any desire to be locked down or coddled herself. "Hey, JARVIS. I know I'm a guest right now. But do you have a good enough scan of this body to whip up a set of clothes for it?"

A calm, cool British voice responds out of the air around them both. "Yes, I do, Detective Pezzini." And with Marvel Girl's authorization, a set will be created and soon arrive by one of the tiny floating remote robots JARVIS uses for such things.

"Flying is easy, by the way. /Not/ flying when you don't mean to, or staying accurate and under safe speeds is harder. You can fly as fast as Mach Seven or so, which can do devastating damage to populated areas with the sonic booms. You can run about that fast, too." Kara offers, as she prepares for how to banish the Witchblade.

Sara's head nods, because Kara wills it so. "You're right. And that's what I live with, every second of every day." Which is why she does not doubt her ability to win in a battle of wills against the Witchblade. "Alright. So … how do you command this thing? Images? Words? Feelings? How does it work?" She's not going to address Sara's issues with being coddled or locked down; either she'll deal, or she won't. What must be done for the safety of everyone on the planet will be done. That's just the way it is. Not that Kara has any desire to be locked down or coddled herself. "Hey, JARVIS. I know I'm a guest right now. But do you have a good enough scan of this body to whip up a set of clothes for it?"

A calm, cool British voice responds out of the air around them both. "Yes, I do, Detective Pezzini." And with Marvel Girl's authorization, a set will be created and soon arrive by one of the tiny floating remote robots JARVIS uses for such things.

"Flying is easy, by the way. /Not/ flying when you don't mean to, or staying accurate and under safe speeds is harder. You can fly as fast as Mach Seven or so, which can do devastating damage to populated areas with the sonic booms. You can run about that fast, too." Kara offers, as she prepares for how to banish the Witchblade. <re>

"It's mostly empathic. You have to just…it's a will issue." Sara replies. "I'll be careful. I promise. But I'm /not/ staying up here the entire time, Power Woman." She says. "Let me get my cell phone back. If nothing else, at least I can keep in touch with people, right now." She looks to her body. "You can will the Witchblade to retract. But, yeah. You should have the clothes ready first."

Sara's body gestures towards the trenchcoat she removed. "There's a burner phone in there. I suggest you use that. You won't sound like you, either, Sara, and if someone calls for you, I'm guessing it would be better if I answered it." Kara is only too happy to help. She has clearly thought through a lot of this. "I suggest you practice here. This room can create solid holograms to interact with. That way you can practice and test yourself, your control, without endangering anyone. Then, when you have a solid grasp on things, you can head down. I don't know what you'll do. But no one here is going to keep you a prisoner. I just hope I can do you proud, until we can find a way to reverse this. Hopefully, Zatanna will have some ideas."

The Kryptonian blonde sighs. "I don't know. I thought this was all the Witchblade at the start. Oh, be ready for some weird-ass dreams, too."

The human brunette sighs. "Oh, joy. Just what I need." Considering, she decides to ask another question while still waiting for that robot to show up with the clothes. "Uhm. I'm not sure how to else to ask this, and I'm sorry for making things even more uncomfortable. But I figure we should know about the people who would try to reach us. Work, for you, of course. Do you have someone special in your life?"

Kara's hand runs through her hair, and she sighs. "Yeah. Which is just going to make this more complicated. Zatanna Zatara." she offers. "How about you? Anyone I need to call and explain things to?"

Sara's eyebrows raise briefly, but only briefly. Kara shakes the head a bit. "No, no one you need to call. When I couldn't find you at the construction site, she was who I called. She picked me up, and I explained things. She's … not thrilled. Even a hug feels like cheating, a bit. But she knows, at least. I'll make sure to explain things to Zatanna. Hopefully she'll have some ideas for us, as to how to go about reversing this. Anything or anyone I need to know about for work? Who were the men I killed? Why were they shooting at you?"

That gets an amused look. "Because I'm a cop. And organized crime enforcers have a thing about trying to kill cops sometimes." She sighs a little. "Sorry about….the rest. The Witchblade can be kind of bloodthirsty."

"That means they don't like you. That doesn't generally mean that they'll be shooting at you for no reason." Kara offers. Granted, her experience is limited. But she trusts her instincts. "I … I know about the bloodthirsty. Now. And I'll have to live with that. Hopefully, now that I know, I can contain it in the future." The robot arrives with clothes, and Kara puts on Sara's trenchcoat, as she concentrates now on pushing the Witchblade to recede so that she can get dressed. "Now I know how a flasher feels."

"Tell me about it. I woke up naked more times than I wanna count." Sara admits. "So…is there a trick to turning off the personal stereo system? The hearing thing is really the worst, in my opinion."

"Turning it off is a bad idea. You'll miss things, then. Hearing others' heartbeats can tell you when they're hurt, or upset. Also where they are. The X-Ray vision, the spectral vision, the microscopic and telepscopic vision. It's all pretty important, really." Still, Kara does get it. She calls out, "JARVIS. Can you generate a sensory deprivation pool, please? Sized for Kara's body, plus fifty percent." While the computer takes care of that, the brunette who should be a blonde explains. "It won't actually get you wet. Just trust me. Lying back, relaxing, letting yourself truly relax, can help you to focus, and tune down the senses, one at a time, to tolerable levels, let your mind adjust back up to full input over time."

"Uhh. All right, that'll work." Sara looks around. "So…your friend didn't want to give me your closet. Can we sort that? I'm going to need to have more than one outfit if I'm going to be here a while."

Kara chuckles wryly, then raises an eyebrow at hearing a chuckle from Sara, rather than herself. Still unnerving. "Sure. She was being careful, afraid there would be things in my room here on the station that might give away my secret identity. But there aren't. Most of the team here don't know my secret identity, so I'm careful not to leave anything here that would tell them, if they saw it." Which proves the secret identity exists. And that she's not sharing it. "But since I'm a guest pass right now, we'll have to get Marvel Girl to re-authorize you for my quarters here. It's a little Spartan, by comparison. But it's a comfy room, good bed, and there's outfits there." Not many, and half of them are spare costumes. But it's some clothes.

The blonde nods. "That'll do." She says, and then considers. "Uhh…anything I need to know about the care and feeding over here? Allergies, things I need to eat, or not eat?"

Kara smiles and shakes her head. "Allergies? No. Well, beyond a certain glowing green rock, but if you run into any of that, you'll know it instantly. Obviously, get away as best you can. Distance is the only way to survive Kryptonite. That, and lead to block its radiation. But as far as food? You'll hate me when I say, eat as much as you want, of anything and everything you want. You couldn't gain a pound if you tried. How about you? Anything I need to know?"

Sara laughs. "Uh. You WILL need to eat. And you WILL gain weight, if you don't eat right. And I would prefer not to come back to ten extra pounds on my thighs and my ass. So you're going to need to keep up a workout regimen."

Kara - as Sara - smirks. "Not a problem. I can do that." Of course, sweating is going to be new. And muscle aches. But that's life. "Oh. Fair warning: sleep … not so much. Three, four hours a night tops. Generally, two hours a night. But, you won't be tired. So it works out. Great for finding time to be a superhero and still … get work done." God, she hates lying. She's so bad at it.

Sara nods. "Hey, that's cool enough. Less cool while I'm stuck up here. I'm gonna be bored some, I think." She looks at her own body. "This as weird for you as it is for me?"

"At least as much." Kara offers, honestly. "Use the time to practice control. Sooner you've got things under control, sooner you'll be ready to head back down." The brunette smiles wryly. "I guess I should practice with this Witchblade thing, too. I'm sure if I don't, we'll regret it. Someone would surely get upset if some minor emergency causes another wardrobe malfunction."

"Honestly, you being naked is the least of your worries. Which, in addition, how the hell do I turn off naked-vision?" She's had the occasional X-Ray outburst.

"You think naked vision is bad? Try interior vision, when you're seeing how their bodies are constructed. Intestinal processes. Bloodflow." Kara loves science. But seeing the guts of her friends is not her favorite thing at all. "It's all a matter of concentration and focus. That's why you need practice."

"Got it. It's the old Carnegie Hall bit. Well, I can do that." She grins. "I'm sure it's got to be just as much as culture shock for you, too."

"I don't know so much about culture shock. Though I'm not used to being a police officer. That will be very different. But I was raised here on Earth. The culture isn't the issue." Kara explains. "But living it as a human woman … that's a lot different."

"Well, "biology shock", really. I just didn't know what else to call it. But pain's got to be new. Not being able to fly and all that."

"Yes. All very true, and very new." And not so very pleasant. But Kara tries not to complain. She's alive. The rest will out. She just has to let it work. Somehow.

Watchtower Station — High Earth Orbit — Solar System
Orbiting over a hundred thousand miles above the Earth lies the glittering jewel of the Justice League: the Watchtower Station. This huge space station is far beyond anything yet achieved by the space agencies or civilian efforts. Over half a mile high, comprising over two dozen levels and millions of square feet of space, the Watchtower does have bays on its two lowest levels for the docking or landing of spacecraft.

The tower is joined together by an open-air tube at its heart wide enough to allow two or three people to fly past one another without risk of collision. For those unable to propel themselves, a simple request to the JARVIS supercomputer system that maintains the facility will generate a repulsor-tech energy field that will carry the individual up and down to the level they require like an express elevator. Every room on every level can generate its own gravity field, thanks to unusual runed deck tiles of metal-impregnated ceramic with alchemical powers. All rooms and levels have similar panels in their ceilings which can generate light in various shades and strengths as required, from utter darkness to brilliant true sunlight.

The station generates its own oxygen, with a tremendous onboard botanical garden taking up several levels at the mid-stretch of the tower's height, and water reclamation systems are tied directly into onboard aquaculture production. Every room in the base has wall panels that become reconfigurable touch- and gesture-controlled accesses to the JARVIS computer system, and have voice-activated access as well. The entire surface of the base acts as solar collectors, constantly supplying a renewable energy source, charging power cells sufficient to run the station for nearly a month on full power before running dry.

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  • Obvious Exits:
    • [EO] - High Earth Orbit — Solar Syst
    • [ZT] - Zeta Tube — Watchtower Statio
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