(2014-10-07) Switcheroo: Karbear's Call
Switcheroo: Karbear's Call
Summary: Power Woman - in Sara Pezzini's body - returns to Metropolis and the construction site, but her body - with Sara inside - is gone. So, she makes a call. Help comes. After a fashion.
Date: 2014-10-07
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NPCs: Various NPC students of Xavier's Academy
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Plot

It's a challenge. Everything seems to be a challenge, now. No flight or speed to carry her on her own, the woman living inside the body of Sara Pezzini had to use some of the cash she found on the bodies of the slain to pay for a ticket to ride the high speed rail line from New York City to Metropolis. The overcoat has kept things decent, and she's not freezing to death. But she certainly isn't warm and toasty, either. She has never been a prude, but there's just something so wrong about the 'outfit' she's stuck in right now, so she's covering it up. And she's equally sure that if trouble comes, the overcoat won't last long, either.

Arriving in Metropolis, she has been unable to locate … herself. It could mean many things. But unfortunately she no longer has the means to test most of her hypotheses. Huddling against a building near the half-wrecked construction site, she is realizing she is going to have to try something else. And the one thing she wants more than anything else right now is to not be alone. Without a League communicator, she can't call in. Even if she had one, her biometrics would never pass, so it would never work. But a burner cell could. Yet instead of calling one of the League message exchanges, she decides to try something else. Some/one/ else.

A call comes in to Caitlin Fairchild's cellphone, late on a Monday evening. The number is unknown, a New York exchange.

Caitlin Fairchild blinks as she looks at her phone. She hasn't heard from Kara all day, but that's not her number. Especially a New York number. She bites her bottom lip, concerned, because only a few know that number. Could it be Rebirth trying to find her. She hesitates, but before the ringtone finishes, she picks up. "H.. Hello?" She asks, nervously.

"Please Rao don't hang up!" an unknown, unfamiliar female voice offers, getting that out in what surely sounds like desperation before Caitlin can decide to do anything else.

"Please. I'm begging you, don't hang up." Of course, now that Caitlin has answered the phone, the woman on the other end is feeling a lot less certain of this plan. How on Earth is she going to convince the gorgeous woman she loves that … this is her?

Caitlin Fairchild blinks slowly, looking at the phone. She heard Rao, but did she hear correctly? "Excuse me, Miss.. Are you alright? What's wrong?" She thinks.. "Are you Kryptonian?" It certainly doesn't sound like Kara, or Linda, but.. what if there was another? And she was in danger? She swallows. "I can bring help. Tell me where you are?"

The voice on the other end of the phone line inhales, deeply. She never imagined how it would feel to hear Caitlin's voice. But she also never imagined quite how it would feel to hear that confusion, that … lack of recognition, either. It stings, even as much as she intellectually understands it.

"Honestly, I'm in Metropolis." She offers the cross streets and the address of the construction site.

"You … you won't believe me, when I tell you. But … I am /so/ glad to hear your voice. I only wish you could hear mine." What an odd thing to say.

With the help from Emma and the possibility of a new Kryptonian in their midst, the chopper takes off with Caitlin and a couple other students from the Ultimates team, in plain-clothes. Within an hour, they make it out of a cab at the intersection given. Caitlin nods to the pair. "Spread out. Look for a female, scared and running. Do not engage hostile forces, only defend the asset. Sound off if you find her." One of the positive (questionable) things that she'd learned in Rebirth was the lingo for the extraction teams. She uses it in field work to keep the students sharp and explain exactly what she wants.

She makes her way through the secured construction site. Caitlin finds the lock and renders the site insecure in mere seconds. "Miss?" She says, carefully. "I'm the one you called. I have friends. We're here to help you." She slowly makes her way around, making sure not to startle a very frightened and powerful Kryptonian. "Are you being chased? Is someone after you?"

After a minute, maybe two, an average-height brunette moves around a corner to stop and stare at Caitlin. There's something … almost hungry in that gaze, as if she's trying to imprint the vision of the tall, gorgeous redhead into her memories with a pickaxe if necessary. Her hair is a bit bedraggled, but somehow it manages to look sexy. She wearing … well. mid-calf length trenchcoat, pulled tight and tied about her waist. Bare throat through the v of the neck at the top. Beneath the hem of the coat, odd-looking boots, made of a vine-like shaping of silvery metal. In improbably high heels. Her hands are shoved into her pockets at the moment.

"I … I don't think anyone is chasing me. Not right now, anyway." that unfamiliar voice offers. That's her, alright, from the phone. "Like a punch in the gut, seeing you." Seeing Caitlin see her … and not recognize her at all. But how could she?

"I really appreciate that you dropped everything like this, and came." she murmurs, almost shyly. How the Hell does she explain this?

Caitlin Fairchild blinks. "Seeing me? Hearing me? Do I know you?" The voice and the face do not register, the speech pattern not enough to click in for her. "C'mon. We can get you out of here. I know a place.. A private school. It's quiet and secure and we can answer your questions there." She sees the outfit, and raises her brow. She can't question, since she doesn't know what Kara had arrived in. She offers the girl her hand, and the other one reaches up to the communicator in her ear. "Retreat to extraction point. Asset secured. Thanks for your help, kids." She says to her two partners as she tries to guide the woman back to the taxi that the two students had hailed already, to take them back to the train and to Xavier's.

The young brunette approaches carefully, a tad nervously. She tugs her left hand out of her pocket and offers it to Caitlin, accepting the other's grasp. There's a few metal 'vines' across the back of her hand and through the space between her knuckles. "You don't know this form, I'll admit." the young woman offers. "According to her papers, she is Sara Pezzini." For the moment, she leaves out the 'NYPD Detective' part. For now.

Once they are in the cab together, the brunette turns to face the giant redhead; the size differential is profoundly greater now than ever before. "You're going to find this probably impossible to accept. But I get that. I promise, I do." She waits a few, stealing herself. She might get ejected from the car after she says this, but she has to. "I know I don't look it. Don't sound it. But … inside. Inside, this me. I'm Kara." A beat. "Your Kara."

Caitlin Fairchild blinks and jerks her head up. The other students stop their discussion and look to the woman as well. Somewhere a needle had been pulled off of a record.She allowed the Sara Pezzini part to pass, as she had no way to verify that and figured it was the ramblings of a poor girl who made her way to Earth. Once Kara is mentioned, all bets are off. She levels a gaze at the woman and peers. "I don't know who you are Miss, but you're starting to really creep me out. How do you no me? And Kara?" She rolls up the sleeves of her top while the other two prepare to tell the cabbie to stop.

The brunette pulls a flip-fold out of her pocket and offers it to Caitlin. Inside is Sara's ID. ALL of her ID, which means it includes her shield and her credentials. "I know it's creeping you out, Caitlin, and I'm sorry. I wish there was some easier way to do this. But I don't know any other way." She purses her lips, considering, and then says, in French, "Vous rappelez-vous la premiC(re tenue que j'ai essayC) sur pour vous C l'hCttttel? Cet ensemble de couleur pC*che?" (Translation: Do you remember the very first outfit I tried on for you at the hotel? That peach-colored set?) "I still remember the magical feeling of waking up under the Parisian dawn with you in my arms. Even today, it is one of my fondest memories."

Caitlin Fairchild looks at the ID… and then to Sara/Kara…. She blinks, and then starts to laugh… "I'm sorry… Now I need to tell Emma that there isn't a new Kryptonian in the game." She clears her throat, and stops. "Sorry.. You know me.. Sometimes in panic-mode I think of the weirdest stuff." She blinks, her eyes filling up.. "Karbear.. What happened? Who's this Sara person and why are you wearing that… outfit? Also… Where's you?" She blinks as her brain goes further into the scenario. "Oh my." She says, as she reaches for the girl's hand. "You're human…." She swallows, imagining the horror it might be to wake up and feel gravity pulling on you, and to have difficulty moving and…."Baby, I'm so sorry. We'll fix this, I promise."

Karbear. Kara-in-Sara's-body's eyes fill with unshed tears of rich, throat-swelling emotion. Her light human hand squeezes Caitlin's tightly - though there's no real strength to it at all by comparison. "Call Ms. Frost, first. I don't want her more angry with me than she already is going to be." She can wait. Caitlin is here.

After Caitlin is done, Kara tries to explain. "I'm not a hundred percent sure what happened. I was here, in Metropolis. League alert, more Mongo shock troopers. I intercepted them, battled them, got them to the construction site, and cleared it of people. Then I took one of them apart, and used its self-destruct beam to destroy the other one. Then there was a flash and crackle of light … and I felt myself falling." She sighs, and shudders a bit. "I came to, and I was crouched behind some crates in a warehouse, clutching a handgun, taking fire. Disoriented, confused. Then … pain. And then things got … very disturbing." Kara waits until ALL EYES ARE FORWARD, other than Caitlin's, before she unties the belt of her overcoat and opens it. Suffice it to say, that peace lingerie set covered more.

Caitlin Fairchild blinks and sees the form.. "Oh my…" She says. "Ok.. We'll need to get in touch with the League… and well.. perhaps this Sara girl is bumbling around in your body trying to get used to being a Kryptonian. Maybe we should try your phone and see if she picks up?" She thinks, all kinds of ideas running through her head. "She may be just as lost and disoriented as you are." She says, working on other strategies as they make their way back to the mansion.

'Sara' wraps the jacket back around herself and ties it tight. "I don't know what … 'it' is. But … it … it thinks. It feels. Inside me." she explains, showing more of her nerves and confusion. "I doubt 'Sara' would be able to unlock my phone. It takes a thirty-six character alphanumeric passcode." Which Kara the Kryptonian wunderkind can remember with perfect clarity, and enter in a split second. 'Sara' the human detective can only remember it about half, and would take a minute or more trying to hunt and peck it out. League comms won't work, even if I had one, because my biometrics are off. That … that's why I ended up calling you." Because she could reach Caitlin without those things. And maybe convince her. There's very real palpable relief in her that she succeeded. That the woman she loves knows her, accepts her, even in this body. "I'm going to need clothes." she comments.

Caitlin Fairchild nods. "Yeah… And maybe finds some way to get that… thing.. to take a break?" She nods and wraps an arm around the strange body. She feels weird, almost as if she's cheating. "We'll get home and we'll put you to bed and…" She raises a brow… A conundrum that she'll keep to herself until the pair is alone at the mansion. "We'll get you some clothes." She says, before clearing her throat and blushing.

'Sara' nods, smiling as she nestles against Caitlin, tucked so safely into that one-armed embrace. She knows it has to feel weird for her lover, just as it feels weird to her. But it also feels amazing, to be together. It's odd, really; she has never had a problem feeling safe. But now, in Caitlin's embrace, tensions she cannot even fathom are easing from her trembling human heart. "Sorry. I know this has to be weird. But thank you for coming to get me."

Caitlin Fairchild smiles and kisses the top of "Sara's" head. "Babe, I would go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to save you. It's what we're about."

Sara Pezzini
5'9" tall, with chestnut brown hair and eyes, Sara Pezzini's a woman in good shape. She's athletic and well-toned, and clearly works out on a regular basis. Her hair falls halfway down her back, and could usually be described as "shake into place" if one were being charitable, and "messy" if not. She also doesn't look like makeup is something she puts much stock into; a little lip gloss and tending to her eyebrows seems about the extent she's willing to go to. Despite that, she's got good features (yay genetics!) that highlight an Italian ethnicity and give her an hourglass figure that most women would kill for.

She's dressed in monochromatic style, wearing a slate grey top with cap sleeves, and a pair of boot-cut jeans, appropriately enough over brown boots with a faint, 1" wedge heel. Over the top is a black leather jacket with a front zip. Her only jewelry seems to be on her right wrist. A bracelet of undefined metal, in a slightly ridged, angular form, with a large red gem inset in it.

((Note: To anyone who can sense magic, the bracelet emanates it like WHOA. Witchblade.))

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