(2014-09-20) Kurt Received
Kurt Received
Summary: Nightcrawler arrives at the Mansion to meet with Ms. Emma Frost
Date: (2014-09-20)
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While it would of been nice to have a car drop him off, or take a taxi, Kurt was in an adventerous mood for the majority of the day. Instead of taking normal means from the international air port down in New York City, he slowly took several hours of his own time teleporting and learning the route between that city and his destination - Xavier's School for Gifted Youth. If he knew the route, it would of been closer to an hour traveling, but being unfamiliar and cautious, he had to take his time. This included staying away from major free ways and interstates.

He made it and simply arrived on the doorstep with a knock, was greated cordially by a staff member, whom he informed of his intention to meet with Emma Frost, such arranged by their mutual friend and benefactor, Charlies Xavier. He was then escorted to outside the office. The staff member knocking and announcing, "Ms. Frost, a Kurt Wagner, is here to see you." Not put back so much by the confident fuzzy blue elf and his appearance, this being the place it might be more normal for him.

At the knock, Emma Frost puts down the phone, realizing it is no longer needed to deal with this situation. Given that Kurt is rather late for their appointment, she had been in the process of confirming his flight's on-time arrival and then perhaps arranging for a driver to sweep the airport looking for the man - assuming she could have any luck at that. Informed he is here, however, Emma bites off the urge to react with annoyance; this man is being sent by Charles, and it would not do to antagonize him before it is absolutely necessary.

Kurt is left to stand for a few minutes, but before long the door opens to reveal the tall, platinum blonde majesty of Emma Grace Frost, attired as usual in pristinely white business attire of the highest caliber, every detail arranged perfectly from hair to jewelry to accessories and makeup. She is frankly stupendous, and she knows it. "Ah. Mister Wagner. Please, come in." She does not seem taken aback by his appearance, which seems to indicate that Charles has spoken with her about it. "I am Emma Frost, the Headmistress here at the Xavier Academy. Please, have a seat, if you will."

While, inversely, only stupendous to those that find some allure in blue, fuzzy, elfin like men, Kurt still holds himself with dignity and is dressed to match. Not quite full business, he does have a blazer, with nice pants and a comfortable shirt, the pullover sort that isn't quite a t-shirt and yet not quite friendly for board meetings. All grin though, he moves in to offer his hand, which if allowed, he would turn into a formal bow and a dainty hand kiss, if met at all.

Either way or otherwise, he grins, "Ms. Frost, thank you and quite the pleasure." Moving to the seat, he sits regular style, with three-toed feet on the floor, looking normal except the occasional twitch of a tail. "I took the liberty of arranging my own travel, I hope you don't mind."

Emma Frost is a woman who understands and embraces the proper, often viewed as antiquated methods of genteel interaction. She accepts the handshake easily enough, and is not at all adverse to seeing that turn into a bow, or the light graze of blue lips across the back of her hand. And it seems she is quite cosmopolitan enough to find no difficulty in understanding the strong German accent to the man's words. She does not, however, try to greet him in his native tongue; this is her office, after all.

"No, Mister Wagner, I do not mind at all. I am sorry that you must have gotten lost," the only reference she will make to the fact that he is late in his arrival, at least in his hearing, "but you are here now, and that is fine. Please, do have a seat." Emma guides Kurt past the chairs in front of her desk, but then leaves him there and makes her way behind the chrome and glas affair to take her own seat with poise and grace.

"I of course received Charles' letter of introduction." Emma begins. "He has asked that we do all we can to make you welcome, here. He has also intimated that you might be interested in assuming a teaching position, here at the Academy. He mentioned finance, business, history, and politics as areas of special interest. Would that be accurate, Mister Wagner?"

From his seat, he has no qualm about the desk being between them, more likely to respect her position of authority in the school as it is. Instead of getting more comfortable for himself, such as tucking feet up and crouching, he affords one leg to cross the other. It gives his tail room to wrap behind the chair and out of sight, where it continues to twitch with a mind of its own.

“Ja, Miss Frost, quite accurate indeed. Heir Xavier was kind to notice my growing interest in these subjects relevant to the meta-world we currently live in and thought this might be a good fit for me. I’ve been at a loss since, well, we all came out, so to speak.”

Putting his hands together under his chin, he continues. “Political science and international law at the top, followed by a love of history and a natural understanding of the world of finance; something of a family tradition. He has spoke highly of you as well, he said you would know well how to put my talents to use in the best service to the young minds you are molding here at the school.”

Emma listens carefully, her own legs crossed only at the ankles but quite visible given the nature of her desk. She nods a bit at a point here or there, but is otherwise pretty impassive; she is definitely not the most emotive person Kurt has ever met, and she could be the least. Maybe.

"I see. Well, I admit that few of our students are so advanced as your collegiate educator's training, but we aim to broaden their horizons and push them to excel. That being said, we are more often going to be using you in history lessons, but I expect that political science and international law will be amongst subjects of some interest for our older, more advanced students. Hopefully some will appreciate an actual teacher in finance other than myself." Yes. Emma teaches classes, but only a few, only to the most advanced, and only in subjects at which she excels.

"A few points we should perhaps go over?" Emma continues. "The school is a safe place for our students, but in a very dangerous world. As such, we have significant security systems and procedures in place. The school is residential, for staff as well as students. And most importantly, it should be noted that the school maintains a degree of secrecy regarding just what kinds of 'gifted' students - and staff - operate here. To that end, whenever you leave school grounds, I will ask that you either use means of disguising your nature, or go to whatever efforts are necessary not to be associated with the school."

The platinum blonde woman indulges only a momentary frown, but it seems genuine. "I despise pandering to such fear and prejudice, honestly, but the safety of our students must remain paramount. We have already had several students endangered while they were not here. We can never allow such dangers to follow them here. This must remain a sanctuary, whatever the cost. I am afraid I cannot tolerate anything that presents a threat to their safety."

Amiable to hearing everything she has to say, Kurt is all ear, not just the point sort, but honestly listening. Though her legs are visible and he wouldn’t mind glancing down through the table, he still holds that respect for the person he’s talking to and keeps his yellow eyes on Emma’s own.

“Knowing where the school is now, I can come and go without anyone noticing. I can assure none are aware of my arrival the same Frau Frost. I apologize if I have overstepped my bounds in presenting myself, I only saw it as a challenge to learn an area I was unfamiliar with but shouldn’t have been so presumptuous.”

Turning slightly, letting his tail have more wiggle room, he puts his hands down to his lap. They flatten along the pressed edge of his trousers. “History it shall be, with some political science for the older students more interested in these topics with college aspirations. I shall bring no dangers here and do my best to avoid them while off campus.”

Then grinning a bit more, his canines showing, friendly like however. “I must say it’s a pleasure, I am familiar with your financial pursuits, a shame we are meeting in this context, but an honor to perhaps someday share intellectual knowledge of the entrepreneurial sort.”

Emma regards Kurt carefully; there is still that air of firm dispassion about her, the only crack in that facade was fervent demand for the protection and safety of the school and the students. Still, she is polite enough, even if chilly in reception. "Very well, Herr Wagner. We will accept that today's incident was unintentional and well-meaning, and instead strive for better in the future." Well, she doesn't quite 'forgive and forget', but she doesn't take his head off. Progress, right?

"I appreciate all that you can bring to the students. If you will allow, Mister Wagner, I will summon one of the staff to show you to your new rooms. You will find the items of technology you need there, along with paperwork that will need your attention. It is all digital, of course. You will find staff guidelines and maps there for the facilities, including your office. Perhaps we can reconvene tomorrow, after you have had a chance to go over everything? I will arrange a small staff meeting, so that you can be introduced to everyone else, prior to beginning coursework." Emma offers, as she rises from her seat, prepared to escort Kurt out. She makes no mention of her own telepathy, though she does use it to unobtrusively summon a staff member to take charge of escorting and guiding Kurt to the teacher's residence wing.

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