(2014-09-29) Back in Blue
Back in Blue
Summary: Nightcrawler meets Mystique, intrigue abounds
Date: (2014-09-29)
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A typical early evening in New York City, the sort where the sun isn't quite setting but the buildings are broadcasting long shadows on the city streets and sidewalks. Light start to flicker on on this shadows, foretelling of the evening to come. Presently its the perfect time to consider a bit to eat before any evening activities, to enjoy the rays of sunlight before they taper off to the west, those long yellow tendrils along the streets between the shadows of the buildings.

For Kurt Wagner, being as curious as he is, the shadows are the perfect place to simply be without much being seen. It allows him to move above street level enough to not be seen and with the trees on this most residential area, he has room to move about freely even. Thus, few would notice the indigo fuzzy elf literally just above heads as he lingers in those shadows. All but a trained eye that is perceptive to the environment and subtle variations of the world around them.

A cab pulls up in front of a nice club, where a lovely brunette steps out. Tipping the driver heavily, Ms Vanessa Hildebrand pauses to survey her surroundings once both feet hit the pavement. Dressed for an evening out, she's wearing a short dress and a longer coat complete with stockings and heels. And a stylish hat, tilted to one side. Everything is black and elegant, the red lipstick her only concession to color.

Being much more than she appears, Mystique's practiced gaze takes in more than just the cabbie and the club's doorman. No, she's -always- expecting trouble and she runs down the likely, and unlikely, places to look. And that's where the movement in the shadows.

Even as her gaze goes up to him, expecting trouble and catching his movement, Kurt is, on the other hand, not expecting anyone to notice him. Whether he had seen her getting out of the cab or not, she was a looker, stylish, elegant, the red lipstick on her lips quite a draw as well rounded as they are. It is probably that she turns to look at him that gets his attention. The blue elf (or devil if one wishes) pauses and turns to look at her direction. Even if he's lost in the shadows, no mistaking his yellow eyes and the grin of his, with canines. Lifting a hand as if to wave, he then disappears, a slight bamf in the air. Mostly unnoticeable before, but as she was looking in his direction, the slight disturbance is placed to him. He is gone but down to a stoop just down from the club. There he will step out. Its such that its not out of her peripheral, curiously, stepping out and looking at her, to see if she still notices him. Not paying mind to others who notice the elf coming out from that stoop and moving slightly away. As if the world doesn't matter to him over the curiousity of that woman, whom he doesn't know as Ms. Vanessa Hildebrand.

Her gaze lingers, but for just an instant. And yes, she smiles. Yellow eyes and the sharp canines. Interesting. Even moreso when he steps out of the shadows and she gets a better look at him. Blue as well. Yes, very interesting. And the woman's curiosity is seen in her expression. "Good evening." she offers, not at all put out by his appearance.

"Ja," he begins in German, but only to say yes. Kurt proceeds to English with a thick German accent, "A w(v)onderful evening. I hope I'm not keeping you, but I couldn't help but notice." He comes forward, forgetting the world around him. Aside from being blue and fuzzy, he's simply wearing a fall jacket, and some nice slacks. No shoes though over his three-toed feet. "Few, take notice of me, thus its something of an honor that someone as lovely as you would." Notice him that is, he offers a hand up, palm up, as if like some chivalrous person, he might take her hand in greeting and kiss it even.

The woman's smile broadens a touch, perhaps at his appearance or perhaps it's his accent. She watches him in silence for a moment, offering delicately manicured fingers for him to kiss when he bows. And when she replies, the woman speaks in fluent German. "You are well worth the distraction, meine herren. Someone with such a unique appearance as yours should not be hiding in the shadows, but this society is not yet ready." She pauses, then continues. "Will you walk with me?"

"I would be remiss to decline such an offer," returns Kurt, glad to speak in German to the woman who is fluent in his native tongue. "And I agree, for everyone that might take kindly to someone such as myself, I can see two more that are not yet ready. It has put me out of sorts these past few years, but it has opened my eyes to seeing more of the world. And it is a great world to be seen." Though as he turns to walk with her, and his eyes linger on her, it might be evident he is playfully suggesting she is the one worth seeing and he's glad his past life sort of put him out enough to put him here now to meet her.

The woman slips her arm through his in a gesture that's completely natural, and she gestures for him to lead. "This world is too full of bias and prejudice, I'm afraid." They walk a few paces and then she continues. "I would like to find a place where we can talk in some privacy."

Raising a brow and grinning, Kurt affords a 'so soon' expression at talking in privacy. Of course it might not be the privacy that first comes to his mind. "It is," the world, full of bias and prejudice, "Like the edelwiess on the mountain, small, hard to see, that is the good in the world, and it is a treasure to find it on the cold, hard, snowy mountain." He looks up at the sky, turning to get his bearings a moment, "I can find us a place, but I need to know, do you like roller coasters, and, do you trust me?"

She chuckles softly and gives him an arched brow in response to his 'so soon' look. "Yes, and yes." she replies. "And the trust goes both ways, in my mind. Yes, I trust you to bring me to this place if you are willing to trust me with its location." And there's the other edge of the blade.

"Its not my location, we're both stealing it," grins Kurt. With her arm in his hand, he grabs it to give a little twirl so they both face each other. "It only takes a moment," he says, and then he bamfs them both. Its on a nearby rooftop, one he has been to before in looking at the city, within a block or two from where they were. It had an old garden, long since dead, and a pigeon coup, with some pigeons but the door is opened and they're free to leave. Its washed in the glow of the sun pushing towards setting in the west. "Private enough, I figured my hotel room was too soon," he suggests, to hint he doesn't have a place in the city yet and a slight indication that he places her well above 'taking back to the hotel' in that regard.

Her hands barely find his waist when he teleports them both away, and she catches her balance quickly once they land. The woman laughs at his mention of a hotel room, and she nods. "You are correct there." she replies, keeping the conversation in German. "But this location will be quite suitable for what I have in mind. You see, you are not the only one who is unique in this world." And then, without removing her hands from him there's a flicker of color. And then he is standing there with a blue-skinned woman with red hair.

Grinning at her play back regarding a hotel room, Kurt finds himself more impressed now than when she first noticed him. They are standing like dancers for the purpose of teleporting, him giving her support after the quick ride to the rooftop, but her like that, he catches a moment. Then his hand comes up, as if to feel her cheek. She's blue, like him, less fuzzy certainly, but blue and he's curious. "Frauline, I am, truly amazed. You were lovely when we met but this, this is beautiful." He assumes this is more her true self, hence the sharing and need for privacy, "A shame the world is so prejudiced they cannot appreciate you in your best light."

It's Mytique's turn to be impressed now, and when his hand rises towards her cheek she leans in to press against his palm. Yellow eyes, much like his own, the blue skin mostly smooth and her hair bright red. Reaching up, she takes his hand between her own and replies softly. "Danke. You are so bold as to walk about as you do, and yet I have been hunted by the ignorant for most of my life. You may call me Mystique."

"Mystique," says Kurt sounding it out as if he likes the name, fitting even, or that he likes the intrigue she suggests by her presense and furthered by the name she prefers. His hand falls between hers, curling over one of hers, wanting that touch of someone familiar - not many blue people. "I was raised to be bold, something like destiny. I lost a teaching job I had, I retired to my family's home then, and had to leave that too on account of the staff being harassed in town. But I have much to be thankful for, I want for little but adventure ifself Mystique. I am sorry the ignorant of hunted you, I know what it is like to seek a place to hide." He found the gypsies after months of searching and it has been less hiding for him sense.

She chuckles softly, and the smile she returns isn't entirely a nice one. "Those who have hunted me usually came to regret their choice." the blue-skinned woman replies. "I have learned over the years to be careful and discrete, but also to take care of myself and to watch my back." There's another ripple and then her form shifts again, to leave Kurt looking at his exact duplicate. He answers in his own voice, even. "I am very good at being discrete."

He didn't know if the other form was the only one she could do, and he certainly wasn't aware of the voice. While curious to look at himself, Kurt can't help a quick joke about it, "Well, there's a handsome fellow." His hand still with her hands, even if they look like his. "You could go unnoticed as long as you wished, I imagine it would be hard to hunt you down." Taking the meaning in the regret of those that have hunted her down, it doesn't bother him, perhaps something they deserved even for trying. He doesn't question the why of hunting her or what she may have done in return. "I fear now, if I part company with you tonight, I'll never see you again." Or may, and not realize it.

The other Kurt laughs as well, shaking his own hand before Mystique shifts back to her natural form again. "Many have tried, and more often than not the hunters become the hunted." she replies. "As for you, it must be easy to elude your hunters as well. You simply …vanish. But be assured that I would not have shown you my true form if I had no intention of seeing you again."

A nod from Kurt as Mystique returns to true form and points out the hunters being turned to the hunted. A consideration, "Ja, with limits. I can only go a couple of miles at most. I haven't met many other teleports, but I think I'm more unique in that its instantaneous for me, I don't have to open a portal to go through." Having that trust to really explain his ability, others have been interested, but she gets the trust first for him to be honest about what he can do. "I was secretly hopefuly you would say that, Mystique. You seem a refined woman of society and I look like some hood scrub," she was dressed nicely when they met, going to the club, "Perhaps I can be more myself when we do meet again." Not to suggest he's going just now either, he's made now move to step away from the shifting Mystique.

She releases his hand as he steps back, and Mystique watches his face closely. Perhaps expecting some scrutiny on his part, she gives a slow turn to show that everything is, indeed 'natural'. At least for her. "We both have our secrets and our reasons for doing what we do. I have learned to distrust governments and most other organizations, which means I work alone and I must always keep up the veil. It would be nice to have a place where I do not have to pretend."

Listening to what she says, she might notice there is no scrutiny at all from Kurt, perhaps a hint of sympathy but its kept light due to the fact that she seems a wonderfully independent woman just ths same and he wouldn't want to demean the way she came to be who she is by feeling sorry she's had to work alone mostly. Instead he grins, enjoying that view even, all the right curves are there, and on top, blue skin, yellow eyes, red hair a bonus further still even. "I think I'm learning to only trust myself, I do have trust in my board of directors, but other than that, I've been out of the picture to save the value of my company. I think I'm up for that, whatever may come Mystique, a place you don't have to pretend - because honestly, I like this real you." Though presently that might be limited to her visually not pretending.

Mystique smiles warmly all the same, and she chuckles. "Bold words, my friend. But you don't know what I am, or what I've done. What I've had to do to survive. Believe me when I say that I am not always a nice person." She pauses, then moves to sit. "But tell me more about yourself so that I may find you again."

Not outwardly Christian, Kurt's one of those that does espouse the ideas of forgivness, its part of why he's not asking what she has done. That's for her to know, he only goes forward with what she gives him now. In part because she said she's been hunted, he's not prying for information like he might normally when meeting cute ladies. Movin with her to sit, he'll pull up legs to crouch like a gargoyle, more natural and comfortable for him. "I'm Kurt Wagner, easily googled," gring the ceiling elf, "My other name is Nightcrawler, it fits with what I can do, but it comes from the circus, my hiding grounds when I have no where to go, their family." He explains all that openly. "I could go on, but I don't want to bore you with my life."

Her gaze flickers as she makes the mental note. "Kurt Wagner." she repeats, keeping the pronunciation in German. And she nods when he talks about the circus. Understanding all too well. "I have lived a long life, Kurt, and much of that time I have fought. One way or another. Initially to survive, but less so later on."

"I have fought little until recently," he explains, taking awe in her admission to him and her inclinatino or desire to fight in general. "More so having gone to Genosha during the uprising there. I do not like to think of myself as a fighter, but would it be unbecoming if ever asked you for advice." Half a grin, "Mind you, I'm more interested in you as such a lovely young woman." In appearance, he doesn't dispute the long life she had and how much older she might be than he is. "I would like to get to know you better, and share that moment with you when you can become yourself. Even if it means you will continue to fight."

She nods slowly at the mention of Genosha. "Yes. That is a perfect example of the ignorance in today's world." she replies in agreement. And then Mystique smiles again. "You are interested in me as -this- lovely young woman? As I am right now?" Yes, apparently she finds that to be somewhat increduluous. "I could be -any- lovely young woman, of course. Are you sure you don't want someone like that?"

Still a hint of a grin, se helistens to her talk about fighting, he's nodding. Then she asks a ponderance about her being any young woman and he shakes his head. "Nein, Mystique, no other woman compares with the beauty that is the lovely young woman I see right now. There are plenty of lovely ladies out there, but this one, she holds a candle above the rest. She is beautiful not in simply being herself in front of me, but her lovely blue skin and warm yellow eyes truly make her a marvel. It is this one I am most interested in."

Mystique smiles at that, and it's quite likely she would even blush if her blue skin could accommodate it. "Then rest assured, Kurt Wagner, that you will certainly see me again." Leaning in, she cups his face between her hands and kisses a fuzzy cheek. She eases her arms around his shoulders, then, pulling him close and whispering. "If you would like to research some of my past, look up Raven Darkholme. She lived in East Berlin after the War…"

Smiling, his grin turns up when she cups his face and kisses his fuzzy cheek. Kissed he may have been as a fuzzy fellow, but not on the fuzz itself. He doesn't return the kiss, but his arms come around her sides, as if they were dancing a little. She gives him the first clue to her age and he is not deterred with her but instead, he finds her more elegant and refined, it gives her a touch of classy, more so than the high society woman he met on the street. "I might look it up, because I'm curious, but I'd like to save more of the details for you to tell me when we meet again. I will call you again in a few days, when I come back into the city." In part a question, and if them touching is like a dance, it sounds like the last dance and he might have to go soon, just making the arrangements to make good on seeing her again.

Number taken to call her, and fade …

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