(2014-09-28) Reservists Return to Duty
Reservists Return to Duty
Summary: Batman and then Black Widow make their return debuts at the Watchtower, and are treated to a review of the most recent intel on the Mongo crisis, as plans are made for the next step in League efforts.
Date: 2014-09-28
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Kara reclines a bit in her seat on the gantry in the heart of the monitor womb of the Watchtower, and sips more hot cocoa. "Anyway. Like the reports said, not much left. There's enough remnant that we can tell the chemical signature of the armor is non-terrestrial in origin, and the power readings from Iron Man's armor back that up. But there's nothing to conclusively tie any of this back to Mongo."

Kara turns to Miss Marvel, smiling wryly. "Still, I've got JARVIS trying to run analogs between everything we have and the data from Hawkgirl. Any matches we can find will narrow down our search parameters and give us something more to follow up on. There haven't been any more signals today, other than the one from Thailand. Still not sure who or what confronted the target there, but it was already gone to self-destruct by the time we got there."

And then, JARVIS' cool, clear British voice speaks up, "Recognized: Batman, Jay-El Zero-Five." The zeta beam pad flares with energy, visible on one of the monitors, and Kara glances at Miss Marvel. "Well. Speak of the cloaked devil."

Miss Marvel raises a brow. "My question is, if they are from Mongo, and I hold little doubt that that is the fact, how and when did they get here? More then likely Ming used that Earth-crusher as a distraction. While all of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes are out saving the day, he slips in these troops. I mean, if Hawkgirl was able to get here undetected who's to say that others can't?" She sits up as it seems that The Bat arrives. "Wow.. Someone's decided to return to the flock…"

One hell of a night turned into even one hell of a day. Batman beams up indeed now stepping further inside. "Salutations." he greets the pair of them. "Thank you, JARVIS." he says at random actualy thanking the computer. If he didn't have Alfrd he'd love a version of him at his mansion. "I know its been a while." he turns his attention to the pair.

"My best guess is that you're right. Unfortunately, JARVIS' sensors were offline due to the diagnostics being run to figure out how it was that huge thing got past us. We've gone through the feeds, but nothing conclusive. However they got here, they're here now. And we need to find the rest of them, before more people are hurt." Power Woman offers Miss Marvel, acknowledging her points.

"The repulsor tech in the tube should bring you right to us. We're in the Monitor Womb." Kara offers Batman, smiling. Then she glances at her friend and teammate, her surprise at Batman's return writ large upon her features. "I'm rather surprised, too. He was there last night, but I figured that was just random. Still, it's good to know he's well, and hasn't completely forgotten us." She puts on a smile, then for the Batman as he arrives.

"It's good to see you again, Batman. Welcome to the Watchtower."

Miss Marvel sighs and stands. "You're looking at it from the wrong way. We're throwing science at him when he's a master of both science… and magic." She says, emphasizing her specialty. Having never met Batman personally, she just smiles and nods, a slight wave.

"Good to see you, Power woman." he nods his hea din her direction before glancing at the other woman. Moving in her direction a gloved hand is held out for Miss Marvel, "I am Batman. I do not believe we have met."

"Allow me to make introductions. Batman, this is Miss Marvel. She was voted in after you moved to Reserve status, so we didn't pass along her information to you. My apologies. Miss Marvel, this is Batman, one of our founding members." Kara offers by way of introductions. "I saw you and your partner at the incident last night. I hope neither of you was seriously injured?" she inquires of the Gotham vigilante.

Miss Marvel again nods. "An honor, sir. I'd been reading on what little has been written about you."

"Well met." Batman nods to her before he glances back to PW, "Robin and I were there among others. We were not hurt but those things are like nothing I have seen." and he has seen some weird stuff. "Any information on them?"

"Actually, Miss Marvel and I were going over what we know so far when you arrived. Have a seat." Power Woman offers. "JARVIS, can you go back to the first slides, please? Review for Batman, and put control at his terminal, if you will?"

"Certainly, Power Woman. Controls detailed to station three, Batman." JARVIS' British voice offers.

"In essence, we believe that these must be some form of shock troopers from Mongo, an alien planet, a mobile rogue we've had intel on for a little while now. Apparently, forces within the government have known of their impending arrival for some time, and been increasing the tempo of their illegal operations trying to prepare to resist their invasion, which led to the upswing in teen metahuman kidnappings." Power Woman explains, as more files are added to Batman's queue for review at his convenience.

"The planet has arrived outside our solar system. Iron Man and I established a network of remote sensor platforms that use gravity pulses to communicate. They detected the planet's arrival, and have been tracking most of the asteroid incursions. We also have additional intel made available from a former citizen of Mongo, a woman using the moniker of Hawkgirl, a former Thanagarian now in Metropolis. We've been correlating data we accumulate with what she has available whenever possible."

"Unfortunately, it seems the ruler of Mongo, Ming the Merciless, uses magic as well as science and technology. We believe that is how he managed to smuggle that planet killer asteroid in-system undetected earlier this week." Kara shakes her head. "Moon Maiden is still out of operation after that. We think these troopers were smuggled onto Earth during that crisis."

Miss Marvel nods. "Well… That seems to sum it up quite nicely, Kara…. Now I have one question. When do we do the same? I mean, not with shock troopers of course. If this Ming is as evil as this Hawkgirl says, he must have lots of enemies on this planet. We need to be able to get there, meet with the locals, and create some form of subversive resistance force." She shrugs. "I have a way of getting us there. The only issue will be if he's sensitive to the magic that I'll use to do so."

"I came across the Black Widow earlier." Batman tells them, "She is back from her missions. I think the ones she words for might be interested in these things. They might even have some ideas about it." he suggests since Widow is also part of the League. "met her partner called Hawkeye. He is an archer like the Green Arrow, not as good I don't think but good enough."

"We're not really well suited as a subversive resistance force." Power Woman opines, honestly. "At least, I'm not. Not that I think it's a bad idea. But maybe we should avail ourselves of resources who /are/ better suited to that kind of effort." Of course, then Batman mentions Black Widow. "Well, if Widow is back and available, I'd be happy to see her, Mirage, and their friends take on something like this. That's what they're well suited to, at least." Kara does seem a tad bewildered by the mention of Green Arrow, apparently having no idea who that would be. "When Widow was sent on her long term mission, she was replaced with a new liason officer. You haven't met her. Codename is Mirage. She went to school, originally, with Marvel Girl and others."

Miss Marvel nods and takes mental note. Speak with SHIELD. She remains quiet for now, listening.

Batman takes note of the new name, "I look forward to meeting her." seems the league is dominated by estrogen not that he is complaning because he knows Stark wouldn't. "She has to take care of something before she can give more of her attention to the league but I know she will help us as needed."

Power Woman stands on the gantry in the heart of the monitor womb aboard the Watchtower, facing Batman, sitting at station three on the gantry, as the holographic displays around the spherical womb display a plethora of information including video clips, powre signature analysis, personnel files and dossiers, after-action reports and evidence photographs. Miss Marvel was on monitor duty, and is still at station 1, doing her job while also participating in this chat.

"Well, if Widow is busy, we should bring this up to Mirage. That's what a liason officer is all about." Power Woman offers. "If they feel they could use one or more of us to assist, then we'll help out. But I know I for one am not very good at sneaking around. I don't want to be the reason a mission this important fails." Her hand is fully recovered, unfairly so, after breaking it badly while punching one of these supposed 'shock troopers' they've been reviewing.

"Recognized. Jay El Zero Six." JARVIS says as the zeta tube flashes and Laurel, the Moon Maiden hobbles out. She's coming straight from her Lunar Villa and she's looking a little… pale.

"Something's happening." Laurel says to the others, nodding a brief hello to each of them. "Nice to see you again, Batman. Hello, Miss Marvel. Hello, Kara."

Laurel steps up to a station and begins typing, bringing up cameras she's placed on the Moon, specifically to watch the Blue Area - the uninhiabited but habitable section on the dark side, not far from Laurel's own Villa. She shows an image of a giant with a large, bald head dressed in blue and white robes, staring at the stars.

"The One Who Watches is outside his compound and… looking at something. He's been like that for hours now. I've NEVER seen him outside his place."

As another enters Batman watches offering her a silent nod in greeting. He moves up behind Moon to look, "Has something to do with last night I'd bet." he finally says while going into thought. "He a recluse monk?"

"Well, I've only seen him once." Kara explains. "And that was inside his place. Moon Maiden took me there, when we first visited the Moon together." Which explains why Laurel would expect Kara to know who this is and why it's important. "Were you able to get enough readings to give us a specific vector in the direction of his gaze, Laurel?" Kara inquires. "JARVIS, can you extrapolate from this video, and project the direction of his gaze as a narrowed cone? What's in that direction?"

"He's been there since at least the dawn of the Roman Empire." Laurel sags down into a chair. "Tired." She closes her eyes and continues speaking. "As far as we can tell, he… watches. Everything. He observes Earth and watches everything that happens there. My best guess is he's a historian or an anthropologist of an alien race. He lets you wander around his home so long as you don't touch anything and he never responds to anyone. Never communicates. Doesn't even acknowledge you are there."

"And I did the math. He's looking roughly where Mongo is. Or where it last was according to the reports that Marvel Girl brought back from her trip."

Listening to the pair Batman goes into thought. "Does he have special sight? To maybe see things that we can not? Though if he doesn't communicate then how do you really know its just not a star or bird or something?"

The extraopolation requested appears in a holographic globe of space, and does indeed line up with the projected location of Mongo according to their gravitic sensor array.

Power Woman eyes this, and then Laurel, and moves to make sure her friend is seated and safe. "You should have just called. That's why we have the comm relay in place." she says, clearly worried about her friend. Truth is, Kara herself would have done the same, and she knows it; doesn't keep her from worrying and wanting her friend to be safe.

"Given the historical records that were left at the Villa, Batman, I would tend to believe Laurel's conclusions unless I had good reason to doubt them." Power Woman offers. "Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what it is going on Mongo that would draw his attention … beyond their interest in us."

"We don't know what his powers are. He does have screens of some sort in his compound. Thousands of the showing various scenes on Earth from past and present and, for all I know, future. Some of them don't quite fit into our reality so I suspect he also has a way to look beyond the dimensional barrier." Laurel wrinkles her nose. "He could be watching nothing but… it gives me the chills."

Laurel reaches up to pat Karen's hand. "I'm fine. Emma went home yesterday and I'm tired of being confined to bed in my lucious, fully automated lunar estate. So, I came down. Batman, are you coming back to active duty?"

Well that didn't sound much like bragging on her estate. A nice soft bed would feel good though as well as a hot tub. "I am." Batman answers Laurel with a nod of the head. "I understand your worries. Kind of reminds you of how some one will go stand in a public square and stare up at the sky to see how many more will look."

Miss Marvel nods and listens, taking mental note of this Watcher. "How was the recon trip that Marvel Girl went on? Did she get any data? I want to know what to expect when I walk thorough the door. I don't want to lead an infiltration team in blindly." She nods in greeting to Laurel.

"Well, I know about getting restive. I just want you to get better, not worse. Sorry for hovering." Kara offers her friend, with a gentle squeeze of the other's hand. "I don't think this Watching guy would be doing it just to get others to do the same. But I know what you mean; it's very compelling, the urge to bear witness." Power Woman frowns. "Marvel Girl hasn't completed an after action report. I'll get on her about that as soon as I can." They need that intel to lead their further actions.

"Glad to have you back." Laurel says to Batman. She opens her eyes and smiles at Mary. Then she closes them again. "We'll need Jean's report. Also, any data her team captured. We should feed it all through Batwoman since she's handling our tactical for this scenario."

Batman is standing behind Moon Maiden whom is showing them a big bald guy staring at the sky. For the moment he remains quiet soaking in all the information as the women continue to talk.

Power Woman stands not far from Moon Maiden's seat at station five on the gantry in the Watchtower's monitor womb, the giant sphere's walls filled with holographic projection screens showing a plethora of different data, images, video feeds and more. "That is, Batman, assuming that you are coming back?" They hadn't discussed that, and she didn't want to make any assumptions. "But I agree, we ned to get all of that data to Batwoman and get her to work on the tactical. I'll make sure to include my recommendation to get Mirage onboard with a possible SHIELD team to visit Mongo."

Miss Marvel nods. "I should get back home. My shift is over." And I've got school in the morning. She smiles to Laurel. "It's good to see you up and about. You had us all scared." Then to Batman. "Again, a pleasure to finally meet the legend, sir. I hope we see you around here more." A squeeze to Kara's hand. "Don't forget to mention that I'll be covering the infiltration point." She says all this and waves before heading for the tubes.

"That sounds like an idea. Glad you've got it covered." Laurel says. "I'm going to dig into the archives at the Villa. That asteroid didn't just roll in. I asked JARVIS to review the data from every telescope out there as well as our own sensor network. It teleported just outside the moon's orbit. I think it might be magic. Maybe the Hundred developed a defense or, at least, a detection method?"

Oh the technology of this age. Point to point transportation. Beaming. Like something straight out of a sci-fi flick. For a woman who was born in the '20s she will never fully get used to that. Poor Cap probably has a caniption if he ever does it.

JARVIS announces: "Arriving: Jay El Zero Nine."

Well. At least after a long six month operation she hasn't been completely forgotten. Moving into the main area, the Widow is dressed in civilian clothes. No need to be dressed to be armed to the hilt unless necessary, but don't be fooled into thinking she isn't armed. Fitted jeans, heeled boots. A crimson shirt against her chest and a light tan jacket over. A light nod is given in passing as Miss Marvel goes to leave.

Catching the fact that Batman is surrounded by women. Beautiful, exquisite women. Natasha wanders a little further in, crossing her arms against her chest with a faint smirk. "Any other man would think he'd died and gone to heaven." Of course, she knows Bruce.

Her gaze flits over the projections. She's been gone a long time; so none of this really looks familiar information wise. She has a lot to catch up on- so she listens.

A glance is given as another arrives. Bruce smirks at her words, "Good to see you, Widow." he greets with a wink before looking at PW, "I am back." he then glances at Miss Marvel. "Pleasure meeting you too."

"Well, well. A night for the return of more than one wayward reservist." Power Woman comments wryly, towards Natasha as the redhead arrives on the repulsor-powered tube from the zeta tube station. "Good to see you are well, Widow." Kara hugs Miss Marvel before she departs. "You take care of yourself." She then watches the other woman disappear, and turns back to the group gathered. "I think my human parents might have said 'your ears might have been burning', Widow. We were just discussing you, actually. We have a lot of intel on a threat to Earth's security, and we've been thinking that it might be time to get SHIELD actively involved as well. Your people have skills most of us do not. Skills that might prove a lot more useful in some of this. Some of us are not very good at 'sneaky', after all. We'd intended to speak to Mirage, who stepped up to be our liason after you were sent on that other mission. But perhaps you'd like to review the materials and involve yourself? If you're free."

"Nice to see you, Black Widow." Moon Maiden says as she struggles to her feet. "I think I've overstayed, though. I should get more rest. Emma says I probably burst a blood vessel or three in my brain. They're healing but it'll take time. I was also told that if I ever try to hold a space mountain from moving again she'll lock me in a closet." She laughs. "Kara, come see me later, okay? I'll give you the math I've done on possible approaches Mongo can take to Earth. I'd like an engineer's perspective on the numbers."

"Infiltration and espionage? Your speaking my language." Natasha grins. Of course she likes shadow ops. Sneaky is good. She wanders a little further in, the smirk returned to Bats. "Always a pleasure, Batman."

Unfolding her arms for the moment, she watches Power Woman for a heartbeat as she speaks. "I have something that demands my attention, but it should only last a day. Maybe two, more. I can take a look over the intel. Whats the nature of the op?"

"Moon." She lilts to the other woman in greeting. While there is concern there, she remains planted in place for the moment.

"Rest well, Moon." Batman tells her as she takes her leave of them. Moving to have a seat somewhere, "Perhaps this is something you should tell Fury about. What is happening and all. JARVIS, fill Widow in on all information she needs." he calls out. He still is getitng used to talk to air and commanding it to do things.

"I'll be by tomorrow. You, get rest. Call me if you need something and Ms. Frost isn't available." The difference between an engineering student and a school administrator's freedoms of scheduling. Besides, best friends are good for helping one to heal. "I really was good to see you." Kara watches Moon Maiden make her way to the tube and depart, before she turns to Black Widow and resumes.

"Put as briefly as I can: the Earth is under a sort of slow-motion alien invasion. The planet of origin is Mongo, a rogue self-propelled planetoid ruled by a despot known as Ming the Merciless. Currently, the planet is in a position just outside the outermost orbits of our solar system. We have it tracked on gravitic sensors, which are near-real-time. We've used those same sensors to track asteroids they have sent to attack us, and intercept them." Power Woman explains. "Then, this past week, they apparently used magic - or so we believe - to teleport a huge one in right outside lunar orbit. We managed to deal with it, but not without injuries. Moon Maiden strained herself badly. And apparently, the enemy managed to use that as a distraction to land shock troops of some kind on the planet. There have been several incidents so far, including one at a high profile event in New York City last night."

Kara turns to the redhead. "Miss Marvel is pretty sure she can use a magical gateway to get a group onto the planet. She doesn't know how 'undetected' she can make it, but she is willing to try. She feels we should get people onto the planet to help foment rebellion and revolution against Ming. To me, that sounds like it would be right down SHIELD's alley. We have all of the material you can see, and I'll unlock your command codes and attach all of our additional intel to your user ID for review."

Listening, Natasha goes to settle on the arm of a chair, perching neatly, legs crossing at the knee. "Infiltration team." She nods once in agreement, the gears turning behind her eyes as she considers. "It would have to be a small team. Too many and we'd be made early and its game over before its begun."

"I will speak with Robin. He is good with being able to show stealth." Batman hasn't really tried bringing him over or at least overly pushed the idea.

"If you're comfortable putting him in this kind of position, Batman, we'll trust your knowledge of his skils and preparedness." Kara opines. Sure, Robin is young. But frankly, she's not a whole lot older, as far as she knows. She's not going to lecture anyone on 'too young'. Not that she's had much to do with Robin, having only just seen the guy for the first time last night. But they are aware of his existence, from Batman's briefings when they started the League. "We would leave the composition of the team up to those who are going. As big or as small as you like. If you go with a larger team, perhaps that team can split up once on the planet, and move in multiple directions. It is a whole planet, after all."

And suddenly Widow realizes she's the oldest person in the room.

"Any way of communications to here once we have a team on the ground? Optimistically in a situation like this, you send a two man scout ahead. Get the lay of the land and see just exactly how we can setup. Pick the team, or teams, and proceed from there. Going in blind is one of the worst things you can do on any op and is more than likely going to get us killed- or worse." Granted, she has decades of experience in planning ops. Especially shadow ops.

"Once we are there, what about an exit strategy? If we need a quick evac will that be possible; or is this going to be one of those 'If you sign up, you might not come back?'"

Widow is the oldest person in the room, even when Steve is in the room, if only by a couple of years. Kara doesn't know that, though. "We could give you a grav-pulse unit. It wouldn't be as good as a full comm. Think of it like Morse Code. But it would enable you to read from the sensor net, as well as send messages back to us, which we could forward to whomever you needed to have them."

Power Woman nods. "The Guardians of the Galaxy have already been on-planet and gotten the lay of the land, and Marvel Girl was with them. We're getting together her report now, which should help you plan out your teams and initial strategy. I think Miss Marvel can manage a reasonably fast extraction, as long as we can stay in touch. So as long as the grav pulse comm works, she can probably get to you wherever you are, and get you back out if needed. But … I'd still approach it with the same seriousness as a potential one-way mission. Anything could go wrong."

"I approach any of my missions as a one way trip. But the real threat of it being so needs to be known to any going. It wouldn't be fair otherwise." Widow glances off to one of the screens as she contemplates. "Whats my timeline like?" How much time does she have to plan this? When does do they need to hit the ground?

"I would say we would not want to wait more than another week. Frankly, we'd rather put boots on the ground sooner than later. But some planning and prep time is expected." Power Woman answers. She would much rather Wonder Woman be here for decisions like this; they elected her to lead, after all. But when the Amazon's ambassadorial duties call, that doesn't mean the League's needs end. So Kara has found herself doing more and more leadership. Hopefully she hasn't been doing too terrible a job.

Widow clicks her tongue. "I need one day to finish what I'm dealing with now. Four to plan, prep and get the teams together." So five days. Widow has no problem helping in leadership when its something she's familiar with; but even in the field she generally follows someone else when she can. She always has her own agenda.

But it looks like she may be stuck leading this one regardless.

"I'll talk with Fury, but while we may have some of our Agents, some of the Leaguers that can manage stealth and discretion would be appreciated. Can you see what you can find in that measure?"

"Honestly? That's you and Mirage - two SHIELD agents - and Batman and Batwoman. I'll ask the others, but that would be about it." Not exactly, of course. Power Woman is pretty sure that Captain America can do stealth, and so can Wonder Woman. But she has to work with whom she has available, and those who haven't been much of late. "I'll see what I can do."

"Alright." Natasha cants her gaze over at Batman. "You in?" Might as well ask while she has him here. "Robin, is of course welcome, if you have faith in his abilities."

His glance is given to Widow, "I am in and I'll speak to Robin. I trained him myself so of course I trust his abilities." not that Batman is bragging on himself.

"When its time, I'll pull everyone together for a briefing before we go." Natasha slips off of the chair to straighten on her feet. "Now, if you two will excuse me, I have a lot of homework to attend to."

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