(2014-09-30) Pirates of History
Pirates of History
Summary: Kurt Wagner picks up teaching History at Xaviers, ready for fun history lessons, he deals with some troublesome students, including Lana Baumgartner
Date: (2014-09-30)
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NPCs: Some students, RP'ed by Bombshell
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Social/Plot: Social

At the bequest of Charles, Kurt made the trip to New York, the journey to the estates here and met with Emma. Both working out the details of him teaching here. He had taught at the University for a while before he became the elf fully when the curse was lifted. After his wanderings and running into Charles on Genosha, the two bounded, formed a unique friendship and it eventually led to Kurt coming to the Mansion to start teaching History this semester. He was doing specials studies in law and political science for the older students that were college bound and interested but in general, he was the current Histroy Teacher.

Thus, he arrives early to class to set up for history. He's even gone for tweed jacket, comfy t-sweater and slackes, but his toes are exposed. He has found some three-toed booties, perhaps custom designed for him, to not be completely unhygenic. He's moving around the room, seeing how its presented before class as he waits for anyone to show up.

After a few minutes of prep time, the buzzer rings through out the school signalling the students that they should be on there way to class. It isn't long after that students start filing in. A few boys, a couple of girls at first, causing a bit of a traffic jam at the door as the new teacher is stared at. They all may be metahumans/mutants of some sort, but the student body doesn't exceed 70 students so only a few actually are mutant in appearance as well as powers. And none of them are blue, fuzzy or have a tail.

"Whoa." one of the boys says "You look like you would fit in perfect in the upcoming Devil May Cry video game." his statement causes one of the girls to nudge him with an elbow "Beckett." she admonishes the other boy. The group files inside and takes their seats, allowing those behind them to follow suit. More stares and whispers happen as well as the class begins to fill…if you can call twelve students full…though one may be missing if she class roster is any indication.

Pacing presently hands folded behind his back, Kurt's tail hangs freely and he may just well be perfect to model for Devil May Cry and not need the high tech modeling suit so much even. Not mentioning the overheard comment, he walks to the front of the classroom. Hands still behind his back. "Glad some of you decided to show up," he grins, canines and all, his accent thick German. He turns and faces the 12 that have made it. He doesn't need to see the roster, committed it to memory at least. Plenty of time in case the wander in. As for who it is, he can get to names later.

"Alas, I fear, w(v)e w(v)ill not be covering the Devil May Cry game Mr. Beckett, you're research paper will have to be on an entirely different topic. I am thinking your mid-term will be on the history of the counter reformation and the iconography that developed post 2nd Council of Nicia as it reflects in the reformation and the development of the Christian Denominations that we know of today." He walks a little more, "If it helps Mr. Becket that is 900 AD to about 1560 AD." He doesn't say which was the 2nd Council or the reformation though. "As for the rest of you, I thought it would be good to start with something fun, Pirates. I'll need to know which of you is good with a sword, and who will need some training so we can relive the adventure."

There is a bit of sniggering at first at Beckett's expense, which is quickly followed by groaning as the subject of the term paper is brought up. The exception of one female sitting up front who raises her hand, though doesn't bother waiting to be called on to speak up "Kaylee Andrews sir." she introduces herself before continuing "I assume you will be giving us guidelines in regards to our research paper. Minimum resources, paper length, et cetera. Or is that subject just for Beckett and you will be assigning us individual topics." she has the earmarks of one of those types of students that asks for homework and reminds the teacher about tests and when home work is due.

"Why don't you stow it Ms. Know-It-All," a snarky female voice is heard from the doorway as the late comer finally shows up, a good three minutes after the tardy bell rings. Of all the students this particular one has gone to great pains to disgrace her school uniform. The girl stalks in, giving the new teacher just a passing glance over her sunglasses and heads to the back of the class where she drops herself into a seat.

There are a few rolled eyes, and Kaylee huffs and crosses arms over her chest.

The mention of pirates and sword fighting has the class abuzz again, though there is only one raised hand, that of Kaylee again "I took fencing classes as a child, but it's been a few years since I've picked up a foil."

Taking in all the students, and still smiling, Kurt addresses the late comer. "Now now, as Mr. Beckett is learning, while I don't ask for civil niceties all the time, I do wish for respect to each other. Lets let Ms. Andrews speak her piece. I think you will join Mr. Beckett with a mid-term research project as well, I am thinking elaborating on the ramifications of Guttenberg's printing press on the idea of Nationhood in Europe and the development of uniform armies thanks to this new technology, you should consider comparing to to China and its much earlier printed format." He keeps an eye on her, he'll get names to faces in due time.

Turning back to Ms. Andrews he grins, "As for now, you will not have to worry about a written mid-term, that is presently being given to those who can not seem to be mindful of the feelings of others and need to be reminded what meta we may be, we are still civil."

Moving to his desk, he turns on the projector from his desktop, showing various images, "As for those kind students, all 11 of you that don't have to write me a midterm. You may choose any topic you fancy from the 15th Century onward that at least in some way shows development of Western Society. It can be in any format you choose. A 2 minute video, a power point presentation, a theatrical performance."

More directly to Kaylee then, "Or, if you like swords, a simply overview of advancements in relation to ideologies and why the sword developed as it did would be suitable. Fencing is a bonus, I took fencing myself. I am only curious who knows how to hold a sword for when we practice sword fighting in relation to understanding history."

"It was a compliment man." Beckett insists as it becomes clear that his own term paper selection was part of a punishment and not meant to be shared by the whole class "This is harsh." the last bit is more under the breath.

"Yeah sure, Steve, nationhood, China, got it." Lana slouches in her chair, "I'll have to check my schedule, see if I can fit it in."

Kaylee has taken out pen and paper and is quickly taking all this down, at least those things pertaining to her.

With the information that they will get to pick their own term paper subjects the class relaxes.

"Ah, then, Mr. Beckett, consider it a reminder that devil, no matter how a video game makes it out, is not an endearing term, or should we consider a real world correlation and you can add a second paper on slavery, an abolition starting with Reverend John at about 1710 through Jim Crow Laws?"

Smiling, he continues, "I appreciate the compliment, I will settle on imp or elf if you prefer to endear me, just not in front of Emma, I don't think she will enjoy your humor. And the name is Herr Wagner, Kurt if you wish, I'm not that strict." He pauses to look at Ms. Anderson, "You don't have to write this down, and you're welcome to write on the same said topics I've asked your fellow students to address."

Then he moves to sit on the corner of his desk, more for Lana than, "I hope your schedule has room, I need to know I can trust you with a tablet and a printer before I can lend you a sword."

Most of this was just one of those introductory things, Lana seems to have picked up the most on it, nearly calling him directly on it. "I can assure you, if we are civil in class, this shall be an easy term and, I hate to say it, you might actually learn something."

Beckett quickly shakes his head "No thanks Mr. Wagner. I'll stick to the one paper. Two would eat to much into my gaming time." he laces his fingers, flexing them as he gives the girl next to him a flirty wink. Which results in her rolling her eyes at him and giving a not of your life look. Which will probably only encourage him to try harder next time.

All eyes go to Lana at the mention of staying civil and the girl who has the words disruptive influence as well as others all over her file has the audacity to look shocked and confused "What? I can be civil. It's been three days and I haven't blown up Chavez's shoes once." that could be because said Chavez has been in the infirmary with the flu, but that's certainly just coincidence.

"We would hate for that to happen," grins Kurt to Mr. Beckett's compliance at the risk of game time. "And if you actually do some research, you might be surpised to learn how much your games modeling is taken from the topic I've given you."

As for the class looking to Lana, he joins as Mr. Beckett attempts flirty and fails only to plot a stronger attempt perhaps. "The class singles you out, frauline, democracy has spoken. You may discover some day you'll make a fine leader." He doesn't have a name yet, he'll get to that part, maybe. "Some of the best leaders in history were more than capable of blowing things up. Bonepart used cannones to blow many things apart. Of course, he wouldn't of been effective without the field manuals developed to organize troops, thanks to printing."

"That I know Mr. Wagner. And your mention of pirates totally got me in the mood to run through some Black Flag." that would be Assassin's Creed, nothing like getting into the pirate mood then by playing that game, or vice versa

There are a few derisive snorts at the idea of Lana being anything other than a criminal or fast food flinger, at best after she graduates. The few that don't, Beckett, Lark and the brunette girl that sits next Lana, looking concerned paying attention but being silent. "Well if all it takes to be a leader is blowing things up than I'll probably be the youngest female president ever."

"Ah, so close, and yet so far," grins Kurt at the response from Lana. "Dass," he exclaims in German, (If Only, or Would That (one could)). "It takes the style part, that comes with knowledge. Not to mention, alas, you must be 35 years old to be the president. But here we have something to build from." Bamf, he is gone from his desc, a whisp of smoke and the hint of brimestone for those in the front of the room (or rotten eggs if one is so inclined, but there is that hint of gunpowder tinged with it - its brimstone after all). "It is not just intelligence with which one leads," he says, from the ceiling, standing on it like its the floor and pacing presently over the class room. "It is the bold that demand attention. In fact, intelligence and leadership do not always go hand in hand, as our young friend here might point out, alas … Miss …" He waves a hand to indicate Lana, not knowing her name just yet.

"Yeah, guess not than. I doubt I will live to the ripe old age of 35." not with her reckless streak and her delinquent tendancies. Lana doesn't seem to concerned by it. She is at that immortal age, where death is just a word and she still things it isn't going to touch her.

There is a few more sniggers from the class. Though when the new teacher demonstrates his ability there is surprise from some, not so much from others, they all look suitably impressed, even though teleporting isn't anything new to any of them. Lana of course is looks neither, she just stifles a yawn until she gets nudged by the girl beside her which has her rubbing her ribs.

"A shame, you would make a brilliant leader, given the right honing of your natural skills." He says, still not having her name. Looking down where she is supposed to be and seeing the nudging after the yawning, he bamfs down there next to her. "She was hinting for you to give me your name," he says from there. "Really, its a shame that this class is denting your social life, and to think, I was seriously wanting to get us out of the room and into sword practice." Crouching a little, to fake whisper for Lana and the classroom, "Frankly, it can be stifling and boring and not everyone enjoys history, but alas, the first day is proving so hard, we do not get to go explore those woods on the grounds because our young friend, here, Miss …" insert name, he looks slightly towards Kaylee for an assist if Lana doesn't want to provide he rname, "… can't get through the first boring half where we get to know each other."

"Yeah? I don't think so." is Lana's intial response, and even if that is what the other girl was hinting at she would probably deny it. While this whole idea of getting out and playing with swords as a way to learn is exciting to a majority of the class, the delinquent isn't sold "Lana Baumgartner." she doesn't give Ms. Know-It-All Kaylee a chance to respond, much to the girls chagrin, "I'm sure you were suitably warned about me by Ms. Frost and a number of other faculty."

"Actually no, Ms. Baumgartner," grins Kurt, getting to pacing away from her, walking the aisles, towards the front presently. "I wasn't warned by any and I didn't ask. It would be a shame to have my opinions colored without relying on my own deductions." A turn, looking at some doodling someone was doing while the attention was focused on Lana for the moment. A pause, and he points, "I'd look more cunning with an eyepatch and a monkey, but I like the representation." They used blue ink, got that part right at least. Then he turns down the next aisle, looking at Lana again, "Would you like me to adopt their opinions about you, presently I find you charming, missing slightly on some civilties, and fiercly independent. I, like luck, favor the bold. Alas, you do not wish to participate."

He shrugs, then bamfs to stand on his desc, "So, introductions are going well class. Miss Baumgartner, you are welcome to enjoy the remainder of class in silence to catch up on your sleep. Everyone else, up and out, we're going to enact the Battle of 1683, as an end point to your current semester, we'll fill in the history in battles and decisions leading up to this point in history." He holds up a finger, like he's making some point. If people start to move, which he hopes they do, he does comment to Lana again, still on the desk, "PS, I won't check back in, if you disappear to your room for that sleep, I'll not be the wiser, just have the decency to wait until my back is turned so I can play the fool to Ms Frost." Then he jumps off the desk and grabs the sword he had back there, ready for the forest.

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