(2014-10-03) The Evil that is Allura, Act 2
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Summary: Hellstrom shares a bit of the past regarding Allura and Zatanna's parents.
Date: IC Date (2014-10-03)
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-==[ Black King's Office - Hellfire Club ]==------

The office seems Victorian in it's decor. It takes a moment before the realization that everything in here is real. The large desk is made of a dark oak and stands just in front of several large windows. A grand, leather covered chair sits behind the desk. Two comfortable leather covered chairs face the desk on the other side. The vast windows are often covered with deep red drapes that can block out all of the outside light.
On either side of the door leading to the outer office is a large dark oak bookcase filled with various books in all shapes and sizes. A decent sized wet bar is against the other wall. The floor is carpeted with a thick red carpet emblazoned with the symbol of the Hellfire Club. To one side of the room, a black leather couch rests against the wall and about the room are rich dark paintings.

Having asked Zatanna to his office, Hellstrom is found dressed in black Victorian attire awaiting her arrival. He stands near to and facing his book shelf as he fingers the spines looking for a particular title.

Zatanna Zatara arrives on time. Entering without knocking, the fishnetted sorceress steps in and closes the door. "Hello Daimon. You wanted to talk?" She regards him curiously as he stands near the books.

Turning to gaze upon the new arrival, Hellstrom nods and breaks from the bookshelf in route to the bar. As he crosses the room he will open the discussion. "I assumed you would want to discuss my dealings with your family and Allura."

Zatanna Zatara shrugs. "I'm less worried about your dealings than finding out where this.. Allura went so that I can go and reclaim the items she stole from me." She smiles with mild amusement.

Reaching the bar, Hellstrom will take down two tumblers and begin pouring Scotch. There's a thoughtful nod as he gathers that she doesn't care about the past and then he smiles reflectively as he finishes pouring. He will inhale, cap the bottle and begin speaking, "Well, within the story lies the possible answer to your questions. You see, Allura and I… let's just say that she and I had relations before, during, and even after her terrorizing of your family."

Zatanna Zatara moves to take a seat, legs crossing. It isn't that she has dismissed the history. Rather that she believed to know it. This revelation puzzles her, "Terrorized? How? My father's journals mentioned nothing of her."

"Probably because your father assumed she was wiped from history when your mother and I took care of her." notes Hellstrom as he walks over to a sitting area with the tumblers. He will offer a glass and a place to sit as he himself takes a seat upon a high backed leather chair.

Zatanna Zatara takes the glass but doesn't drink. "Alright. So what really happened since clearly that is not the case." She looks to him curiously. She hated being strung along and he knew it.

Hellstrom settles into the chair and smiles as he draws it out, "A long time ago, 1935 to be exact. I was on an investigation and stumbled upon a coven of witches. They were pleased to see me, of course, since I represented the thing they coveted the most - power through my father. However this coven was lead by an unusual priestess. Allura. She wasn't like any mortal I'd encountered and that drew my attention to heights beyond sensuality. Her taste was exquisite, her flare for the chaotic was intoxicating, and she was truly my equal."

Zatanna Zatara listens to the story thoughtfully. "I see. That isn't so surprising… given your.. nature." A smile plays at the corners of her mouth. "Where did she encounter my parents then?"

"A dinner party I was having.", answers Hellstrom. "Or that is the first notable encounter that I'm aware of. I would assume that Allura knew of your parents beforehand, at least by the way Allura carried herself. Then again she was always indolent and arrogant. A respectable trait when one's position warrants it. It seems that their engagement with one another wasn't palatable by either parties. I had hopes that your mother and father would be open to other adventures. In fact they were not and the party broke down to a magic-off between your mother and Allura. That's what started the whole mess, as it were."

Zatanna Zatara nods some. She sips at her drink finally. "I see…. Charming party games, those." She idly bounces her right foot as she listens. "So how do we get from… a magical cat fight to a painting in my familty vault of things that should never be touched that bears both Allura's essence and some of your own?"

Making a fist, Hellstrom lightly taps his forehead with the thumb side as he reflects and then relays after making eye contact and dropping the fist, "A lot of bad blood. But in summary; Allura knew your parents were powerful, she wanted the power for her own. She knew she couldn't take mine because of my nature and origins, but your parents accessed some real powerful shit that Allura coveted and even took - for a time. It was war and I was caught up in the middle of it all. At one point, Allura was insane with power, she became an entity that threatened the very fabric of time and space. Your mother came to me and requested that I help." Hellstrom then smiles nefariously.

Zatanna Zatara doesn't buy the smile. There is always a catch. But the information is certainly useful. "I see. So.. the painting was my mother's method of keeping Allura on ice, sealed away to be forgotten in her own special purgatory. And your part was to… keep her there. Hmm? How'd things fail then?"

There's a shrug from Hellstrom as he speculates, "Time? Nothing lasts forever and I'd assume that your mother expected to be here to refresh the spell. My essence was the power, your mother's spell was the containment. But…" he says as he holds up an index finger, "…the painting itself was probably the problem. The frame wasn't perfect, the canvas likely decayed, or even being in proximity of other magical artifacts could have worn it down. If it were contained within my vaults, it would have been much safer."

Zatanna Zatara smirks. "No. It was just fine in the Shadowcrest vaults. It would have helped, however, to have /known/ it was there so I could see to the reinforcing of the wards over the years. When… everyone.. involved.. fails to inform the caretaker? It's a curious thing when it all goes poorly in the end."

"I'll be sure to take that up with your mother the next time we talk. Not to mention all of the other discussions we must have." states Hellstrom after downing the remaining Scotch and then standing.

Zatanna Zatara fails to be impressed, "Funny how you're here. You know about it but you forgot to even once.. inquire as to the well being of the very 'prison' you helped create. You are as complicit as my parents are." She sets the barely touched drink on his desk. "So. What now."

"Aside from it being over 60 years ago and I've lived a whole lot longer than the passage of real time, allow me to play upon that remark. Perhaps I wanted her to escape so that I could get my essence back. I needed it for some nefarious plan to take over the world. Maybe my plan is to enthrall her to becoming my Rook just to torment you. Least not that I forgot about the damn thing and have more important things to consider… That being said, what are we going to do? Well, if we can see it to step away from blame for a moment and consider our options I may have memories that need stimulating. Some of which could lead us to the dimensional rift where she operated out of."

Zatanna Zatara moves to stand up and turns to leave. "I'll seen in Tessa." Her tone biting. Given the suggestion of.. stimulation. The rest is left as it is and the Black Queen proceeds to make her way out of the office. Bidden. Unbidden. Clearly she doesn't see fit to care at the moment. There is work to be done.

Watching her depart, Hellstrom smiles and is pleased that once again he's gotten under his queen's skin. He himself will return to his bar and pour more scotch.

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