(2014-09-20) Plant Seeds
Plant Seeds
Summary: Jack and Jean discuss their current situation on Planet Mongo
Date: (2014-09-20)
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Courtney and Jack return from scouting. Lots of wildlife, lots of dangerous type stuff. Big spiders, quick sands, that sort of stuff. Alas, no fuel just yet. It was a basic scout, food, shelter, water sort of a thing. Probably talked about clubbing or MLP or something. When they come back, Jack looks about the ship, for Jean in particular. This leads him to the bridge, not like its a lot of room or hard to get lost in the ship, its more impressive from the outside most likely. With the humidity, he isn't wearing his face mask currently, thats more for effect. So, then, he walks into/onto the bridge.

Jean is currently unmasked as well, saying into the intercom, "Okay Vance, that seems to be working now. Indicator is green." She then glances over her shoulder and smiles, "Hey Jack. Anything interesting out there?" She was keeping mental tabs, but more of a 'ohshit tons of forest people' alert than watching every little thing.

Moving closer, grabbing something overhead to lean with a little, Jack nods, "Lots of awesome stuff. Crazy vines, and trees, and weird little animals and stuff. Would be more fun if it was on purpose though, like a good camping place. How's things in here, you're both still alive, so that's a good thing, right?" Smirking, he lets go of the thing overhead, moving closer to where Jean seems to be working but trying not to get in the way.

Jean chuckles, "Yeah, we had a good talk about things, so I think we'll refrain from strangling each other for the time being." She glances up at Jack, giving him a smile, "Though you and Courtney might have front row seats for a barnstorming daredevil pilot competition when we get back to Earth."

"Courtney might want in, cause of daredevil stuff," grins Jack, "But I'd love to watch. Do I loose points if I cheer for anyone?" Not saying if he'd cheer for Jean or a teammate, or just cheer in general. "You did tell Vance you're a regular pilot back on earth right, I haven't seen him fly planes, but he is a wiz with the space stuff."

Jean snorts, "Of course I told him." She smiles and looks up at Jack, "So I'm just testing indicators for him right now, since he's down by the engine room, just making sure everything is okay there." She chuckles, "I have to admit, I'm a little surprised we haven't had a welcoming committee just yet. Not that I'm complaining."

Smiling as Jean responds in a good attitude. "I bet we could have two contests, one with planes, one with the space ship …. like race to mars and back, timed." He looks out the window, about welcoming committee, "That or they don't consider us quite the threat. I mean, if he enslaves the population, any of the captain's that reported back might not of told him the whole truth about us - or they didn't notice where we landed." All more speculative though, curious what Jean says. "You know, not that I like being here, but oddly, I'm glad your in this too."

Jean smiles up to Jack, "Well, I'm glad you're not getting in trouble without me along to help." She chuckles, leaning back in the chair as she looks back at Jack, "Hopefully we can figure out a bit more about Mongo before we go… I just worry what they're going to do next."

"Ya, wish we were running and could be reconning more or heading back. Power Women mentioned he's been attacking earth with meteors or something, and that was probably before he was this close." Jack sits sidewyas on the chair next to Jean, most likely on the arm itself, not too far away at all. "We'll should scout farther, there has to be people somewhere if he's enslaved so many populations already."

Jean nods, "And maybe, if they are enslaved, they could be inspired to strike back." She frowns, "There's very few cases I can think of where people are just content to be enslaved."

Leaning over some, "Maybe where they have more freedoms and slavery is just a convenient name, but ya, I don't think anyone does." Jack puts a hand to Jean's cheek then, not liking to see that frown. "We'll do what we can, between here and earth, coordinate more with Justice League. Not just to save Earth, but all these people. That's what Vance meant by saving the Galaxy, its not just Earth, but everyone - they're are peeps too."

Jean smiles, "Yeah, exactly. There are people here, people that aren't aware or just enslaved by Ming and his troops. We would need to work hard to get a revolution started… if that was even possible."

Nodding, liking her spirits picking back up, Jack responds, "Ya, or plant the seeds … let them know Earth is out there and not going to wait idly for him to get to our planet. Start or not, just that bit of hope, who knows what could happen."

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