(2014-10-04) SHIELD: Mongo Op
SHIELD: Mongo Op
Summary: Black Widow and Hawkeye get their assignments straight from Fury himself.
Date: 2014-10-04
Related: Ongoing Mongo plot
NPCs: Director Nick Fury
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While Widow and Hawkeye sit in the rec room contemplating their latest endeavor, The Powers That Be have been working overtime taking a look at this new and ever increasing presence that threatens the existence of not only every American, but every single person on the planet. Having received word from their Justice League liaison, Director Nick Fury feels the need to touch base. A call comes from the comm units of both agents. "Romanov, Barton. My office. Yesterday."

Yes, the Rec Room. While she doesn't spend much time in there, truth be told, she's currently being taken to school on darts by Hawkeye. She has excellent aim, but c'mon… its Hawkeye. It is a small measure of relief when Fury's call comes over. She gives Barton a brief look before turning to head off down the corridors and to the Director's office.

"C'mon, 'Tash. Aim. You've got-" It's darts. Against him. And as fun as it's supposed to be, Hawkeye just can't let his competitive edge down.

The call, and the ensuing look of relief that crosses 'Tash's face earns a barked laugh, and the darts that are left in hand are thrown rapidly, one after another, only to land in such a tight pattern that physics is having a problem with the whole 'matter may not claim the same spot at the same time' rule. Sadly, no breaking the laws of physics here. Even in SHIELD.

Following the 'Widow, now, Hawk's smirk falls into something of a professional deadpan as he follows up and heads towards the office. Once inside, he takes up his spot right at the door.


Fury stands behind his desk, staring out a wide window that shows the view from outside the helicarrier. "Take a seat." he tells the both. "And let me get this straight." He begins to pace the room, looking at the two. "You expect me to ok an infiltration team to make their way onto some rogue planet and allow them to subvert the population and incite a revolution, causing an unstable power vacuum within a force that we have no knowledge of." He clears his throat.. "And we expect to be able to do this all by some pixie who'll magic your asses up there." He turns and looks to Romanov. "Is that or is that not the gist of your latest report?"

As Fury speaks, Natasha doesn't look the least bit surprised. If anything, the reservation about the whole thing she's already expressed to Clint in private. "I don't like the idea of it either, sir." Though she does give a small nod as far as the gist of her report. She did include the clause, that anyone involved would have to be in the understanding that it may be, realistically, a one way trip.

"There is vague extraction plan that isn't completely concrete, long distance communications won't be great either. Once we are there, we are pretty much on our own and all we have as far as scouting intel is what the Guardians of the Galaxy submitted."

Barton makes his way slowly to a chair, but it's not his favorite place to be. The way Fury brings it all forward, Hawkeye's response is a little different, and in no way much of a difference than what he'd voiced to 'Tash in that quiet moment.

"Sir, it's no different than being tossed in some back-assed little country, trying to get their population to rise up and topple the General in charge with the stipulation of 'plausible deniability'. How many times have we been somewhere where we weren't?"

There's a moment, just be sure that he's not on the fast-track out into the corridor before he continues, "Hell, there have been times when we couldn't get an extraction team in because the place was hot. And every mission we've seen, there's always the chance of not coming out of it." Though, he does have to concede, and his head bobs slightly as his lips press a little tightly, "Granted, we weren't on some planet in the middle of nowhere, fighting and relying on stuff that we're not all that familiar with."

Fury grumbles. "This is supposed to be the part where you sell me on the idea. You're not exactly selling me." He looks to Barton. "All of those options are true except for one thing. They all existed ON THIS PLANET! If you're lost out there, you're lost. Period. And don't even get me started on intel from the so-call "Guardians of the Damn Galaxy." He turns to Widow. "Can you give me a sane alternative, or is this basically the only option we have?"

Natasha isn't going to sugar coat an op. If its grimy and its bad, but necessary, she'll call it how she sees it. She folds her arms against her chest, leaning slightly to rest her hip against the side of Clint's chair. She chose not to sit.

"There isn't a sane alternative. I've been spent three days scouring every bit of intel I could get from the League and other sources and nothing else is even close to viable. If it wasn't a global threat, I wouldn't even be considering this. There are some Leaguers and associates that want on the stealth teams or are qualified."

She glances aside to Hawk a moment before looking back to Fury. "The better skilled hands we have at this, the better chance of success."

It's true. 'Nation building' on Earth is a whole lot easier than 'nation building' on another planet. On top of that, at least on Earth, someone knows the lunatic that'll be put in charge after the other lunatic is deposed. Or, conversely, 'the devil you know is better than the devil you don't'.

"Yes, sir. I get that sir, I do. But, the upshot is, better minds than mine have gone over it, and I have absolutely no idea how much differently it could be done. Maybe in transport? I don't know." That's not his job.

Barton looks over at 'Tash and it lingers there a moment before he nods his agreement with her final assessment. "If we send in the B-team, it'll fail for sure."

Fury sighs and nods, taking a seat. "I agree with the both of you on that. You'll need the best." He slides over a form. "Romanov, you take point. This is 100 percent your op. This is exactly what we use you for." He turns to Barton. "You're her back up." He looks back. "You pick your team. Discuss the specifics with the League. Try to… do your best without having to involve these so-called "Guardians"." He grumbles. "Find a suitable replacement for this leader. make sure he's amenable to continuing the existence of human life. Do this quietly, quickly, and as bloodless as possible. We don't have time for a prolonged conflict."

Natasha nods once. "Yes, sir." She has a lot of work ahead of her then. She gives a small glance aside to Hawk and a brief smile. See? She's stuck with you after all.

Barton's brows rise, and he offers in a mock-annoyed tone, "Tell me she's not getting the big bucks and I'm-".. Right. He closes his mouth again, though for some reason, he's not feeling to badly about this outcome. They're on the move, packing for an op, saying goodbye to a 'normal routine' that is never 'normal' nor is it 'routine'.

"I'm on it, sir." That, at least, is said with certainty and sincerity. "We'll find someone who isn't quite so bad. Maybe some disenchanted Duke. Or, a butler." Butlers are always the culprit.

Fury nods. "Go. And if you both fail, I'll make you suffer for the rest of your unlives." He turns and faces the window again.

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