(2014-09-18) Metro Fire
Metro Fire
Summary: A fire in Tealboro is dealt with by four heroes, including the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Date: (2014-09-18)
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Scene Runner: Jack Flag.
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The late summer skies over Metropolis are filled with a smattering of grey clouds, enough that it’s basically overcast with a random threat of thunderstorm. But occasionally the sun peeks through just the same. The air is more towards warm in the 70s, and feels comfortable. All in all a good day in the city of tomorrow. That is until there is an explosion in Tealboro. It seems a fuel truck has gone off one of the interstates/highway and spilled down near a warehouse. Anyone could see if from any distance as black smoke roils up into the air over the borough of Metropolis.

What isn’t seen from the rest of the city is that the warehouse the truck hit was a factory that made chemicals which are flammable as well. Presently inside the warehouse are thousands of gallons of liquids in massive vats that could equate to more explosions on a larger scale. The warehouse is mostly sealed off by steel and brick simply to protect the stuff inside of it, but the truck hit a warehouse door and the flames are both outside and inside the building, some of the exits are also cut off for some of the workers. Nearby are some apartments that have risen up and, should the vats blow, they will be in jeopardy too. Fire crew are responding, but a few first responders will not be enough.

A sensor blip shows up on Aerial's HUD, next to the weather report. Fire she can probably deal with? Never tried it before. Her tools were designed with fires in mind. But with the first responders there… and the clouds are unnerving her. "(Keep the weather report up. I want to know before the precipitation starts.)" She swallows hard, then, "(Suit, find their channel. Open comms.) To all responders, this is Aerial." At just shy of the speed of sound, a red line streaks across the sky, dipping through an opening in the clouds, and angling sharply back aside to approach. "I can contribute firefighting barrier gel, I can withstand some severe temperatures, and I can fly with cargo. But my power leaves me vulnerable to water. I would like to assist. Please advise."

It's been a slow day for Stargirl as she has patrolled Metropolis. She wonders if maybe she should have went to NY or Gotham, and she is thinking of flying off in the direction when the explosion happens. "What the what." she says to herself, as she black acrid smoke begins to drift upward. Wasting no time she points her staff in the direction of Tealboro and flies in that direction, she isn't speed of sound fast but she can make it in a matter of moments and descends, circling the area to determine the best course of action.

The first responders have to think a moment as Aerial zips in while they’re running hose to help. “Uh, well, we sort of need water, but if you could start on the south side of the building with that barrier gel, make sure not chemicals are too close to the fire, that’ll save the apartments when this thing gets out of control. If you can push you gel towards the center, we got the foreman and five floor laborers pinned in an operations room.” Not so much an if, but a when, for getting out of control. They might suggest in side, but there is the risk of the internal sprinklers, which aren’t doing anything to the fire, but she mentioned being vulnerable to it.

As they’re working with her and Stargirl is surveying for best course of action. Jack Flag arrives, running to the scene just the same. Not speedster fast, but car on a freeway fast. Stargirl can see the fire is focused on the western side of the building, spreading south and north more than east – the apartments are on the south side, where responders suggesting Aerial go to help fight fire and stop the spread to the residential buildings nearby.

"Copy that. I don't see a safe path for me to perform the worker evac, unless they can get to a window. I'm going south." Aerial strikes the ground without impact and then zips to the side, leaving behind a trail of falling pellets. The pellets rupture on contact with the ground and bloom up and out, growing towards and suppressing the fire spreading to the apartments.

Stargirl doesn't have any of that fancy communication equipment so has no idea what is going on between the other rescue people. It's a factory though and it's a safe assumption that there are people inside that will need rescuing. With the fire being contained to the west side of the building she heads to the eastern side, looking for a window to break open and enter through, but barring that she will just make her own entrance, by carefully blasting a hole in the wall with her staff.

The pellet seem to work, sealing the edges of the building to prevent the fire from escaping as Aerial moves around. When the firefighters see this, the consider it a moment and respond through the comsys, "Can you get some of that on top of the building, to help contain the fire and block off fresh air?" Help stop the fire by cutting off oxygen supply.

Stargirl gets into a window by some offices, but she can also see a hallway just outside and an industrial door. There are some flames hitting the floor on that hallway and the industrial door is probably out to a catwalk where the workers may be located. Jack Flag does the same thing Aerial did, asking if he can help, saying the heat won't bother him too much, just his clothes, and he strength limits. They suggest getting some of the larger vats before the blow up out. That said, he rushes into the fire to look for the first vat, climbing over the wreckage of the fuel truck to do so.

"I can get to the top easy enough, but the barrier doesn't suffocate, it insulates and absorbs. Can't choke it that way. Can't get in to where the fire is with the sprinklers going…" Aerial jitters in the air fretfully while talking through her options. In a whisper, "Kill the sprinklers? I could dodge the hoses easy enough… Send in…?" She jerks down to a stop near the firefighters with the hoses. "I'm going to add some of my barrier gel into the stream. It will expand and eat the fire where it lands."

Into the fire Stargirl goes, or the floor above it at least. Her forcefields aren't much good against smoke so she doesn't bother with one for the moment "Hello!?" she calls out as she wanders through the offices "If you can hear me call out so I can help get out to safety.

The assistence of the gel with the firemen is actually helping them start making headway towards the building and the fire itself. "Thanks," they say, "How much of that can you do?" Making sure they don't exhaust Aerials' gel before the fire is contained.

Inside the fire, Stargirl hears them, "Help, here," to sort of lead her, the foreman pushes one of the nearby cranks with an arm to make movement near the control room so she can see it through the flames They have the doors closed so they don't suffocate. Another is flashing a flashlight, it might help as the lights are out in their room - though the glow of the fire could obfuscate that attempt.

Jack isn't far from Stargirl, avoiding fire as best he can and getting to the first of two very large vats marked as flammable. Bending down where he can get a grip, he's prying up one off the floor currently. He doesn't realize it yet, but he'll probably need a bigger door open to get it out.

One of the fireman rush off to cut the water valve outside to the sprinkler system, its not of fyet though.

Aerial checks her display. "I'm not sure. It's supposed to trap badguys. I've never actually fought fires with it before. The suit makes more, but it can run out for a while. Don't touch it, it'll stick to you." She's not a super-scientist. She doesn't know everything about how the gel or her suit works. Just what she wanted it to be able to do. Whispering again, "Could hit someone to protect them, nobody here. Could throw something punch holes, where to do it, bad idea?" She pauses and turns back to the firefighters, "What's the worst case scenario here, what happens to make this all go bad?"

The voices are heard by Stargirl and she begins to head in that direction "Is anyone hurt?" she goes toward the group in the control room first as they seem to be the closest to her position "I'm going to create a barrier to block the flames but you have to move out fast. I'm not sure how much longer the floor will hold." she gestures with her staff, creating an energy barrier between the flames and the employees. It's enough to block the flames but probably not all of the heat coming from them. "I broke out a window on the west side offices, wait there while I find others."

A fuel truck crashed into a chemical factory in this borough of Metroplis. Just off the freeway interstate, several heroes are working on the fire, to stop it from spreading to nearby apartments, rescue the workers trapped inside and to get out the flammable chemicals in the large vats. Aerial is working with fire crews to help with some gel that extinguishes the fire. Stargirl is working to get out the trapped people and Jack Flag is hefting the very large vats one at a time from the floor itself. He has one and is making his way towards a door currently - just its not open yet.

"Worst case, those vats blow up, don't know if that crazy guy that ran in can get them out though," they say, and point, "See, main garage doors still down, those vats don't just fit through a normal door."

The men shake their head, foreman taking the lead, "Just cuts and bruises, nothing serious yet. You tell us where to go, we'll go as fast as we can." They'll start moving and following her guidance to get beyond the unstable floor. One part seems like it going to collapse at any second.

The sprinkler valve is finally shut off.

Vance has been out of pocket lately. Being ex USAF and NASA he's still obligated to the wishes of the government. In particular, S.W.O.R.D.. In this regard, he's been off providing as much intel to the organization as possible. He's written countless reports, sat in on meetings, been interviewed, almost interrogated, and debriefed until he can barely keep his pants on. Finally they let him out of his 'cage'. He heard about the incident and that his teammates were there. So post haste, Vance flew to the scene on Hell's Gate. He sends over the com, "Hey guys, where do you need me?" as he zooms in over the firetrucks and other emergency vehicles. Presently, Vance is wearing his blue and gold uniform that does not cover his face, but does the rest of his body. He's also surrounded by an invisible force field of TK forceness.

Aerial nods and waits a few moments for the sprinklers to stop dripping, "Right, I'll gel the vats then, to protect them! (Suit, mark vats in green, temperatures above tolerance in red. Close vents.)" Her suit hisses with rebreather sound, and then she launches in a straight line and slight downward angle to hit the floor near the vats. Flying a jerky zigzag path from vat to vat, she drops her barrier gel. The translucent foam blooms up and starts filling the space. From a zipper pocket on her arm she pulls out a wet wipe and starts using it to erase some of the gel, leaving places to safely handle the vats without getting caught in the sticky barrier.

Stargirl will guide the group halfway to the safety zone "Keep going. I'm going back to find the others." she goes back the way she came, calling out for those in need of rescue and following any responses she gets from it "Finally decided to join us, Vance." she replies over the team comm "West side of the building, second floor, broken window. There will be factory workers needing help out.

The covering of the vats helps as Aerial flies inside. She can probably see Jack moving on towards the outside as he carries it, hopefully not coating him with gel. The man Stargirl helps move right along going for that window. Going back to look for other injuried people, she notices there is an office where with a feint cry, administrative people forgotten it seems.

"Ya, bout time, almost done here," says Jack into the Guardians comsys, though, really, its not almost done. People saved, Aerial containing and keeping the fire from getting worse, Jack moving a vat around. Still lots of work for the fire people.

From above, Vance looks over the scene and replies, "Roger that, Stargirl." then comments while flying quckly to the west side as instructed, "This scene is a compelte mess."

Suddenly, Aerial jerks to a stop. Outside there's only a few drops falling from the clouds, maybe every two or three seconds a sprinkle lands on someone's shoulders. But it's enough to set off alarms in Aerial's suit, and her voice comes out panicked after. "I have to withdraw! I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. (Close comms, show escape route.)" Her flight path angles back out of the building and takes a steep ascent towards a break in the clouds — and then suddenly she drops, slammed to the ground as if by a sudden invisible hammerblow. She takes off again quickly, and a few more times she's slammed back down before she gets out from under the gray clouds and shoots straight up into the sky above.

Stargirl pauses, canting her head in the direction she hears the faint noises coming from. At this point, the fire has probably done a number on the floor and has left gaping holes where it has eaten through "I'm coming." she calls out, clinging tight to her staff she takes to flying through the building toward the admin offices where people are trapped.

There are workers at that window on the westside that could use an assist getting down, no fireman with ladders to help presnelty, by Vance that is. Jack is left on his own in the fire with the vats as water hits Aerial and she needs to get away for the moment. Realizing there isn't an opening he puts the one he has down to muscle open the large garage door there to get it out.

They are trapped by virtue of the fire in front of them, not wanting to jump over fallen beams and make a run for it, there are four there, two women and two men. "Please, help us," they cry, desparate to get out, and hopeuful now that someone else is present.

Vance moves through the broken window and begins calling out for those that need rescued, "Anyone in here? I'm here to help! Come to my voice and I'll get you outta here." and he will scan around for people to help. Those that do come will be given an easy way down via TK assistance. Others he will likely have to seek out and render aid by the various lifting of stuff, opening avenues of escape, etc.

Stargirl is starting to get all coughy..the smoke is starting to get to her, not to mention the heat making her all icky, gross and sweaty. She weaves around the beams that have fallen and into the room where the four are trapped "We can't go that way. I'll have to make another exit." She eyes the outerwall, no windows here so she is going to have to blast the way out. The staff is held up and an energy charge released, a hole in the wall exploding outward at the concissive blast.

With Vance helping workers down, and Stargirl opening the currnet exit, the people trapped inside are freed. Thankful as they go out into the overcast sky, perhaps glad for the light rain starting, if not ironic that its their fire blazing up against that water. Jack gets a garage open, if not damaged, but enough to get a Vat out. About to go back in, the fire men come forward to the new hole (or holes even) and start using that to get at the fire instead.

Jack stands back, calling to his comsys, "I think they have the fire under control, any more people to rescue."

At least getting down from the second story will be fun…in a terrifying fashion. Stargirl creates a slide of solid energy so the four workers can get down safely and into the waiting care of EMTs. "I think we got them all out. But I am going to do a sweep to make sure." she says across the comms

"I'll go help Vance with the people while you do that," returns Jack, running to the side, letting the firefighters do their work. Also, a good place to leave, him not being the public sort of figure and all. A few more tatters in his clothes, he just had them fixed replaced too, "I think I need to invest in fire and tear proof clothes next time we go to a space port."

With a rubble stopping forcefield tight around her, Stargirl does a quick sweep of the interior. Or as much as she can with what remains of the fire still going. Finding it all clear she relays such to the fire fighters "Sweat proof too would be nice."

"That too, heck, we should get power suits," says Jack, knowing they won't go that far. As the firefighters move to finish up what they're doing, Vance is talking with paramedics. Jack calls into the comsys for Stargirl more, "Did you catch that other person, I didn't see who it was, but they sprayed some stuff in there that really helped out?"

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