(2014-10-01) Girls Cheat
Girls Cheat
Summary: Not really, but Stargirl and Jack Flag enjoy some down time as Halloween festivities abound at Amusement Mile in Gotham
Date: (2014-10-01)
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NPCs: None other than the cheating little girl that stole Jack's win
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Its October first, Mongo is happening, and they don't have time to chase golden armored troupers. JL and friends are doing a good job and its deserving of a break just the same. Thus, Guardian Friends may have thought going up to Amusement Mile with all the Halloween stuff out and about would be more fun. It was all in theme; red sugar for blood, fun names for the treats to make them sound like scary things (brain cakes, intestine funnel cakes, whatever). Even the prizes at the carnie games are stuffed bats, vampires, shrunken heads and such.

There around that part of Amusement Mile, with all the games out. Jack is deciding to try something, he sees a zombie nazi stuffed toy, "I need me that." He grins, shoulder bumps Courtney if she's there, points it out. Its one of those water ballon/water pistol games were the object is to make the balloon pop first. He's going to get him that prize, hopefully Courtney's not competitive.

It's getting to chilly for beach going, at least for a lot of people. Hardcore surfers maybe no, but Courney doesn't hang with hardcore surfers so Amusement Mile it is. Which is just as good with it being October and that feeling running throughout the amusement area. "The stuffed nazi?" she pulls a way face "Target practice?

"What, nazi zombie," grins Jack, correcting and nodding, "Totally for target practice. Its a good focus for that inner rage, especially if it gets you to stop hitting me in the shoulder." Not like he's really complaining though, and he still means to try and get it. There are other fun monster stuffed themed prizes abound. Moving to take a stool in front of a water gun aimed and crazy clown face guy with the balloon ready to be popped on its head, he says, "You have to admit, its the only good nazi, the dead and reanimated kind."

Courtney looks at the nazi and the rest of the collection of stuffed prizes up for winning "I suppose you want the really huge one?" she points to the ones hanging at the corners of the booth as she sits down next to Jack at one of the water pistols "I admit nothing." she jokingly says in an awful fake german accent.

Filching from his pockets, Jack puts up dollar for the first round. It will probably take a few to trade up for the big one. "What, ya, who wants the little one when they can have der fader," he says, not even knowing if that's German but it sounds like something they would say. Holding his gun with one hand, he holds up his other as a block to Courtney's trigger. Not overly serious just to be a nuisance while the carnie calls for a few more to make profit before letting anyone 'win' a smaller prize. "We have vays to dill vit ze likes of you!" He goes for awful accent too.

Another dollar joins the first as Courtney pays for her game. "You know I can't help you win it if you don't let me shoot." apparently she is more for cooperative play at the moment than competitive. Though she will probably still trash talk if she fills her balloon first "Do they involve feeding me lots of sugary snacks and caffinated beverages? If so I'm in!

Jaw dropping without being serious, since she is in for cooperative play, Jack nods, "Damn your logic, it always wins, someday I shall rue the …" He shakes his head, that's not working out, so he chuckles and gets both hands on his weapon, ready to pop balloon by shooting clown mouth. "It is, you will spill everything. I saw some awesome funnel cakes calling my name, right next to the sno-cones. We will dominate these tasty treats." A few more folks join in finally, two more adults and a young girl it would seem, with her parents. The carnie does the talk about the objective of the game and rings the bell to start shooting. Jack will for all intent and purposes shoot seriously and try to win. His ballon gets the good gust from the air compressor, taking an early lead, which mean's he'll most likely loose in the end, "Ya, I'm winning, take that Nazi!" Its a clown, the plushy is the nazi.

The handles of the water pistol are gripped as the bell to signal go is waited for. "Don't forget the carmel apples, or cotton candy." thankfully she is active and young so it won't go to her hips or butt. When the bell rings she starts to shoot the water. Her aim is a bit off at first, but she quickly rights it and the balloon starts filling with air "Are you picturing a nazi clown?

Active, young, and meta metabolism helps, but its good too, that helps in wanting to eat it all. "Carmel apples, you had to go there," he says like it was a weakness. Then he notices the young girl's balloon feeling up quicker than either of theres. He turns the gun to point at Courtney's clown mouth, "Ya, they're all clowns, it sort of works out doesn't it?" It doesn't turn all the way though, cause of restraint to prevent 'cheating', he could muscle it, but that would be silly, his balloon started to deflate without the influx of air from the compressor, he has to re-aim at his to catch up now.

"Jack, that's not how they work!" Courtney exclaims gesturing to his own balloon as a few people watching as well as playing get a laugh out of that "You certainly aren't going to win now." and neither is Courtney this round. The bell rings and the young girl's light flashes pronouncing her the winner and the pistols shut off. "Guess we will have to keep trying." another dollar is produced.

Jack pulls another one out too, and a five spot, "I'll keep trying all right, new strategy." The girl wants to try again, "Five for a trade, if you let me use that one …" Her parents don't care, five bucks is five bucks and its pretty random who usually wins anyway.

"I might never get the nazi for target practice," he says to Courtney, while the parents don't care, some of the other adult players think he should stick to his gun and though laughing at him eye him enough to get him to stay in his seat.

"I don't think changing seats is going to help Jack." Courtney says as she bites back her own laughter at the failed strategy "Besides, yours is number 7, that's supposed to be lucky." her hands have remained on the water pistol handles and she wiggles it about some to aim it in prep for the next round.

"Oh yeah, lucky number 7, it will have to pull through for me at some point," grins Jack, rubbing the top of his water pistol. Course, the bell goes off with his hands off the trigger and him patting his gun. "Cheat," he declares about the carnie doing it just then. His balloon is slow, Courtney got her aim down it seems. Look out little girl, no more prizes for you, maybe.

Courtney has no intention of letting the girl win again, and if she has to use her enhanced abilties to do it, so be it. It's not like the games aren't already rigged so she is just evening the odds, technically. What she does will remain a mystery but her balloon starts to fill quickly, as quickly as the young girls does at least. If it were horse racing it would be a photo finish but in this case the bell rings and the light on top of her machine flashes "Yay me!" she calls throwing her arms up in a touch down signal

Jack had no chance, but he's laughing just the same. "Ya, Courtney!" The carnie comes to ask which prize she would like out of all the little monsters they currently have. "How much to get the big ones," Jack asks him, he explains the amount to trade up for the medium, then the large then the x-large. They have the money to wait it out if they really wanted but, "Caramel apples and funnel cake might be calling." Says Jack, as Courtney is choosing, indicating the large nazi zombie is a pipe dream compared to having more fun and enjoying the day.

Courtney points to one of the little zombie nazis and hands it over to Jack when she gets it "I'm better at the balloon dart game." she says as "Or there is the game where you knock over the milk jugs. I'm awesome at that one." of course he probably would be too, strength and all "We should see what prizes those have. Maybe one of them has the same." usually that's how it works, different games, similiar or same prizes across several types. "We can get funnel cake first."

"You're the best," he says, taking the little nazi zombie, standing and giving her a hug even. "Funnel cakes it is, and whichever of those games we see first." Turning to walk with her to the funnel cakes, he admits as they walk away, "It's a power I have, ever since they poisoned me, I can smell powdered sugar like a mile away." He closes his eyes and points, "There." He points to the funnel cakes cart. IN fairness, they saw it on the way in to this point, not overly special power.

Hugs are exchanged "I know I am, but feel free to tell me that as much as you like." Courtney heads in the direction of the vendor "Are you sure you weren't born with that one?" she asks dubiously as she checks out various games and sideshows as they move along through the carnival like atmosphere.

He rubs his gut with little Adolf, and nods. "Probably, like a sixth sense," returns Jack, "You can't keep me from my food, ever. Popeye needed lettuce, I just need to know food is available. And free food, nothing will stop me." They near the cart, "Funnel cakes, one for me and one for the best girl in the carnival!" He calls out, that didn't sound quite right though in reflection, "Er, the best girl, just ever … you know what I mean."

"I don't think I would ever try either." Courtney laughs at his exclamation "Yes I know whatcha mean." she looks at the various topping choices listed "I'll take mine with chocolate sauce, crushed oreos and whip cream. Thanks." death by chocolate in a funnel cake.

Jack pauses, as he hears what she asks for, he was boring old guy, took the powdered sugar ones, not thinking to read the sign and realize they had more toppings. "Er, two, just like that." Grinning at her laugh all the same, enjoying the good spirits all the same even if he said it oddly. "I need you around more, I thought I knew food, I am learning that I am just beginning to learn about good food." Good junk food.

"Or you just need to get out and pay attention to the little things." Courtney takes her sugary, chocolately funnel cake "Though that is probably why you have me around, to point out these things" she looks around a bit "Come on let's go find some lemonade to wash these down with and then try and win every prize here." she begins to head in the direction she thought she saw the lemonade.

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