(2014-10-03) The Benign Beginning of the Bamfing Bamfs
The Benign Beginning of the Bamfing Bamfs
Summary: Blackout and Nightcrawler ponder the powers together, Nightcrawle proceeds with the experiment and opens ports to the Bamfs, Domino gets lucky, chances upon the adventure of a lifetime
Date: (2014-10-03)
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NPCs: Bamfs
Scene Runner: Mutual (Bamfs played by Kurt)
Social/Plot: Plot

Blackout has tasked a friendly operative to track sightings of a known metahuman, designation: Nightcrawler. When the particular siting takes place, Blackout is notified and has all intentions of engaging the target.

Appearing from a portal, Blackout steps onto a ledge of a Gotham skyscraper overlooking the northern half of the city, just north of the Finger's River. It's evening, and Blackout is wearing what he always wears, black. Full face mask, encounter armor, and no skin or humanity showing what so ever. He remains in the shadows as he scans the area with night vision binoculars.

Good choice and good intel, it pays off. What he lacks in scope of his teleporting, in the numbers he can take with him, limited to himself, distance hinderances, he more than makes up for the speed at which he can do it. A one trick pony, sort of (not really), but he loves it just the same.

Having been spotted moving up a skyscraper in Gotham, most likely by another agent on another stakeout even, he seems to be out for fun. Hence why he can be found; easily some might say, but that he's out for joy riding makes him not think others are watching. Between porting up the wall, running up it, jumping to do acrobatics, he's simply living in the night air. That one time he can be out and no one points up at the blue guy on the building, or points at the fuzzy elf (devil).

He's headed for the rooftop, unaware someone is up there waiting. With a last 'yeehaw' sort of nose (the German equivilant), he flips up to land on the roof, look out over the night sky and feel alive.

Spotting the target, Blackout drops the binoculars into a small portal, opens a larger one and steps through where he anticipates Kurt's next destination (in a line and all). He will stand ready to greet the metahuman. Arms crossed, stoic.

Not expecting anyone, but also, not being too skeptical just the same. Kurt bamfs again, moves more along the building at the rooftop, then is surprised to see another dark figure in the shadows with him. He thought being nearly unseen in the dark was his schtick, but he is startled. "Ach, I don't have a wallet to take scoundrel," he might be trying to be funny, even while being startled just the same. Pausing and not just bamfing away even as the figure presents himself. "But I know a good tailor …"

His right hand raises and a fold opens revealing a SHIELD shield. "I'm not here to take your wallet, Nightcrawler. Blackout, Agent of SHIELD. I'm here to talk."

"Agent Blackout, rather appropriate," more cause of the darkness and the uniform, Kurt doesn't know the man's own darkforce dimensiona abilities of a similar nature. "If this is because of Agent Barton, I can assure you, I am cooperating to the fullest extent." Said with as much convinction as someone who's simply playing along. But he takes a few steps closer to actually be conersational. "Color me intrigued though Agent, I'd be glad to talk."

"I do not question your cooperation. However, that is not the topic I wish to discuss. I am curious about the nature of you and your ability to teleport." Blackout notes while closing the fold to remove the badge and then motion with his other hand to open an 8' diameter portal into the darkforce dimension to his left. "Let me clarifiy. Every time you teleport, it's like taking a flat stone and skipping it across the water. It makes a ripple effect that laps upon my own dimensional aspects."

"What, really anywhere in the world, when I teleport, or just close to you," he says, pondering the ripple effect, and now curious who else might be able to sense him like this. The smell and the bamf a given noticeable affect, but if others can trace him depending on how that works. He looks concerned even, "I don't know your dimensional aspects," he says looking at the portal, "But I just teleport, I don't enter other portals." He points at the 8' portal Blackout opened, might be one of the few, or only, times he's seen a warp portal like this even. "Whatever space I go through, I think the cloud of smoke and the smell of brimstone is the only parts I see, and it escapes the instantaneous spatial portal I open at the time … is it messing up your portal things?"

In a very scientific tone, Blackout explains, "It's a proximal thing. The closer I am, the more I can feel the ripples. And actually, you do enter portals. It's just so quick that you, nor anyone else is aware. Otherwise you wouldn't be pulling the other dimensional substance with you. Whereas I'm much slower in my travel but I suspect I can travel much farther. Your teleportation does not interfere with mine at all, that I'm aware of and I feel that you're traveling through a very remote aspect of the darkforce. Perhaps a region that abuts to another dimensional realm. One that could be considered infernal. Which may reflect upon your nature."

"I'm trying to shake that rap," says Kurt about the idea of it being infernal, "Lets assume is just seems infernal at the worst." He has to ponder it another moment, playing off he infernal idea while he really chews at the idea. "So, the dimension you travel through, its possible its closer in relative relation, multi-dimensionally speaking, to this 'infernal' dimension I might use …. that is cloer then other teleporters you have met. Thus the slight ripple you sense when I move close to you?" Being the adventurous sort, he steps fowrrd, closer to the portal Blackout has opened, "What if I teleport from ground zero, I step into your portal and then do my thing … like a bigger wave?"

Standing on a rooftop, Blackout (in full costume) and Nightcrawler are speaking casually about the nature of Nightcrawler's abilities. To the left of Blackout is a 8' diameter portal into the darkforce dimension and Blackout just gestured to it. Blackout allows Nightcrawler to process through vocalized questions and as he summarizes and finds a final question, Blackout will answer, "I'm not sure. Perhaps experiments are in order. But we should perform them in a controlled environment so as not to do damage. specifically, I'm cautious about you teleporting from my dimension into the Earth dimension. It could cause a rift. Much akin to placing a portable hole in a bag of holding."

Controlled environments, bags of holding, what the what is he talking about. Nightcrawler did stay up a little with him on other dimensions and ripple effects, the old college try. But science wasn't his major and certainly not his grad work. "Sure, ja, not by anyone else at all." He reaches a finger to touch the other portal, feeling another dimension. He would think for the first time, forget him going through his own other dimension and Blackout just explaining that to him, this is like touching another dimension actively and knowing he's doing it. "This is pretty cool, we stand on the threshold of something brave, new and bold Agent Blackout. I concur, let us try this wordly experiment." So, he steps into the open portal and bamfs from inside, down to street level. This unwittingly opens a similar disc portal to Blackouts that pops Kurt out. Totally not his style, ungraceful, just dumped out and out of control as he spills onto the street. More unwittingly, its crossed his infernal dark dimension with Blackouts darkforce dimension, leaving it open for whoever actually exists in the infernal dimensino that Kurt went through to go anywhere they want. It might be unstable and it might collapse shortly all the same, but its currently open. Kurt might have some 'brothers' that look sort of like him, but certainly aren't as nice. Blackout might realize this, not only by the bellow of rage, but that his portal looks mingled with Kurts stuff with some purple swirling with the disc he currently has open.

"NO." exclaims Blackout as Kurt initially steps into the darkforce dimension via the opened portal. He continues to speak even though NC has already made the horrendious mistake, "I said in a controlled environment, not here!"

By the time Blackout tries to pursue, it is far too late, NC has already teleported to street level and broke it. Blackout steps into his own portal and tries to follow. Disappearing into the portal which will remain open on the rooftop. However, when Blackout tries to follow through the other portal, he is thrown into England where he will be ejected through another broken portal.

Meanwhile, on NC's side of the portal, there's a 'YIPPIE!' heard and then a multi-bamf sound/smell as a tiny little creature appears who seems quite happy and excited that he's in a new reality.

Rooftops are great for lots of things! Photography, sightseeing, base jumping, and for those with fancy tech or powers they also make great jumping, or landing, points. Domino's quickly discovering that Gotham's skyline, with all of its buildings of various heights, can very quickly become something of an adrenaline junkie's playground with the right tools.

Like an arm-mounted grappel line, for instance.

Swooping in out of nowhere is a ghostly pale face surrounded by black, yelling out "Gangwaaaaaaay!!" while swinging far and fast on a precariously thin cable. Who knows where the other end is tethered!

All she knows right now is that she seems to be heading straight for a swirling vortex of ..something… Her tone changes from excitement to concern, immediately voicing such concerns in the form of "Ohshitohshitohshit!"

Turning to the sound of the Yippie, Kurt sees he has a portal open behind him and that's new, but then he has a little mirror, just shorter than him, bounding out. "Get out, I always wanted a brother! Come here you," he grins and moves towards the bamf, who proceeds to bamf towards Kurt and noogie him. "Why you little, <shit>" says Kurt, reverted to German at least with his explicitive. Kurt has no idea about the other portals himself.

Domino will find the portal can be entered, unlike Blackout, she can't just step out. She ends up crashing into a comfy castle room, pillows and all. She hears a voice behind her, "Its the Queen, she has returned." She might not want to look back, there are a dozen bamfs there. Not all as excited as teh one that called her the queen.

Speaking of queens, Blackout is in England. Bamfing out behind him is a larger bamf, child sized, "Yay, I'm free, thanks mister, lets go terrorize the peasants!" He bamfs near Blackout to pat him on the back.

"What the hell?!" exclaims Blackout as he gets to his feet after seeing the Bamf. He says, "Wait!" after the Bamf teleports away and looks around for where the hell he is. The portal he was ejected from remains open and instead of pursuing the Bamf, Blackout will step back into his portal and try to get back to Gotham. Instead, he will appear in another region entirely. He is tossed from the portal onto a grand wooden table where he goes skidding across the various foodstuffs. Seated upon each chair, ready to eat with their napkins tucked into their collars, are dozens of Bamfs holding knives and forks. "INTRUDER!" they call out and will subsequently attack in their own cute way of attacking.

"Oof!" Pillows..? "Well she made the landing but the broken form is going to hurt her sco..rrrrre..did someone just say 'queen?'"

Domino sits up from what turned out to be a pleasantly soft landing, confusion now falling into place as she stares at a bunch of tiny..blue..demons. Yeeeah, she went and made eye contact. "Hahwhat? Okay, we are -not- having an Alice in Wonderland moment here guys, thanks anyway."

Portals to somewhere generally have portals back out. She's just gonna turn around annnnnd there's no portal. "Okay, this might be bad. Any of you know the quickest way back to Jersey? I can't believe I just said that," she quickly adds in a mutter to herself.

Blackout seems to be dealing with cute attackers, and even with tickles, claws rub one the wrong way sometimes.

In the pillow room, one of the dozen angry bamfs shakes his head. "She is not the queen, she is the imposter, down with the tyrant." She will be attacked by a flying pillow.

The original bamf retorts, "I object, she speaks of Jersey, it is prophecized, she shall come and lead us to a better world." He turns to the pillow attacked Domino, "Show us the way, open your doorway to the better world."

Meanwhile in England, one bamf on the loose rampages, but meats one drunken Brian Brittain and problem solved there, permenantly.

In the pillow room, a third interject, "It is not Jersay - it is Jerz-Ay!" Like a french snoot.

In Gotham, Kurt and little bamf nooggie each other like sqaubling brothers, the roll back to the portal and end up in the aligator pit room. The bamf out of the water, no new portals open to the real world at least.

Being attacked by forks and butter knives do little to penetrate Blackout's armored form. He stands and brushes away the Bamfs who then start teleporting around causing ripples in the darkforce space-time. This actually confuses Blackout and he seems disoriented and in need of escaping. "CUT it out you little feinds!"

Oof, -again!- Nothing like getting smacked by a pillow from a tiny blue demon critter. If this isn't weird enough, now one of them is talking about prophecy?! "Alright, now -hold the hell up- here, guys. I'm not a queen, I'm not trying to be a queen, and the next one of you fuzzy bastards to throw something my way is going out -that- window," she points to one at random for emphasis, "at a respectable velocity. Goddammit, what's even happening here," she adds with a weary sigh. "One minute I'm about to be skyscraper pizza and now I'm the bloody Queen of England."

Speaking of windows, maybe she can defenestrate herself and find another portal out of this crazy place. Somehow she doubts it'll be the strangest thing to happen to her tonight.

A fourth bamf in the pillow room shakes his head, "She talked about the forbidden fruit, pizza, surely she is the queen!" They all grin though, deciding to get up and follow her then. Even if not the queen, maybe she can get them some pizza. The herald bamf that first called her out nods, "Indeed, it is true, you never believe me!"

One in the back of the group does it, picks up a pillow and tosses it at Domino. The others gasp, he retorts, "What, I was just seeing if …" And, depending on Domino's threat, he mighte be flying out the window.

Blackout battles the hungry bamfs, one would almost think he is the next course, not that they do much to him with little knives and forks, but its not for want of trying.

In the aligator pit, Kurt and his noogie bamf brother continue to bamf up the walls and find a door. It leads to the balcony out of the pillow room. Domino might hear him calling. "Whew, haha, don't go in there, sheesh, aligators, what's next, the Queen of England." He looks at his brother, "We did it, we live, go team." The other one toe stomps him, "Never ugly." They look pretty similar, and he runs ways, along the balcony towards pillow room. Kurt starts to follow him to get revenge.

Dom's just gonna go ahead and facepalm, here and now. "Definitely not from the cit-"

Pillow. Hand moves away from head as she turns, nice and slow, to stare at the one critter which does not look like any of the others. "White Queen is not happy," she warns in a low tone while quickly and purposefully striding across the room.

A moment later a small blue ball of fur is getting chucked right out of the window.

A moment after -this- and she's coming nose to nose with a Nightcrawler. Wide blue eyes promptly narrow to slits. "Why am I not surprised that you're involved with all of this." But..he teleports! Potentially useful, this! "Tell me one, you know what the flippin' hell is going on here, and two, you know how to get us back home." Because this is starting to get juuuust a little bit crazy, here…

Coming to a pause as they come face to face, Nightcrawler grins sheepisly, "My, aren't they all cute, like my little brothers I never had." As if this is all his fault and he doesn't know why. Technically, it is his fault, porting out of another teleporters portal from in another dimension. Don't ask Kurt to explain that one, scienes is not his strong point.

"And one … OWE!" The little bugger that is his first new brother toe stomps him again, then pinches his tail even, running into the herd that's following Domino. Back up to 12 now, even with the one chukced out the window. "He loves me, he really does, but I … no, I don't know. I teleported through Agent Blackouts dimensional portal and this guy followed me to Gotham somehow, then I'm here in this lovely castle. It has an aligator room, want to …" Check it out implied, he hitches a thumb over his shoulder like it would be cool.

He might not be getting a good look from her, "Ya, off the job right, cute smile. Maybe we should, ask them or something?"

One of her original admirers interjects, "The tall one is an imposter, he wants to seize the crown." A Pillow is thrown at Kurt, he isn't watching and doesn't bamf as it collides with his face, holds in the air for 2 seconds then falls to the floor, leaving him with one eye closed.

'Teleported,' 'Agent Blackout,' and 'Dimensional portal' are not the kinds of things Domino wants to hear strung together in a sentence. "You didn't…" (He did.) "One of you is bad enough, elf. These guys are gonna cost extra." … "A -lot- extra."

"An alligator room? An -alligator room,-" she repeats in a completely level tone. "What are you, twelve? Sure, let's ask-" Pillow. As this one hits Kurt and falls from his twisted expression the albino actually loses her train of thought long enough to laugh. Point to the little guys, this is funny.

"Let's ask the teleporting blueberries which way the rabbit hole is, they think I'm the damn queen around here! Besides, I already asked. 'Jersey' is prophecy. In case you didn't know. These guys seem to think I'm going to lead them to some sorta promised land, and god help them if they think that's Jersey, but I think we're about to have a multi-dimensional incident on our hands."

Which..y'know, would absolutely -suck- for someone involved with SHIELD, for instance. She'll just get another coffee at her earliest convenience then be about her business.

"Fine, I'll show you the castle when we get back," his real home that is, not that he'd really go back there, more a joke, from Nightcrawler. "We could put in an alligator room in New York …." he suggests even. Listening to the story about Jersey the Prohecy and the promised land that it is even. Kurt turns to address the followers, and his ornery brother in their midst.

"Which way to New York?" … they all respond in snotty kid formate, "Which way to New York?" Mangling in snotty kid accent in the taunting fashion.

Kurt sighs, but raises his hands, "No, seriously, how do we get out?"

"No, sewiiously blah blah out?"

Kurt facepalms, "Oh for the love of Pete?"

"Blee blah blue ble blah!?"

He turns to address Domino, "I don't think they're here to help. I think our portals got mixed up, and this is, the dimenions that Blackout transports through, we just need to find one of his portal disc and home free …"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure Gotham already has gators," Domino responds as she continues to investigate their surroundings. Her concentration is soon interrupted once more as the critters start mocking Kurt, bringing a smirk to the merc's face. "They really are your brothers, a quarter of the size but just as annoying."

Huh. "Blackout teleports through -here?- Is the guy living in a fairy tale? Gees, if I could teleport through another dimension I'd want it to be somewhere interesting." Alright, new tactic. Turning to her disciples, she holds up her hands in the shape of a circle and asks "Swirling discs of energy, any of you see such a thing?"

Fourteen sets of eyes are better than two!

"Bla blee blaa bl*SMACK*," one started mocking and it happened to be the Queen, he is thusly reminded of Domino's place in the universe by the other angry 12 members."

"Come on, I'm not that annoying, and I'm slightly more charming," returns Kurt. One quiet voice mocks him from the crowd of disciples.

They turn to Domino, the leader who noticed her first ponders thi, "Swilring discs of energy, perhaps you mean the fiery pit of justice, two men enter, no men leave …. we have one, in the heart of the castle, if you'd so kindly follow us, we will show you, then you may open the way to Jerz-Ay!"

Then there is a bamf, as another Bamf enters the room, "Quick quick, intruder in the kitchen, all out food fight." Some of Domino's followers smile a little, food fight gets their attention. Some bamf out of the mob, bored with this quest for Jersey suddenly it seems, favoring a food fight.

Then another, they start to blink out, slowly realizing they think the food fight is better.

The one being corrected by the dozen's a nice touch. Silver linings, and all.

"You do have a bit more tact, I'll give you that," Dom admits. "You haven't thrown a pillow at me yet."

Fiery pit of Justice. "Kinda has a nice ring to it, huh," she sides to Kurt. "Good thing I'm not a man, I suppose." If they're going to lead the way then she'll go ahead and follow, though before they can take the first step toward the portal they get distracted and change direction. "Like herding cats, I swear…" she sighs. "Attention spans of a gnat."

Turning to face Kurt directly, she says "These guys are virtually smaller versions of you, so you tell me. Where would you go in a moment like this?" Failing that she's just going to pick a direction at random and start walking, maybe she'll get lucky along the way.

"Ja, niedlich-chen," says Nightcrawler, "Completely like cats, with tails and all." As they all start bamf'ing out to the kitchen, he pauses, "Maybe we should of ask them where the kitchen was before they all left." He picks up, following in the random direction set by Domino, which leads to an internal gallery/balcony, this could be good, find the central area and they can get anywhere in the castle itself.

The true believer Bamf stayed actually, he's just overlooked in light of all the rest going to the food fight with Blackout. "Actually, its down two floors on the right, can't miss it, smells like food. No where near the Fiery Pit of Justice though. For that, we're going the wrong way …" He might want to go look at it.

Kurt continues to talk at the same, picking up half of what the Bamf said, "You'd throw me in there, I bet. It could be an adventure, but it could be a portal, to Jersey for all we know. If I was one of these guys, I'd go to the kitchen to see who this intruder is, and throw something too, I admit it. Mob mentality .. but if they had pecan pie there, I would take some. I'd still it so we can take it to the Safehouse for later. Only half would make it back, mysteriously."

Going the wrong way for the pit. But they're close to the kitchen. Where an intruder is. The pieces come together in Domino's thoughts. Blackout had been mentioned before, which means he's involved. Now she knows the odds of the kitchen interloper being none other than Blackie, himself. It stands to reason that their best shot of getting out of here would involve -both- of the teleporters. Which means they're now heading in the right direction.

"I probably would," she admits, "but I'm asking you what -you- would do. I already know what I'm going to do. ..Mostly. Let's go find your pie. We can ponder where the other half might wind up on the way back."

"What are a bunch of mini-you's doing in the dimension that -Blackout- teleports through, anyway? That just seems creepy."

Blackout tries to escape, he opens a portal, misses, opens another one, misses that one as well. Too many ripples, too much confusion and blind stepping. Stumbling through an open doorway, Blackout inadveratently stumbles over a banister and tumbles down a small flight of stairs into a gathering hall of sorts. With a thud, and an oof. He lays on his back trying to clear his head before he is assaulted once again.

"Uh, ya, totally creepy," says Kurt, still going with this as Blackout's dimension, realizing after talking with Blackout about some of the science, its probably his dimension and not wanting to own it just yet. "Almost makes me not want to tell another joke, almost." Hey, at least Kurt hasn't found is practical joke side, yet.

Hearing a thud down the balcony below him, Kurt naturally looks over at the commotion, curious cat like (okay, maybe he does fit in with the herd here). "What, no, hey … haha, speaking of … Blackout, up here!" Of course the little buggers are coming out of the kitchen, bamfing some more, looking for the food fight interloper. Or course, most are staying back in the kitchen to actually food fight, so less Bamf bamfing around Blackout for the time being. Kurt does look back at Domino, "I think they look more like him, in the right light …."

"I honestly have no idea what he looks like," Dom admits while likewise peering over the ledge alongside Kurt. Yep, that looks like Blackout. ..She thinks. It's never been very easy for her to see the guy, darkness and costumes and thermal vision yadda yadda.

Regardless, since Kurt called out a greeting she stands beside him with a broad grin, waving down to the SHIELD agent. "Didn't want you to have all of the fun! I don't know about y'all but I've had enough, can we get the hell outta Dodge already?" she asks while hooking a thumb back over her shoulder. "And while you two are at it, stop teasing the space-time continuum. It's disorienting as hell."

With his head clearer, Blackout looks over and up to see NC and Dom on the upper level. He glances around, sees that he's not being bamf'd around and pushes himself up to his feet. He calls up, "I told you not to teleport out of the darkforce dimension. "I may have a plan to get us back to Gotham… But, it's going to involve NC teleporting back into my dimension.. if he can. I'm really not sure that's an option unless he can site to site teleport through an open portal."

"Sorry sir, the Queen is needed," says Kurt, grinning to Domino and offering a hand, to bamf them down to Blackout. She can take the stairs too, jsut the same, it goes right past the kitchen with the raging food fight. If she goes herself, he still goes down to converse with Blackout.

"Ya, I thought you said, if I start the ripples close to your portal, it shouldn't be a tidal wave," which is completely opposite of something Kurt said in fact, nothing that Blackout said at all. "I haven't tried going from one dimension to another," forget that Blackout pointed out that this isn't his dimension, maybe Domino missed that part. "But if I can see it, I can get us there, usually. Only one way to find out I think. This is as controlled an environment we're going to get this time." Like the rooftop was completely a controlled environment.

Here's the rolling of eyes, ladies and gentlemen! Domino makes it about as obvious as a person can, still gazing ceilingward as she holds out one of her hands in a faux regal fashion. "I just don't know if I can stand to bear it all."


"Just gonna put it out there, but 'tidal wave' sounds kinda disagreeable." Maybe she did miss that part, or maybe she's just continuing to be a jerk. Both are equally likely.

Next she gives Kurt a blank stare, asking point-blank "What part of this seems controlled to you?" Either way! "Just do the thing that you guys think you need to do, chances are the locals aren't going to notice." She probably wouldn't care if they did, either.

Blackout says nothing about NC being a babbling idiot (but if his face could be seen, the expression would tell all), that will be saved for later. Instead, Blackout opens another portal right in line of sight with NC where he can see the darkforce dimension beyond.

Blackout says, "We lost the control on the rooftop. This is the only option I can think of. Nightcrawler, get us the hell out of here!"

Blackout will then offer his arm to be taken so they can teleport away and hopefully to a less chaotic spot.

"Disagreeable in a fun way," ponders Kurt about the tidal wave. He would like to hear the answer and yet Blackout's demanding voice is actually rather demanding. "Fine fine, its my fault, I admit it, but come one, its fun." He argues, German accent and all, not quit as funny as the German's on hogan's heroes maybe.

As if to help confirm that it isn't fun, the bamfs spill out of the kitchen, starting to climb on the rails as if to make a Bamf ladder (like those monkey's in a barrel), who knows what they're trying to climb to as they start to stack on each other. One points down though, "Dog pile, on the walking pillows." It sounds fun as they start to jump from several stories up. Kurt gets the picture and bamfs them into Blackout's realm. Hopefully he can close the back door there before Bamf-rain invades his dimension. Luck would have it, or Blackout knows his stuff (or a combination of him knowing and a certain bit of luck o nhand), they are right next to the portal to the Gotham roof, it is still opened. The England one and the street level one are open. In fact, oddly enough the one they step out of from Kurt's dimension is the one that Kurt seemed to initiate that mingled all the chocolate and peanut butter in the first place.

"It's..different…" Domino hesitantly agrees, of sorts. "Kinda feels like we're wandering around in your subconscious, elf. I'm not sure that's somewhere I really want to be."

With Blackout's plan of action laid out, she mutters "Oh goodie. More portals." (Knew I should have stayed home cleaning the guns today.) Oh, fudge. Bamf Attack! "What is it with you people and pi-"


"-llows-the hell!" Wait. "This is definitely Gotham. I'd recognize the smell anywhere." But the portals, they are not closing. Now that she's got an acute case of nausea keeping her company from all of the jumping around she picks up a small rock from the rooftop and slings it into the yet open portal. "Like skipping pebbles across a lake," she grumbles.

Who knows how many portals it'll skip through before losing momentum!

"Anyone know where the off switch is on these things? Maybe a plug we can pull?"

After the teleport; In what could be considered an inner panic, Blackout concentrates on all the portals involved and does his best to close them. He strains, reaching far and wide for those many miles away. He drops to one knee and will remain silent with his head tilted down, focused. Once he feels that they are closed, he will look around for ones that may have resisted closure.

It actually seems to work, in part with Kurt coming back through the way he went in and closing the portal he opened just withing Blackout's portal. They can be closed, maybe a loose Bamf or two here and there around the world, but not cluseter of them or no Bamf horde for people to worry about.

Even as he's doing that and Domino is glad to be back and talking about the ripples on a lake, common theme it seems, Kurt nods. "Its Blackout, I think he's the plug," or Kurt was, he did what he shouldn't have. "It will be sad to no longer be around my newly found brothers, as handsome and charming as they were, but …" And before he can finish the eulogy on the portal to the Bamf dimensions, Domino's rock skips so many dimensions, it winds up plucking Kurt in the back of the head.

"Owe!" A complain a hand to rub at his fuzz, he blinks at Domino then, "You knew it would hit me." He protests, but smiles a little even.


Domino looks about as surprised as Kurt is when he gets pegged in the head by that rock. "I have no idea what you're talking about," she says in as level a tone as she can manage.

"So that's it..? Portals closed, job well done, everyone go home?" she asks while looking around overhead. Just in case. She did fall from quite a far distance away before, and she had her reasons. So far it would appear that none of these reasons have decided to come down after her.

Back to Kurt, "I don't know how you can be so calm about all of this. If I came across smaller versions of myself I think I'd scream and start punching. I mean, they might not have had their shots!"

Breathing again as Blackout stands, he has few words for the situation that just transpired, other than, "Idiot. Do you have any idea what you could have done? No wait, let me rephrase that. What the hell were you thinking?." Nevermind, several words. He doesn't bother addressing Domino as he's more annoyed with NC than following etiquette and pleasantries.

"Ya, they just need guidance, is all, I was young once," offers Kurt, the total grown up amongst all the Bamfs, certainly not the blind leading the blind at all. Then Blackout is feeling better from all the hard work he did, opening portals and sending them off to fight the Bamfs. "You said, you were curious what would happen. Did you get your answers, were there more ripples or?"

He knows its not very misleading, "Look, I figured your controlled environment was, SHIELD prison, or in your offices and you'd measure what I'm actually doing in some context. And while I'm not using my powers for evil, stealing from banks or porting into the Presidents office, I just figured two things." Good thing he has two fingers to hold up.

"One, no way I'm letting you figure it out so you can stop me or control me, and two, I did want to know what would happen if we mixed our portals. It don't think I can normally teleport that far, but I would need to teleport from in your dimension again to, say Germany, just to see if it works. Alas, I fear, that might not be an option after the little escapade we had."

He grins to Domino, he thought it was fun.

Normally Domino might stand there and agree with Blackout. This would be too easy, however. When Blackout goes into his mini-rant she takes a step closer, actually going to bat for the Wagner. "Lighten the hell up, will ya?" Agreeing with Kurt (for once, blue moon tonight,) "What the Blueberry said. If you're going to be experimenting with teleportation you'd find a secure SHIELD testing facility locked down well off of the grid, -not- the rooftops of a major damn city. You're lucky your fact-finding mission didn't blow up in your face."

She got confused just by standing on the sidelines, how could anyone else do better? Teleportation's weird stuff!

"We're back now, situation's been contained, no harm done, end scene and everyone get a couple strong drinks. Next time try not to cross the streams."

Annoyed, Blackout addresses the new conflict, "Domino, you should check your facts before arguing them. I initially suggested directly to Nightcrawler that we needed to seek out a controlled environment before doing said experiment. I even listed possible rammifications and dangers. Instead of heading my warnings and finding indicated locations, the idiot lept right in and began teleporting. He could have killed us all. And are you sure the situation is contained? Those creatures may still be out there being a disruptive force that we cannot control. Who knows what they're able or liable to do."

"He was talking about bags of holding or something," says Kurt, "I have no clue what that even is." In fairness, Kurt doesn't know what that is, he's not skating around the topic. "This sounds like the Large Hadron Collider argument and the black holes that the physics guys open daily. If there was a kill us all scenario, I actually trust you enough to not have thought about what could happen if we got any closer. I imagine instead of proposing the idea to me, in a situation where I could of teleported away, you would of tried to figure out the containment issues first." A pause, "You're not pondering containment issues are you?" Him, or SHIELD.

"Is that what happened?" Domino challenges Blackout. "Because from where I was falling there was a portal with your name on it already open. That doesn't sound very controlled to me."

Not that Kurt's getting off the hook so easily…

The blue guy's next. "Reality-warping physics do not enjoy being teased."

Then right back to Blackout! "It's a good thing that you're part of an entire globe-spanning division made just to handle these sorts of situations then, isn't it?" She really doesn't know if it's contained or not, as far as she's concerned it's now someone else's problem. Like..SHIELD's.

It's a good question, Kurt's. Containment. "Yeah..are you?" she inquires. Contained people cannot pay for their contracts, after all.

There's a whole lot of argument to be had, but at this point it's not worth it. Instead, Blackout holds up his left hand and says, "I'm done. You two need to sort out what ever contract love affair you're having and I'll leave you two it." Behind him a portal will open and Blackout will back through it; intending to depart without further conflict.

Kurt's not going to argue with Blackout, he'll be hopeful and perhaps more mindful of his porting, so he can't be tracked down at least. "You can stay for the pecan pie." Which Kurt didn't grab, implying he still means to grab some.

More for Domino, "I didn't say antying about a love affair …" With a grin he lets it hang, knowing she has no interest and being the teasing sort. "We could try to find one though, raise him right, teach him to be like me." A Bamf that is, he might be half serious, or half not serious (depending on what ones view of the better option would be).

Stare… Before Domino can get another word in, Blackout's gone. Which means she's got nothing but thin air to complain at. "Oh you did -not- just say that then teleport away you son of a-Dammit! At least I know who the Division's coward is!"

Now she wants to throw more furry blue creatures out of high windows.

Kurt's lucky that he's not standing any closer to the edge of the roofline, as that comment earns him a solid shove against the shoulder. "There's no 'we' there, Bamfus. If I want a small, furry ball of terror in my life then I'll adopt a damn kitten."

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