(2014-09-29) Ceiling Tango for Two
Ceiling Tango for Two
Summary: Aerial meets Nightcrawler at the club, Kat Pryde alters a flight for Mr. Luthor.
Date: (2014-09-29)
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A nice evening at Club 78, the music is popping, the goers are hopping, and the atmosphere all around is general good fun for those who enjoy the club scene. Its a mis of those who like to dance dancing versus those unsure lingering somewhere in between. All in all, a regular night at the club.

One slight difference this evening, is that there is a metahuman present. Not just the sort that shoots lasers from their eyes or can pick up trucks or that flies. This one is rather visible, being blue, elfin, and fuzzy. Kurt Wagner doesn't mind mingling and is rather proud of his nature. Perhaps having been so socialable before the curse was lifted, he doesn't mind being out and about presently. Still, there could be a mix of people not enjoying the little blue devil dancing about, others might find it a curiuosity. He seems to be sort of by himself presently, on the dance floor moving around with a graceful agility that goes will with his smaller frame. So proud of himself, he uses his tale to hold his drink while dancing even, not spilling a drop.

Kat Pryde isn't actually dancing, but in a corner, the neon lights showing off the blue highights in her hair and reflecting off her round-lensed glasses. The DJ tonight is excellent, but Kat's no dancer by nature, as demonstrated by the soft glow of the computer screen that's also going across her face. She looks up momentarily at the dancing meta, an arched eyebrow following. Bold. Couldn't deny the thing had balls, whoever he was. Here's hoping that the usual contingent of morons doesn't ruin a good ti—ah, there we go. Hello, Mr. Luthor's dayplanner…what can I do to you today?

While Ruth normally wears cold weather clothing, it's somewhat inappropriate for clubbing. She's changed into something a little less protective and a little more glowing, wrists wrapped in glowbracelets. She's a flier, and doesn't seem to be shy about showing it. She makes an effort to join the dancefloor for the bouncy songs, moving with the occasional lightning-fast sweep across the floor. And she "bumps" people sometimes but there's never any impact and she ends up pushed upwards automatically away from collisions on the floor. During a lull, she ends up perching upside-down on the ceiling.

Kurt might have inclination to go ask someone off their computer, its a party atmosphere for him, but there is another meta present (or powered human, he isn't judging if there is a tech assist on flying). And when she moves into his ball park, upside down on the ceiling, he takes genuine interest. Himself not a flier, he could teleport up there, but that might just be rude in this festive abode, with the smell of brimstone even if it mingles and washes quickly in the fog and other smells of a club. Instead he goes to the nearest speaker, uses acrobatics and wall clinging to move up and get to the ceiling the same, carefully moving in the direction of Ruth. He'll grin and come to here, pointing down (up) at a place to perch nearby, "Pardon me, good frauline, this seat is not taken, is it?"

Kat Pryde flicks his eyes up to watch the flyer and the elf seem to be meeting up. Aw, that would be cute. Some sort of meta love connection. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, reminds her that she needs to update the OKCupid stuff she had set up. She wasn't looking for a date, but showing a pretty face turned out to be an amazing method of data mining. She'd gotten the credit card of many a scumbag lawyer by inviting him to a date that never showed, then hacking the restaurant to pick it off his bill. More money for the orphans in Mexico.

One douchebag drunk moves in to start hitting on her, "Hey, baby, you wanna dance?" Kat looks up, head cocked, "I do. Very much. Squishy organs make such a noise when you dance on them. YOu go disembowel yourself and I'll be right there, after I touch up my lipstick, promise," she says, then turns back to her screen, ignoring him entirely as she begins to schedule Lex Luthor's private plane trip to Latveria and re-route it to meet up with a tourist group in Poland. They're hitting several historic beet farms.

Perching might have been the wrong word for it. Ruth floats in place like an abandoned helium balloon, getting shoved about lightly by air currents and making manually jittery corrections to her position in what looks like a fidget. Not actually touching the ceiling. She glancing over Kurt briefly, she tilts her head in response. Not sure she made out what he was saying through the accent and the music. "I'm not Faultline, I'm Aerial! So, what's up in your world?" She runs her hand through her hair and it sprays out in zero-g for a moment before slowly 'falling' back into place.

Chuckling and shaking his head, Kurt returns, "Nein … Frauline, like, in English, Miss." He says, trying his best not to have a thick German accent and yet failing all the same. If she's below the scaffolding of lights and all that, he will probably need to latch his tail on to hang down even to be closer to her currently upside down level, so he can be more eye to eye. "But ja, the usualy, you know, hanging out, clubbing. I felt I would be remiss if I didn't say hi, you being such a lovely long woman that seems to enjoy the life of a ceiling denizen. I meet so few many others like us." He doesn't mean 'meta', more joking about both of them being comfortable upside down. Though he's less zero-g and affected by gravity.

Ruth Maxwell eyes the tail with suspicion, though flattery will apparently get you everywhere. Ruth's used to keeping low to the ground to talk to people, and the same trick works on the ceiling. She adjusts her flight speed to very slowly drift up, and when her feet tap the ceiling and she bounces off she repeats the sudden speed change. "Don't go clubbing much myself. Lost a fight to a big red tank, needed to blow off some steam. So, that trick you did on the way up. Sticky, grav manip, or just regular climbing?"

"Two of the three, regular climing and sticky, its like suction cups, without the suction sound when I move," grins Kurt, "And I spent the last few years in the circus, I'm not directionaly bound to only stand in one direction." Meaning he could just as easily stand on the wall and feel normal, as he does now being upside down, even with blood gravitating in different directions. "Sorry about your fight with a tank, this is why I am nod made for war, machines beat me every time."

The girl turns partly sideways. She seems to be slipping into a fake accent, adopting some of the speech mannerisms. "Ah, no, tank meaning someone very tough and big. You know of the Juggernaut, yes? I thought I had him for a minute." She pauses and unwinds some string from a spool on her wrist under the glowbands. "Sticky hold this."

Reaching to take the string, Kurt isn't opposed, "Ja, the Juggernaut, heard something of the fellow. Wasn't he near the Embassies a few months ago two, why where you fighting him?" He lifts a curious brown, wondering why he's holding the string as much as why she was fighting the Juggernaut. He doesn't mind the fake accent and speech mannerisms, makes him smile just a little even.

She focuses her attention a bit and talks a bit slower. "Yah, he was hitting an armored car. Wonder Woman and I fought him. Well, she fought him. I flew in and got the money to the cops." And then she starts to pull at the string, backing up. It goes taut and… she shakes her head. "Drat. Sorry about that. I have a suit that boosts my power. Lets me take people with me. I was hoping it might rub off on me."

Grinning a little, Kurt responds, "Maybe it does, but since I'm suctioning to the ceiling now, it won't take me." He looks at the string a moment, then at her, "I could just let go, see what happens." He means, hold the string, let go of the ceiling. "You and Wondar Woman are friends, fighting crime together, frauline, I am amazed. I can walk on ceilings, but I do little to fight crime like that."

Then he will just do it, let go of the ceiling while holding the string. (If he starts falling, he will teleport back up to the ceiling).

Yep, he's falling. And Ruth reacts with a sudden reflex, taking the string in both hands and pulling it until it snaps, letting his end go so she won't be dragged along. The teleport is unexpected though, and Ruth responds by shooting diagonally across the room. When the smoke clears she's peeking back and slipping to the spot she was at before. "You have a distraction cloud like an octopus?"

Laughing and shaking his head when she says distraction cloud, Kurt gives a pause. "Ya, I suppose, its not just a distraction, its just a side affect of me teleporting. Why, was it pretty distracting?" He doesn't pay attention to anyone else that might notice them, as she zips around the room near the ceiling and he just bamfed. "Hopefully you don't mind a little distraction?"

Ruth ponders this, "Teleporting? That's pretty spiffy! How much can you take with you? How far can you go?" She holds up her hand hesitantly. "When a normal person grabs me, my power tries to dodge and I feel the jerk," she makes a little illustrative shift in the air. "Try sticking to my hand?"

"I have taken other people with me, but it makes them queezy, like an extreme rollercoaster ride," he says, lifting hi shand towards hers thun, the one she offers. "I just have to touch them. It upset me at first, but I've practiced, a lot." He won't try to grab to hard, just slowly to see what her ability is like. Not sure if she'll actively try to give him her hand too, even as it tries to go away. But if she does, she'll feel that his hand is imply fuzzy, though he has the micro-dermal suction, it doesn't feel suctiony at all.

Ruth sticks, and is… completely weightless. There's no resistance at all on the other side of his hand. She's easy to swing about, and her whole body moves in whatever arc along with his hand motions. "I'm not getting the usual feedback… I think this works." She smiles, "Well then. Wanna dance?" She offers her other hand up.

Delighted, as they're upside down and she is floating even, Kurt carefully takes your other hand, so as not to push you away there as well. "I'd love to dance, schweben-chen," and he does, if she can float and move to the music, he can use feet and tail to stick to the ceiling, dancing around the suspended lights that swirl and twirl, graceful enough to avoid them evan. Thus, giving them the best place to dance in the whole house perhaps.

With her hands locked to yours, she doesn't have to just use her power to move. She has some actual leverage to move her body in a non-jerky way. Though any time you bump her she does get shoved, now she can push back a bit. "I haven't danced since The Day, you know? Didn't know if I'd ever get to again." She blinks, then frowns, "And now that I think about it, your power is a hard counter to mine."

"Forgive me, frauline Aerial," Kurt returns, using the name she gave him when she said she wasn't called faultline. "How do you mean a counter, it seems we are dancing together splendidly, the envy of those who can't dance like us?" He looks down slightly at the regular dancers, but more is focused on her with his yellow eyes as they move around more of the structures normally suspended on the ceiling of a dance club.

Ruth nods, "Oh, call me Ruth. My identity is spoiled anyways. The flying doesn't turn off, it's kind of a giveaway." She pauses, "Sorry. I'm always thinking about how powers work together. If we were opposed. You could stick to me and weigh me down so I couldn't fly. Look — stay sticky." She jerks backwards, but when her arms go taut she simply yanks to a halt, not even tugging at you. "I can't pull. And even if I was flying high, you could get to me and grab on." She smiles, "So… I really do hope we're both on the side of the angels, or I'll have to get really clever."

Shaking his head, "We are on the same side, if you're out trying to do good." Guessing by her fighting the Juggernaut with Wonder Woman. "Ruth, it is a pleasure, I am Kurt Wagner - or the Nightcrawler, if you like the circus." Then grinning a little, "If I let go the wall or floor, I'll assume you might be able to fly or float me. I am thinking we should try this out, I haven't danced like that as of yet. But I don't know if this is the place for it. And you're company as a dance partner is particularly enjoyed."

Quickly shaking her head, "If you let go of the ceiling, I'll fall with you. I can only take about fifty pounds with me, and it takes time to work. I won't get hurt when we hit the floor unless you land on me though. I could put the suit on, and then I could take you." She grins, more flattery is always a good approach. "Kurt. Kinda stopped being a fan of the circus… Heard some bad stories about… well. Meta exploitation."

Nodding his head, "Yes, it happens, but there is also that area of the circus that allows us to be, well, us." Kurt has experienced both in his few years in the circus, more familiar with the gypsies and them welcoming him in, though he has experienced attempted exploitation as well. "Maybe Ruth, we can save the suit for another dance? I fear I won't be able to enjoy that smile if you put on some body armor."

Numbers exchanged and fade …

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