(2014-09-26) The Cultists Did It, act 2
The Cultists Did it, act 2
Summary: Log Summary
Date: IC Date (11-5-1924)
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NPCs: Cultists & The Woman in Red
Scene Runner: Hellstorm
Social/Plot: Plot

-==[ 1920s Abandoned Warehouse, New York City - RP Suite #3 ]==---

It's an abandoned warehouse. Beams lying this way and that, dust, dirt, grime, and cobwebs everywhere, broken or fully missing windows, et cetera. The building extends upwards for four stories, though the only additional floors line the wall, allowing for large cargo or machinery to be stored in the center. Off to one corner is what was once likely the main office of the building, though the door is missing, and the small room itself is empty. It's almost half-surprising that the place is still standing, but the homeless that occasionally use this building for a dry shelter don't complain, so hey.

============================================================[ suitehelp ]=====

Presently the warehouse is occupied by a Satanic cult who wish to summon their lord and master, Satan, to the Earth plane. At present, there are 6 primary cultists standing around a flaming pentagram (20') diameter. At the head of the pentagram is an altar sizeable enough for a woman to be strapped to it. In which there is a woman strapped to it. The woman is clad only in her undergarments, high heels, and a red silk domino mask. She struggles to get out of the bonds that keep her fast to the altar. One cultist stands at the altar with a dagger of silver in his hands and he holds it aloft chanting into the darkness above. Candles light the room and are placed all around including the 5 points of the pentagram and about the altar. There are various empty wooden crates (where observers can hide and spy) all around the warehouse. The cultists are wearing dark robes with hoods. They too are chanting along with the leader with their hands up.

Hellstrom and Angela have managed to infiltrate the warehouse, they are poised in a hidden location behind crates and able to observe the ordeal. In route to the location, Hellstrom spoke of other cult situations where he would appear in a puff of smoke and claim that he is the representative of his father and that their souls belong to him. Often times the cultists bow down and worship at his feet and then he gains irrational followers that more often than not need to be killed because they are a danger to themselves and society.

Hellstrom seems to recognize the woman bound on the altar and exclaims in a whisper, "Great Scott! It's 'Woman in Red'? tied and gagged and wearing little more than her mask. What in the world is she doing here?"

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Angela has kept her form as they snuck into the warehouse, after adding appropriate slits in the gown for ease of movement. "Who's the 'Woman in Red', then? Other than a woman in her underwear." She pauses a moment for the answer before continuing. "Did you want to try the puff of smoke approach, or should I go in to disrupt the party?"

"A heroine." says Hellstrom quietly and smiles at the indication of the plan, "Of course I'm going in as the representative of Hell. I love the looks on their faces when they actually pull this shit off. Tell me, do you know what a succubus is?"

Angela smiles at that and she nods. "A sex demoness. Wings, tail, little horns on my head." She pauses to look him over, then asks. "Did you want hooves as well? I think I know where you're going with this, however. Would it be more dramatic for me to appear with you or to start out as one of the robed cultists?"

"Appear with me. Hooves will be extraordinary." he says as his jacket and shirt fall off of him onto the floor as if they rotted instantly. He turns his back to the crate and in his right hand a deep red trident forms with black flame licking at it's edges. His own face shifts to become more angular and horns form atop his forehead. Behind a tail grows and ends in a tiny arrowhead while his skin shifts to a reddish hue. He smiles, fangs and otherwise very sharp teeth with a forked tongue. "Come my princess, let us wreak terror among the natives."

He intends to teleport the both of them directly into the circle before the knife is plunged into the Woman in Red.

Angela shifts as well, retaining the redhead's basic features. She watches him, sprouting a tail when he does and altering her features towards similar angularity. And the horns. The clothes melt away and her curves become more exaggerated, shifting towards her bust and her ass. Last come the hooves, and she takes a couple of testing steps. A pair of batlike wings sprout from her shoulders, which she flutters for balance. "Much better." she offers. "Although if it comes to fighting I'll lose the hooves."

He seems to enjoy the shift in her appearance and even comments, "Stunning." and then lashing out from his hand is a leather leash that wraps around her neck and he says a few words in an unknown language. Then through the stench of brimstone and trekel, they are standing in the middle of the pentagram.

The cultists are stunned. It's likely only one suspected that anything would happen. But the sudden appearance of a demon and his succubus… they stand agape and can say little in their stupor.

Angela makes a couple more nudges to her appearance, lips becoming fuller and lashes becoming thicker. She presses against Hellstrom's side, naked while a clawed fingertip traces a slow circle around the glowing pentagram in his chest. Drawing a leg up along his thigh, she stamps a hoof and looks out over the cultists. Lips draw back to show fanged teeth as she hisses.

Hellstrom looks around in silence, giving them all a moment longer to absorb and process what is transpiring.

One of the cultists screams, turns and flees in terror.

The lead cultist tries to control the situation and he states, "YOU SEE! OUR MASTER HAS ARRIVED. Do not flee in terror, he is secure within the pentagram and he is forced to grant our wishes."

Hellstrom smiles and begins to chuckle deeply.

Angela/Succubus gives Hellstrom an amused smile, forked tongue flickering between fanged teeth. She arches a questioning brow… perhaps seeking permission to improvise on her own. But otherwise she'll follow his lead. Bat wings flutter a few times before folding and tucking away.

"So you say, my dear James.", says Hellstrom calling out the so called leader by his name. "So you say. But you would be wrong. Your pathetic spells have no control over me and mine. You possess nothing in your arsenal that can even pretend to harm one such as myself. But, please, let us hear your demands. It always amuses me what mortals such as yourself want and wish to trade."

James holds up his amulet of assumed power and says, "You will grant us immortality, power, and wealth beyond measure. In exchange, you will accept this virgin as payment."

Hellstrom gives no permission as of yet. Instead he holds the leash firmly in his free hand and his trident remains seated upon the ground in his left.

The Succubus lowers that hooved foot and gives it a harsh stamp on the floor. Straining at the end of her leash, she hisses open-mouthed at James and flutters her powerful wings. Claws extend towards him on hooked fingers, the spade-tipped tail thrashing in very convincing rage. "Give me his liver, Master…" she hisses. The naked demoness stops fluttering her wings and settles, gaze never leaving James.

James seems shaken, but not stirred. Though the other cultists took a step back when Angela made her advances.

Hellstrom ponders a moment and says, "Agreed… I will make you immortal, give you power and wealth beyond reproach. But first, you must sign this…"

Hellstrom shifts hands with the leash and pulls out a scroll. It is tossed outward and unfurrows into a 20 foot long contract that spills outside the pentagram toward James and just to the right of the altar where the Woman in Red is bound.

Reined in, at least for now, the Succubus presses against Hellstrom's side again runs a palm over his bare shoulder. Only occasionally does she stamp a hoof, but the tail swishes slowly like a cat stalking its prey. Wings ripple and the flutter closed against her back. Truth is, Mystique finds this form rather uncomfortable due to the fundamental departures from human anatomy. Like the wings and the tail. But she conceals it well.

The cultists gather around the base of the contract. James is the first to sign without reading (who wants to read 20' of contract with ultra fine print). The other 4 cultists sign, some more eager than the others.

James says, "There, it is done. Now give us our rewards!"

Hellstrom snaps his fingers and there's a glow about all the cultists including James. "There you are, enjoy it while you have the time… I'll give you about 30 seconds before she disembowels you all."

That's when the leash comes off and falls to the floor. James begins to back away, the cultists stand in terror. Hellstrom says to Angela, "Rip them asunder, but leave James to me."

And the freed Succubus obeys. Hissing ferally, she launches herself at the farthest cultist as wings extend to lengthen the glide. No doubt she wants to prevent him from escaping. Mystique is an expert in hand-to-hand, but she's never used actual claws and teeth before. Blood spurts as she tears out one throat, tucking hooved feet up to push off the slumping body without touching the floor herself.

As a Cherokee brave she's gutted animals before, and this exercise isn't much different. Blood spatters as she stabs up under another's ribcage to pull out his heart. She would normally take a bite, as a brave would eat a buffalo's heart or a bear's, but there is no bravery in it… only cowardice and fear.

Hellstrom watches the bloodsport briefly and seems to enjoy the spectacle. In particular where Mystique is absolutely ruthless. He also watches as James tries to escape. Hellstrom snaps his fingers once again and both of James' legs break at the knee. James falls screaming and yelling about them having a deal. Hellstrom strides toward the fallen James and offers conversation, "Oh but we do have a deal. In your haste of greed and lust, you failed to read the contract. That was your third mistake. Your first was capturing the Woman in Red and wanting to sacrifice her to me. The second was thinking you had power over me. But, I digress."

Now standing over James, Hellstrom continues, "One thing you must note, is that you, and your companions are immortal. The deathstrokes that my feral succubus is dealing are not mortal at all. Yet they, such as your broken legs, rip through the lot of you in severe pain. As for wealth and power… they are but notions of cast and position. You see, you will be surrounded by wealth and have power at your command in the pit. Where you will forever struggle to make a choice between the two - both resulting in your unending pain and torture."

The victims bodies will be rended by Angela's claws and teeth, crushed by her hooves and smashed by her fists. However, they will not die. They won't even fall unconscious. Instead, they will writhe in pain and agony with blood pouring from their veins and soiled in their own waste.

The Succubus makes short work of the other two, standing over the last with blood dripping from her fanged mouth and both clawed hands. She licks her lips, hawks and then spits blood on the last. She hisses again, and the look she gives Hellstrom shows that even *she* finds the flavor distasteful. The tail swishes and the wings flutter lightly to keep her balance on the hooves, which she's become a lot better at accomplishing. "What of the woman?" she husks.

James begins to scream NOOOOO but Hellstrom snaps his fingers once again and James, along with the cultists fall into flaming portals that will undoubtedly lead into the pit. A second later they are gone and the portals are closed.

Hellstrom turns to view Angela and the Woman in Red (who appears quite annoyed of the situation). His demonic features will fade and he will become the stoic shirtless Hellstrom that she seems to know. He smiles and says in a teasing tone, "I believe we will need to keep her tied up for she has seen too much. Perhaps I will keep her in my dungeon as my pet."

The Woman in Red scowls and mmmph mmmph mmmphs through the silk gag.

The Succubus chuckles softly at that, wiping her bloody hands on one of the ritual vestments. She shifts again, form flowing readily back into human. Although for amusement's sake she is dressed exactly as the Woman in Red. Except she's not tied up and gagged. The tail swishes… and with a cross look it is absorbed. "She is clearly a compatriot of yours."

"You are correct and far from being a virgin." states Hellstrom with a smile. The Woman in Red is even further annoyed and shocked by the shifting of Angela into a likeness of her own. Her eyes widen and then dart back to Hellstrom.

Hellstrom has closed on the Woman in Red and he reaches to remove the gag. The moment he does, the Woman in Red says, "Bastard. How dare you…."

He interrupts and says, "I dare quite well and you should understand, if I didn't dare, then you would be bleeding out on this altar. Now hold still while I remove the rest of your bonds."

Angela watches with open amusement, her features shifting back to the form she worn into the warehouse. Except for the undergarments. "What does she do for you. Aside from the obvious, of course." she asks casually. For one who was, just moments ago, Hellstrom's 'servant' the redhead shows little interest in helping with the bond.

Hellstrom will remove the bonds without issue and the Woman in Red says, "I don't do anything for him. In fact, we stopped doing for one another years ago." She slides off the altar and moves to its base where she retrieves her clothing and sidearm.

Hellstrom notes, "Apparently I'm indolent, arrogant, or some evil jackass that doesn't care about a woman's emotions or feelings. Speaking of, why are you were? How did they capture you and where are your companions?"

Woman in Red dresses quickly as she answers, "I don't know where Miss Masque is, but those cultists you just dispatched have friends. They are headquartered in Arkham and they have Lady Satan. Masque and I were investigating Lady Satan's disappearance two weeks back when we got separated and I ended up in the hands of this coven. Now I need to save Lady Satan and find Masque. So I thank you for your assistance, albeit theatrical, and now I must excuse myself." She begins walking for the exit.

Angela casually shifts back into clothing as the Woman in Red dresses and outfits herself. "I won't disagree on any counts, actually." she replies, giving Hellstrom an amused look. "Especially on the subject of theatrics. I trust my improvisation was suitable." Heels click on the concrete as she moves to follow the other woman.

And while she walks, her form shifts into that of James, complete with cultist robes. The voice is dead-on. "I know little about the cultists, but I can get you in."

Hellstrom smiles as he watches Angela follow the Woman in Red and mutters to himself something about how wonderfully entertaining this has become.

The Woman in Red glances over while still walking, eyes narrow and then she smiles, "Oh you're a talented one. Perhaps if this all goes well, you could become our forth Scarlet Sister. We could use your talents."

Hellstrom begins walking to follow at a safe distance, allowing Angela to take it where she wants and envisions the wonderful times that could come of this relationship.

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