(2014-09-29) Technology is Toast
Technology is Toast
Summary: Topaz and Black Lightning track down info on the satellite from Pluto's first attempt to come to this realm
Date: (2014-09-29)
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NPCs: Factory workers
Scene Runner: Mutual
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Late afternoon, early evening, what better time to check on a factory than this time. It had to be a good time when either there was little activity or between shifts if they wanted to go in unnoticed. The objective was to see what was actually going on in the factory itself, it might involve some sneaking. The break down was that a drone like satellite made here was used by Pluto in conjunction with magic to help open a potential portal that allowed him to make Griffin his Herald for a short time, holding off death in NYC for about an hour before Griffin was stopped. It was some ploy by Pluto/Hades to start claiming souls, no telling what happened in the death realms beyond or how he was trying to get that barter worked out there but Outsiders stopped him them.

The factory is mostly all in one warehouse, a couple stories of space in side for large equipment. Black Lightning called/communicated with Topaz some of the logistics, the idea is to go up to the roof, enter from there and observe what they can. If they can get a window to watch, that's good, but if they need to go in, illegal-wise and all, he was intending to do that. He didn't want to mess with legal chains, because they'd know they were being observed. They can both fly and are flying there now, the big planned worked out, just the little details remained.

"I can get us in if we need to go in," he explains to Topaz, "But I might not be so stealthy in my means." As if asking what she might be capable of on the magic spectrum to help them be stealthy.

Having agree to the factory investigation, Topaz was prepared when the time came for it to actually happen. Flying is no problem, nor is keeping up with BL. "We do not have to worry about stealth." she looks about for the rooftop entrance, "Truly we probably could have entered through the front door without difficulty." she gives a smile, "But where would be the fun in that.

"You know, I'm trying to focus on the mission and keep fun in the back, it can be distracting?" Though he turns to meet her smile with one of his own. "Next time, I'll have to check those details," ie be more open in planning. Turning as they start heading down, to land on his two feet even, "That and I'll have to see what's all on your fun list." As sneaking into a factory seems to be up there. There is a nearby door they could enter, service access to thinks like the elevator shaft maintenance hutch and air conditioning/central air units on top of the building. The factory is still being used currently, all hours something seems to be going out. There is one section that is darker though, factory worthy but maybe only used at certain times of the day.

"Oh that is quite a long list indeed. It would take several lifetimes to get through it all." Topaz says as she makes to the entrance, but pauses as she makes a gesture with a glowy hand and the door opens, "I am going to cast a spell on us that will make anyone who notices us think that we are supposed to be here." she doesn't go into further details. She reaches out and draws a series of symbols across BL's chest, they are visable as a gold glow for brief moments before fading. As she does this she whispers words of power. She repeats the procedure on herself. "It will start to fade in a couple hours, so we cannot be long about this.

"To bad then, I only have this one," lifetime, to see the long list of fun that Topaz has in mind. Though smiling just the same, as it adds that air of mystery to her, that he could never truly know everything she might like, yet have just as much fun learning only the small bits he does. Turning to the door that she opens and looking at his chest. "Two hours should be enough, I think we see what they're making and, if we have time, who they're making it for - namely any technology that is designed to enhance magic and vice versa." That seems the best route for him, but he's open to any ideas she has, its a team effort. He'll head for that door.

The stairs go down, with a door on each floor. The top floor where they enter will open to a walkway near wall, one railing overlooks the main factory, but it looks like they can get to other parts of the factory from there. He points across at another door, wanting to see what is made in the quiet areas. The current area is normal service equipment for buildings - duct work, elevator parts, as if they might service buildings in general and make their own parts.

Topaz nods "Then it is best to make everything you do mean something." as they head down the stairs her tone lowers. She pauses at the bottom of the stairs, scanning with her gaze before crossing the walkway and leaning over the railing to look below. She focuses briefly, switching that little magical gear that allows her to see and sense magical energies in the vicinity "One moment." as she studies the factory floor below with her magical senses.

That seems to strike a coord with him, Black Lightning is more serious than not and making the most of everything have meaning is noted. As well, having fun with meaning is noted just the same, a slight new appreciation in that thought as you two move out on that walkway. Giving a pause to stand with you, perhaps looking like other workers who should be there should anyone look up.

You will notice that there is some indication of spillage of magical properties. Along the space for forklifts to move through the main thoroughfares, there is an indication some items of magic have been taken to that vary area he was thinking of visiting. The part that is closed now. It suggets items for magic crafting/spell crafting, have been brought in by truck but taking to that restricted area.

»>Magic has came and went through here regularly.«< Topaz's mental voice says in BL's head, she gestures to where the energies are the heaviest. There is a mental and verbal sigh, »>Here look.«< she puts a hand on his lower arm and opens her visual senses so that he can see the magical energies through her eyes »>They lead to that area you pointed out.«<

Listening, then sensing as she atunes him to see what she does, Black Lightning gives half a thought about speaking to her, but tries to think just the same. His first experience with such communication. »>Yes, I think we should look, I'm hoping that they keep their files in their just the same.« A slight apologetic look her way about him not being able to see and perceive magic and the world as she does. »>We're still good on how we're pereceived,«< he asks, before starting to move in that direction. The area is restricted but between the two, they can bypass the locks. It might look like they swipe a card to anyone who sees them. But someone does see them and knows that this time of day no one goes in there, especially from the walkways. Most likely a floor foreman. Excusing himself form present company, he goes to get his keycard, just to see what's going on. Some of the work in their might affect his floor, so he needs to know what is happening, not that he's suspicious in other regards.

»>We are fine. Just act like you belong here.«< Topaz replies as she lets his arm go, the magical viewing link disappears. The look she gets has her smiling breifly and she gives a bit of a empathic push to remove the 'sorry' bit of thought. Following him through the door to the little used areas she lets him get a few feet ahead as she begins to scan this new area for magic.

Acting like he belongs there, he doesn't go for the machine but looks for an office, there is one where a foreman might go and he is heading in that direction.

The magic is stronger her for certain and it looks like a conveyor is used to run technology to a certain area that looks like an apothecary. It is probably there they somehow fuse the two a little. Much like using the pods at the graveyard to give themselves more energy, it is meant to supply EMF output for magic, and the magic infused in it makes sure the technology works when in the presence of that much magic. There are other end products, but that is the big one.

Just as Black Lightning is getting to the office, the other foreman has his keycard out and enters on the ground floor. He makes sure the door is closed behind him before calling out, "Hey, what's going on in here, I didn't have anything on the schedule, I need to know if you need my guys off the main floor tonight."

Topaz has little interest in the office stuff, she is more captivated by the equipment and how it merges magic with technology »>This is interesting.«< she keeps the light communication open between them as the separate »>How they have managed to combine technology and magic. It is not an easy feat.«< she doesn't get to near the stuff, not wanting her own magic to disrupt their stuff »>Not all magic is compatable with tech, you know.«< hearing the entrance of the foreman she stifles her feeling of alarm to put out an aura of trust "Nothing you have to worry about," she plucks his name from his mind and uses it "Carl. Just stick to the schedule as planned.

»Perhaps we can take something, you can use our lab at headquarters to see what they've done,« ponders Black Lightning in response to Topaz's investigation of the merging of the two. He makes it into the foreman's control room and finds a filing cabinet. Already in a secure location, its not locked and he looks through it to find orders and see who is requesting them.

He pauses when he hears the voices. First the foreman, than Topaz responding. The man, as she calls him by name, relaxes as considering them more familiar the magic strengthened by his own subconscious response to that familiarity. "All right, schedule it is, I'll leave you to it in here then. Maybe leave by the walkway too, less questions on the floor that way." As if to help them even. He turns and leaves.

»>That would depend. How well do you like your lab?«< Topaz asks, her mental tone on the coy side of serious. She checks to make sure the foreman is leaving and doesn't expect any more verbal out put from her, like a thank you or good bye, before finally joining BL in the office. »>Are you finding anything helpful?«<

»Well, we'll have to toy at the edges of what might happen, but we could set up shop for you in the garden, and see what technology we might bring to you,« he recalled you looking at their in-base garden when you showed up at headquarters. Then Black Lightning is emerging, he took a pad of paper, unused, and wrote down some of the names of the individuals requesting these magic/technological devices. Or at least where the parts and such were destined as it seems to be a lot of the same name. »I have a lead at least, we'll have to see if its a real name, or of the delivery address is an actual location, but its something to go off of.« With a slight charge to his legs, he flies from his area to the area you were investigating. Seeing if they do want to take some end product for that testing.

»>No toying required. As I said not all magic is compatible with technology. Mine even less so. It is why I do not have a cell phone or handle credit cards or the cash register at the lounge.«< Topaz explains as she follows him out »>It was suggested we go out through the walkway by the foreman. He did not want the factory workers to see us.«<

Nodding, and moving to go out with Topaz, Black Lightning does grab a small completed pod to take back, as he considers what she has said. »We might have to see what Doctor Mid-Nite makes of it, but you can be on hand for input? And does it work again after you've been near it, the technology?« Mental note of the no cell phone being made, perhaps for personal reasons, he can't hide that per say as they're sharing the link, just depends if she's reading surface thoughts or filtered it out.

»>I insist on it.«< especially since she doesn't know what the other gentlemen knows about magic and they aren't sure what the pod that BL grabbed does exactly »>No, they are pretty much,«< mental pause »>toast I think is the modern euphemism.«< if she is picking up the side thoughts the conversation is causing him to have she doesn't react. Could be she isn't paying attention/filtering or is just polite.

Either or both, Black Lightning is thankful, only focusing on the mental conversation as they take the information they found and the small impliment, heading for that walkway. »One second then,« he says, going back to get a second pod as a test control, »I'm sure he'll want you near one of these and if your actual magic is strong enough to destroy one of these, he'll want one to continue his studies.« It could be they need the enhancement to get close to a real level of magic, not naturally adapt as Topaz is. Then walking again towards the walkway. »Is it frustrating sometimes, toasting the technology?« Walking out over the main floor, two workers in a conversation is normal. He's more curious not realizing her age at all, and thinking she grew up with technology and may have lost it learning her magic.

Topaz shakes her head »>Not for me. Magic, in most cases, is not like the metahuman gene. Dormant until you hit the right age and then suddenly you have this power. Most people who have the ability to manipulate magical energies can do so from birth. In small ways at first, but stronger as they grow.«< she explains as they head up and out the way they came »>It has frustrated other people though. The staff and the lounge especially. We have went through numerous registers and sound systems.«« she glances at the pods »>If we can figure those out, maybe I can figure out a way to sheild technology from myself.«<

Moving with her, confident they have not been seen, Black Lightning looks around briefly once they find the rooftop to make sure all is indeed well before starting to hover, so they can fly back to headquarters. »Do you find that slightly odd, technology is bust around you, but my power seems driven in that direction? I have to admit, I'm curious, if I were feeding a machine that you fritzed, or would normal fritz, what the outcome would be and if I might feel something of the jinx you might put on it?«

Topaz thinks a moment before just jumping to an answer »>Not at all. You are flesh and blood, not wire and circuitry.«< a shrug lifts her shoulders »>I do not know what the outcome of that would be. Probably nothing, or at most electrical feedback. But probably not the magic itself.««

»Let's get back to base with this,« grins Black Lightning, »We can save the experimenting for a better time even.« Or revisit thinking about it, not sure it would come in handy in any situation, but wanting to know the limits - like if she was near a computer and it started to fritz, could he save it. Moving up to start flying back more, he turns back to something that came up earlier that he pinned for later. »So no cell phone, it just means a gentleman caller really needs to come calling for you.« Not that he's that old, but his scene old movies (like Its a Wonderful Life).

She doesn't fly around as much, so aerial navigation isn't Topaz's strongsuit, she usually just walks or teleports. Because of this she stays within a few feet of BL as they fly over the city »>I have a phone.«< she puts the mental of image of a '50's era rotary phone in his head. The standard kind that was heavy enough to be used for strength training. »>I just cannot take it anywhere.«< or call any kind of autmated customer service line.

Black Lightning is grinning a little, about the gentleman caller comment perhaps, as he couldn't expresss a better way to say that. He doesn't fly fast either, enjoying being close to Topaz as they fly towards Brooklyn. Glad for the mental link they're sharing to make talking, or conversation, easier between the two. »I was hoping you might say no, so I could use it as an excuse to see you more, but the phone is a good start too. Can I … call you?« Its beyond professional hey, lets go get the bad guys today, though she might just know that all the same, he still fills a need to ask for a place to set that grounding.

Even though the question is asked in the rhetorical, Topaz doesn't take it that way »>Or you can just ask me now and not have to worry or wait about what my answer will be.«< her empathy takes all the mystery of the whole back and forth that usually goes on between the genders.

For him, and no empathy, its all a great big mystery, and Topaz seems to be the center of that. Though her forward thoughts bring his own to mind. Nothing risky at all either. Its more serious, he's had enough life to know that he's not after risk or quick hook ups. »Allright, Topaz, I find your company amazing, sometimes I think about you when you're off doing what it is you do, I would like to spend more time with you, to see how well we continue to get along, would you like to go out with me, not just the fun dancing sort but the sort where we go out for dinner and talk about nothing important and seem to forget what we said to each other because it was really that we just wanted that company.« One of the few times he's rambled that much even.

»>No one has ever called my company amazing before.«< her mind voice seems to imply her pleasure and amusement at that »>Now I have to say yes.«< though clearly it is not just because he said that »>Dinner would be lovely. Though dancing would have been nice to, I enjoy dancing.«< though in her head and it would carry over, into his, her idea of that is more of the old-fashioned type, swirling around a room in a waltz while a band plays Moon River or some other song from that era. She certainly doesn't think like someone who looks barely old enough to drink.

Picking up on the interest in old ballroom style waltzs from the shared link, Black Lightning certainly picks up on it and really seems to like it. While that might make him think towards Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday, he certainly likes the idea. And her age has never come up and he wouldn't be a gentleman if he asked, he is curious. Something to ponder over dinner and dancing then. »Then I'll press an advantage for both, dinner and dancing. Glad I could be the first,« to call her amazing, »I'll settle on that and stop thinking too much about it, so hopefully there are more surprises.« From him at least.

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