(2014-09-19) In Search of Mongo
In Search of Mongo
Summary: The Guardians and Marvel Girl go to forward recon planet Mongo
Date: (2014-09-19)
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NPCs: Three forward ships for Ming
Scene Runner: Jack Flag.
Social/Plot: Plot

The Guardians and Jean gather, fitting the relay device to ship sensors and blasting off into space. Vance at the helm/pilot seat, his favorite spot. The rest is semantics probably. Jack is in his uniform garb with helmet on and over his face even. The ride is splendid, space is still cool even when you get tired of it, or even awesome for those who still love it. Though they have one destination, Mongo, an anomyly that Justice League discovered when they got their solar system satelitte network up and running. En route, Jack flicks on the appropriate sensor relays and its smooth flying for a while.

Yet, not quite easy, three war ships launch from Mongo as the Guardians navigate the Oort Cloud to get there. These are space-tastic ships, long, tubular with needle nose fronts. Rockabilly awesome, just need some guitars to help with the image. They turn on a course for Guardians. The only thing not cool, they simply open fire, no questions, no hailing, no villain monologues. They fire an impressive array, one shot even deflects off whatever shielding the guardians have, a quick hello, as the guardians find them on the sensors.

Vance reacts by pulling back on the stick and jerking it left while hitting the throttle. "Holy Cow!", he exclaims and says, "Jack, get on the blasters, we gotta take those goons out. Stargirl, see what you can do about jamming their comms, we can't let them radio back to Mongo!"

Jean hangs on, glancing out at the three ships, "I can try and do some mind tricks, but it's going to be hard with three different ships…" Saying that, she does reach out mentally, trying to get a feel for the crew of those ships as she hangs on to her seat.

Well up until the sudden attack Stargirl was sitting quite happily, flipping through a magazine while the team made thier way to thier destination. Sure space is lovely, but she doesn't have much of a view of it in the back. The magazine is tossed aside as she jumps to do as asked. "When did I become communications officer?" is her questioning complaint but seeing the sense in the request she takes her place at a control panel and starts hitting buttons.

Jack too moves to the blasters, turning them back to one of the ships as Vance begins evasive maneuvers. Trying to follow at least one ship. "On it," he says in resposne, shooting back at their shields, which are the visible sort, all yellow lines floating around the ships.

Jean reaches out and gets a sense that each ship is controlled by a number of individuals. There is the bridge and crew like normal, but sub-bridge are rows of bald guys with funny visors all plugged in and making the ship actually work. The immediate control is above while the main power/control is the bald guys all linked together down there.

Stargirl can get up a frequency jam covering major radio waves fairly quickly and it seems to work, their focus is on shields, weapons and coming to defeat the ship. Probably an overconfidant stance.

"When you were the original groovy chick of the group and we needed a Uhura." replies Vance as he rips the ship to the left and alters the speed. Watching the radar, Vance makes his masterful piloting roll and positions the ship behind two fo the three craft. The third is trying to work its way around to the side.

Jean blinks, "Okay, that's interesting… there's two different control systems. The actual control isn't based on the bridge but… let me see." She focuses her efforts, trying to do a 'telepathic hack' of the actual bald guys with visors that are controlling things. Since there's definitely something odd there… though she does have enough presence of mind for the current conversation to note, "If this makes me Yeoman Rand, I quit."

"Well at least Uhuru was a red shirt that that lived…like Scotty." of course those two weren't on away teams as much, but when they were they lived! All this tech spaceship stuff is still relatively new to Stargirl and there isn't one button that's label 'Jam Enemy Comms'. So she improvises, "Let's see how you like some dubstep." buttons are pushed and while the enemy comms are jammed persay all they are able to send out is Skrillex latest single. It's probably also being played over the enemies ship wide comm system.

"That must make me," Jack says, as if pondering it and not being that big on Star Trek, "Like, a red shirt?" He is blasting away at the ships. Vance is keeping them more safe than not, but the ship is taking some hits. Jean can get a sense of the visor men, and that they must all be on-line to work properly, even while bantering with the group.

She can also sense that jamming the frequencey into the ships with Skrillex doesn't bother the visor guys, the captain on the ship she is sensing is annoyed. "What is that noise, get it off the system, or you will be punished!"

"All day, every day, Jean." notes Vance as he indicates that she is absolutely Yeoman Rand. Then as he positions the ship with amazing talent so that Jack can get a better shot, "Although, Jean. You would be a far better Miss Kitty with all that flowing red hair; If we were in a western."

Jean frowns a bit, "Oh, you /wish/…" and then she focuses more on the visored individuals in the ships, trying to skew their perceptions if she can, "By the way, the dubstep is just making them annoyed, they have a more direct link… I'm trying to interfere with it, but it's unlike anything I've experienced before."

"Annoyed is good." Stargirl grins, she would probably pipe it through their own sound system but doubts Vance could handle it. "I'll keep trying to properly jam thier frequencies…instead of jamming through them." it takes a bit more button pushing until she finally gets it right "If you don't like Skrillex, you'll probably really hate Kill Sonik." as a young woman who spends most of her weekends in nightclubs she knows all the good dubsteb/electronica groups.

Jack is still firing and it seems the energy to the shields on the ship he is firing on is being depleted, they start to flicker. "Its not the 70s, didn't we discuss name calling with the whole cupcake issue - and besides, you know Star Trek updated since the original series, like women captains and such." He throws out there in the banter while trying to focus. "Jean, think you could figure out which part control's the power, if we could get their shields down, this would be cake walk."

They are more annoyed with the music change just the same. The captain above the bald guys calls for a coordinated attack. The one Jeanis parsing indicates that they can use radio waves to go from ship to ship, but Stargirl's jamming is starting to stop even ship to ship comms in their group.

"Women captains? You mean they let them put on pants, and shoes?" Vance is kidding of course while trying to be funny. He pulls to one side, then the other, then pulls back on the stick to do a loop and end up behind the third craft that was following. Thus giving Jack another opportunity.

Stargirl bounces to the music. She can hear it through the ear peice though the others aren't being treated to the music. A hand goes to give Vance a cuff to the back of the head, but not hard enough to distract him from his piloting. "Okay, definantly hitting the club tonight. Whose with me?" since her job is to keep the comm systems non-functioning, multi-tasking is easy.

The loop does the trick, Jack gets an opening and knocks out the engines on one of the ships. It starts to list to the side. This stops that ship from returning fire even, but the other two focus fire on the Guardians ship, peircing the shielding. They don't see it, but the ship starts to loose an important compound, probably fuel, maybe something for life supports. Stargirl might notice it quickly as the gauge indicates a rapid depletion. Jean does some TP magic that messes up the bald guys, and the shields start to flicker off on the ship she was messing with.

"I'm in," grins Jack to Stargirl, "It's our thing now, space adventure and club celebration."

Being struck in the back of the head amuses Vance and he smiles, "I'll totally get my groove thang on. But first we need to complete this mission. The Justice League is counting on us." At least until Power Woman punches the planet Mongo and sends it into the sun.

Jean frowns, "Alright, I think I might have it…" And yes, the shields start dropping on the ships, and their coordination seems to suffer as she telepathically sets off interference with the hive mind controlling the ships, "Their minds are linked to a degree, it's just through some manner of technology and not actual telepathy, but still…"

A roll of eyes at Vance. As if she were going to stroll out the airlock right this second to go party, "Guys." Stargirl's tone has switched to all concern "We have some damage to the fuel tanks or cells or whatever they are called. They are leaking."

In response to Jean's magic with disabling the bald guys, Jack grins, "Look more openings. One step closer to completion." He turns to favor a grin on Jean though when he says that. Turning back to shooting though, he goes for the first ship to loose shields. "Maybe we can syphon them when we're done." Though Jean would probably know otherwise, their ships are combustion based so much as electromagnetic with some sort of turbines powering the ships, not a lot of fuel in them, just enough to get the turbines and alternators firing.

Vance is disturbed and somewhat alarmed, "A leak? Cripes. Siphon or not, we'll need to either put down somewhere or go outside and fix the damage. There's no way we're going to limp back to Earth with a hole in our fuel cells."

At the mention of the fuel problems, and having to crash, she looks over at Vance, "Maybe /I/ should have flown!" She then telekinetically takes the Justice League's device off the paneling, "Hopefully fixing the ship won't be too long, but we can't risk having this fall into their hands." She then triggers the pod's internal self-destruct, finishing the job by crushing it flat with her telekinetic power. No, literally flat. SPLAT.

Stargirl continues to keep the comm frequencies jammed as the others do their thing. "Well one this fire fight is over and we get to safety I can take you out and we can get the thing fixed."

Jack continues focusing fire on the other ships, but without shields they go down pretty quickly. Another ship blows up, leaving one left. Though they remain confident, turning the needle nose on the ship again. Frequencies are jammed and if Jean checks, no word has been scent back to Mongo about the situation up here. He does say, "We're literally out of the solar system, beyond the last Oort object … closest thing is that planet itself."

With some offense taken, Vance states, "Oh, you think you could have flown better? Sweetheart, I've been flying aircraft and spaceships before you were out of diapers. And aren't you being a little defeatist or preemptive by destroying that widget? We are far from being captured. Or was this just a condensending test by the Justice League to show we're incompetent and that the Justice League is the only kid on the block who can save the world? Heck, we've been saving the universe before you got out of diapers too."

Jean glances at Vance, "We're going to be landing on a hostile planet, we don't know what capabilities they do have, and I'm not going to risk that technology falling into Ming's hands, period. If you don't like the fact that I'm making sure that doesn't happen, then that's too bad. It's not like that's the only one of those that we /do/ have." She glances over at Vance, not bothering to dignify the rest of his rant with a response. But she definitely doesn't look pleased.

Firing on the last ship to end is comission, Jack relaxes a little. "Uh, my ears are tingling, someone must be talking about us." Then he swivels in his chair for the sudden board room meeting that is taking place. "Okay okay, I think we all said we're in this to save the Galaxy and Earth, not for the recognition, hell, we can't even get in good with Nova Corps." More for Vance. "And all the piloting or not, couldn't avoid that crazy array of stuff they were shooting at us. Vance your my brother, Jean, I care about you greatly." A slight smile, "Maybe its less about blame game and ya, dealing with the situation. We're helping Justice League, Vance is a good pilot, and I have a flat." He reaches up to his patch and pulls a thread,a little flag pops up, "I just had this modification installed."

Vance says nothing, he wants to, but he's got to concentrate on flying the craft. "Someone scan the planet, we've got to put down in a remote and hospitable location. Are there any areas that have natural shelter or shielding?"

Jean looks over the sensors, hmming a bit, then she reaches out telepathically, finding a nice 'blank' spot that should be fairly remote, "Okay, feeding you the coordinates now." She checks a few things, "Nothing there from a mental standpoint, and it looks to be forested enough that as long as we can get in there, we should be fairly well obscured."

They're doing serious stuff, Jack is still looking at them being overly serious. "Really, no group hug, or go team?" He sighs, taking the flag off, "Okay, it was a one time gag, it would of been sparklers, but it caught my wall on fire when I tested it out." He puts it down on the console and looks over it the stuff Jean is referring to as Vance flies in that direction. "That is one thick forest, we can't get individual life forms with our get up, I bet he has no clue what's in there."

Vance wasn't impressed with the flag, so he didn't react. He's just focused and annoyed. He comments to Jean's last remark, "Oh we'll get there, don't you worry about that." With that, he checks the flight plan and begins to descend accordingly. He'll guide the ship where it needs to go safe and sound. It's just a leak, not a loss of functionality. However, finding fuel afterwards may be an issue.

Jean nods, "Alright then." She glances back at Jack, and gives a slight shrug, her annoyance passing away it seems as she focuses on the problem at hand, mainly making sure that no one notices the landing. However, a planet like Mongo… it could be easy to miss people.

While all this is being said around her, Stargirl continues to monitor the airwaves to make sure that they aren't being followed or other wise tracked "No stragglers. They of course know there was a ship fight, that didn't go well for them, but nothing more."

"It'll be a piece of cake," says Jack, "Fly in, sneaky like, refuel when we find a source and clubbing by sundown." A shrug, "Not that I know when sundown is locally, but close enough." Approaching that jungle is a lot like Dagobah, with redwoods being the standard sized tree. Plenty of vines and stuff, its dripping in there like a clouded rain forest from humidity, but average alien forest.

Jean glances sidelong at Jack, "Well, refueling could be a thing… I mean, I don't know the power source for the ship, but I'm guessing it doesn't take unleaded." She frowns, looking outside, "There's… well, I don't think there's much in the way of sentient life out there, but there's so much life in general that it's hard to be certain."

"And now that you have said that it's all going to go to hell." Stargirl points out sounding amused "That's for jinxing us. Giving a look at the sensors and out the viewport "Well it's jungly, like a cross between northen Califonia and South America.

Fade …

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