(2014-09-20) Apologies
Apologies, but no kissing and making up.
Summary: Vance and Jean find common ground after the earlier argument.
Date: IC Date (2014-09-20)
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Daylight. Beneath the canopy of an alien arboreal forest, the GoG3 Starship has found cover and a safe location of which repairs can be completed. All around, the forest is alive with alien life, chirps, caws, rawrs, tweets, and the occasional ssssss can be heard all about.

Presently, Vance Astrovik is outside the craft on a series of crates. He perched high enough to reach the underbelly of the craft and perform his repairs. Next to him is an acetylene tank and the hoses reach up to his right hand where he utilizes the flame to cut away metal to get a better look at the inners of the ship. His face is covered by a wielder's hood. Next to him are various tools hovering in the air awaiting for retrieval if needed.

Jean stands not too far away, not bothering with the domino mask here as she keeps a mental scan around the ship, making sure that Jack and Courtney are not having problems on their scouting expedition. She does glance up towards Vance, "Did you need a hand with anything up there?" She sounds, well… to be honest, she sounds a bit bored, but she seems attentive to things all the same.

"No." is his first reaction. Which comes off as short and annoyed. He almost follows it up with questions about her abilities of mechanics as well, but shuts up before he does.

Another moment of cutting passes before he follows it with, "I mean, no thanks." in a softer tone from behind the hood. Then the inner struggle beings as he tries to sort out what else he should say about /earlier/.

Jean sighs, "Sorry about earlier, by the way. I'm… well, to be honest, I'm not used to not really being in control of a situation." She shakes her head, "Not like that, anyway." Apparently she sensed the tension easily enough, though she doesn't try to rub it in.

He sighs and cuts the flow of gas through the torch. It goes out. He lifts his helmet and turns to look down toward her. "I'm uh… Yeah that. What you said. And I'm rarely ever questioned and have always been the best pilot in the group. I kinda took it as a personal afront."

Jean nods, "Well, when we get back we'll just settle it with a cropdusting barnstorming challenge and call it good." She smiles wryly, "I'm not a bad pilot myself, you can just ask Jack. Been doing it since I was sixteen." Which, admittedly, isn't that far off for her.

He figured Jack was gonna be brought up and he snerks. Instead of pursuing that line of conversation, he says, "16 huh? That was what, 4 years ago?" then he reflects and states, "I'd been with the Guardians for about 10 years by then… which brings me to another question. How long have you had your powers and where did you learn to use them?"

Jean snickers, "Almost five." She then says, "Well, I got my powers just around then… though they actually manifested /very/ briefly when I was ten." She frowns, "Not a pleasant experience, and I went to a… special school, for learning how to live in society. When you can just hear what everyone is thinking, it can be rather difficult."

The tools float down to the crate as he himself begins floating down toward ground level. "That had to be rough." is commented as he touches down in front of her. "My TK came natural. It was just an extension of my intention. And being in firefights all the time really helped - on the job training."

Jean laughs softly, "Yeah, my telekinesis developed later. My mentors really helped get it under control for me, though they kept saying I had so much untapped potential." She tilts her head a moment, then looks back at Vance, "Plus I'm on a team with enough powerhouses, it feels pretty easy to be overshadowed." With that, she telekinetically takes a metal rod that can serve as a decent quarterstaff, and holds it in her hands as she works through a few katas, looking… well, suitably impressive, actually, as her outfit doesn't hide the fact that she has been working out laely.

"You should put a flag on that stick." Vance states with a smile and almost a chuckle as he realizes there are two intents in that statement. He really wishes he would have known before making a fool of himself on the train. "So this school trained you up to be what, some sort of metahuman combatant?"

Jean shakes her head, "Oh no, that wasn't intentional at all." She twirls the makeshift quarterstaff, "But it did teach how to use my powers, so I figured I wanted to try the most good with them that I could. This…" She grins as she works through a few more katas with the staff, "This, is the benefit of working with Amazons at their Embassy for the past six months or so." A soft chuckle at that, "I've also been finding that having a better conditioned body leads to a better conditioned mind."

"Amazons… " he mutters, "Of course you worked with the Amazons." which is not a denial, but more of an understanding of her overtness and control urges. "They've got the best conditioned bodies I've ever seen, and I guess I've only seen one - Wonder Woman." Again, his intention happened to be two fold so he tries to quit. But being a product of his youth and years of reinforcement while in the GoG is difficult to escape. "So what's this school? Rather, where is it?"

Jean smiles, "It's a School for Gifted Youngsters, in New York." She doesn't get too more specific than that, "Wonder Woman, Diana, she actually hired me as her aide as an internship, but then it grew into a permanent position as I proved my worth." She chuckles, "I'm not nearly as strong as she is, but I'll settle for being the best that I can be. And I have a few tricks up my sleeve as it is." Twirling the 'staff' one last time, she then sets it down, leaning on it with a wry expression.

"Cool." is about all he has to say in regards to the plethora of words that escaped her. So much depth of field in what she said as well, things he probably should best process before commenting further.

He glances back up at the ship and says, "(I) better get back to work. She ain't gonna fix herself." and he begins to hover upward toward the makeshift crate pile/platform.

Jean snickers, "I bet Stark could probably fix that if he had half a chance." She smiles, "The self-repairing bit, that is. Jarvis does a pretty good job around our station base." She then picks up the staff, twirling it around again as she gets a bit of a workout in while Vance repairs the ship and everyone else patrols.

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