(2014-09-27) Catching Up
Catching Up
Summary: Nitro and Black Lightning catch up a little while at Outsiders base, Wanda Maximoff enters as Black Lightning leaves
Date: (2014-09-27)
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There has been a few happenings around the Outsiders base of late. Aside from some activity due to the Secret Empire and wanting to track them down, along with some increased metavillian activity, the Ambassador of Genosha has made cause with the Outsiders alongside the enigmatic Topaz. This on the heels of Lillian Crawley throwing her lot in with the group as well. Thusly, Jefferson finds himself more and more at the Base, even doing his extracurricular activity assocaited with teaching at the base itself. This is one of those moments, sitting in the receiving area and lounging about with some student's papers, he is in costume with an earpiece in and a laptop nearby in case something needs Outsiders attention.

Coming into the base from one of the secrect accesses, though Nitro has been busy at his new job and employer as of late Tony Stark. THough heknows eh will need to tell Tony about himself here soon. Tony has put in a lot of trust into him already, "So whats going on?" he asks. Keeping his communicator on him at all times, and he has been keeping up wiht whats been gong on at the base, but not all things like themeeting with Genosha.

Feeling its a good moment to stop looking at the exams he was grading, Black Lightning looks up at the arrival. "The usual, juggling everything seeing where the balls land when I lose control." With a chuckle in his voice, its not near as bad as he makes it sound. "There's a few new faces around, of late. I am meaning to send a memo out to all of us to avoid more confusion; like Captain Atom not expecting Topaz here. I need to mention another potential named Static to everyone too." Then he leans foward where he is sitting, putting his hands to his knees. "How's your end lately Kyani," he asks, as if needing this break for the moment.

Quirking a brow up at Jefferson, as he takes a seat and looks over to the man as he clues him in on whats going on, "Oh really?" he asks about hte new arrivals. "Well maybe a team meeting may do better then and introductions made?" he asks. "As for me, I'm now working at Stark Industries. I had a meeting with him and he's pretty much took me under his wings, he's a pretty cool dude so far, and has taken care of things for me." he states. "Other then that, trying to keep up wiht things here which seemed I missed."

Shaking his head a little, Black Lightning grins the same. "Nah, its the beauty of the contribute as needed, things were covered without having to have scheduled shifts. Out of this, if working well with Stark and he's look out for you, that is a bigger boon for you Kyani." There is a pause for the moment, and he pats at where he would have pockets if he wasn't suited up. "I have to ask, the Starkphone, what's the deal with that and the flying rumor? Publicity stunt of some kind, or stupid rumor gone bad for real?"

"IT's just a job man." he says. "ANd a way for me to learn so that I can help out more here outside of my powers, which I need to see if our gym is capable of withstanding whta I can do." he states. When Jefferson stilldoesn't budge about the team meetings, Kyani just shrugs and gives up, "I have no clue if thats a rumor or not, I'm still just getting acclimated. So whats been going on, I know patrols have increased, what else is goingon that I may have missed?

"Other than trying to wach the regular channels for what's happening, I'm working with Topaz to see about a possible link for Pluto," says Black Lightning, "That satellite thing from the clouds when Captain Atom fought Griffin, seems we can trace it to a factory. We're gonna prepare to go the factory and investigate. Just dependent when she can be around. Her skills with the magical stuff might be key here. That and I think we're gonna need to crash the other members of the cult that Doc Mid-Nite and I fought last time we ran into Topaz dealing with Pluto trying to come back to Earth."

Taking in what he is being told, Kyani leans back in his seat. "So right now what are we focusing on, Pluto, the escaped convicts who are now a cult looking to take us out?" he asks as he looks to Jefferson. "If you, Topaz, Captain Ato and the Doc are going after Pluto, I will work on the escaped convicts, try to capture them one by one." he sayss as he looks to his frienda nd team mate. "Unless you four think you will need help."

"Sorry, the cult are the ones Mid-Nite, Topaz and myself encountered trying to summon Pluto in the cemetery in Lower Manhattan, the convicts are a third issue. We might have to focus on background research for them, unless you think you could find Angle Man. He escaped that day we fought Major Disaster and the Weather Wizard." Sitting up a moment, he considers that more, "You know, come to think of it, maybe we should focus on Major Disaster's sister, she's the one they were trying to get out of prison while hitting the rest of the city with disasters."

"Oh. I didn't know there was a cult. I really need to sit one day and read up on all the files." he sighs a little bit. But as suggestions on how to find Angle Man comes up, he nods. "Well we need to focus on which we ging to do first. I need to know who all we have on this time outside of us, possibly Diamond Lil, then I'm hearing about someone called Static and someone else." he says rubbing the back of his head. "Too much is going on all at one time. So knowing who all is here and doing what would help out a lot."

Nodding, Black Lightning crosses his legs a moment. Just to be safe, he goes over the entire list. "Captain Atom, yourself and myself through together the idea, Doctor Mid-Nite joined us after Atom asked him too. I approached Topaz after we saw Pluto that day, she is still considering, but I would say she is part of the team. Lillian Crawley is in, if only for the fact to hit other metahumans and really let loose, but she's good folk, cares about the people. Wanda Maximoff has joined with us following the anti-metahuman assault during her public address. Static is only interested, but hasn't called to arrange to even meet. We have things to be proactive about, if you're interested, but its not required. Our priority is and always will be the immediate protection as first responders to the lives of the citizens of New York."

Once he gets the run down on who all are now apart of the team, Kyani leans back in his seat and rubs his head a moment. "Whoa, I didn't know we've grown so fast." he says to Jefferson. "Yeah, we need to make sure this all is updated into the system so that it makes it easier for team assignments and such. Acting as first responders do require coordination. I'm still apart of the team, I'm not looking to leave." he says as he looks to Jefferson. "I may have my own ideas as to what we can do, but I'm learning we operate differently. Sorry if it feels like I'm being a bit stubborn on that."

"Its in the system, and we not doing assignments and tasks. I'll put information on things we're proactive into the system, people can take what they feel comfortable with. Its the consensus of making the impact that will motivate individuals to help. Really, if it feels like someone isn't proactively contributing, its for us to ask them to leave. Otherwise, we go out and make the difference when we can, as we can. For instance, I'd never ask Lil to go undercover with Doctor Mid-Nite, she'd go apeshit sneaking around. As long as she is willing to go out when a heavy hitter might be needed, she's doing her part, ya?" Black Lightning sits back a little, scooping up the tests he had nearby.

Kyani lowers his head for a moment, then looks up as he hears how thins are to work. "I see. Well I know I have a lot to do then." he says as he smiles a bit. "SOrry, I'm not trying to make things complicated." he tells Jefferson. Leaning back in his seat, "I feel like such a rook." he says as he looks around the room then to Jefferson

Shaking his head and smiling the same, Jefferson looks directly at Kyani, "Nonsense, nothing complicating, no rook. You helped with the Weather Wizard and Major Disaster, you where there to help with Griffin when we first got this idea. The most important thing is to honestly be here when you can, or have your earpiece with you if you can get away from your regular work. Answer calls when needed. The proactive things are secondary to being responders to this city when its in need."

That said, he puts his papers in a satchel and stands up. "I'm choosing to focus on the stuff we found in that satelitte, Pluto seems a big threat to me, I'm going that way. If you want to focus on the escaped criminals, ask any of us to go with you to investigate as you see fit. Anyone around will pitch in if you like, you have the initiative, capitalize on it." He starts to head out, "I need to finish this before school on Monday, you take care Kyani."

Nodding his head a little, "Alright." he says feeling more confident now. "Looks like I have quite a bit to do here tonight anyways. I need tomake sure i"m caught up, I will try to obtain the information on Angle Mans sister and see what I can find out from her. I will lead that and see if I can find those who wanna help." he smiles a bit. "I will let you know what I find out and work from there."

It's at that point that Wanda comes in, clad in her civilian clothes… which are, to be fair, a rather nice business suit as befits the current UN Ambassador from Genosha. She glances around, "Hello?" Her lips curl in a bit of a smile, "Anyone here?" She apparently has a way in, at least.

Black Lightning, logging to this point, leaves …

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