(2014-09-21) It Wasn't Like That
It Wasn't Like That
Summary: Jack catches up with Jean after the arrival of Starfire
Date: (2014-09-21)
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Between last nights eventful crash landing and the present. Jack Flag got the fuel cell where it needed to go, it was underway to fix the ship properly. Somewhere Starfire was looked after, not by Jack. When it was finally done and there was time to go look for her, Jack went in search of Jean. Not that the ship was big, hopefully she wasn't avoiding him too hard. He searches inside and outside in search of her.

Jean is currently sitting on the top of the ship, looking up at the stars as it is currently night, or the equivalent thereof on Mongo. She looks a bit wistful, looking at the stars as they do look just a smidge different… not too much from Earth, but enough to know this isn't Earth at all.

For Jack, he's getting use to differenc constallations, star arrays, dust fields and the like. He's more interested in finding Jean, and seeing her up there, he stars to climb up pausing when near the top. "Jean, I'm not interrupting am I?" Not that he thinks he is, but he did catch the clenched hands when Kori joined them and feels like he's treading lightly for the moment.

Jean glances over at Jack, then shakes her head, "No, I don't think that you are. Just thought I'd get a bit of time to watch the stars. They just are a little different… not even that much, but a bit."

Coming up he moves to sit next to her, "Does it make you wish you were back on earth?" He's curious, he knows she really likes the star stuff, but he knows he likes the familiar himself. He sits down and looks more at her than at the stars, bringing up one knee even to favor a look at her.

Jean smiles, "A little bit… not too much though." She glances over at Jack, "You and Kori seemed to hit it off really well." Well, going for the direct approach it seems, as she gives Jack a fairly cool look.

"Ya, that," says Jack, not taking his eyes away from Jean as the sit next to each other. "I don't know, maybe that's how they give thanks on her planet. I didn't," maybe he's about to say ask for it, but that's not a good way to put it. "I'm sorry, I know it looked wrong. I'll keep my distance, don't want to be next to her, I want to be here, next to you Jean."

Jean nods and looks over at Jack, "Well, I wasn't sure… I mean…" She smiles a bit, "It's easy to just look and know there's no doubts, but that's pretty unethical to do without permission anyway."

Giving a shake of his head, he scooches a little closer and puts an arm around Jean, if she doesn't object. "If it helps Jean, you have full access to check on those doubts. I wanna do right by you. YOu're becoming pretty important in my life."

Jean smiles and leans into the embrace, resting her head on Jack's shoulder, "I wouldn't abuse that, Jack." She sighs and looks far more relaxed now, seeming to feel a lot more at ease.

A slight swell of joy, or pride, that Jean would choose a guy like himself, Jack gladly gives that shoulder and any warmth she might want in that starry night air of Mongo. Its warm, being in the arboreal forest that they're in, but cooler at night at least. "I trust you on that, Jean, and do what I can to earn your trust." Knowing she wouldn't abuse it. "You make it fun again, alien skies that is." He kisses her hair gently and looks up at those stars she was just fathoming.

Jean laughs softly, "Thank you, Jack." She smiles and places a soft kiss on his cheek, "It is pretty nice to be here… almost can make you forget we're on an alien planet intent on enslaving the Earth."

Still looking up, grinning warmly when she kisses his cheek, Jack considers her words. "That's one of those living dangerous moments, here and now." He stops looking up and turns to look down at her instead, finding it more agreeable to his asthetics to look at her rather than the stars. "If this is my last night in the galaxy, I couldn't have better company."

Jean smiles, "Indeed. I was thinking the same thing. Though I think we have pretty good odds of getting out of here. Seems like the repairs are mostly done, anyway." She hmms, "Little surprised we haven't made contact with anyone here yet."

"When its all repaired, maybe we can see with Vance about scouting one more time," says Jack, "You can get out further, see what you can see?" Or scan, with her abilities that is. Still looking down at her, that hand he had on the side for support comes up too, brushing at her cheek.

Jean nods, "Maybe if we keep low enough, we won't get picked up… just get a feel for what's around here." She smiles, "If nothing else, get a better idea of what we're up against, because those three fighters didn't really leave much of an impression either way."

"Exactly, Vance will be cool with it," especially after the sensing pod relay was smashed pretty quickly. "Done deal, I vote we save the plotting for tomorrow and make good use of this awesome night sky?" Not taking his eyes from her, he grins a little.

Jean chuckles, "Oh, and what precisely did you have in mind, Jack?" She grins, tilting her head slightly as she regards him.

"It starts with a kiss," he says quickly, looking down at her, "But the rest of it was thinking too far in advance. More play it by ear." Jack grins, he could go on, but maybe words are too much. There Jean was under the night sky and her lips looked good, he couldn't lie about that. Other than the animal noises all around, it was them atop the ship and now one close at hand. Leaning in, he tested that beginning, planting a soft kiss on her lips.


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