(2014-09-26) Magneto Was Right!
Magneto Was Right!
Summary: Not really - but a public address by the Ambassador of Genosha turns sour, the Outsiders assist Wanda on clean up, an offer is made to the Scarlet Witch
Date: (2014-09-26)
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NPCs: Anti-metahuman activists
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Plot

It's a bright sunny day in New York, and there's a lot of crowds and gatherings regarding the Climate Change Conference. There's a rally at the Genoshan Embassy, and Wanda is actually addressing the crowd, demonstrating a new type of ozone engine that uses magnetic fields to help repair the ozone layer. Having spoken about this and other climate concerns for her small island state, she's drawn a crowd that's an uneasy mix of climate protestors that are happy, metahuman fans, and anti-metahuman protestors that, at least for the moment, seem to be behaving.

For the talk, Black Lightning wanted to be on hand. He knows there has been mixed emotions regarding Genosha and meta/anti-meta sentiments, some disturbances. Being that the Outsiders are wanting to make that difference, instead of watching from the command center or patrolling, he's come here. Presently he is on building across the street. If there are security agents there, he has made himself known as meaning no ill will, being metahuman himself (or altered).

All is well, except for the three figures that have arrived in hoodies. They look taller and builkier. What is really happening is that a sect of human activists in the anti-metahumn category have been geared up wanting to ignite the protest. Two on either side of the gathering, on the street before the Embassy, one makes his way into the crowd and towards the metahuman fans. Standing up and casting off his hoodie, he reveals himself in something of an exoskeleton and announces via a built in speaker system. "There is no room for metahumans in our manifest destinies, no more metas!" And he fires streaming gas from his metal arm extended fists at the metahuman fans, starting to gas them with some chemical agent.

Wanda does two things at that point, the first is shout, "Security!" The second, she smirks at the exoskeleton wearer… and it's not a very nice smirk, as she gestures, chanting as that chemical agent becomes… rose petals. Yes, he's spraying rose petals at the metahumans now.

On the other hand, they are very fragrant rose petals. A nice scent for the fall.

The one with the flowers instead of gas, looks perplexed. "See they come, those shunned by natural selection to be abnormal." Almost going to freaks, but being better spoken for now. That one with the gas turns it off as its not working. He turns the exoskeleton towards the podium, revealing that he has one missle to fire. There are some guns on his frame too, but he wants to use the missle. It is fired.

Security is moving, both to help Wanda and protect her, as well as through the crowd. The other two anti-meta activits reveal their exoskeltons. One moves to pick up a car to become a menace while the other starts wading his suit towards Wanda as well.

Black Lightning sees enough, he flashes down towards the one with the car. "Do not disrupt the ambassador's right to speak freely," he says, starting to pull lightning into a ball between his hands, ready to hurl it at the guy. That guy doesn't wait, this is what he wanted, meta's being supers, he chucks the car, causing Black Lighting to move instead of fire that lightning at him.

Wanda speaks quickly, "Security, protect and get the bystanders out of harm's way!" She gestures again, her conservative suit transforming into the pink and red outfit of the Scarlet Witch. The nice thing about public identities, you don't have to be shy as she hovers off the ground, firing a hex bolt at the missile as it suddenly gets scrambled, the guidance malfunctioning as it flies towards the Embassy, only to thud harmlessly into side of the building and roll to the ground. She then flies away from the crowds, giving herself some room to work where there won't be bystanders, "Interesting that for all your posturing about hating metahumans, you have no problem attacking what you would term 'your own people.'"

Current scene, Wanda Maximoff, the Genoshan Ambassador was speaking on the need to address global climate changes as a witness of the effects on the island of Genosha. Metahuman fans and Anti-metahuman protesters were in the crowd of people just interested in politics and seeing the ambassador to hear her speach. Three individuals, human in big exoskeletons, have arose in the crowd, anti-meta protestors (haters). One fires gas at the metahuman fans/geeks, which was turned into flowers. Frustrated, they fired a missle at Wanda, which she hexed - it has sailed off to hit the Embassy, harmlessly.

Another has lifted a car, Black Lightning flew down to ask him to stop, he threw the car at Black Lightning. He is tumbling out of the way as security from the Embassy is coming to usher people away from the chaos to protect the bystanders. Police and UN probably (if present) is doing the same.

There is a third man, heading for the podium.

Black Lightning bolts, tumbles and dodges the car. "Not today sir." He fires lightning at the man, but the suit pulls it as the path of least resistence, one exoskeleton arm going limp. The man lifts the other arm, starts firing rubber bullets at Black Lightning, who puts a forcefield around him as the two continue their fight.

The one facing Wanda, "We haven't tried to kill them, have we?" He had one missile, it misfired, shifting his hand, a nozzle comes out of this suit and he sprays a flame thrower at the hovering Scarlett Witch (she has changed to her regular costumed attire).

Lillian Crawley was hanging out ont he edges of the crowd, kind of half listening and having a cigarette. Politicians bore her, but Lightning thought it would be a good idea to be here, what with Lil being a mutant and all. Personally, Lil could give less than two craps about politics or any of this stuff, most of it went right over her head. Treat cool people cool, stomp lousy people straight on out. Simple. Easy.

Then the crazy crap breaks out and there are giant guys in armor. Lightning's, like, talking to people for some reason before he shoots them, because he's friggin' Lancelot without the armor. All through it, Lil knew better than to try and fight her way through a crowd, so she jumped, grabbing a nearby fire escape and scrambling up to the roof of a nearby building.

Which is why she comes careening down out of the sky like a bomb right on top of the flamethrowing guy in front of Wanda, "Geronimo, you tin-can wearin' bitch!" she shouts as her invulnerable body is used as a weapon in and of itself.

Scarlet Witch smiles wryly, "Yes, because missiles are so indiscriminate. As are flamethrowers." She looks at the one heading for the podium, and chants another quick phrase in a forgotten tongue, hexing his armor in an attempt to disable his electronics. "So fragile, technology is, and rather easy to break."

The one with the flamethrower is blindsided by Lillian, as she flying elbows/body drops/knees/lands on the guy. The suit is rather study she'll find out. It doesn't completely crumple, but the arm and leg on the side she hit does crumple and the guy cries out in pain. Not whining so much as made as his legs is injured. With the arm on the side that is damaged, he unhooks it and pushes a button near his chest, it sends an electric charge around the outside of the suit, as if to make it shock anyone grabbing at him. He doesn't know if that will work, but he triest it. "See, you prove yourself how dangerous the metas are!" He says making sure he's pushing that button.

Scarlet Witch's hex of the other suit sends all the electronics batty, literally. A few odd things fly off, various weapons misfiring before it fritz and dies. "No, no, witch!" He calls out, meant as slander, but technically, sort of. He starts trying to unharness himself.

Meanwhile, the rubber bullets fly off Black Lighting thanks to the shielding, and he flies forward towards the suit, starting to drain it to keep his power supply up for shielding and to stop his much like Wanda used the hex on the other one.

Lillian Crawley isn't affected by the electricity, the energy arcing over her skin and making her hair stand up, but not much else, "Don't generalize, bitch. Some metas are dangerous, some ain't. Me? Don't get much worse," she says. SHe grabs at the thigh of the suit, almost as if she's hugging the leg, but wraps her own around it and flexes her body, using her expertise in grappling to take advantage of that damage to the leg and use the structural weakness as a mean to snap the human leg inside like a twig.

Scarlet Witch ahems, "That's /Scarlet/ Witch, please. Now, that's enough out of you." Cape fluttering behind her, she lets security personnel take that joker into custody as she looks over at the other two, ready to support them if need be but mainly making sure that the bystanders are protected.

The man in the suit Lillian has dive bombed, is about to point out more how dangerous some are, furthering the anti-meta thoughts, when she finishes snapping his leg. Being human, there is only so much pain he can take, and that snap is the limit. He yells in pain. Curses too even.

Black Lighting drains the guys suit and unhooks him to pull him out if he doesn't just get out and give himself up. With this being done, security can get to the suits and deal with the guys, they're might not give up verbal with their sentiments, but the suits are damaged and there is no more real fight.

Black Lightning starts to hover, moving between Lillian and Crawley, "Everyone allright? How are you Ambassador?" He looks around. No blood (except Lillian's protestor), no deaths, maybe minor injuries and collateral damage. The police are coming in to help security and make arrests. The paper work will get fuzzy as its at the Embassy and technically Genoshan law can be enforced, they'll work out the details with Wanda's people.

Lillian Crawley pulls up her hoodie and makes sure to get a couple of more kicks in at the armored man as security starts to pull him away, "That's what you get, fucker. Enjoy your time in the lockup. Come back anytime you want, I got plenty more of that waitin' for ya," she says, finally backing off as security tries to push her away, holding her hands up in the air. "I'm cool, I'm cool," she says, finally turning and looking over at Lightning.

"Don't gimme no shit about that either. That fool's lucky those guards came to take 'im away, I ain't got no time to go easy on no bigots."

Suddenly above the crowd a shimmering silver man appears sheathed in a glow of white energy. He hovers, arms crossed over his chest and legs together with toes pointed down. His head tilted forward so that he may look at the crowd 30 feet below. Those that pay attention to the news, or are members of his own team, will recognize him as Captain Atom. He takes no action other than to watch and assess the situation if it is resolved or if he needs to act.

Scarlet Witch smiles over at Black Lightning, "I'm quite well… thank you for the assistance. I'd have been a bit hard pressed to deal with all of them and protect the crowd at the same time." She nods, "You all have my thanks."

With a smirk towards Lilly, Black Lightning calls downs, "We'll have to focus you more on the harder criminals." He means other metas, where she can open up without bones broken, or blood. Though he turns more attention to the Scarlet Witch, taking note of the presence of Captain Atom, back from Turkey.

"I should say the same, we are glad you are capable, but we want you to know the Outsiders are here for you the same Ambassador. Should we get you inside?" He is curious if she wants to be out talking like this, or would like to let the responders do their job just the same.

Lillian Crawley doesn't know Captain Atom from a hole in the ground, being new to the team and all while he's away. She looks him up and down for a moment, eyebrow raised, "Damn, boy, is that an outfit or are you, like, naked an' shit? 'cause damn, I feel like I need a six pack now," she says, completely ignoring Lightning's recommendations that she play easier on human opponents. It's not like she will anyway. If they don't wanna get their bones broken, don't get in her way. "I ain't liftin' yer skirt or nothin', though, Princess, don't be gettin' no ideas." she adds to Witch, fully aware of who the chica is. Even she sees the news sometime.

Atom remains silent as he hovers there, though his eyes to address Lillian when she comments and there is a hint of a smile in the corner of his lips. Though he looks to the desires of the Witch in this regard and eyes will address awaiting for her intentions to be revealed. He also knows that conversation in a public forum always goes badly.

Scarlet Witch nods, "Let's go inside for now, security can take care of things from here." She smiles up towards Captain Atom, then gestures for the three to follow her in, keeping her meta attire for the time being.

Into the Embassy …

Grinning a little himself, Black Lightning responds, "After you." To Scarlet Witch, who does lead the way. As they move, he turns to Lillian. "Lillian, this is Captain Atom, he's with us … Sir, this is Lillian, she'll is taken an interest in us." To help clear that up, or help them decide where to get that six pack together at least. He doesn't comment on that though, instead following Scarlet Witch. Stepping up to keep her pace even. "Thank you, for my part … I would like to say we are glad to help, and glad you are capable. As a metahuman," or altered, he's not sure how his powers came about after the belt, "I think we are all thankful that you are in here, in New York along side us."

Taking up the rear of the group, Captain Atom acknowledges the introduction of Lillian and responds with a nod and a quiet, "Ma'am.". Though the gaze will not linger, nor will the exchange. Instead, business is at hand and he returns his attention to Wanda and lets Black Lightning take the lead on this since he was first encounter and seems to know her, or has good relations with her. If the party moves forward, he will walk alongside Lillian but behind BL and SW.

Wanda smiles a little, "Well, thank you. I admit diplomatic activities have kept me from doing too much, but it's good to be an agent for change." She tilts her head at Black Lightning, looking between him and Captain Atom, "So are you a team? I know that seems to be the thing we are starting to do." We being metahumanity, of course.

Black Lightning Nods to Wanda, as the walk. "Yes, we," he indicates the other two that came in with him, "We are the Oustiders, most of us are not from New York, but we try to operate here. Mostly defending the lives of the people here, but we'll go anywhere we're needed." Looking around at the Embassy itself a moment, he continues, "I wasn't planning to meet you like this, but it shows there is a need for continued vigiliance. I was hoping we might be able to somehow work with you, as an Ambassador of Genosha, I think we might have similar interests, just we're taking a more proactive approach." He looks back to her, at Atom, to see that they're sort of on the same page.

Atom stands stoic next to Lillian and when looked upon by both BL and SW, he gives a nod of agreement. He doesn't have much to add other than affirmations of what is said and questioned by SW, "Yes ma'am.". But he still defers to BL since he's on point.

Wanda hmmms and nods, "Well, that's definitely something I agree with, especially given what I've done in my own past." She smiles, "So, were you looking for some help with backing? Frankly, I couldn't provide that much just because it would look like Genosha was meddling in your country's internal affairs, or were you thinking of something else?"

"We not wholly assocaited with our country, we do have some of their backing but we have operational authority beyond that," informs Black Lightning as they continue to talk. "But no, not financial backing, more collaboration actually. I'm thinking more directly of working with you. You could help us realize threats on a more global picture, certainly with the Embassy, but your abilities alone. Have you considered being more than an Ambassador to one country, but using what you have to help even more people?"

Atom lets BL put it out there and does not inteject or offer additional information unless he is asked directly. He glances to Lillian during some fidget she has indicating for her to stop and then looks to hear/see SW's response.

Wanda blinks at that, "Well, I have been occasionally going out to help where I can… but it would probably be more productive to do that as part of a team effort." She smiles at Black Lightning, "If you wish to have me in your group, I shall be honored to help with what I can."

Not expecting her to be so amiable, Black Lightning pauses in his step, then moves to be near Wanda again. "That's exactly what I was thinking, sorry I wasn't so forward. Yes, we would love to have someone of your calibre, and reputation, with us. Our focus now is simply manpower, and having enough to deal with any rising need. Not to distract from your role as Ambassador, but when you can pitch in. We're covered on resources between what has been pitched in already." As if that needed to be said, then a grin, "And thanks. Maybe we can find time in your schedule for you to come check out our outfit?"

Atom was not expecting her to say yes. When she does, he loosens his jaw and humphs out of surprise. He will let Lillian, if she is so inclined, welcome Wanda aboard and then he himself will offer his hand, "Glad to have you aboard, Ambassador."

Wanda takes the offered hand, and smiles, "Glad to be aboard, though if we are to be teammates, you should just call me Wanda. There's no need to stand on ceremony then." She glances between Captain Atom and Black Lightning, "And I would love a chance to see your facility."

"If your certain, Wanda," says Black Lightning giving the name a try. "And if you mean you have time now, we could just jaunt over there. You're speech was the most important thing today. But it would be good to check in to see what else is happening in New York …" He grins like a kid even, still surprised she joined so easy. Then again, she's a political figure, and he didn't quite imagine himself on her level. But it was similar to Captain Atom being in the Air Forces. "Hope you like Jazz," he smiles though.

… Over to the Base

Arriving at the base, Captain Atom enters through the secret hangar and will move through toward the reception area in anticipation of their guest(s).

With the Ambassador, Wanda Maximoff, along with them, Captain Atom and Black Lightning return to the Outsiders base. Moving with Wanda Maximoff, to show her around, he lands and heads to the reception area behind Atom who arrived first. "Its coming together more, a lot of the base funding came through Captain Atom's sources, but our systems are being worked out by Doctor Mid-Nite. We're gaining access to bigger networks in our infrastructure to learn first hand whats going on, becoming first responders ourselves."

There is stranger in thier midst, who she is or how she came to be there is a mystery to the first couple of people entering. The petite indian woman, looking to be barely out of her teens and dressed in traditional clothing, choli top, skirt and sarong wrapped around her body, and of course as barefoot as she day she was born. A hand is flat against the glass that is a barrier between the world and the small exotic plants that line the glass case. Sensing thier entrance before even hearing them she turns, searching faces and offering each a warm smile.

Atom halts at the site of the unannounced arrival and states, "Identify yourself and your intentions, young woman." in a very forceful tone - that of a military officer who feels he is in charge of any situation. He also thinks that BL should begin to flank the potential hostile, but doesn't expect it to happen because BL isn't trained in the art of war.

Hearing Captain Atom, Black Lightning comes forward, leaving Wanda to catch up. "She is Topaz, she's been helping with Hades." As if that might help, he favors a smile her way though as he comes forward, "I'd asked if she might be interested as well." Though how she got in is his guess, but after the other day, he's not surprised and if she needed some invite or something, he would certainly have given it to her, or she might of known at least, that she was welcome at this location.

Topaz laughs at the either the tone or being called a young woman, either way the military tone certainly is not the way to go with her "My apologies," she is polite at least "for coming both unannouced and uninvited." much less breaking in, though technically there was no breaking involved "It is good to see there were no lasting effects on the poisons." she offers to BL. "I have come to let you know that the Staff of One is back in its vault and warded against just about everyone save perhaps an Elder God." in other words it is warded specifically against Pluto and his kind.

"Indeed." states Captain Atom as he is corrected by BL and then addressed by Topaz. "It is I who should be apologizing. I wasn't briefed on the situation." which is more directed at BL than Topaz. He continues, "Please, join us, we've much to discuss."

Scarlet Witch smiles at Topaz, "Well, I think it's good to see a friendly face, but… really, the Staff of One? I wasn't aware that was even a concern. I suppose I should keep up with some more of these things."

"I need to get us an on-line forum, you were in Turkey," offers Black Lightning, "But I'll make sure our infrastructure is better going forward to avoid this confusion." For Captain Atom's benefit. "Its good the staff is back, I'm actually glad you came by here, this is a hopeful sign." He says, more regarding Topaz joining, but maybe good to just see her again, "I'm feeling much better after sleeping." About the poison. As for more about the Staff of One, that's not Black Lightning's ball park, just that someone tried to steal it.

"Well it was not much of a situation really. More of an inconvenice truely." Topaz looks to the woman, studying a moment as her magical senses hone in on the other Scarlet's own abilities "I should not be surprised that one of your talents knows of the Staff. It is always a concern, that is why it is warded and guarded so heavily." she crosses the room coming closer "You know I am Topaz, and you are?" she moves her gaze between Atom and Scarlet though her gaze lights on BL breifly as well "Hopeful for what reason?

"Nathaniel Adam. But in this case since I no longer have an alternative ID. I am Captain Atom in the public sector." States Atom and then indicates SW, "This is the Scarlet Witch. Ambassador of Genosha."

Nodding, its good introductions, Black Lightning returns his part to Topaz as well. "Because I was hoping to see you again." A pause, "It would be good to have someone of your calibre with us." As if slightly separate ideas even. "If you like the plants, you'd have full access to our garden," he says, as further incentive for Topaz to help them out even.

The Scarlet Witch laughs a bit, "Well, Wanda will do around here, I think. My identity is a matter of public record, and while I am the Genoshan Ambassador to the UN, well… it isn't something that matters too much here, though diplomatic immunity can be convenient."

"It is a pleasure to meet you both." her tone as well as her smile are genuine. Bl's words bring the laughter back "Well if you want to see more of me come by the Lounge this evening." she nods to the other two "You are welcome as well. It is never dull there on a Friday." with that she takes a few steps backwards and a motion is made with her hands as she disappears with a spark. Well that explains how she got in.

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