(2014-09-19) League of United Villains
League of United Villains
Summary: Gorilla Grodd, Evil Star, Evo, and other criminals escape from prison
Date: (2014-09-19)
Related: NA
NPCs: Played by the players
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Plot

-==[ Prison For Meta Criminals - RP Suite #2 ]==------

This section of the prison is designated for meta-human and special criminals. Whether they have abilities that make them more dangerous than normal prisoners or special intelligence that sets them apart from regulars, this wing is where they are housed. This includes those that simply look different to the ones that could easily make gadgets to escape given the right pieces. The difference here is that the rooms are half-inch thick steel and have no portals. When they are locked down it is like solitary confinement.

There is a main corridor with some work rooms for jobs/tasks for the prisoners, as well as a common room on one end. These locations are heavily monitored if/when prisoners are allowed access to them.

Present: Evil Star (Captain Atom); Gorilla Grodd (Black Lightning); and Evo (Doctor Mid-Nite).

In his cell, Evil Star broods and plots about his escape and revenge upon all that have done him wrong. He's kicked back on his bunk, looking at the ceiling, his face twisted in an annoyed poise he wishes he had his powers turned on.

Gorilla Grodd does much of the same, looking at the TV he has thanks to earning a privilege. He has managed to find some cockroaches and taken control of them. They go out tonight, to each of the cells of this special wing, carrying a message on their backs.

Tonight, the power will cut out for 10
Minutes. Join me, and we will make
Our escape. Let us work together
Now that no hero may stop us again
Signed G. Grodd.

It is nearing the time, he had a phone call, it was made to Angle Man in code, who will fold space long enough to give them that moment to all get out of their rooms.

"Freaky bastard." is commented to himself when Evil Star reads the cockroach message. But he does not deny that he'll take part in the jail break. He has full intention of getting out like Mandela.

Alas, Amnesty International isn't writing letter and raising awareness for Evil Star, so his getting out will be the slightly modified version of like Mandela. Just before the outage, Gorilla Grodd dis-assembles his TV into a modified advanced gorilla tech weapon and TP/TK amplifier. Such that as the night sets over New York City and the power to the meta wing cuts out, he simply rips his door off to get to the assembly - no more electromagnetic seals and science helping the door. Similar sounds are probably heard as he hurries to the common area, "Come, let us Unite, no man shall hold us prisoner!" Double meaning for him, cause humans.

Rushing to stand, Evil Star nearly knocks himself out on the close ceiling (top bunk) and then rolls off the bed to barely land on his feet. He rubs his forehead and says, "ow." to himself quietly before peering out the bars into the common area. He calls out, "HEY, Get ME OUTTA HERE!"

Hearing the call, Gorilla Grodd comes to the door, "Yes, yes, we can, a few minutes left on the power outtage, but I need to know are you going to work with us if we do?" He sounds like smarmy bastard with that voice.

His powers haven't returned yet, the power outage is all fine and good to remove the dampening, but Evil Star's powers need to be recharged from ambient universal energy.

Hearing the question, Evil Star is agreeable to just about anything that will get him out from behind bars. He replies, "Of course Grodd. I'll do whatever."

Ripping off the door, Grodd smiles, "Fine, you're in Star Man. I think we'll need some of your abilities to help us make good on this escape." Like star constructs, something to get the group from prison to mainland hideout.

He moves to whoever else is gathered. "Before we break out completely, does anyone need artifacts or equipment from holding?"

"Nothing for me, just a little more time to build up my juice." notes Evil Star while walking from his cell and looks about at the other villains involved. Curious to see what's Grodd's next step and how in the world they're going to bust out - even with powers.

"When the power comes up," begins Grodd, as the group assembles. Oddly noted, some doors do not open and some villains remain captive. "They will flood are rooms with current, nestled into the walls, the ceiling, the floor. In the hopes of stunning us before power suited guards rush in in full gear to escort us back to their cells. I have been working to reverse the floos of that current, it should send a shock outsider the main exit to our wing. When that happens, we will have to rush out before they can recover. I am giving them 15 minutes to alert anyone else after that, so we need to be off the island by then to avoid any would be heros."

"I can get us off the island when I'm up to full power." states Evil Star. "I just need time and some cover to recharge. Meaning, I can't be blasting left and right else I won't be able to charge up."

"'Sppose that's where the rest of us come in, huh?" asks a gutteral voice from the rear of the group. The owner of said voice is what appears to be a werewolf in a prison uniform. He effects a broad grin, tongue lolling out the side like an excited dog.

"Don't care, really. 'S long as we get to waste some guards on the way out. Hey, anyone gotta a light? And a joint? Anyone?" the werewolf paces back and forth with the eagerness of a puppy. On two legs.

"Precisely," grins Grodd, looking at the werewolf, "Those defensless presently follow, while those of us who can fight move to the front. We move out and east, that is the quickest way out. We should come out at water's edge … Evil Star, do you need anything to help you charge, like star light, or moon beams …" Something they might want to consider as they go.

Evil Star shudders, almost like the pee-pee shiver. He smiles and says, "Exactly wolf-breath." then notes as he takes his position amid the larger group, "I just need time.. 3, maybe 5 minutes."

The lycanthrope draws himself up to something like his full height and jerks a thumb at his chest. "Hey. Star-Brite. Watch it with the names - mine's *Evo*. Remember it while ya still got a head there."

He pushes his way past some of the other inmates and stops near the front. "Just give the word, Chimp; I'm ready. No one's gotta joint? Seriously? This sucks."

"This won't work with the name calling, what are we all babies," says Grodd, going right to name calling himself it would seem. "Okay, Evo, in the front with me and the others, Evil Star, focus on getting your powers up. 10 seconds …"

And the timer goes off, the lights go on then flicker - the power drain of throwing the stunner switch. Some chuckles in the group, the door makes a noise like its about to open, but someone stopped it from going all the way, some muscles may be needed to finish that job.

"It'll be great to get out of this zoo." states Evil Star as he's poised and ready to leap into action. If anything, he can punch people until his powers are back, but may not need to if Grodd's plan goes without a hitch.

"Al-riiiight!" Evo exclaims as things start to happen. The exuberant shape-shifter bounds forward - not to shy about shoving a couple of his fellow inmates out of the way - and grips the door in his claws to try and force it open. The harder he has to strain, the more 'wolfy' his features become. In seconds his voice sounds like a hound caught in a drain.

It doesn't shut him up, however.

"Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who who…! C'mon ya, pussies! Lend a paw, would ya?

Grodd jumps forward with probably another or two in the group to help pull the door. It eventually breaks so they can open it and out before the door is a squad of about 12 men in suits that have been shocked. They're stirring a little, but Grodd and others jump out, taking weapons to offer back to other members, and even riot shields for those that need it.

"Evo, take lead, break open door as we come to them, they shouldn't be too hard compared to this. I'll get behind us in case some guards come from that direction."

Indeed, to the direction indicated, there are a few gates before some stairs going down. As if to Evil Star, or whoever listens, "When we get out, I have an island we can get too, its shielded by Gorilla Technology. Our first order of business is this Captain Atom and his bunch of unevolved primates." Hey, humans are primates too, he can say it negatively about them.

Evil Star stays to the middle of the group. He won't engage unless he absolutely has to. There's too much charging to do so that he can be a functional and useful member of this rag-tag group. "An island of our own, oh Grodd, you shouldn't have." is questioned in a tone of sarcasm and follows it by saying, "Such the better that the heroes can nuke us on."

"I got this, aw yeah!" Evo exults as he charges at the nearest door in their way. Passing by the guards as they slowly recover from the electrical surge, he claws at the throat of one, then steps on the chest of another - using it as a springboard. The 'shifter leaps at the door.

It is a simple thing to tear it from its frame. Evo dumps the mangled gate on the ground, then glances back over his shoulder.

Grodd picks up a weapon to take up the rear, "Oh, you have a better idea? You're Star power can cloak a base? You have the power to deflect missiles somewhere that you're not sharing." He points the weapon back to fire at a gate in that direction, discouraging new guards from arriving. "This is the time to speak up, sir."

In the front, Evo is literally moving like butter through the new defenses. And the stairs are in sight. Even a nice little Exit sign there, with some indications about dock times for boats coming and going, and visiting hours. The alarm in the prison starts to sound, 5-10 minutes remaining before the city is alerted and potential heroes might arrive.

"No, no, and no." Lists Evil Star and follows with, "I just hope the island is secret. Cause I'm used to having an underground hideout where I don't have to worry bout the bombs or the Green Lantern(s) jacking with me between capers." He continues to follow.

The werewolf appears to be having a ball. With every gate, every obstacle removed from the path of the escapees he hums and grunts with increasing enthusiasm - his own theme music, it would appear.

A pity he cannot carry a tune.

"Bow-chicka-wow, chicka-wow-wow, bow-chicka-wow-wow…" He goes quiet for few moments when he reaches the stairs, then briefly disappears from sight. The is a muffled, "Hey!" from that direction, followed by a strangled cry and the sound of tearing fabic, flesh and bone.

Evo returns a little way, toting a severed arm (presumably of a guard). "Hey, Gorilla-Gramp! Need a hand?" he calls back, obviously looking proud of himself.

"Really, don't play with your food," says Grodd, smarmy as before. But grinning just a little, "If you find enough, you can make your own human." More a chuckle, that amused him even. Turning to head for the stairs with the group, Grodd pulls a gate closed behind them, trying to secure it briefly. To Evil Star, he says, "Yes, nuclear safe, and no Green Lantern. If you prefer, you can dig out the caves underneath." A pause, a few more doors up ahead, including going through the visitors area, "How's your charge coming Evil Star."

"Eguha. Animals. Do you honestly have to kill without trepidation and in such a graphic manner?" asks Evil Star and then follows with, "I'm almost there and we're gonna blow this popcicle stand."

Evo folds his furry arms across his chest, somehow managing to fold his 'third' arm in with them, and glares balefully at Evil Star. "Hey, 'animal is as animal does', so - no. yes. Whatever. I'm not an 'animal', Twinkle. I'm a freakin' monster. Sometimes."

He drops the arm. It hits the floor with a 'squelch' sound.

Some of Evo's features shift then, losing part of their extreme wolfiness, and leaving him with a more human appearance: grayish skin, long black hair, fanged-teeth in his mouth and long claws on his hands.

"So far I ain't seen you do anything," he adds as an afterthought, to Evil Star. To Grodd he says, "What's this island o' yours got? Cable?"

"Its an old base, north along the coast," he suggests, "They updated during the world wars, after England made their island bases to stop the German's. Its secure and more hidden with Gorilla technology. The world is forgetting it ever existed." The go through the visitor room, some of them take stuff from the machines, treats and such. "No cable, we have satellite. If these heroes work together, so should we. We can do all the capers you like then."

At this point, its more regular doors and easier to get through to the shore. Starlight is shining down out there in that air that holds their freedom.

"You ain't seen me do nothin cause I'm the guy that's gonna get you off this rock and save your hide." notes Evil Star as he begins to glow indicating that it's about that time. "Alrighty boys, let's get the flock outta here."

"Oh reeeally?" Evo challenges the other man with a predatory grin, then the spins about and bounds out into the night. The shape-shifter stops near the body of another guard - a guard missing an arm. "Ooooo, taste that air!" he remarks gleefully. "Taste that freedom! Mmm… smells good. Smells real good." Glancing back at the rest of the group, he adds: "'Cept for some o' you. Some o' you smell like feet." He lopes around in circles, thoroughly incapable of standing still for a second.

"Yes, yes, we all did our part," says Grodd, trying to keep any infighting to a minimum for now. "Bad feet and all, this is a good group." Says Grodd, who then goes up to Evil Star, saying quietly just for him, "When we get over the water, we ask again who's in and going to the island with us… you can drop any that don't want in, let them swim for shore on their own." Or be shot down by the guards and heros that come to the prison. Part question, to see if he can do that with his contructs, drop unwanted baggage.

An energy platform begins to take shape as Evil Star focuses his energy. The energy goes beneath the feet of the escapees and will offer support in flight. "Understood, bossman." replies ES to Grodd and will begin the liftoff. As they get into the air, walls will form to give the passengers the means not to slide off and protection from possible gunfire or attacks.

Evo's amber eyes widen.

"Suhweeeeet!" he breathes in genuine admiration of Evil Star's abilities, then he catches himself doing it - and shrugs it off, folding his arms. "I mean, not bad." Grodd is given a mute nod in reply, and the werewolf shifts further back into being human.

"In the event of an emergency, please keep all seatbelts fastened, and your tray tables in the upright position…" he recites for the fun of it, grinning.

As they all get on the platform and move where Evil Star takes them. Grodd nods to Evo, addressing the group. "Gentleman, ladies … gender confused," to the one transgender villain in the group that doesn't know which sex they prefer and which opposite sex they like … covering his bases. "We stand now at Dusk, the reign of these super heroes spoiling our wants, our desires, is at an end. Now we stand United. This is your last chance, if you're in, we go to the island, otherwise speak up, Evil Star can set you free." He sort of points to Manhattan as if they'll just put them on the beach.

Out of the group, 1/4 to 1/3 raise hands saying they want off, sort of grouping together as if it'll be easier for Evil Star to lower the forcefield wall for them if they are close together.

Evil Star notes the grouping, smiles and says, "Bad choice." With that, the force field will open up beneath the group of villains and they will plummet several meters into the waters below. Evil Star will then begin moving the energy platform at amazing speeds toward the 'island of ill repute'.

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