(2014-09-29) Touching base with Bats
Touching Base with Bats
Summary: Hawkeye goes looking for Batman where else but in a dark park in Gotham near the docks.
Date: 2014-09-29
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Night falls as it is wont to do in Gotham. Shadows fall in strange shapes, lit by the intermittantly working lamps that line the park. By day, it probably is a lovely place- when compared to other locations. By night, however, it almost seems as if the rats begin their journey from the docks and into the city proper.

Dressed in dark colours, layered for the evening's chill, Clint Barton sits on a park bench, tossing acorns picked up on the path around the place as he scouted the place. There's a circle drawn in the dirt across the path, and as of right now, there are several acorns that lie within the main circle.
With the next flick, the acorn in hand goes flying and hits one of those that is in the circle, sending it rolling rather lopsidedly into the center.

"Ten points."

Chances are good that squirrels are going to be just a little pissed off. Who plays with their food?! Really?


Indeed the night falls and shadows are all around. Many different kind of people come out at night and on this one Batman is in the park looking for group of teens that like to hang around to cause mischief. Hearing the simple thud of the acorns he moves in that direction. Keeping in the shadows at first he speaks, "The one they call Hawkeye." he steps out into beam of a streetlamp shadows him over.




Another acorn pushed into the center by an easy flip of a finger.

Barton doesn't even bother looking up, though a hint of a smile lifts his face. "I always thought it was catchy. You wouldn't believe how many people get it wrong, though," is said conversationally. "Let me take a wild guess here,"

Now, Hawkeye looks up. After all, there aren't any more acorns to toss, and his game of 'marbles at a distance' is done. "Now that I know who you are." Or moreso, 'what'. But he doesn't have to correct himself. "We didn't step in your op with those guys on the docks, did we?"


Moving over towards the bench he stands beside it. Picking up an acorn he flips it towards the ring of others. "No." he answers him, "My apologies if I messed up yours. Now that I know who you are.. I don't think we should have any issues. Widow told me you are her partner,"


"Nah, didn't screw it up. Takes more than that. Now, if you'd have swooped in and alerted all the people that 'Widow managed to keep occupied, that would have made me just a little grumpy." But, Barton got his shot in, and all is well.

Brows rise at the mention of 'partner', and he knows the answer the moment he askes the question, "You know 'Widow, then." Beat. "Of course you do. She knows freaking everyone." That last bit is said with no little amusement that underlies his tones. Holding up his finger, he makes a 'shhh' sound, "Let me guess. Let me guess…"


His arms fold over his chest while a brow raises. Batman waits now to see what this 'guess' might be from him. So for now the bat waits his next words.


"Cairo… no. Definitely not Morocco. I'd sure as hell have remembered you from Budapest." They're half-joking guesses to be sure, and Hawkeye is watching Batman as closely as he's sure the other man is watching him. It's not in terms of a pissing contest over the attention of a girl, hell no. It's more a 'who is this guy who may be in the way of every op in this city' sort of thing. All professional. It's how he manages to stay alive.

"I know 'Widow is the JLA liason for SHIELD." Easy peasy. And that makes it all the easier to keep an eye on the organization to make sure the two 'Agencies' continue to see 'eye to eye'. It's nice to have a secondary muscle 'out there' in the world, though he's pretty sure that the JLA wouldn't see it that way. Of course they wouldn't.

"And, from the look of you," Barton begins again, his tones still easily conversationaly, "I'd say somewhat personal, too." Yes, he's fishing. After all, he -is- a spy too.


"That she is." Bat nods his head watching him as he continues. A hand raises to rub at his chin gently. The personal aspect of things is something he would rather to keep private. Though hit would sem he felt a tinge of jealousy from the man. "Its a working relationship."


Barton chuckles and shakes his head now, the sound easy in the air. "I know my partner, Batman." There really isn't any jealousy. How could there be when he -knows- that a good number of ops they take puts Nat right in the bed of someone they're hunting? A smile remains on the man's face even as he rises to his feet. "Love is for children. And I don't know about your job, but in mine, there's no time for a relationship other than work."


"Widow is a friend and part of the League." Batman tells him with a shake of the head. "That is where it ends."


Hawkeye takes a couple of steps away from the bench, and the Batman in order to wipe away his game of acorn marbles. "Good. She needs all the friends she can get." Turning around, he puts his sunglasses on, even in the dark of the night. "Be aware, that word means a whole lot more than most believe."

Now, the archer dips his hands into his pockets, his elbows straightening in the gesture. "Right. Good to know we're good here. My guess is, you'll be seeing me around here more often. At least to the end of the month when we shut down their whold damned distribution network. In Gotham and in NYC." Wishful thinking, really, but when spoken by a SHIELD agent? It -could- be true. Particularly when spoken with such conviction.

"You're welcome."


Staring at him with no visible expression on is face. "There is a lot more going on than that. I wish it was just that but it isn't." Batman of course doesn't go into details. "widow should be reporting in with Fury on it. You will know soon enough."


Hawkeye's hint of a smile remains now, and a stiff-armed shrug gives his shoulders rise. "Probably." Though from Fury or from 'Tash, that's up for debate. Granted, there are times when his partner has just disappeared for -months- on end, not able to divulge anything of her op. Of course, there have been times when he, too, has been gone for months, with the same strictures. Sometimes working, unbeknownst to them, on different ends of the same op, or on different ones. And, of course, there are those when they've taken on the world together, and won.

"See now, that makes me want to order take out and wait for her in her apartment." Barton shakes his head once and a chuckle escapes, "Like a kid at Christmas. I get really bored after a couple of days of downtime."


Its apparent this must be the one Widow claims she is with. Batman though simply listens further, "I am sure she will happily fill you in. The league will need others to help that is good with stealth and such. But she can give you all the details."

"Probably," is admitted. "Though 'happily' isn't the adjective I'd use for it. Particularly if it's an op she has to go to Fury for." Though, truth be told, Barton does get a thrill out of being active. So, maybe 'happily' is a good word for it. "I would fall more under the category of 'and such'." Though he's damned good at infiltration, he's happier with being eyes in the sky. Sniper. Silent death.

"Want me to pass a message on? I gotta get back to the City. Jersey makes me itch."


"She helps us keep him informed." Batman tells her, "This is something I think the Leaugue and SHIELD can perhaps partner on. Sometimes it is good for groups to work together when bigger threats arise. Just take care of yourself, Hawk. I'm sure we will meet again."


The smile turns to a smirk and another stiff-armed shrug rises. "If you think Fury doesn't already know everything and at least ten moves ahead, you're underestimating him." Actually, rumor in SHIELD gives Fury a twenty-move advantage. Still, it could always be the fact that Hawkeye's got a lot of respect for the man. Doesn't mean he's not afraid to tell the Director to 'shove it' and walk, because he's not.

"Gotta agree, though. It's always nice to have another set of eyes or boots on the ground." Hawkeye chuckles, the sound dry and genuine.

"I always take care of myself, Batman. You do the same, though my guess is, you've got that covered too." Now, the archer makes his way from the park, soon to leave Gotham behind for the night.

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