(2014-09-24) SHIELD Agents Simulation
SHIELD Agents Simulation
Summary: Three SHIELD agents in a training simulation.
Date: 2014-09-24
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Scene Runner: Nanali
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The agents of SHIELD are, to coin the phrase, the 'Best of the Best of the Best, Sir!' One of the ways they get that way and stay that way is constant training, striving to be better. Better. Faster. More accurate. With better situational awareness, better instincts, and better mental preparedness. And most of them take that very, very seriously.

The scenario playing itself out in the Combat Simulation Room is not entirely unlike what one might see in a SWAT or special forces urban warfare training center, except it is a hundred times more real, and more intense. Three operatives, working together but from separate positions, must infiltrate a sealed enemy facility, subdue or eliminate resistance, obtain the intel they are looking for, capture their objectives - some tech, some data, and one or two specific targets - and then make good their escape.

For her part, Agent Nanali - callsign Black Arrow - is parachuting in from high above. Wrapped in non-reflective black, without any metal beyond the absolute minimum, she makes only a whisper of sound as she furls her chute and drops into a roll on the roof, releasing a pair of crossbow quarrels quickly to taser two guards before they can notice her and get off the alarm. "Black Arrow on the deck." she murmurs through her throat mic, as she moves to the entrance and starts on the security system.

Part of a successful landing is to make the landing zone as 'not hot' as possible. It's never, truly green, and even if it is, it should never be treated as such. As a result, there is one on an 'advance' team, set high up, able to survey the ground below. The moment Nanali makes it to the 'ground' and begins the advance, Hawkeye is moving from position to position, still keeping as high as he can, taking a shot with a ECM with practiced ease the moment a camera begins to swing around again.

'Nothing to see here'.

The arrow has something of a picture 'pause'. Anyone looking in will simply see the same picture, and unless someone is -really- paying attention? Heh..

"Picture perfect, Black Arrow," Hawkeye responds. "Got you covered."

Like many SHIELD agents, Mirage is trained in versatility. She is equally comfortable diving from planes on an infiltration mission as she is to sit in some seedy hotel staking out some arms dealer from a third world country. She is a safe thirty seconds behind Nanali in chute pulling and landing safely on the roof. As soon as boots touch ground her weapon is out and she is securing the rest of the roof top, watching the other woman's back while she does her job of hacking into the security system.

Virtually all SHIELD agents have decent hacking skills, though of course many of them supplement their skills with software prepped by specialists prior to the missions. Nanali is no different, though some have argued she seems to have more talent at it than many. Still, she gets the security system cracked and crosswired, then hacks the sensors and reroutes them. Popping the lock - despite how strong it is - is almost childsplay at that point. "Bravo team, making entry. Alpha team, ready?" she checks with Hawkeye, before popping the door open; it won't set off an alarm, but it will be visible, and if there are people inside beyond that door, the whole 'shooting match' could start the moment the door opens, so better to check first.

Watching as Mirage makes landfall, Hawkeye's got the area reasonably secured. "Glad you could make it, Mirage. Party's gonna start soon."

Swinging around again, another arrow is pulled and prepped, the nock sitting nice and snugly on his string. Hawkeye checks from his point, and ducking slightly, he nods his head slowly before he calls out, "Alpha's a go. All's good here. Got you covered, Bravo."

So far, like clockwork. Since when is it ever this easy? Either the AI is slipping, or they're being given an early holiday present.

And seeing behind closed doors is something Mirage is good at, besides the whole pew-pew thing. She isn't a power telepath by any strectch of the imagination but she is good enough to sense nearby minds, even through doors. She reaches out mental senses and scans behind the door. It always weirds her out that her powers work on simuated enemies, almost as if the programming running the simulation had some kind of mental ability. If she senses anything she reports how many, if not the all clear is given.

Mirage's telepathic senses would pick up the haunting edge of 'human' presence beyond the door, but no distinct point sources within her normal range. Her danger sense, howver, is definitely keyed and on-edge.

"Bravo, Zulu." Nanali whispers, and she pops the door open to the rooftop passage into the enemy base, as she herself drops down flat on her belly to the side of the swinging door, trusting Mirage to know what the comm chatter means, and for the other woman to get herself clear just in case.

Almost immediately as the door pops open, gunfire erupts from below, blasting at the door and the space outlined by the doorway. Sounds like there are at least four subjects inside who have taken aim here.

Nanali pulls one of her hand crossbows, then rolls back still belly-down on the rooftop and launches, as she whispers, "Sparkles". The crossbow bolt strikes, and only Nanali's whispered word stands as warning before the bolt strikes and launches three small glowing spheres, which explode with thunderous sound and brilliant light, filling the corridor and stairs beyond. There are a few cries as that happens, men clearly stunned and at least partially blinded.

The moment the door is opened and Nanali hits the deck, Hawkeye's got a bead on a light source with an electrification arrow. That should give those within more than a few minutes worth of blindness. When she's down, the bow is pulled and the arrow is loosed, "Lights out, IR in play," is spoken over the coms.

That flash/bang arrow? Hawkeye turns his head away soon after the call is made in order to keep his own eyes accustomed to the lights. No use blinding him as well. Though, when it goes off, he jumps from his perch to somewhere a bit lower, ready to keep the area soon to be traveled through secure.

As gunfire blasts from the open door, Mirage is certainly not going to be in the danger zone. She has taken a position on the other side of the door, pressed against the wall, crouched on her heels, out of reach of the gunfire. As her team mates do their jobs she readies for hers. Keeping her gun at the ready. An eye glows red as the cybernetic device slips into thermal mode. When the gunfire ceases thanks to the snazzy arrows she peeks around the corner and gives the signal that she is going in to Nanali. Staying low she leads the way through the door, shooting any enemies that remain congnizant with the subduing round that she has loaded into her gun magazine at the moment.

Icer rounds strike the targets, and they crumple to the ground as their weapons fall from their hands. One had managed to keep his sight, partially, yet he was the first targeted and thusly the first unconscious. THe others are easy pickings for Mirage's thermographic vision and quick trigger finger.

"Insertion." Nanali whispers, keeping up communication with Alpha - Hawkeye - as she hops gracefully to her feet in a crouch and then slinks off to follow Mirage, her crossbows in hand. She keeps her eyes peeled, 'head on a swivel' as it were, covering her teammate as they penetrate the opening and make their way down the stairs, into the base.

Currently out of sight of Alpha, Nanali doesn't bother with lots of audibles. She just gives Hawkeye clues as to what level they're on as they change, and what wing they're in as that changes as well. Otherwise, her communication with Mirage is silent, mostly light touches, hand signals and the like. With the simulated enemy's sensors at the point of entry rerouted, no alarms are sounding and no one has yet been warned, so their penetration yields small wonders like spotting someone armed but with no weapon at hand, carrying a cup of coffee as they step out of a lounge to make their way back to their duty station. Nanali pops off an icer bolt from one of her crossbows, and continues to move.

No shame in being 'left behind', truth be told. This op, Barton's support and suppression, keeping the LZ and entrance clear- and should Bravo move deeper and the bad guys flank and get around, he's it to clear them as well. It's a dangerous game Bravo's playing, but it's good to know that backup is never far behind. And damned good at what he does.

Marking off the levels, Hawkeye's got his eyes peeled, though he does take the few moments to zip-tie those lying unconscious for good measure. And drags them out of the way, just in case Bravo has to come out hot.

For her part Mirage, follows at times and leads at times as the two move through the building on silent feet. Even though this is a simulation her adrenaline is up, giving her a boost to her senses and reactions. Peeking around a corner she gives the hold signal breifly as another peon leaves a room and heads away from them. It isn't until the person is out of sight that she gives the clear to keep moving. She lets Nanali take the lead down this hallway, keeping up the alternating between the two of them 'How much further until objective?" she asks with handsignals.

Nanali brings up the schematics they were given before the 'mission', and signs back to Mirage, '10 meters, south side, objective 1.' Handsigns are so handy for silent communication. Another twip of a silenced icer shot from Mirage, and the pair will reach the first of their targets. Nanali kneels, checking the door, then works to bypass the lock and any alarms, then signals to Mirage before she whispers, "Bravo at point Charlie One." to that subvocal mic for Hawkeeye's benefit, then pops open the door and drops again to her belly, giving Mirage a complete field of fire to take out any of the three targets inside as she chooses. Nanali just fires to 'mop up' any Mirage doesn't take, and scoots forward quickly inside to reach the computers. Time for the intel. "Objective 2," she murmurs, which is the lab with the stuff they were supposed to grab, and probably - hopefully - the scientist they're after as well, who would be 'Objective 3', "should be just down the hall around the corner from here."

"Just don't look inside any folders labled 'Misc'." That's usually a folder of pr0n with the ubiquitous name so bosses don't get wind of it being on their systems. And Barton sounded so serious when he mentions it, too! (Something all spies should know!)

Now, however, comes the 'sit and wait' portion of his job… which is absolutely fine with him. Hawkeye actually -enjoys- this part; watching… and in these moments, nothing escapes his notice.

Gunfire noise is supressed, thanks to the silencer, as Mirage fires at the enemies within. Two fall without so much as being able to get a word out and the third quickly collapses as well as Nanali deals with the final one. As Nanali sweeps into the room to do the computery stuff she holds the door, watching the other woman's back.

It takes precious minutes while Nanali trolls through the enemy systems to get the data they require. Unfortunately, the 'easy' everyone has been enjoying all falls apart, now.

Seems the AI heard Barton's quips.

Nanali is working on the computers as fast as she can, when someone pops open the door, and then stumbles back, gasping, as icer fire is launched in his direction. This alerts others, and suddenly the computer room has become the target of an entire tactical team, moving in to capture or neutralize the intruders.

That would be our SHIELD friends, by the way.

Oh bother. Hopefully Nanali's comm of 'We're blown' gets out before the signal dragnet drops.


Combat Simulation Room - S.H.I.E.L.D. HeliCarrier
As you step through the sliding doors, this room seems bleak compared to the rest of the carrier. In fact, there's literally nothing in here. Just four bare walls, panelled in blue. Near the door is an LED display panel, with controls and voice recognition features. It dawns on you - this is a combat training facility, a holographic simulator. Just tell the computer which simulation you want, and it will prepare it. As you step into the room, the lights come up, and the male computer voice asks,
'S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator Online. Which combat scenario, please?

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