(2014-10-01) Unsolicited Teamwork
Unsolicited Teamwork
Summary: Huntress and Black Lightning meet up accidentally, as they respond to gunfire in their own ways
Date: (2014-10-01)
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NPCs: Some street level gang members
Scene Runner: Mutual
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The calendar has turned a tick, from September to October and the nature over Gotham has turned with it. As if to herald in this new month, the late summer rains that were warm are gone and the month is beginning with a cold drizel, the sort no one wants to be in without some protection as it just makes the skin jump to be hit with water that is cooler than the air. One gets used to it, but its no fun at all.

Alas, the turn also takes its tool on the neighborhood. This isn't good for Ming Wong Imports. An old hoopty, a cadallic with big wheels but needing body work, drove by and spotted a few individuals going inside that they didn't think belonged here. They drove by slowly and made a call to some friends. Such that on the second pass by, there were two such old beat up cars with nice wheels. They came to a stop outside the shop, yelling, "We know ya in there!" One of the group of five that went in took a peak by the window and the storm let loose. Automatic gun fire ripped through the falling rain, shattering glass, exploding the imports as the boys inside dove for cover, drawing their own pieces to return fire.

As it would happen today, some of that lightning in the sky isn't from the weather. Black Lightning had been trailing leads on the 100 and the kids getting drugs from them to bring into the Suicide Slums, these aren't his kids down there but he can hear the gunfire starting. Not able to leave it well enough alone, he flashes down to a nearby rooftop to see what is going on.

Huntress was following up some leads but they turned out to be dead ends. But the gunfire? That was certainly attention getting. As the rain slicked her dark hair against her temples and cheeks, the vigilante stashed her bike in an alleyway before drawing her crossbows and closing in on the back entrance of the building where the gun battle is taking place. Mindful of anyone watching the alley, she quickly approaches.

Even as she is slipping in the, two cars of men, 8 in number, are pushing towards the front door, to get the 5 that are currently inside the building. While the five are returning fire on the 8 coming in, they are moving back knowing their out numbered and outgunned by the automatic weapons the other boys brought in with them. The shevles are sending up fluff, straw stuffing, and ceramics bits as bullets splinter precious looking imports.

As three of the men outside start in through the door, Black Lightning Flashes down to a couple still behind a car, "War's over boys, one chance, drop the guns and leave …" He doesn't say what the 'or' is yet, just its implied. There is a glow around him of lightning. The boys turn, not caring who's trying to stop them, "Stay out of …" One starts, then seeing its someone serious about stopping them, he doesn't care what the or is, he fires, his bullets deflect off the lightning surrounding the man who came out of the sky out there.

Huntress slips up to the back door. The lock being no match for her, she quickly fades into the darkness at the back of the shop. Gun fire still rages on despite the presence of someone there to interfere. A few bullets make their way through to the back store room where she is. Frowning, she keeps low. The walls are all but tissue paper it seems. And then one of the gangers emerges into the store room. Face to face with the black and white clad vigilante.

Eyes narrowing, she draws up her crossbow and fires, pinning the guy to the door frame before following up with a vicious uppercut.

If the crossbow didn't do him in, the uppercut is sure to at least put him out. Its a swift move and reaction on the part of Huntress, downing one man in the retreating part, taking them to 4 in number. The rest of his friends are none the wiser, keeping her presence unknown to the rest.

Outside, after the first one fires on Black Lightning to no affect, the costumed man summons lightning to his hands and moves in to engage the two men by the cars in hand to hand combat. Like the man Huntress put out, these two stand no chance. Even if he wasn't skilled in combat at all (and Huntress is certainly the better in present company), that his fists exude stunning electricity gives him further advantage.

Those two go down, leaving 6 outside. One turns, noticing the man there, calling, "Yo, we got trouble out here." This gives pause to the three offenders that entered to pursue the boys in the shop.

Huntress pinned the ganger to the wall by the shoulder. The blow to the chin left him hanging by it. Rare that she didn't actually kill. But then he isn't a Made Man. She drops down and slips into the front room. Drawing both her crossbows now, she aims and fires. Two of the men find their weapons shot out of their hands, bolts striking each with precision. Autoloading, she fires at the other two quickly, one getting a bolt through the wrist instead of just disarming him - becuase he moved at the last minute. It causes him to cry out. The moment of surprise is lost as he grabs his pierced hand and his three allies realize where the shots came from and turn to try and attack the brunette.

Holstering her crossbows she takes up her bo staff. A deft spin extends the weapon to full length, just the thing to keep the gangers at bay in the confines of the shop.

Three outside, three coming from the gang that initiated the attack on the four that Huntress is dealing with. Black Lightning doesn't give them the option to decide to drop their weapons as he did with the first two. The only thing between him and them are the two hoopty cars they left parked out there to pursue the other gang. A quick flash at his legs carries him forward to punch one, and then he is on his two feet. Between the forcefield and some quick flying, he can't risk a forcefield much longer and is instead relying on his reflexes for the moment. One down this round, he moves to another and sidethrows him into a friend, sending a stun bolt down his arm towards those two as they collide with each other.

The four inside, mostly disarmed feel they have no choice currently. Not knowing Black Lightning is outside, though the other gang is, they are left with the woman with the bo staff. One of them has a crossbow bolt wound on his wrist and he might be thinking it wasn't a gunshot from outside that did it to him. The leader there snaps an order to get them moving again - standing still is dead ducks - "Move it, get her, four on one …" As if to remind the other guys they outnumber her. Though, the one with the wounded hand is hesitant to engage her.

Huntress smiles. Yes. Four on one. One of those with a hole through his wrist. She spins the staff, knocking a shelf down to impeed progress. As they pick their way through the shelf and its contents, she strikes the first in the jaw. He crumples and makes it even more difficult to reach her; make sit far easier for her to pick them off. "Your odds aren't improving. Are they?" The woman offers a wolfish grin.

One crumpled from the jaw strike, one not wanting to engage from the wounded hand, that leaves two with the Huntress. "Nah," says a third, "No trouble, they're gonna kill us." About the other gangsters, like asking if he can just get by. The leader pushes him away, with derogatory explicitive about him not being a man, then he steps forward. "You ain't gonna like it when I get ya," he says, trying to get at her, throwing punches. He's a capable street fighter, but nothing like her when it comes to actually fighting.

Outside, the last three have guns and open fire towards Black Lightning. Summoning a slight storm of electricity, he moves forward. It drops two more, leaving one left with him. Though he is feeling drained and moving slower, he goes to punch that last guy, but he gets a pistol to his chin. He should of drained the car batteries before trying to keep moving, he knows it. Feeling some blood at his teeth, Black Lightning stumbles back.

Huntress dodges the first two punches then absorbs the third into her shoulder so she can pin his arm. Locking it she grins. "Oh. He's more of a man than you'll ever be. He knows when to run." Her heavily padded knee drives into his groin followed by a elbow strike to his jaw. Dropping him she looks to the just insulted guy. "Sorry. You're going to have to take a nap too. Can't have you changing your mind." Her staff spins and strikes out at his temple.

While stunned, she snaps cuffs on his wrist and the remaining ganger she shot then locks them to a shelf. "Wait here for the Boys in Blue." She quickly moves off, looking outside at the remaining attackers. Just in time to see the lightning guy take the last of them down. Looking around she emerges from the shop. "That went.. well." Her tone calm and firm.

Not sure if he would have the energy left for that last punch, he's more relived he followed through. Unlike here, he can't cuff the boys out here, instead Black Lightning stands up and rubs over his chin, getting the hint of blood off it. "You're a pleasant surprise, could of been worse if you weren't here," for him at least is what he means.

Walking towards her to be more conversational at least in the aftermath, "My thanks. That you happen to have been in there when this happened, I might not of been walking away."

Huntress looks at him. "You shouldn't get into any fight without an exit plan. Too many ways to be killed." She nods though, "But you're welcome. The five inside aren't going anywhere. GCPD's been notified of the situation and they'll be here shortly. Can't trust them to do a bang up job after that but these boys will be off the streets for a little while anyway."

Giving her a nod, Black Lightning looks up for a moment, "My exit plan was to fly out, but I felt I couldn't leave these boys to shoot up the street either. I over extended my reach a little, the other flaw in my entry." Or part of why he was lacking an exit plan at least. "I'm not usually in Gotham, sorry if I got in the way of anything you were doing here." He doesn't know the city, doesn't want to interfere with her protection ring, or vigilante-ness. Or simply, doesn't want to get in anyone's way that is.

Huntress smirks a little. "You weren't in the way. Thanks for the help. Would have been diffuclt for either of us had to do this alone." She offers a smile. "I'm The Huntress. I'd stay and talk but the police will be here any minute." She moves quickly, pulling out some plastic tie wraps to take over for the two pairs of cuffs she's used to keep the gang members outside where they are till the officers arrive. She gets satisfaction doing GCPD's job for them.

Letting his body regenrate some electricity as he moves with her, "Well said, another point for cooperation, even the unintended kind." As if thinking sh'es going to go right away, he pauses, then tacks on, "Huntress … I don't think that's in the phone book. If I'm down this way, and wanted your help - could I get in touch with you." He moves near her again, remember his name, "I'm Black Lightning … like the motorcycle."

Huntress looks back toward him because she was going to go as soon as she finished tying off the immobilized gangers. She pulls a card out and hands it over. "This will work the first time you call." Likely a disposable cell number. "Black Lightning." She almost smiles. "Nice." Sirens begin to wail as they draw closer. "Time to get going tough guy. Unless you want to get hauled into One Police Plaza and grilled for hours by disgruntled cops." She turns and fires off a jump line bolt, rising up off the street to a rooftop. Not one for extra conversation at least in times like these, the caped vigilante disappears over the rooftop, eventually dropping down to the alley. Within a minute the sound of a high performance street bike speeding off into the night echoes off the manmade canyons of the city.

She is up and gone, even as he has the card. Black Lightning looks up as she zips to a rooftop, mouthing, "Huntress." A slight grin on his face. As much as his name may or may not be appropriate, her's seems rather fitting for what she has done. Then he turns to the sirens, too close for comfort. He has enough energy to start heading into the sky, but makes for a power line, hoping a ride back along the lines towards New York City.

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