(2014-09-24) Baby on Board
Baby on Board
Summary: Guardians finally find sentient live in the forest, meeting the people of the Realm of Arboria, they take another passenger on
Date: (2014-09-24)
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NPCs: Prince of Arboria, Rico (bald guy played by Richard O'Brien in the movie Flash), various archers
Scene Runner: Mutual
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A day or two out on Mongo, Starfire arrived one night, or crashed. It netted them one passenger and a fuel cell which Vance has been working to install, along with Jean. Jean is helping finish something up and they're almost ready to go. Jean did want to try one more scout to see if they could find anyone and it seems that mission is a-go!

Its a hot muggy morning, whisps of smoke making the forest seem partially cloudy. Brining with it a light sprinkle of rain as water condenses on the trees/leaves and drips off. Seeking out Stargirl to start this scouting, they keep their minds open for Jean to catch up when she can/if she needs to. If they get in trouble of any sort, Jean is next to Vance, the entire ship could be brought over soon.

Thus, going out further than they have, they eventually stumble on a broken iron cage. It seems to have been attached to something by the string hanging off the top that looks cut. Jack turns to Courtney as the notice it and start heading in that way. "Well, someone's around at least." They find signs of sentient life at least.

Staying on the safe side, Stargirl has her staff in hand already and is floating along beside Jack as they traipse through the alien forest "Ok, I will no longer complain about the New York summers." she fans her face with her free hand. The cage is frowned at when it is discovered, "Do you think this was used as punishment or as a trap for something…or someone?

Getting closer, to look at it, "I'm not sure, probably punishment I think." As it is the sort that locks into a full cube to contain someone. "Can we go up and look, see if it was attached to something?" Jack looks to Courtney, cause to ask if she doesn't mind. He can climb a tree, certainly, but her method is much faster.

Stargirl nods at Jack's opinion "You see any remains?" she asks, though is pretty sure they could have easily be dragged off by what passes are carrion eaters on this planet. "Sure I'll take high, you go low." she floats upward, following the chain upwards into the tree.

Looking into the cage to be sure, "Nah, I don't see anything, whatever it was, looks like it busted out and left." And he has zero tracking skills. As she floats up, he looks around more on the ground.

As she starts to go up through the misty morning, she see what looks like walkways up above. This comes with two arrows that whistle rather close to her and hit a tree, such that she can see they were close. "That's far enough, Arboria doesn't take kindly to intruders!" It came from overhead, someone (or a few people) hidden.

"Uh, Jack!" Stargirl calls down as her arms go up indicating her peaceful intent. Just to be safe a forcefield forms around her but is kept close to her body. She looks around, taking in the walkways, following one with her eyes to where it it leads "I'm not on intruder." she calls out calmly, not like they can hurt her with arrows. She doesn't want to think about any other possible weapons they have "At least we aren't the bad kind of intruder!"

"Coming," calls Jack, who starts to climb a tree.

The unknown archer calls down, "Any who come here by ship is a friend to Ming, we respect the decree of our Emperor, but you must respect our domain!" Then up peaking out from a nearby platform up there is a Errol Flynn look-a-like, but dark hair and mustahce (or darker). "State your business then, if it is not an intrusion."

Her arms stay up in the air "Hey you get nothing but respect from me." Stargirl starts out, "We are no friend of Ming either. We are from a planet far from here. One your emperor has plans to subjujate." she glances down to check on Jack's progress "Our ship was damaged fighting with Ming's forces. We are only on your planet to make repairs.

It takes Jack time to climb the tree, even if its not hard, they're just tall trees. Meanwhile, the man calls down. "Come forward, then." He indicates, stepping to a real platform, probably where the cage was lowered from. "Tell me of this ship …" He takes an interest in that. If she goes up, she'll see he has about a dozen archers hidden along the walkway there.

As this is happening, another man whistles quietly, the archers take cover and fire a warning shot at Jack, it lands just above his hand. They're top notch archers, pun intended. "Halt Intruder!" Calls the Errol Flynn mustached man.

"Sure thing." Stargirl floats farther upwards so that she is even with the talking man. "We," she looks down to see the arrows fly down "Wait! He's with me, don't shot him." she looks back at the speaker for the group "We are part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. We are looking for intelligence on this Ming guy you claim is your emperor. You tell me what I want to know and I will tell you what you want to know.

Holding up his hand to the others, they lower their bows. Jack calls up, "Thanks," more to Stargirl as he finishes his climb.

The man nods to her, "Certainly, there isn't much I need to know other than its an operable space worthy vehicle and you can fly it off this planet. For that, I will tell you anything you need to know." Coming to meet her, "I give you my word, as the Prince of Arboria."

"It will be once the new fuel cell is installed and the holes are patched up." with things seeming peaceful Stargirl drops her hands "I'm Stargirl." she points to Jack "And that's Jack." as she is standing on air and he on a platform she feels a bit at a disadvantage in a manner of speaking "May I join you on the platform?

The man nods, "Yes, please join us. Walk with me," he offers, indicating they can go to the living areas, by following various walks and stairs. Its fairly sparse just the same and yet a touch of elegance in everything. From the carving and polish on a handrail to the frame over an open air door that leads right into a tree. Spartan with that hint of more.

Jack eventually gets and joins, "Hey, thanks, nice digs, Prince."

Mustache nods, "We make do. I will give you information you need, if you think it will help you, but you must do one thing for me, take my son with you. Ming wants him."

Stargirl joins the prince and falls into step as he leads the way across the treehouse city, "What does he want your son for?" she inquires as she takes in the view of the forest from this high up

The Prince of Arboria leads them to a place they can sit and talk. Much like the other rooms around, its all really open air space, the tree boughed around the space for the room with natural windows and doorways. Plenty of light from here, they might also notice there is an official landing type pad in a clearing at this level of the canopy not far away. The man offers seats first. Jack gladly accepts all the same.

"As a means to control my realm. He has others means of this, but its another safety measure. He would make him a general given time. I only want my son removed from this before he is discovered by Ming."

A seat is taken as Stargirl listens to the story being offered by the Prince "Basically Ming wants to use him as a hostage to make sure you behave." she frowns at this, finding the notion abhorrent "How old is your son? Where would you want us to take him?

Jack was about to ask the same thing, but sits back for the moment.

The Prince takes his seat fully, but leans forward putting elbows to his knees. "His is only an infant, I have a week before the Princes and Princesses of the people are to present themselves to Ming, when I would have to report the birth of the child. I could decline to mention but an auditor will assess the realms in the next cycle and I would be forfeit of my position. I do not care where you take him, so long as he is away from Ming and has opportunity to experience freedom from the tyrant."

Stargirl sends a questioning look to Jack. They are guardians of the galaxy not babysitters of the galaxy "So you would rather put your son in the hands of total strangers than your emperor…" she pauses a moment "You must really not like this Ming fellow.

Looking at Stargirl, Jack offers, "Just to earth?" As in, they can take the child to a shelter, or a home, or someplace adequate enough to take care of a baby. He certainly didn't sign up for that. But who knows, with him sort of agreeing in that look to Stargirl, he might be on baby duty all the way.

The Prince nods, "Indeed, that is the way we live under his rule. Better my son have a chance to live then to be converted into a weapon against me. I could be hopeful, that he resists Ming, but then he will end up like many of us. Broadcast in a public execution. There is little to like of Ming."

"Fine we will take your son to safety, but we expect something in return." Stargirl swirls her staff forming a replica of earth out of the energy it harnesses "This is my planet…our planet." she corrects as she points to Jack "Ming plans to do to it what he has done to yours and other countless planets before him. We seek allies to help stop him from doing this, for good if possible.

"If there is resistence to Ming, I would lead the front of that vanguard," says the Prince, "I only need to know how we will stay in contact once you leave Mongo. If your Earth puts up a fight, we will coordinate with you to the best of our abilities."

"We have people working on that back on earth." Stargirl explains to the Prince "We have many people, powerful people, that are willing to go to extreme lengths to make sure Ming is taking out of commission. If we have to use two cans and the longest peice of string in exitance to communicate with you, we will do it." she holds her hand out "You have a deal. We will take your son and make him safe in exchange for your alliegance.

Jack and Stargirl went to scout some more, Jean is probably aware of their position, keeping contact while Vance finishes the last repairs on the ship and modifying the fuel cell to fit. She might be getting more of this now a some deal is struck, alliegance for a child, - that is the Guardians, and Jean, and Starfire, will have another passenger en route to earth. The sort that cries.

Jack is more silent during this. The prince nods, "This is good, good news." He clasps his hands, over his cool mustache, maybe for once honestly happy. "Fico, retreive my son," and a bald man with a double ended flute who was about to start playing, stands up to go get the baby child.

Jean, meanwhile, alerted Vance back at the ship, and glides silently through the forest. Quickly coming to where the others found the prisoner cage, she then soars up through the trees towards the platform, thinking to Stargirl and Jack, » Everything okay, here? « She caught some of the thoughts, but not everything as she looks around at the gathering.

Starfire was on top of the ship's wing with her top off as she lay there on her stomach sunning herself and enjoying the sounds around her before she followed Jean, herself flying. She kept quiet though rather then interrupt by asking questions, though the look on her face was very much curious.

"With any luck we will have Ming dealt with quickly and you will have your son back in your arms within the month." Stargirl isn't sure about the timeline of how this is going to play out, but a month seems reasonable to throw out there. As the meeting is starting to wrap up she gets to her feet as the mental voice rings in her head »>Careful they get antsy around intruders.«<

Indeed the do, a few whistles resounds, a couple of warning arrows fly through they air. Not intended to hit Jean or Starfire, but good marskmanship close at least. While they approach the group, unknown archers call, "Halt, do not enter the realm of Arboria!"

Even as Jack and Stargirl might hear those calls, the prince stands at the sound of the low whistles from his fellow archers, "We have intruders again, friends?"

Jack nods, maybe Stargirl does too, Jack responds, "Ya, friends, the one's Stargirl here was talking about." The powerful sort that might put a good fight up against Ming. The Prince whistles back and Jean and Starfire see their marksmen stand and put their weapons away.

The Prince looks to Stargirl, "One month, my won or that can and string you speak of to communicate over vast distances, to let me know when the fight shall being."

Jean actually waves towards the archers, not terribly concerned as she does have a pinkish aura around her, flying up towards the other two. She lands near Jack and Stargirl, glancing around at the others, though she does give a courteous bow to the person that she picked up on as being the Prince. "Forgive me, we didn't wish to startle anyone." The pinkish aura fades around her, as she looks between Jack and Stargirl.

Starfire hovered where she was, confident that an arrow wouldn't hit her and crosses her arms as she glances to Jean. She made a regal flourish of respectful greeting toward the one who seemed to be the ruler.

Stargirl takes note of the arrival of the other two women, if she notices that Starfire is topless it goes without mentioning. "Well once your man comes back with your child we will leave you. You may have visitors in the near future from our own allies to go over strategy or to get further information about Ming and Mongo.

"These are dangerous times," explains the Prince to Jean as if to explain why they are so jumpy, then there is Starfire, "And who is this, perhaps the ally you send to treat with us until your attack begins on Ming?"

Rico arrives with the child, "Here is the child." He's tucked into a basket even, all snug looking, blonde hair currently and asleep. Jack moves to take the basket unless anyone stops him, grinning wide when he sees the kid. "I should of saved the shoulder flag for him, he wants one."

As the Prince looks at Starfire, Rico continues to talk. "We are ready, we only need to know when your Earth plans to resist the Emperor. We will speak with the other realms that favor our cause in the coming weeks."

Jean nods, "No offense was taken, though…" She glances at the others, then at the Prince, "When the attack begins on Ming, I would probably be one of those on the front lines." She smiles faintly, at that, "I don't suppose that you have telepathy here?"

Starfire smiles warmly to the prince "I am Kori your highness and as yet I do not know what my role will be in the coming conflict except to survive and help my new friends. Freedom is a precious thing"

Letting Jean and Stargirl handle the Prince for a few moments Stargirl goes to check out the teams new responsibility. Looking at the towheaded infant she begins to wonder if babysitting is such a great idea…it's really going to cut into her clubbing time "I don't know if they make red, white and blue diapers Jack." but if they do leave it to Jack to find them.

"Ya, now you're talking," grins Jack about the baby they have. Though he has no plans to keep it, better to pass him on to able bodied hands that can care for an infant and not endanger it with things like bounty hunters.

The prince says to Jean, "Telepathy, something like it, the Princess uses it to contact me before she arrives. Since the birth of our son, she's stayed with her father while we tried to find ways to hide the boy from Ming." More of a smile to Starfire, "Freedom is indeed precious, and I am sure your role in what is to come shall be played out valiantly." He seems to smile more when looking at Starfire, forget he mentioned his child, some princess, and their son.

Jean nods slightly, "Well, I am a telepath myself, so perhaps we could maintain some sort of contact that way. Though my range is somewhat limited… I doubt I would reach you before we came fairly close to Mongo." She frowns, "Or Mongo gets a /lot/ closer to Earth, which we're trying to avoid for obvious reasons."

Starfire nods to the prince with another smile "Thank you, I hope you're right about my coming actions. No one has the right to enslave another" either she didn't realize she was topless or it didn't matter to her. she really didn't have much of an idea what was going on with her new friends and this mongo, but she knew what she needed to: Mongo was a very bad person who had enslaved an entire people! but she gave Jean a cautious look at all this talk of telepathy.

"Here, I'll get him back to the ship and let Vance know about our junior member and passenger. Maybe he can rig up some kind of babyseat in the ship." Stargirl takes the basket from Jack "It was nice meeting you your highness." she lets the prince say a final farewell to his son before flying off through the trees with basket in hand.

Jack moves closer to Jean for the moment, trying to stay out of the picture enough to not interrupt the conversation. The Prince says to Jean, "Keep the child near you, once this is done, I shall talk to the Princess, to use her telepathy machine to see if she can somehow contact you." They can test the distances, and besides, when Earth is close to Mongo, if they can get a rebellion going, it will help even if they don't plan too much between that distance.

As for Starfire, he grins again, more to his right side, "No one should ever have that right. I thank you for understanding our plight." He even bows a little.

Jean nods, "We have some ways to boost it on our end as well, so we can definitely help coordinate." She pauses, and looks over at the Prince, "Does Ming use telepathy to coordinate his forces? When we were attacked earlier, there was some unusual coordination with his ships."

Starfire smiles compassionately at the prince "I understand more then you might know your highness and you are quite right, no one should have that right but some think it an entitelment when they don't even realize that it's not even a priviledge but an atrocity" on this matter she seemed unwavering.

The Prince has to consider that for a moment, Jean's question that is, "They use sentient computers, beings converted to serve as high functioning machines with their memories erased by Ming. They do have short range telepathy via machines as well. It is similar to the machine that my Princess uses to talk with me, the one she'll use to try and contact you with. I do not know how far this reaches, how how much they coordinate beyond small group tactics."

Grinnig more to Starfire, he raises a fist, drops it into the palm of his other hand, "Yes, we shall not suffer this atrocity any longer. You are a noble leader for this cause." Putting her in charge of all the Earth resistence it seems, though she just said she only met these people.

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