(2014-09-29) Information Sharing
Information Sharing
Summary: Power Woman stops by the scene of Saturday's attack to speak with the investigators and share League information. She speaks with NYPD Detective Sara Pezzini.
Date: 2014-09-29
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Scene Runner: Power Woman
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The Marriott Marquis is still cordoned off by the authorities, with fire marshalls, police inspectors and evidence crews, and many others moving in and out under the watchful eyes of cameras and police patrolmen. The fires are out, and the rest of the structure has at least been ruled structurally sound and no longer a danger. But the place is still a mess, with two stairwells fairly well gutted by concrete-melting energy blasts that tore through the roof and started heat flash fires on several floors.

The bodies of several hotel security personnel have been found, with grievous wounds, including the like of torso-skewering blade thrusts and even a ribcage-crushing blow that seems to have ripped out the subject's heart, together with two that appear to be high-energy blasts of some kind. Given that of the eight men dead, four were ex-NYPD and two were NYPD officers working off-hours out of uniform, it's no wonder they have refused to yield the scene to the Feds and recuse themselves. And no one, not even Homeland Security, has the stones to tell them to pack it in.

Detective Sara Pezzini frequently gets the "weird cases". This is one. With the EMPs, security footage is minimal. She's looked over some of the information, and it's bothering her. The "heart ripping out" is both not physically capable for normal people, but makes her wonder if there's an occult spin. She sighs, and runs a hand through her hair. "What a mess."

A murmur runs through some of the staff and personnel on-scene, and eventually makes it to the radio. Sara's not the ranking officer on scene - after all, there are Captains out here today - but she'll hear it, nonetheless. "Holy crap. It's that Power Woman chick. Daniels, you better tell the Cap 'n' them. Looks like she's landing here."

Out front, crimson cape billowing out behind her, the white-suited figure of Power Woman, arguably one of the most recognizable heroic figures of the modern age, alights on the sidewalk just outside the police cordon. As interested as the crowd is, they pull back to give her room to land, and she offers them gentle, subdued smiles of thanks for their understanding.

"Excuse me, Officer Rayez. I know everyone is very busy here, today. But if one of your investigators could find some time to speak with me, I would very much appreciate it. The Justice League has information on this event, and I would like to do all I can to help."

The commotion doesn't take too long to hit Sara's ears, and she starts over that way. "I've got it, Rayez." She's not the ranking officer here, but she is the primary "weird shit" officer on scene. The brunette approaches the line. "Detective Pezzini. I can take your statement."

The Kryptonian blonde extends a blue-gauntleted hand over the police tape to the lady officer. "Good morning, Detective Pezzini. I am Kara Zor-L. I am pleased to meet you, even on this sad day." It's likely not hard at all to see why she's so popular with the people and the press; she does her best to be personable, and genuine. She clearly knows how upset everyone is here today, and isn't trying to make light of it. She's just trying to offer her assistance.

"I was not here when the incident began, but I did show up before it ended. I also have reports from other League members and allies, including the Batman, and our own on-scene evidence collection and analysis that may prove useful." Kara offers, as she follows up the handshake by removing a small JL-insignia thumb drive from inside her belt and offering it to Sara. "We cannot conclusively identify the culprits, but we have enough to tie them to several other incidents around the world in the last several days. We've included the data on those incidents and our correlations, and renderings of what the subjects look like."

Sara shakes Kara's hand, and watches her, while she speaks. Specifically, she's checking the woman's facial reactions as she speaks, studying her. She reaches out to take the thumb drive. "Thank you." She'll carefully pocket it, and says "Since I'm sans laptop at the moment, mind sharing your evaluations on it so far? What you think we're dealing with?"

The tall blonde glances around momentarily when asked to speak regarding the League's conclusions. "If you wouldn't mind, I'd prefer to speak about that a bit more privately? Perhaps inside?" There are members of the public and the press all around the cordon, after all, and she doesn't want this showing up on the news before she and her fellow officers have a chance to digest the information.

Assuming Sarah agrees, Kara ducks under the cordon carefully, one hand gathering up and controlling her cape as she does so. Her expressions are earnest and real; frankly, one gets the impression Kara virtually can't prevaricate. Probably the best she can do is impassively stay silent to keep a secret.

Once safely away from prying ears, Power Woman offers her own conclusions. "We suspect you're dealing with two alien troopers, equipped with highly volatile and dangerous technology that incorporates elements of magic in its function. We believe they are set up to self-destruct if compromised to prevent the gathering of intelligence on their capabilities. We believe we know where they are coming from, and we are attempting to take steps to stem that tide. But only time will tell if we will be successful. We are doing our best to prevent a panic in the meantime." Hence not sharing this information openly.

Sara nods. "Of course." She'll take the two of them into the building, into a quiet area, and she listens. "Where are they coming from?" She presses. "Not that I don't trust you and your people. But if this is anywhere in the city, I need to know about it."

Power Woman nods, and leans closer to Sara as she speaks. "We believe they've landed on the planet during a recent near-miss asteroid strike, which we believe they used as cover from our sensors, and a distraction to keep us busy." They at least did mention the big asteroid that nearly wiped out all life on the planet, when they deflected it. But if rumors are true, that's but the latest in potentially dozens of such incidents in the last months.

"There is a rogue planet, one that is self-propelled and not locked in any orbit around any star, currently just outside the outermost orbits of our solar system. We have reason to believe these troops are from there." It's a lot to reveal to an NYPD detective, but clearly Kara has decided to trust Sara. Maybe she has reason to do so?

"If your people spot any more of them in or around the City, obviously, we would strongly advise letting us know immediately. But if you don't have time for us to arrive and lives are on the line, our best advice is to target the structural gaps in their armor, around the joints, and do so with the sharpest blades or heaviest caliber firearms or strongest explosives you have available. And we suggest trying to draw them into the open, where their self-destruct will not endanger still more lives." Power Woman offers the NYPD detective.

"Aliens. Wonderful." . o O (Don't suppose you can keep me alive in space.) she wonders, of her "partner". But the detective nods. "I'll get the word out to the force. We'll see what we can find." And if they find it, she'll be the one to look into it. Which is good. She's the semi-immortal one. "Thank you for the assistance, Ms. Zor-L." she offers formally back to Kara.

The blonde nods. "Thank you, Detective Pezzini." Kara pulls out a card and offers it to the detective; it is plain white, with nothing but a ten digit number on it. "If you need us, call. You'll be routed to our AI answering system and then to whomever we have immediately available, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We will do absolutely everything we can to help in this matter." Kara smiles sadly. "We're sorry for your losses, here. They were good men, and died trying to protect the people in this hotel from a danger none of us knew enough about. Please be aware, they seem to put out electromagnetic interference that plays havoc with most electronic systems, including radios, phones, and computers."

Sara nods. "Don't suppose you folks have a consulting expert on things magical." She looks to the card, then pockets it. "EMPs and armor, I've got. They don't exactly brief you on magic at the academy." Not to mention, she might be able to find out more about the Witchblade if she plays her cards right.

Power Woman shakes her head. "Not amongst our own numbers. There are two indviduals, however, who have proven invaluable to us in the past, regarding the magical and the msytical." Kara makes a wry moue expression. "One is the owner of a bar here in your city, in the Village, known as the Voodoo Lounge. Her name is Topaz." She lets that sink in, then continues. "The other is an internationally known performer. Ms. Zatanna Zatara. If you should speak to either of them, feel free to mention my name if they seem resistant to the idea."

Sara looks a little surprised at the information, but nods. "All right. Thank you for all your help, Ms. Zor-L." With that, Sara will turn to bring the information back to the others, and let the tech folks take a look at the thumb drive.

Midtown East — New York
Stuck in the middle of the Big Apple of Manhattan is the place that everyone knows as Midtown. Home to the infamous Midtown High School and the most wide selection of apartments available in the city, Midtown is where everyone gets a chance to shine. Brownstones and skyscrapers all make this area their home, as businesses hustle and bustle with the constant need to make money. Trump World Tower tends to provide a perching backdrop to the city below, as it rests in the heart of Midtown.

Of course, a wide variety of shops and bars are all located on the west side of Midtown. There's enough stuff in this part of the city for more tourists to waste their money on than anywhere else. Port Authority is nearby, as well, keeping classic images of this historical city as intact as possible, with all of the buses and people milling about in constant hurry to get where they're going.

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    • [W] - Lower West Side and Midtown We

Power Woman
There's no denying who this tall, voluptuous figure is: this striking young blonde could only be the world-famous Power Woman. Standing six feet tall, there's no denying the bountiful curves encased within the fit of her body-hugging white bodysuit. Her chin-length pageboy cut to the pale golden blonde hair is accented by longer than usual bangs that frame her high cheekbones and wide azure blue eyes.

The costume of Power Woman consists of a white bodysuit with a raised nehru-style collar, wrist-length sleeves and ankle-length legs, two barely-noticeable seams running from the collar down either side of her suit and down the middle of each leg. Dark blue leather-like gloves cover each hand up to mid-forearm, a matching belt girds her waist and rests on her hips, a five-sided, elongated pentagon shape point-down in golden metal as a buckle. Upper-calf height boots gird her feet and legs. A mid-calf length crimson cape trails behind her, attached at her shoulders by two more gleaming golden elongated pentagons echoing her belt buckle. All three seem to have a vague sort of S symbol inscribed upon them.

Sara Pezzini
5'9" tall, with chestnut brown hair and eyes, Sara Pezzini's a woman in good shape. She's athletic and well-toned, and clearly works out on a regular basis. Her hair falls halfway down her back, and could usually be described as "shake into place" if one were being charitable, and "messy" if not. She also doesn't look like makeup is something she puts much stock into; a little lip gloss and tending to her eyebrows seems about the extent she's willing to go to. Despite that, she's got good features (yay genetics!) that highlight an Italian ethnicity and give her an hourglass figure that most women would kill for.

She's dressed in monochromatic style, wearing a slate grey top with cap sleeves, and a pair of boot-cut jeans, appropriately enough over brown boots with a faint, 1" wedge heel. Over the top is a black leather jacket with a front zip. Her only jewelry seems to be on her right wrist. A bracelet of undefined metal, in a slightly ridged, angular form, with a large red gem inset in it.

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