(2014-10-07) More Mongo Mayhem
More Mongo Mayhem
Summary: Jack and Vance encounter a new Shock Trooper of Ming, this one doesn't go so well for them
Date: (2014-10-07)
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NPCs: Mongo Shock Trooper
Scene Runner: Justice.
Social/Plot: Plot

Over the com, "Hey, uh, is anyone out there?" then an explosion is heard and a yell of 'ooooooohhhhhh crrrrippppeeesss!'. That's when Justice then sails from the alleyway, smashes through a parked flower delivery truck, and then impacts with a late model SUV. The three males inside the SUV yell out, "Avabrigao!" as the driver slams on the breaks.

Justice collapses onto the street on the passenger side of the SUV, but not unconscious, just incredibly exhausted.

In the area, police race toward the scene. From the alleyway marches a large 7' tall male humanoid with black armor and a golden mask carrying a large blaster rifle also in the same gold of the mask. It speaks in an unknown alien language. Part of his armor is damaged, around the right chest/shoulder where Justice likely blasted it.

Jack luckily does have his com unit with him. He's taken to random patrols here and there, to try and do what he was doing before the Guardians. No telling how far he is from the current scene just yet. "Ya, what's up," he calls back, after winching from the yell by Justice. Also, hearing Jack call back, Justice might hear the police cars, closer to Jack en route to the scene unfolding near Justice.

"Ow… guy, gold mask, blaster that really hurts. He's.. oh crap"

The gold faced shock troop has rounded the flower delivery truck and stands over Justice with the blaster rifle pointed at Justice's face.

Justice instinctively puts up a shield.

The trigger is pulled, the blaster fires, and Justice is engulfed in a blue disintegration field. It penetrates the shield. Justice yells, "NOOOOOOOO' and suddenly he's gone. No more Justice.

The three men in the SUV witnessed the whole thing, they look at the gold faced man and then quickly exit the SUV running for their lives.

Hearing the NOOOO, and no more, Jack picks up his pace, outrunning cop cars, seemingly in the direction they are headed. "Justice," he calls into his com piece, running faster, "Justice, do you hear me, over," he says, really using radio lingo even. Hopefully he's going in the right direction that Vance called from. "Vance, buddy, come on … talk to me there."

The golden faced trooper is confronted by various police officers who enter the scene, draw on the trooper and then start firing when he does not surrender. Civillians scatter. The gold faced trooper raises his blaster and will soon fire into the police line.

Fearing the worst, having seen a similar trooper before and not just in space, Jack Flag lets rear turn to rage. Not fearing the police bullets that are in his way so much as not wanting to get hit by said blaster which can hurt him, he runs full force at the golden faced trooper. Passing the police line with an easy bound, he hurdles towards the trooper, intent on tackling and opening up with some ham hawks, "Nooooo, you bastard!!!!" He calls out, hoping Justice is only injured at worst, but full of rage if the trooper did flatline Vance.

The trooper is solid (likely cybernetic), but still goes down with the force of Jack's tackle. They both skid across the pavement and the trooper reaches to a dial on his shoulder that he turns. The second he does, the two of them are engulfed in a sphere of blue that will disintegrate them both and reintegrate them somewhere else.

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