(2014-09-29) Shopping in Brooklyn
Shopping in Brooklyn
Summary: Honeymoon, Mary Jane and Gwen run into one another at the mall.
Date: 2014-09-29
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"C'mon. If you're going to Paris with me, you're going to need more of a wardrobe. You can't just be the dashing Detective woman all the time. That's sure to get spotted, and you know it. So, let's see what else we can find, instead." Mary Jane insists. She's not quite tugging Honeymoon along into the mall by her hand, but she is cajoling and wheedling - gently, mostly respectfully - for all she's worth. The redhead is clearly on a mission, and there's retail therapy ahoy!

"You do know my mom is a model, right? And a country-western star?" Honeymoon says as she walks alongside Mary Jane. "Well, the mom who isn't an alien, anyway. It isn't like I don't have a ton of nice dresses. They're just… you know. All back home."

Y'see, there ARE some advantages in being Spidergirl. First, you don't need to rely on public transportation when you can just web-swing through town. And since Gwen was planning on going to the mall to get her mind off college for a change, why not go the fast-n-cheap route? Which takes us to the present, as Spidergirl lands on the roof of the Brooklyn Hazelton mall, and being assured by her danger sense that nobody's watching, she changes out of her spider costume and into her Gwen clothes, which she brought with her in her backpack. As she secures her backpack at the roof with her webbing, she wonders if Spiderman goes through the same motions she does. Such thoughts continue after taking the elevator down, and only dissipate from her mind once she steps out of the elevator, while adjusting the collar of her shirt, and stepping into the mall proper.

"Well, like you said. They're all back home. Which means they're not here, where you need them to take them to Paris with you. So, we go shopping for new stuff." Mary Jane admonishes Honeymoon Tracy, grinning. "What? You suddenly afraid of a little shopping? C'mon." MJ flows beside the blonde as they make their way through the Mall, but she pauses, a tad startled, as she spots a familiar face in the crowd. She hasn't seen a lot of Gwen Stacy since the other girl went off to college, but she'd still know that face anywhere. So she raises a hand, waving towards the other blonde. "Hi, Gwen." she calls, without yelling. Hey, for all she knows, Gwen won't want a thing to do with her. But she'll give it a shot. Why not?

Honeymoon follow Mary Jane's line of sight. She begins assessing. Of the twenty people directly in the cone of MJ's vision, seven are male. They aren't Gwen, most likely. Next, eliminate the six women over the age of twenty-five. Likely, Mary Jane wouldn't call them by their first name. That leaves eight potential suspects as Gwen. Honeymoon frowns. "I should have a better set of criteria for narrowing it down further. Eight is too many." She's speaking to herself but she's talking out loud.

Gwen Stacy steps out of the elevator frowning a little bit as she keeps her eyes on her left wrist, while brushing a thumb against her wrist. Idly she wonders if Spiderman also has to deal with leftover webbing on her wrist which she ends up having to clean to avoid suspicions. However, further consideration into her options are put aside as she jumps a bit at hearing her name. Her Danger sense doesn't flare up, so at least it's not danger, and she looks around for the source of familiar voice, before her eyes focus on Mary Jane, someone she hasn't seen in quite a while, "Oh, hey, Mary Jane." she smiles a bit. The two went t oschool together, but went their separate ways after graduation. "Fancy meeting you here." she says with a smile.

The two went their separate ways after Gwen's graduation, anyway. MJ is still in high school. One more year, and then she's free. And she's grinning rather amusedly as she listens to Honeymoon's complaining. "To be fair, Honey, I've never really discussed the folks I go to school with. Or those I did go with." The redhead leads the way over to Gwen, and she smiles at the other girl. "Yep. Fancy meeting here. Then again, it's the best Mall anywhere close to home. Kinda makes sense, if we're in the mood to go shopping. How's college going?" she asks, and waits for an answer. Then, she makes introductions. "By the way: Gwen Stacy, this is Honeymoon Tracy. She's a cop's daughter too, and now she's a PI at the agency where I'm working. Honey, this is Gwen Stacy. She and I used to go to school together. Now she's off at Empire State. She's one of those brilliant science minds." Like Peter. Another reason MJ is always putting down her own intelligence; she can't compare to those two, for sure.

Honeymoon holds out her hand to Gwen. "Nice to meet another cop's kid." She says with a bright smile. There'll be a slight tingle when Gwen shakes Honeymoon's hand, like a light static shock. "And nice to meet a brilliant science mind with two X chromosomes. There aren't enough of them in the world."

Gwen Stacy smiles, "Oh, you know. College is doing what it does best: making you miss school." she replies in jest, before turning her head toward Tracy, "A pleasure to meet you too." she says, reaching for her hand. As her hand makes contact with Tracy's and she feels the slight shock, Gwen blinks a bit in confusion, but doesn't think too much of it since her danger sense didn't warn her. "Ah, you shouldn't underestimate yourself, MJ, you're a smart girl as well. Proof of that is how you're working a PI agency, as you said." she nods, smiling. At Tracy's comment about needing more female scientists, she arches one eyebrow, but giggles softly.

"It's true. We could use more. Then again, there seem to be a lot more these days than ever before. Especially young ones." Mary Jane offers, regarding female scientists. After all, the news is full of bits about young teens - most of them young girls - who are making all kinds of scientific and mathematical breakthroughs. "I never said I was dumb. But science brilliant, I am not. Nowhere near the same neighborhood as you, or Peter." Still, she's glad Gwen's mildly impressed with her working for a PI agency. It's cool when someone you look up to as really smart thinks what you're doing takes brains. "I'm guessing you can't really tell us about whatever really smart things you're working on, until you're ready to publish."

"Mary Jane's constantly putting her intellect down." Honeymoon says, "And she doesn't realize that everyone has their own unique strengths. The smartest chemist in the world might look like an idiot if he tries to lay bricks for the first time… and then the bricklayer from down the road looks like a genius."

Gwen Stacy has to giggle softly at Mary Jane's words, "Well, I could, technically, but I'd just end up boring you two with the technical details and jargons used, I might as well be just speaking Japanese to you two, really." she says, shrugging a bit, but smiling a bit sympathetically. "I know because it's how I feel when my friends who study chemistry start speaking about their stuff at the cafeteria." she says, then at Honeymoon's words, she nods gently, "That's how it works. It's basically we're good at what we do." she nods again.

"Just telling it like I see it." Mary Jane offers, with a shrug. Which has a lot to do with Mary Jane not, perhaps, having the absolute best view of herself and her potential. She lacks some of that automatic self-confidence that comes from repeated exposure to a parent's unconditional love at a young age. MJ didn't always have that. It leaves a mark. "I'm considering NYU for next year. Maybe Columbia, but I'm not sure I could really get in, there."

"Considering the money you've saved from modeling, not to mention the recommendations you can get from a number of very, very important individuals…. I think you've got the school of your choice sewn up, Mary Jane Watson." Honeymoon says, firmly. "And if I hear you put yourself down one more time I will find all the copies of your next magazine appearance and doodle on them."

Gwen Stacy smiles and reaches for a one-armed hug around Mary Jane's shoulders, "Nonsense, all you need is to study, Mary Jane. You can do it." she nods, smiling, "If you study, nothing is impossible for you." she tries to reassure her friend, and she hears Honeymoon's words, and the fact Mary Jane is modeling is news to her, "Oh? You're a model too, Mary Jane?" she asks, mildly surprised by the news, "Well, you certainly have the looks to go far." she nods.

"That money's as much for Aunt Anna as it is for me, you know." Mary Jane offers, a tad defensively. Still, she's not going to argue too hard. "Alright, alright. That's enough, OK?" the redhead complains lightly at Honeymoon. "I study hard. I know I need good grades. Besides, everything I learn might have some application to the future." Just like MJ always applies herself to Honeymoon's 'PI training' lessons.

About the modeling, MJ demures. "I started young. I still do it, but not as much. I have to pick and choose the right gigs. But I keep my hand in. I've beem more into performing arts and journalism, though." MJ tries not to make an issue about the modeling, especially around school. Other girls can be vicious, after all.

"Google her, sometime." Honeymoon assures Gwen. "There's plenty of images of Mary Jane all dolled up and serious looking, seeming to be in her mid-20s. Last week? I caught her shredding offers from Victoria's Secret. I'm pretty sure her agent is ready to throttle her for turning down so many jobs." She lightly hipchecks Mary Jane. "Not that I mind. I like having her around the office."

Gwen Stacy arches one eyebrow at Mary Jane when Honeymoon mentions shredding Victoria's Secret job offers, "Really? Ok, MJ, at this point, I really HAVE to question your intelligence." she mock-teases, smiling, "But, really, tearing up Victoria's Secret job offers? You could get famous pretty fast in those." she points out while still smiling, "And save a lot of money fast for your studies and career opportunities." she says, then shakes her head softly, "But enough of that. What brings you two to the mall?"

Mary Jane makes a face at Honeymoon. "C'mon, I'm still underage. They shouldn't even be /making/ those offers. I sure as heck shouldn't be taking them." That's her defense and she's sticking to it. "Actually, we're here at the Mall to expand someone /else's/ wardrobe. We have a case coming up, and she needs to be able to go undercover in some high fashion surroundings. And she didn't exactly bring her high fashion wardrobe with her from home."

"First of all, you know they have a juniors line." Honeymoon points out. "Second, you turn eighteen pretty soon." Honeymoon knows the exact time and date thanks to the background check she ran on MJ a while back. "And yes, I need to be able to go undercover in Paris." She rolls her eyes. "MJ doesn't seem to think that my starving art student disguise will work."

Gwen Stacy crosses her arms toward Mary Jane and arches one eyebrow at her, "So you think you shouldn't do adult stuff, but you see no issue on your friend going adult, DANGEROUS stuff, Mary Jane?" she asks, her friend in an inquisitive manner, while smirking a little bit. "Kind of a double-standard, there, don't you think?" she asks, winking, but then she uncrosses her arms.

"Well, my /friend/ is over eighteen, a licensed private investigator, and legally carries a registered firearm. I'm not really so worried about /her/ safety in a dangerous situation." Except in the way that any friend who cares about someone would be worried about that friend, no matter how prepared they might be. But MJ shrugs. "I've always adhered to my Aunt Anna's guidelines about the kinds of modeling gigs I take. Victoria's Secret Juniors Line rides the edge. I could do it. But it would be expected I'd step up after I'm over eighteen, and /that/ material would be over the edge. I don't want to be known as the girl in the skimpy lace neglige with the generous curves. I may not be science brilliant like you or Peter, but I want to be known for more than just my looks." She is not, however, unaware of the irony of Gwen lecturing her about Honeymoon's safety, after everyone's concerns about /her/ safety on the other side of the same mission.

Honeymoon opens her mouth to rebuke something in that statement and then laughs, closes her mouth and shakes her head. "You two catch up. MJ, when you're done, you'll find me in the Stark store. I want to look at some of the tech there. I've got ideas for adapting it for surveillance and I want to see how much more advanced my wrist wizard is that anything Stark's putting out." She slips MJ a one armed hug. "Nice meet you, Gwen. Hope to see you again."

Gwen Stacy smiles at Honeymoon, and waves to her, "Nice meeting you, Honeymoon, see you next time." she says to the girl, watching the girl walk away before turning back to Mary Jane, "I won't lie. It was quite the effort to NOT make a comment on the girl's name. Which parents in their right mind name their child 'Honeymoon'? Was their honeymoon THAT memorable!?" she asks, tilting her head and arching one eyebrow, before giggling a bit, "And, in any case, Mary Jane, if you don't want to be remembered as the 'bikini-model girl', all you have to do is to show them you have MORE than just your looks. You can be a good actress. Or a good journalist. Etc. All you have to do is not stop simply at modeling." she shrugs.

Mary Jane shakes her head, smirking. "Hey. She is proud of her name. Picking at it would not have gone well." MJ knows, now, the story of that name, but it isn't her story to tell, so she does not share it. Instead, she just moves on, walking slowly through the Mall with Gwen at her side. "I know what I have to do, Gwen. But part of that is not having something behind me on my path that I'm not proud of, or that causes me grief. It's my choice, and it's one I can live with, without question." MJ appreciates the advice of her friends, and she honors it. Doesn't mean she always takes it. "So. What brings /you/ to the Mall today? Since you're asking about us."

Gwen Stacy shrugs gently, "Hey, I'm not going to make fun of it, much less in front of her, but you have to admit: it is a pretty strange and unorthodox name." she says, arching one eyeborw, but as the subject change, she smiles a bit, "Alright, MJ. I'm just saying lots of girls would kill to have your body." she giggles, "Heck, *I* wouldn't mind a modeling job, really." Not really, but Mary Jane doesn't need to know that. Then, when asked about her reason to be in the mall, she reaches into her backpack and produces a pair of protection goggles. "I need new protection goggles for my lab classes. Mine broke…" she stops herself. She can't say her got broken by a stray shot from a mugging attempt she, as Spidergirl, stopped. "… due to an accident." she hopes her friend doesn't mind the slip. "Plus, getting some mall junk food never hurt anyone." she jokes, smiling.

As long as Gwen respects it, MJ lets it go with a smile. "Believe me, I found it really strange when I first heard it, too. But I'd protect your name, if someone thought it was strange, too." Friends do that for friends. "Protective goggles. OK, very different store than where we were headed." Mary Jane admits, smiling. But she doesn't call Gwen on any oddity in her voice, phrasing or timing. Does she catch it? She does her best not to look like she does. After all, she's training to be a good investigator. A good investigator doesn't pounce at the discrepency; she waits for the opening to /use/ it to pounce on the /facts/ she wants. So for now she'll wait. "Speaking of science lab, do you see Peter around much?" Hey, it's a fair question. Two science geeks from the same high school go off to the same college and into the same programs? Right?

Gwen Stacy hms, "We see each other, sometimes, but not much. We have different classes at different hours, so we rarely meet while in transition to our class rooms." she says, smiling, "We hang with different crowds. Mine is talking about forming a college band." she nods to that, smiling, "We're thinking about the possibilities of such, at least."

"Neat. A band. Maybe one with a science bend? What instrument do you play?" Mary Jane asks, happy to discuss such things. She doesn't ask more about Peter; she just wanted to know, since she's sure if she brings up seeing Gwen, Aunt Anna will ask about their next door neighbor's nephew. "That sounds like a lot of fun." And it does. "Dating life going OK? I'm betting it's better than high school."

Gwen Stacy smiles, "Playing the drums. And I'm quite good at it." she says, winking, as she puts her broken protection goggles back into her backpack, then shoulders her backpack again behind her, "And as for dating life… what do you think?" she asks, smirking playfully, "I'm a girl in a science class. Most male students just stare at me unbelieving, and guys outside science class think I'm too nerdy when they find out I'm majoring Physics." she shakes her head, "One even had the galls to say 'stop your devil-worshipping science and find Jesus'. Can you believe that?" she giggles.

Mary Jane just shakes her head. "Seriously? That's what they say to you? Instead of 'wow, you're gorgeous and brilliant, won't you just spend some time with me?' What jerks!" Yes, MJ has had her fill of idiot males who can't buy a clue. They aren't the only kind out there, but their numbers seem to be growing. "Playing the drums sounds cool. You get to pound on something, and make music. Plenty of vented frustrations."

Gwen Stacy giggles softly, "Yes, my friends sometimes tell me I need to 'tone down'. I tend to let my frustrations affect my practices, sometimes." she says, bringing a hand up to rub the back of her head, "Personal stuff, y'know, that kind of things you feel you shouldn't tell other people, no matter how much you want to?"

Mary Jane nods, taking a moment to reach out and lightly squeeze Gwen's wrist lightly. "Bleh. I'm sorry. Yeah, I know how that is, what that feels like. And my only suggestion is: practice some without everyone else. Vent there, on your own. That's the kind of thing I do." Not practicing the drums, mind. But she finds her way to 'beat on things and vent her feelings'.

Gwen Stacy's danger sense goes off when Mary Jane goes for her wrist, and she can't simply pull her wrist away, she hopes her friend doesn't squeeze too tight… whew. "Ahh.. thanks, MJ." she says, smiling a bit, ad she nods, "Can't exactly practice 'at home' since I live in a dorm, but I get what you're saying." she says, nodding.

As before, MJ makes no sign whatsoever of noticing the other young woman's reaction or tension. She simply lets it go. But she files it all away; she's studying to be an investigator, it's what she's supposed to do! "They have practice rooms at the music hall. I know they do. And they make electronic drum sets that you can plug into headphones, so you don't bother everyone. Just … find your way. That's what I do." Eventually, MJ gives Gwen a one-armed hug. "Hey, you take care of yourself. Enjoy your food court food. I should go catch up with Honeymoon so we can get to shopping. I'll see you again soon, Gwen."

Gwen Stacy nods gently, "I know. I know about the practice rooms, but it never occurred to me to check them out." she nods again, smiling at the hug, "It was nice seeing you again, MJ. If you need anything, just let me know, ok?" she says, "Would you like my cellphone number?" she offers, before her friend leaves.

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