(2014-09-26) The Evil that is Allura, act 1
The Evil that is Allura, act 1
Summary: Allura escapes a nearly century long imprisonment within a magical painting. She discovers she is in Shadowcrest, she steals a few things and escapes. Zatanna recruits Hellstrom for answers.
Date: IC Date (2014-09-26)
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NPCs: Allura
Scene Runner: Hellstrom
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-==[ Vault - Shadowcrest - RP Suite #3 ]==------

This expansive room is filled with 'loot'. The definition of loot in this case is/are magical artifacts. Things that the Zatara family has collected over the years in hopes of containing and protecting it from the world. The room is sectioned into various sub areas that hold types of items. Most of the loot is catelogued and labeled, however a small percent is not. In the light of some persons being a touch OCD, the area is normally well arranged and spotlessly clean. However, today things are amiss and the core of it all seems to stem from an obscure painting that has fallen off the easel and laying face up on the floor. The painting is of a 1940's bar scene. Much like that of the famed 80s television show, 'Cheers' where everyone seems to be having a good time and everyone knows each other's name. From that point, there are various items knocked over, tumbled, and even missing. All making a path to the exit of the vault, which was found wide open.

============================================================[ suitehelp ]=====

A small pinpoint of light appears in front of the 'vault'. Not that its ever truly referred to as such. It is, simply, The Storeroom. In the basement of Shadowcrest Manor, the place where all the expensive things that have no true use or that should never, ever, see light of day for fear of abuse and misuse by the unscrupulous are kept.

That pinpoint of light grows brighter, shining like a star then it shimmers and opens in an instant to form a portal.

Through the portal steps a black patent leather six inch heeled pump and a fishnetted leg. Followed by the form of Zatanna Zatara.

Cane in hand, top hat at a rakish angle, eyes narrowed as she looks around for the Someone who has been awfully naughty and tried to break into her home.

Closer inspection of the painting will reveal a few discrepancies. Originally in the center of the painting was featured a well dressed woman who seemed to be forcing a smile - she is no longer there. Above the back of the bar, between several bottles on glass shelves was a sword hung with hilt up and blade down - it too is gone. Several patrons of the painting no longer look happy and frivolous. Instead, they look panicked and fearful - something is truly wrong. Also, the bartender, who originally stood behind the bar cleaning a glass, is now frozen in an action pose as if he is about to leap over the bar with an angry expression upon his face. The bartender also has very familiar features and upon closer inspection it will reveal that his likeness is that of Daimon Hellstrom.

The items that are missing are those that could possess dangerous and useful functions. A cloak of flight, an amulet that gives resistance to magical attacks, a circlet that protects against mental attacks, a corset which gives the wearer incredible magical reserves, a wand that can focus and increase magical abilities, and a ring that gives the wearer the ability to glimpse into the future. All these items have side effects, which is why they're not used by the heroes of the world.

Another thing of mention is that the room has a feint scent of lavender flowers mixed with a hint of peppermint. Which is not common.

Zatanna Zatara enters the Storage Room on guard. She looks around at the damage and the items taken. How convenient. Then the painting.

"Well that's interesting." She walks up and picks the painting up, putting it back on the easel. She studies the painting. "… and how did you get yourself in there.." looking at Hellstrom with a frown.

The painting remains static even after she places it upon the easel. She will likely recognize it as a prison spell but will not know the identity of the person that is missing. Lots of questions.

Then, from another area in the larger room comes a rustling. Sounds of wood clacking together ultimately reveals two ventriloquist dummies pulling themselves up atop a crate. They both carry tiny little knives and mouths go agape as one says to Zatanna, "Hey there good lookin, we're gonna kill you." and then they leap into action lunging toward her.

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Zatanna is quite frozen with fear as the two magically animated dummies start closing in on her. Her mind screams, demanding she take action, demanding that she cast a spell to defend herself. It's her body that just won't cooperate and respond. Everything has short circuited within her mind and nothing happens except for wide eyed staring in abject terror at the two dummies.

It's going to be one of those kinds of days.

The dummies lash out with their tiny knives. The first cut on her calf will likely get her attention enough to cause a reaction.

The dummies converse between themselves, "I call dibs on her eyes. I want to cut them out of their sockets."

The other one states, "That's fine, but I get her tongue. I want thta reverse talking stuff for my own. Our mistress will be so pleased."

Zatanna Zatara screams as the cut turns crimson on her calf, ripping the fishnets. She kicks the dummy not unlike an extra point in football. High and long, probably bouncing it off the high vaulted ceiling for that matter.

She turns to the other and there is a pause as her mind struggles to refocus and un-jumble her thoughts. She tries to cast a spell but it comes out as a mashed up tangle of partially forward partially backward and all mixed up words. She's invented some new language.

Instead she takes the cane in her hand and seeks to drive it through the dummy's chest to pin it in place.

The cane strikes true. But it doesn't kill the dummy or injure it as far as she can tell. Instead, it wriggled there trying to lash out and escape the pinning. "Let go of me you bitch! I'm going to cut out your eyes and rend your heart from your huge chest."

Meanwhile, the other dummy strikes the far wall. He will scramble to his feet after saying, "That didn't hurt!"

Zatanna Zatara didn't expect either to hurt. She expected the actions to buy her a few moments of time. A kick to the head of the skewered dummy is given at its threat. She draws her wand from her tux sleeve and closes her eyes just a moment to refocus. To try and control the fear that has her shaking almost uncontrollably.

"!tsudwas ot seimmuD"

A magical poof causes the dummies to explode into a tiny explosion of sawdust and sparkles. The cut on Zee's calf burns. The room is quiet except for her breathing and heartbeat - that wasn't cut from her chest.

A magical poof causes the dummies to explode into a tiny explosion of sawdust and sparkles. The cut on Zee's calf burns. The room is quiet except for her breathing and heartbeat - that wasn't cut from her chest.

Zatanna Zatara doesn't notice the cut so much at this point as she struggles to control the overwhelming sense of panic set about by the dummies. How'd they even get in here? She didn't recall there being any in the vault anyway. But to animate them? Someone knew of her phobia. And that isn't a pleasant thought.

Taking a moment to look around and gather her wits once more, the sorceress returned to the painting. How did Hellstrom get caught in the painting to begin with. And in the Manor for that matter?

A frown crosses her features as she examines the frame, the painting itself.

The frame is oak and intricately carved. The painting has her mother's name, Sindella, in the bottom right hand corner and a date, 1927. The painting is otherwise normal oil on canvas except for the magical trappings that still resonate - yet quite decayed. The oil of the painting seems to have gotten hot in the central focus area and some of the details are blurred. Magical examination will reveal that it isn't Hellstrom, but a piece of him, which resides within the painting.

Zatanna Zatara frowns as she examines the painting. Stepping away she takes out her phone and leaves the vault, casting a back handed ward against the entrance as she returns to the main floor of the manor to finish the call. That is, if Hellstrom is available and taking calls.

After the third ring; In a voice that seems to stem from immense pleasure, Hellstrom answers the phone, "Hello my Queen. I was just thinking about you. What might I do to, or for you today?"

Zatanna Zatara's voice is not so calm and composed. In fact it probably sounds the way she looks - as if she'd just seen a ghost. "Not now, Daimon. Someone has, apparently broken in, or somehow broken out of Shadowcrest. Knowing my father's wards and my won you should be able to appreciate the gravity of the statement." Not to mention the tone of her voice. "I am also staring at your likeness, or a part of it anyway, in a painting where you don't belong. How quickly can you get here?"

He seems to compose himself after muttering something away from the mic of the phone. Returning to the mic, Hellstrom says, "That painting of which you speak, is there a beautiful dark haired woman wearing a golden and red dress in the center of it, reclined against the bar with a glass in the air?"

No, that is the focal point of the painting and that person is not in it.

Zatanna Zatara replies dryly. "If there were, you would not be in it yourself. Now would you? I am reasonably certain, that whatever little… trinkets… my father hid about the Storeroom… I would have noticed if you were present in a painting by my mother.."

"Give me a few minutes to get to your place. I'll explain and then we need to track down Allura before she poses a threat." Hellstrom clicks off and in that few minutes his 3 demon horse driven chariot arrives on her rear lawn. The bell will ring and he'll await her opening the door before entering.

"Hello beautiful." is offered and he says, "Show me the painting and allow me to explain…"

Zatanna Zatara doesn't look very impressed. The fact she has something - many things - in her home that she was not aware of. Nevermind she has a massive arcane and occult library she has yet to entirely read (imagine).

"This way." She leads the way back down to the room and to the painting back on it's easel. Missing said woman. "There are a number of artifacts that are in the catalog of items kept here that are missing. And she left two… minions.. to greet me." The piles of sawdust still rest where the dummies fell.

Studying the painting for a brief moment and glancing to the piles of sawdust. Hellstrom sighs and reflects, "Your father was quite the collector while your mother was quite the…" and he smirks, "None the less, your father was quite powerful and drew lots of attention. Most of it negative as there was one would-be usurper after another who wanted to kill, mame, imprison, or something nefarious so that they could get their dirty hands on this treasure trove of goodies. One such nemesis was a woman named Allura. Nasty interdimensional being that had significant powers and somehow was always one step ahead of your father's interests. Your mother approached me with an idea. But she needed me to ensure its success."

Zatanna Zatara looks to Hellstrom. "Yes. My mother." She looks to the man, a cool expression on her features. She listens. "So… your essence was painted into the picture? Odd thing, that."

"Consider it the power source… something to keep Allura entertained and entrapped." Hellstrom says as he lightly touches the frame. "Plus, it was the least I could do since Sin asked so nicely."

Yes, he shortened her name and said it with the hint of memorable pleasures.

"Now, would you be a dear and /spell/ it out of there for me? It may give us a lead to where we can find Allura."

Zatanna Zatara looks to the man. There's going to be a conversation later. And soon.

"!nrutrR ecnessE s`mortslleH"

The figure in the painting begins to shimmer and peel from the canvas, the oils swirling around, starting to glow brightly as they mingle into a pinwheel of colors before streaking toward Hellstrom's chest in a white hot flash.

Abosrbing his essence, Hellstrom smiles as if fond memories are revisited. He takes a moment or two afterward and breaths deeply. "Oh my. She was a very bad girl indeed. Then again, what else are you going to do trapped inside a picture for the better part of a century?"

Zatanna Zatara shakes her head. "Clearly the same things you do in your office every morning." The tone mildly amused. "I will have to meet up with you again soon, Daimon. At the moment, it would seem that I have a need to… change the locks."

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