(2014-09-24) We'll Take the Case ...
We'll Take the Case …
Summary: Ghost Fox presents more of the case of the human traffickers to the Defenders.
Date: (2014-09-24)
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As agreed, Mary Jane Watson has called her friend Naenia, and asked her to come in to see the rest of the agency at Defenders For Hire, Inc., to discuss the case she has brought to them. Of course, MJ's bosses are well aware, as is her partner, of the fact that MJ has done a /lot/ of research for this case, and has been pushing hard on the idea of allowing MJ herself to go undercover with Tony Ungur, with Avec de Levres modeling agency. This has been causing a little tension around the office, because everyone is being so - understandably - protective of their youngest member. But she's quite adamant about it.

Mary Jane's research materials have been put behind posters and such, so that none of it is out in the open and visible. The decision was that they wanted to hear what Naenia had to say, before revealing anything of what they themselves have learned or what they're planning. MJ is sitting at her desk in the outer office, forcing herself to stay seated so that she doesn't pace and drive everyone even more nuts than they already are. And she seems torn between wanting to be upset with Honeymoon, and wantng to make up with her. Which just adds to all of the confusion and tension in the room. Ain't life grand?

Kate Bishop makes her way into the outer office from the main, actually dressed for business. A pale blouse and blazer with a matching lavender pencil skirt completes her attire. Her hair is up and she even has glasses on at the tip of her nose. She makes herself a cup of coffee, quiet, gauging the building tension in the room and that's before the client even shows. She looks over to MJ, reading the signs on the girl quietly.

Honeymoon, too, is dressed for this. In slacks and a white, wide collared dress skirt and a pair of swanky, black suspenders. She's perched on the desk, reading over her own notes on the case. Her notes are all digital, contained on the high tech device she wears on her wrist. Right now, it is projecting a holographic screen that contains the information. She focuses entirely on her work, ignoring both Kate and Mary Jane.

Arriving as requested by MJ, Naenia Suen arrives at the front of the agency, via a classic limo that, as she steps out to enter, drives off to keep moving, not lingering to find parking at all. She makes her way in and to the desk of MJ, perhaps closest to the front. Seeing the others around, she knows Honeymoon but not Kate, she gives a wave. “Hello Mary Jane,” she says, favoring her full name, “And Honeymoon, it is good to see you. I am glad to come and provide anything else you may need to consider my request.”

When Naenia arrives, Mary Jane stands and welcomes her to the office, trying to be professional despite her issues. "Good morning, Naenia. I'm very glad that you could join us, today. Can I get you anything? Water, tea, anything? Please, allow me to introduce Kate Bishop. She is one of the bosses here at the agency." She has confirmed Naenia's identity as the woman she knows to Kate, and that pretty much was her job here, other than the usual 'girl friday' tasks of coffee, tea, snacks, etc.

Kate Bishop nods and offers Naenia a seat in the outer office. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Suen. Thank you for coming at your earliest convenience. Mary Jane has briefly informed me of your issue. Could you please give me your version?" She sits and taps a button on her StarkPad. "And if you don't mind, I'm recording this for our records." She would typically take this into the main office, but a job this big requires input from the entire team, minus Sally. "My partner couldn't be here today, unfortunately, but she'll get a chance to review all the material and weigh in."

Honeymoon smiles and nods to Naenia but doesn't say anything. This isn't her show, after all. This is Kate's. Honeymoon taps her watch, turning off the holographic display, and waits for the information to come.

Smiling and shaking her head, "No thanks Mary Jane," Naenia returns, not wanting to have her friend do that for her, even though its her job. Turning to Kate then, as the boss boss, indicated by MJ, she nods. “Certainly, I have good reason to believe that Tony Ungur is participating in child trafficking. I cannot say whether the girls are transported to other countries, or simply vetted and returned to travel the human circuits here in the United States. As much as I would like to see Tony stopped at this,” she says, being straightforward as she can, “I am really after the man above him, the organizer of this operation.”

With nothing to get anyone, Mary Jane sits down quietly, nodding to Naenia but saying nothing more, not wishing to interrupt. She has put forth the case to the others, and she has done a rather impressive array of investigation already. But now it is time for her to hush. There will be time for discussions later. She folds her hands in her lap and tries to appear perfectly calm. She doesn't do a terrible job, but the truly astute would notice that edge of tension and eagerness.

Kate Bishop nods and listens. "Mary Jane's said as much. However, I have one glaringly obvious question. With a multinational organization, why do you come to us? This is FBI-INTERPOL-Justice League big. Why go to a small PI firm in Hell's Kitchen?" She watches the woman, gauging her reaction. She sits back in the chair and sips from her coffee. "Frankly, I think this is too big for us."

Honeymoon's eyes flicker over towards Mary Jane. Then she looks back to the client. This will have to be dealt with later. MJ's jitters. Her feelings of betrayal and of being condescended towards because of her age and inexperience. Now isn't the time.

Looking to MJ for a moment at that question from Kate, there seems to be hesitation in Naenia for the moment. Maybe slightly apologetic even, as she never said why she wanted to know who it was. Then she finds a hint of resolve in her thoughts and turns to Kate Bishop, "If I go straight to them, they will simply arrest the man, detain him as long as they can. He may be locked up, he may be granted freedom after serving justice. I want none of these things, I want the man behind this." There is probably more there, Kate may realize this, the others too, more to why she wants him, but its coming as a personal vendetta enough as it is.

Mary Jane stays quiet but attentive, as the discussion goes on. She doesn't know why Naenia wants this man, and she too is curious about the other woman's reasons. But she promised not to interfere; she's Naenia's friend, and needs not to color the information they obtain with that friendship. So, she sits quietly, watching and listening.

Kate Bishop peers at the woman. "What do you want him for? I don't play vigilante and I don't run a hit squad. If we do this, we do this by the books. We capture the man and turn him over to the authorities. If you can't go by these conditions…" She open-handedly motions to the door. "We're not organized crime. We're not criminals, and we're certainly and without a doubt not killers."

Honeymoon nods when Kate gives her speech and conditions. She can shoot. She knows Kate can. That doesn't mean either wants to.

“I am not asking you to kill this man or do anything to harmful to him.” Naenia focuses more on Kate, as she is asking the questions presently. “ I am simply asking that you supply me his name. My contacts find it elusive, having tracked Tony enough to know he is taking the girls to someone else. If you insist on turning him over to the authorities, then I shall certainly ask for a reduction in the fees you would ask of me as that is not my intention. Perhaps full price if you agree that you turn him in once he sets foot on ground here.” Maybe the US, but maybe larger, the continent at large, soil touching the soil she's standing on.

Kate Bishop looks to the woman. "All you want is information? We're not to apprehend him? I believe we can do that." She sips her coffee. "I don't know if you know this, but Mary Jane is preparing herself to infiltrate this ring. I want you to know that I don't take this lightly and I want absolute guarantee that my employee will remain unharmed throughout this entire ordeal. I understand that you will be sitting here on your behind, so I will have to provide the guarantee myself." Needless to say, Kate is not thrilled with this job, nor the idea of MJ going into an unknown, and very dangerous territory.

Mary Jane listens, and schools her expression not to show frowns of confusion or other emotional cues as Naenia and Kate continue. She's not sure she understands where all of this is coming from, either. But she promised not to interrupt or color this interaction, and she's keeping her word … hard as that may be. But she almost quivers when Kate reveals her own efforts … and doesn't speak against them.

Honeymoon knows there's always a risk with undercover. She also knows Mary Jane's the only option for that strategy. Sally and Honeymoon would do poorly as models and Kate's too famous thanks to her exploits in the gossip columns and her pedigree.

"Assuredly, if I could go to some of these places, I would go myself,” responds Naenia, perhaps more revealing to Honeymoon, as MJ had seen her before when she wasn’t quite herself. “And if the travel isn’t too far, I will do my best to be close at hand. However, following them to the extent that is needed is simply beyond my capabilities.” There is an issue of traveling and water, though knowing another destination that is land based she might have the means. “I would not ask Mary Jane to do anything she wouldn’t want to, it simply seemed she was capable and interested in her personal pursuits.”

Mary Jane clamps down, visibly biting her lip for a moment to keep from saying anything. Capable? Oh, that's nice to hear from someone else. And interested? You betcha! But her partner and her boss know that, so Mary Jane tries to be good and stay still. But she's squirming. Oh, how she wants to interject, here.

Kate Bishop turns to Mary Jane. "This is it, Darlin'. Your time to chime in. This is your life we're putting on the line. I'm not going to be the one to say yea or nay with your life." She says, then turns back to Naenia. She feels for the woman, she does. She just does not like how freely this woman is willing to let her associate, nay, her friend go out on the line with no real reward in it for her. "IF she says yes, you better have the cash. I don't put my people on the line for pro bono work."

"I can pay up front now if you like,” responds Naenia, “The money isn’t the concern. I realize you care for your friend and I’d like to think she’s becoming a friend to me. I wouldn’t of asked her at all, until she said investigative reporting was an interest. It just made sense her being in the fashion industry, associated with your business here. I can ask someone else, but I think its an issue of trust as well, I trust Mary Jane.”

Mary Jane doesn't honestly care much about the money, but she trusts Kate to take care of that. MJ eyes Kate for a second, and then Honeymoon, before finaly nodding slightly and speaking up. "I've already told them that I want to do this. What these people are doing to these girls disgusts and upsets me. So I'm going to do this. But I'm going to need all the help my friends in the agency can give me, to make sure I can get out safely with the information we need to bring an end to this, and get these girls home safely." Because as much as MJ believes in herself, she's not stupid; this is going to be risky, and without backup the risk would be … unwise to say the least. "I think the one thing that would help me the most, honestly, is to know how you found out about Ungur. My research so far has turned up enough that I suspect you're right about him. But that doesn't quite explain how you got on his trail." And knowing might help MJ to find the pieces that will assure his conviction … and prepare her teammates to better pull her out if this goes sideways.

Kate Bishop nods and stands. "Then we'll take the case. *Information* only. We'll take payment after we deliver. This is a one and only shot. If we need to abort, we abort and we stay out of it, you keep your money." She nods to MJ. "Work out the specifics. I have to go deal with something." She says as she heads to the main office.


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