(2014-10-01) How About Them Apples
How About Them Apples
Summary: Nightcrawler chances upon Black Widow
Date: (2014-10-01)
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The first day of October in New York City. Not much different than any other early autumn day actually. Some leaves turning, some falling even already, and a cool breeze to get some denizens to put their jackets on. One such new denizen of the city is Kurt Wagner, dressed in a blazer, sweater-t-shirt and slacks, having a slight metro feel to his look. He also doesn't wear shoes though, has a tail flapping behind him and looks like a devil - or elf is what he prefers. He's strolling down the street like nobodies business and whether others look or point, he can't be bothered with either.

In fact, as some school aged children are walking down the street from a field trip of some sort, one looses a paper, and Kurt plays daring hero, bamf'ing to get it before it blows away and then offering it to the young boy. "Ah, here you go," strong German accent, his canines sticking out. He nearly frightens the boy, the teacher is civil, "Its okay, you can take your paper back." Whew, meta-friendly civic minded teacher. Kurt avoids ruffing the kids hair as he grabs the paper, having seen his reaction to the smile.

Come back after a six month deep cover op and she's so busy her head is spinning. Granted? She loves it that way. And even while taking care of a few things, she's out on the street taking a stroll in transit to somewhere else. She has what looks like an old nokia phone, like early '00s style. Texting something on it, she drops it back in her pocket, a quirk of amusement brief on her features.

Along with plenty of others, she's dressed for the weather. Light heeled ankle boots, black slacks, and a long sleeve crimson shirt, but sans jacket. As always- she's armed, but subtly. Hidden blades in this kind of attire.

Catching the brief commotion with the children, her path is paused to watch for a moment. Once the children and the teacher move on, Natasha crosses in his direction casually. "It seems it doesn't pay to be good anymore, when people are short-changing you for evil. - Glad to see that isn't always the case anymore."

Waving to the kids, one even turns to wave back with a grin - the one kid that thinks blue fuzzy is cool. Kurt is caught by the voice and turns to look, being a sucker for red hair - or ladies in general probably, he grins more. "Alas if good paid, I'd be wealthy," which in his case, it is ironic actually being that he is wealthy, "But my balance sheet might not balance." He turns more away from the kids towards her, "I'm glad you would take notice of the effort, frauline." Still thick german, Kurt can't shake that accent for his life.

It takes a lot of practice- and time- to quell an accent. Especially a strong one. Her own is muted to more American. The corner of her lips quirk in a bit of amusement, "As they say, no good deed goes unpunished, mm?" Widow takes a small step closer, extending a hand, "Natasha Romanoff."

Brinking feet together, Kurt takes the hand, bends over, pecks at the backside of it. "Natasha Romanoff, the punisher I would hope," he grins, for the good dead he just did that is, more teasing it would seem. But a shake of his head that she can ignore the comment, he's more happy with present company. "Or is it more like Karma … you're being punished for some good deed and our paths have crossed. Either way, color me intrigued."

There is a small smile awarded at the courtly gesture, but her hand is withdrawn after the gesture is done. Natasha chuckles lightly, shaking her head. "You wouldn't want me as your punisher." And for just a brief moment, there may be something darker and more dangerous that crosses her green eyes. A flit- there and gone. "Though generally when a name is given, it is reciprocated."

"Alas, my manners have been forgotten," he grins, standing back up then. "I am Kurt Wagner," a name she might know just cause its good to know those things. "Perhaps you are right, I might fear you as a punisher, maybe we could work to make amends that we start on friendly terms then?" His yellow eyes alight just a little, he may have caught that flit of darkness and danger, making him more curious than he probably should be even.

Oh yes, she keeps well informed; especially about those in her city. Part of the job. "Well met, Kurt Wagner." Natasha lightly folds her arms against her chest, considering the blue creature before her. "And on what kind of friendly terms would you suggest then?" There is a lilt of amusement to her tone- going along with the play of the conversation for the time being.

"Well, I was thinking," he says, holding up a hand to make a point with a finger, but turning it palm up as if to wait and hear him out, "And this is just me, but I thought it being fall, that a caramel apple would be a good start. Yet, I'm not familiar with the city yet, so I'm not sure where the best one can be found. I can sense through my keen blue elf senses that you're not originally from New York, but you might know your way around. Your knowledge, my wants, and we have reached a friendly accord, nein?"

She is patient and listens to the proposition. For a moment, she simply watches him in consideration before she just shakes her head with a soft laugh, murmuring in Russian, "Mozhet takzhe.." Gracefully she turns on a heel, taking a few steps in the direction down the sidewalk before pausing to glance over her shoulder. "Coming?"

After her pause and turning, he skips slightly to catch up, some pep in Kurt's step. "I thought you'd never ask," he chuckles even. Partialy some mirth gained from her soft laugh, he doesn't wholly know Russian. He offers a hand if she's like to take it, her voice is old world, she might not be disinclined. "So Natasha, I must know, do you often meet and walk with strange elves, or is this your first time, because if it is, I am truly honored to share your company you know - and caramel apples are delicious."

A light look is given to the hand. Her fingers briefly touch the back of his wrist before trailing upwards to rest feather light on the inside curve of his elbow in more proper escort. She can be old fashioned at times. "I find it interesting you continually refer to yourself as an elf. Such things are creatures of myth and fantasy, no?" She leads in a casual pace, but with a destination in mind. Down the street and round a corner. "I have walked with many.. different sorts."

"Well, alas, I am not the first then," he says, still mirthful grin on his face, save the canines. Kurt thinks they look splendid and doesn't mind having them out though. "Ja, myth and fantasy, pointed ears too. If I don't work in elf, some people tend towards devil by the way I look. I don't mind being a fun devil, but it ruins the whole good image thing. I can't have that." He turns slightly towards her as they walk, his other hand coming up to rest with hers on that crease of his arm, "There is nothing wrong with being a creature of myth is there, Natasha?"

"Angels and demons are nothing more than what people make of them. Stereotyping anyone for looks supercedes action. Years pass, humanity progresses and yet their niaveity to accept change remains." Natasha shakes her head. When she feels the warmth of his hand over hers, she gives his arm a light squeeze, though her attention is on the direction they are walking. "I suppose not; but it would more matter if you prefer living in the spotlight or in the shadow." By tone, she just may prefer the latter.

"I had the spotlight enough," he says, coming from the teaching background and his father's business. "But I am learning that I can just be me and be happy, living in the shadows. Its was that change from wanting attention and seeking it to realizing, I am happy just enjoying a nice fall day. Going for a walk, no destination in mind." He looks forward, then back to her again, "I can live in the shadow and be just as happy, if not more so. It has a comfort, doesn't it?"

"It has its comforts, but sometimes it is a necessity." She leads just a little further down the street until they find one of the mobile cart vendors that sells a number of sweets and other snacks- candied and carmel apples included. "There you are."

If his nose didn't deceive him, roasted chestnuts maybe too even. But the season, caramel apples. "I haven't wrote a book about my life yet," grins Kurt as she points out the cart, "But its like you read it. I don't know if I should be scared, or realize we might share something in common." He points at some carmel apples, and lifts two fingers. He has two along with his thumb, so it works out easier. The guy looks at him, not sure if he means more, or just the two, "Two," explains Kurt. But back to Natasha, he says, "When it happaned, the blue fur, and I went to my families home, I did have to go into the shadows out of necessity, for the protection of the ones I cared for."

Natasha gives a small shake of her head as the apple is offered. "No thank you, you go ahead." She lets her hand fall from him, remaining a couple of steps back to let Kurt get what he likes. And while she may try to resist the call of sweets, she does look at one of the cones of candied pecans, debating. "And sometimes necessity becomes a lifestyle." She adds with a small lilt of amusement. She isn't going to give away much about herself, if anything, really.

Seeing her look, he's getting two apples and will probably eat both, he turn and chin thrusts at the pecans to add them on there. He might be eating all three, but he'll make the temptation to Natasha. "Alas, thank goodness it didn't become a lifestyle, I don't think you'd care to walk with the Amazing Nightcrawler, famous trapeze artist, in Germany." As if to specify he wasn't that famous, even if good. Its hard to tell if he's even joking probably about that, cause him saying he was in the circus might go along with joking about being an elf.

Yes… well… when he gets the pecans, she does relent. She'll take those, at least. Natasha does fish out some money from a pocket to offer to help pay. Once the transaction is done, either way, she'll collect the pecans and quietly open one end, popping one in her mouth with a quiet satisfaction. Of course, she deems to steer the conversation in a safer direction and away from the shadows- after all, would he be so jovial if he knew he was in the company of an assassin? "How long have you been in the City?"

Kurt will argue about paying, wanting to be a gentleman after all. He'll try to pay the man so she doesn't have to. He might be less jovial in the company of an assassin, and oddly, without knowing about it, he's been around a few that might fit that bill as well. What he doesn't know can't hurt him …

"A few weeks, off and on, considering a permanent move here, trying to find a place, putting out some bids now on some that I've seen." He looks at his apples, considering which to bite first, "Actually, honestly, more like a weeks worth of time visiting and looking, but it grew on me, lots of excitement down here, along with the pretty faces." He looks at her, takes his bite. His eyes close, those are some good apples.

While he may argue, she will eventually relent and allow him. She doesn't put up much of a fight, but understands the need for some men to be gentlemen. Something long lost on some of the male population these days. "It is an interesting City to get a start in. I'm sure you will do well."

He is more this generation, but in his 30s at least, but he's still some old world charm. Raised right maybe. "That is good to know. I'm curious, if I asked you about a neighborhood here, could you give me some insight." As if that was curious, he explains, "I'm looking at a condo, its been on the market forever, I just want to know why so I have bargaining leverage to bring the price down."

"I likely wouldn't know anything right off, but I'm sure I could research it. What neighborhood is it?" Yes, ok, the Widow isn't really a bad person. If she has a free moment, a good deed now and then won't hurt, right?

Oddly, if she pushed, she might learn he would pay for a little information, but he's good natured all the same and would be more than thankful for any good deed his way. Kurt offers over, "Warren Street near West Broadway - Tribeca I think. I'm not sure, some of it looks nice, other shops have night bars on the doors and windows. I'm secretly hoping for a higher crime rate cause I can drive the price down."

Then he grins, "And you don't have to research, I'm only curious. I'd hate to ruin any moment we're sharing, where you tell me what sort of music you like to dance to, and I pretend to know where its playing or something."

She files the location down for mental recall later. He'll get an email at some point with some bits of information when she has a free few moments. She's crafty like that.

"I like a variety of music, though I will admit I tend to more ballroom type of dancing." She enjoys clubs too, of course, but.. lets not go there right now.

"Ah ha, Natasha, the plot thickens," grins Kurt about ballroom dancing, "Cause I know just the place." He points up a head. Grabbing an apple of his with his canines, so he can kind of talk with it in there, "If you just look up ahead, away from me, so I can google ballroom dancing in NYC and act like I remembered it before you turn around. I know right where it is." Joking, all joking, he has no clue and wouldn't be quite that forward.

"Smooth." Natasha lilts lightly, twisting the end of the cone to seal it so she won't lose her precious pecans. "While I have enjoyed our walk- I really must be going." She does offer a smile, "It has been a pleasure, Kurt. I'm sure our paths will cross again."

"Alas, it is time," he returns, not thinkning how she'll find his email, other than he has a public profile, but not bothering with the details. "More mysterious Natasha, I'll be in the shadows more now, trying to will the crossing of those pathes. And the pleasure was mine, you're a charmer." He grins, stepping backa little as she moves to leave the same. He still has two apples, one for each hand, one half eaten. He lifts up one to sort of get at a call me gesture, mouthing the words. He'll bamf back to where he was walking before, to eat his apples guild free.

When he mentions mysterious, all she can do is smile. That knowing little smile that just screams, 'you have no idea'. "Until next time." Natasha turns to head into a passing crowd of people, and in a mere blink of an eye; if Kurt happens to look back, she's gone as the people pass as if she was never there at all.

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