(2014-09-20) Kori's Arrival … on Mongo
Kori's Arrival … on Mongo
Summary: Starfire crashes down on Mongo, Jack is there to be heroic … Jean takes notice, thinks he's being /too/ heroic
Date: (2014-09-20)
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The planet is Mongo, present location - just outside the Oort cloud of a small yellow sun system that is also the home of a planet called Earth. Here, on Mongo, in an arboreal forest that is pretty massive, there is a ship which has crash landed, in a manner of speaking. The ship belongs to the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were performing reconissance for the Justice Leage on Earth. Their target was this planet and the ruler, a man named Ming the Merciless. Not so much a crash either, they fought some of his space vessels and while defeating the small fleet (3 sheeps), they took damage and have ran out of fuel. Just enough to land, patch up to preserve what they have left. Currently outside the ship, Jack Flag is standing on some sort of a watch, as they've yet to meet any of the locals. Which is odd as Ming has subjagated a good dozen planets and enslaved their people to his cause. No signs yet though, but he is watching the forest, and the sky - or what he can see of the sky through the canopy.

Outside there is what first appears to be a meteorite or shooting star as it blazes across the sky. If someone could see enough of the sky to track it that is. But it comes in hot and burning as it enters the atmosphere. Crashing thru trees and other obstacles it shakes the ground. Crash landing with a loud noise and a plume of smoke as it gouges a trough in the dirt of Mongo.

This can't be good, he doesn't know what to expect and for all Jack knows, this could be something from mongo. He alerts the others in ship, before running off to look for whatever landed. Hopefully just e meteor, but still. He runs through the jungle rather quickly until he finds the path of the trough through the dirt and sees where it goes.

Half buried seems to be an escape pod of advanced alien technology, that's been badly damaged, duh! The lights on it flicker, the window frosted over in ice despite smoke rising from one end. A panel pops up, a gaseous vapor expelling from around it with a hiss. It tilts up at one end and slides out of the way further. Inside is a woman scantily clothed with orange skin and firey red hair, she looks like she's sleeping.

Unless otherwise indicated, Jack doesn't assume hostile, simply because it doesn't match the description of Ming. Instead he rushes forward onto the pod. Any hot bits from entry don't affect him much as neither does the cold frost of space. Maybe more the later, but as it tilts up and out of the way, not to worry about that. Moving up and bending down near the scantily clothed woman, Jack does his best not to just look and instead reaches towards her cheek. "Uh, ma'am … hello …" A touch, to see if she might wake.

Starfire was breathing but she cold, as if put into a sleep for space travel. With a jolt her eyes snapped open, solid green and glowing as her hand moved to try and grab his. She blinks at him confused and starts speaking in a strange language.

Smiling a little and shaking his head, Jack responds in English just the same. "I'm sorry, I don't know that language. We might have a translator back in our ship." He lets her hold his hand trying not to make threatening gestures. He points back at his ship, then looks at her curious, "Would you like to come with me, see if we can figure this out?" He might have a hundred more questions, but the language thing is his top priority.

Starfire sits up slowly still holding his hand as she follows the direction of his finger and then looks around "Sorry, yes. where am I? You don't look like a Psion" still looking around at the strange flora around the crash site and then up at the sky searching the stars with a sigh.

Shaking his head at first, Jack returns, "No, not a Psion, not even telepathic in the least." He looks up and around at the crazy flora. The jungle is full of animal noises, from bugs buzzing and chirping to strange monkeys or tree dwellers cawwing and chortling lively, even the occasional distant roar. No other sentient life present. "This, sadly, is Mongo. Some mobile planet that belongs to a tyrant named Ming, who's going to earth. That's in sector <number>." The sector is the standard of Oa, or the Green Lantern Corps. Figuring that's a good place to start. "I'm gonna guess you're not from around here either?"

Starfire blinks at him still confused "I'm sorry, not much of that makes sense to me, I'm…well I'm from a planet that is probably quite far from here. I'm a tamaranean. I'm guess this is not a nice place and that Ming is even less nice? If so then we probably don't want to stay here for long, a crash will alert the natives or whoever is in charge"

Shaking his head, but not loosing the smile, Jack stands, leving his hand with hers and pulling if she wants to stand with him. No rush, she just woke from space sleep, but the same, it could of alerted others and probably safer to get her with the team. "Not familiar with tamaranean's, our ship's database might know something, but we can't just leave. We lost fuel from a batlle above the planet. Your pod doesn't look ready to fly either." Though, if there is fuel in it, that might solve a big mystery. "I don't want to alarm you, but maybe you should come with me, meet my friends. No ill intentions, I promise."

Starfire nods getting to her feet and leaning against him as the space sleep still wore off she stepped out of the pod and glanced over it "Let me check the..ah! It's still got plenty of fuel. If your ship is empty we should take the fuel tank with us" then looks up longingly at the sky "I wish it was daylight, that would be better" then looks to her free hand and flexes it a few times as though trying to do something before a small green glow spreads over it with energy "Oh good!"

Looking at her, then her hand, then seeing the glow, Jack grins more. "Well, that's pretty handy." Pun probably intended. "Just that, or more. I think you'll fit in with my crew … I mean our crew." He doesn't mind the leaning, his other hand might go around her for support, its a gentleman thing to do after all. "I can carry the fuel cell, or the pod if you like, we have the right tools back at our ship. We can make it all work out. Just, are you sure you're okay, we have medical equipment too, field grade, first-aide type, I don't want you pushing yourself after that landing."

Starfire smiles at him "Thank you, but I'm better then I have been in years and once the sun comes out I'll feel much better" turning around in his arm to face the pod she bent over and with both hands ripped the fuel tank compartment door off before snapping the fuel cell out of it's connection junction "Better then I have in a long long time, I'm finally free" she was surprinsingly strong for her size yet she made disconnecting the fuel cell and getting to it look like the pod was made of paper.

"Or you could do it too," chuckles Jack as she does what he was about to do. "I thought I was being a gentleman, letting you recover, doing the grunt work. I'll take the hand holding and moral support just the same." Stepping down from the pod, holding his hand to help her, though she clearly can handle herself, he continues. "You said free, you were … a captive of some sort?" Not quite saying slave, not knowing her circumstance, but curious it seems.

Starfire smiles at him appreciatively as her hands stop glowing and she takes his hand as she steps down, leaning in to kiss his cheek "Thank you for helping" then nods as she adjusts the fuel cell "Slave and then test subject, yes"

Starfire hands the fuel cell over to him gratefully "Yes and no, hated and betrayed by my own sister I became a slave, then psions captured us both and we became test subjects. But we escaped and it's over now that's what is important" the emotions of her story sliding over her features as though they were just under the surface before she looks to the stars and the openness of the sky and cheers up returning a smile to him.

Jean, meanwhile, was helping with a few things in the aft engine section, but comes forward when she hears about the guest. Well, she probably knew about Starfire for a while now, being a telepath herself, but didn't come forward because well… not a threat, and the ship needs a-fixin'. She smiles over at Jack and Starfire, blinking a little at the appearance of the latter, "Ah, hello… you must be the person that crashed nearby."

"Good guys win," grins Jack, taking the fuel cell and putting it on one shoulder, doing a fist pump with the other. "Er, no wait, your sister though? She escaped too - these escape pods where part of that, she could be anywhere, in the universe?" Not good on that topic, and he's curious. Jack is leading her from the pod towards the Guardians ship, by hand it seems. "Jean, hello, yes, this is … uh … the person that crashed." He didn't get to the name business yet it seems. "And this is Jean, and I'm Jack."

Starfire sighs sadly as she looks up at the canopy toward the stars beyond "I freed her from her restraints but…beyond that I don't know. I didn't want to fight her so I made my escape in the pod. Where she went I don't know but I pray she got away, I couldn't leave her to them, no matter what she has done to me and my people" but then they had arrived and Oh! a new person to meet! Kori smiles warmly toward the redhead with the pale skin "Hello there, I'm Kori, it's good to meet you both" then chuckles at Jack "Yes, my escape pod still had a good bit of fuel in it. Thank you again Jack for being so kind and helping me" leaning in to kiss the man's cheek. She tired and stressed and had been through so very much but was still so grateful for new friends and excited to be free at last.

Jean Grey's hands clench a bit as Starfire kisses Jack, but she opens her hands pretty quickly, keeping her voice carefully calm, probably a bit too much calm there. As in, right before a storm, as she smiles over at Starfire, "Escaped? Well, I'm guessing you weren't a prisoner of Mongo then… but I'm glad you were able to get away, Kori." She glances over at Jack, then back to Kori, "Are you injured? I could help you to the ship if you need it."

Grinning, Jack seems stunned at the kiss, blinking and looking at Jean, then realizing he's still holding Starfire's hand he lets go a litle. "Uh, ya, just doing what anyone would of done." Like help out scantily dressed women from an escape pod, and holding her fuel cell, which she was perfectly capable of ripping out herself from the escape pod. He holds up the hand to point at the ship, as if that's why he let go even, it seems to flow. "Yep, that's the ship."

Starfire nods to Jean "Yes, my escape pod crashed here, I would agree with you both about it being good Mongo is not involved in my previous situation except that I can;'t think there could be anything worse then what the psions did to us" themental and emotional wounds of that experience plainly visible in her expression. "I'm not hurt physically, but thank you. Just glad to be away from the horribleness" she looked from jackie to the pale red head and back again before looking over the ship. She kept her oppinions of it to herself but it was obvious she felt it inferior to what she was used to. "What can I do to help?"

Jean Grey smiles back at Starfire, "Well, ah, if you want some help with what they did to you… I am a telepath, and I have some training in healing that kind of damage." She looks at the woman with a sympathetic expression, "But for now, we should get you over to the ship, just in case we have some visitors show up unexpectedly."

Jack doesn't connect psions to telepathy as being bad, just he isn't familiar with either and they sure do sound the same. He nods, "Ya, in the ship, I'll get the fuel cell to Vance, then back to watch. I'll do a sweep around the peremiter too, make sure no one saw the pod falling out of the sky." They arrived during the day, got lucky, but the fire in the sky at night could alert a few eyes before the fuel cell is put in place and everything repaired to get going.

Starfire almost visibly recoils from Jean as her hands start to softly glow, her face full of distaste and fear "NO!" her body trembling as it took everything she had to hold herself in place and remind herself that these people weren't bad, they were friends. Her mind flashing thru all thru all the torture she had been thru "No, I'm sorry…Just please stay out of my head. It's over and I'm free finally, that's what matters"

Jean Grey blinks, "Of course not. I would never enter a mind without someone's consent. I only offer because… that type of damage can be traumatic, and I do have some skill helping with that, Kori." She smiles, though there did seem to be something of a pinkish aura around Jean for a moment, as she noticed the glowing hands on Kori, "But I shall consent to your wishes, of course."

"Ya, Kori," says Jack, still lugging the fuel cell around like nobodies business, not paying it much mind himself it seems. "I promise, you picked some good hands to fall into, no one wants to hurt you." Natural reaction, his hand goes up with sympathy, but stops. Instead he moves with fuel cell towards the ship, "I'd trust Jean her with my life." He instead tries to give that hand to her, hopefully not cold shoulderd - in the ice house.

Starfire nods taking a deep breath as the energy in her hands fades away "Thank you, I appreciate it" she says with an apologetic smile at Jean "Psions don't have such scrupiles" running her hands thru her hair as she calmed down. "They're so much worse then when I was just a slave. I don't want anyone to ever get in my head again"

Jean Grey shakes her head, "I understand." She reaches out with her hand, offering it to Kori, "I am not anything like that. I promise. Nor are the others in the crew, though I'm the only telepath." She smiles warmly, looking rather open and friendly… probably because that's her default state. "I think we have some extra clothes, if you'd want them."

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