(2014-09-18) Hostage Crisis
Hostage Crisis
Summary: Bank robber gone wrong turns to hostage crisis, Black Lightning and Mercury solve the situation
Date: (2014-09-15)
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NPCs: Bank Robbers/Cops
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Plot

In the vicinity of Tribeca, there is a developing situation. Four heavily armed men went in to rob a bank. All was sound, except they didn't realize two cops, on duty, were getting a coffee next store. Having noticed the bags they men were carrying, the immediately called for back up. The situation escalated to a hostage situation, some of the news channels reporting. No heroes showing up to slip in and take out the gunmen either.

In that department, Outsiders got wind just before the news footage started rolling, Black Lightning took the call, suiting up and hitting a wire to get to the scene lightning quick. As a negotiator is being called in, Black Lightning arrives on the scene. He gives a moment to watch from above before shooting down near the police perimeter, respecting that convenience though he could easily pass it. Calmly he walks up to the policemen at the barricade, "I'd like to help." He says, straightforward.

Cessily Kincaid was returning a book at the library actually next door, when she hears all the sirens and police preparing a perimeter. "What the…?" she mutters to herself as she steps outside, and looks at the bank as the policemen shout about demands to release the hostages, "Oh, groovy." the metallic girl deadpans, totally not amused by the turn of events of what seemed to be a quiet day. Quietly, she leaves the library, and then quickly slips into an alley one building before the bank. There, she places her backpack behind a dumpster while making sure no one is around. "I'll have to be fast…" she mutters as she presses herself against the wall, starting to melt. Once fully liquid, she quickly flows up the building, over it, then onto the bank's roof, where she starts flowing into the ventilation system…

"Sure, what can you do though," says the first cop to Black Lightning, as Cessily is making her way onto and then into the building.

"I can get in the building without being seen, take out some of those gunsmen. Have your negotiator keep them occupied." The officer isn't sure about that but goes to tell another and they seem agreeable to the idea. Such that the time it takes Cessily to start moving through the ventilation system, Black Lightning gets go ahead and starts heads into the wires, traveling into the building to find the best route to a location near the robbers and the hostages. Eventually he'll settle on the ducts too, there is a nice intersection of vents right above the robbers, he can get there and return to normal shape while assessing the situation.

Whether Cessily finds that spot or another, to look at the room. There are four men, two near the front, one near the vault and one watching the 10 hostages, five workers and five patrons of the bank. They have them tied up behind the counter while the face man tries to work with the police to get out of this situation - waiting for the negotiator.

Cessily Kincaid finds an office in the ground floor after a bit of searching, and after making sure it's empty, she starts pouring out through the grates, and pooling on the floor. She then reforms into a doll-like shape of herself, as she peeks around. She moves quietly, until she nears the bank's main room, where the robbers, and hostages, are. Frowning, she does a mental count or the goons, and tries to pin-point who seems to be the leader…

Watching from his spot, unaware of Cessily, Black Lightning is waiting for the negotiator with the sole plan of getting the man near the hostages and trying to protect them. Remaining unaware of the two entrants, the robbers are slightly lax, other than the one near the people. A voice outside calls in to talk, and one man goes forward. First saying, "Keep an eye on the cars there, in case they want to open fire. Make sure the hostages stay out of sight." He is perhaps the leader, he moves forward to start negotiating.

That is when Black Lightning moves, a flash of blue lightning and he appears near the robber by the hostages, quickly throwing a lightning punch at the man to get the upper hands and flaring a little, expecting bullets and wanting to put up something of a shield with his electricity reserves.

Cessily Kincaid studies everyone's positions, and makes a mental note about who seems to be the leader. Ok, time for some action. She crouches and frowns, keeping her eyes on the goon near the hostages. First order of business: get rid of the guy guarding the hostages, then— And then Black Lightning shows up out of nowhere, knocking the goon out, essentially spewing mud all over Cessily's plans. 'Aw, crud!' she thinks as she dives in, quickly melting and flowing rapidly, dodging desk chairs and table legs as she darts toward the closest guy who wouldn't help but notice a mini-thunder sound coming from the hostages' direction! She flows under the guy's feet and promptly grows a few tendrils, wrapping around his arm holding the weapon to aim it down, and then more tendrils to wrap around the guy's head to bring him down hard on the ground.

The bad thing is he did ruin other plans, but it might be good that he certainly draws some attention. "Get him," says the leader even as Cessily is so close to taking him down. The other two turn to fire with the leader, but the leader is striken by surprise as Cessily easily gets at him with tendrils and stops him from firing at anyone in particular. Black Lightning takes some bullets off his lightning forcefield, "I can't keep this up," he says, thinking someone else might be tehre, but not seeing Cessily only seeing the leader being dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. "Stay down," he says to the hostages and lifts a hand to bolt stun one of the two remaining guards - the one near the vaults. The fourth is closer to the leader, and sees him hit the ground hard. He doesn't know where to fire, only this is going from bad to worse rather quickly.

Cessily Kincaid made sure the leader hit his head hard enough on the ground to be knocked out, but not hard enough to damage the bone. As she's making sure he's out cold, but still alive, by checking his pulse, she hears the sound of thunder again, as Black Lightning downs one of the goons. At least, she hopes so. She then disentangles from the leader and like a tsunami of liquid metal, she rushes to the last remaining guy, towering over him and crashing on him, bringing him down as well to be knocked out.

He was considering giving up, but the crash saves him from thinking about that option. As Black Lightning is considering move to start dodging with his energy dipping towards low, he hears the sudden silence. "Thanks," he calls questioningly for the moment, having seen the rise and fall of that metal tide. Though he turns to the hostages to start untying them. A police on a horn calls in, "What's going on in there, we heard shots." Not firing themselves, because Black Lightning had spoken to them briefly before entering.

The 'metal tide' now starts receding and taking the vague shape of a girl who is standing up from the now unconscious robber, just as the policeman calls in through the horn, "Welcome." she says, turning her head to look at him and she smiles, "I think I should get away." she says, looking outside, at the police.

"All clear," yells Black Lighting to the police. "Sure, ya, no need to stay," he doesn't care if other heroes need to stay anonymous. "Just, I'd like to thank you, if you don't want to the Police to know you were here, can I meet you outside?" As if wanting to officially thank, her, maybe ask who she is, compliment the handy work.

Cessily Kincaid was about to walk into the back when Black Lightning stops her with that question, "Oh, um.. sure." she says, "I'll be outside, um… on an alley two bulidings over there." she points at the direciton she'll be, smiling, before she walks away into the back, probably leaving the same way she got inside.

Not questioning her in the least, he nods and waits to let the Police in, informing them no one was harmed. To help preserve her anyomynity (sp), he doesn't just fly out and over where he can be seen, but instead takes a live wire again to get to the building in question and get to the roof. Looking about, she may have had more time to get over and be there, he watches for her.

Cessily Kincaid is already at the alley, this time wearing clothes, a red top, black denim pants and white shoes, along with a red-pink small backpack. Looks like she arrives a few moments, as she is still adjusting the backpack's straps around her shoulders.

More true to her shape, back in one piece, Black Lightning only double checks. "That was you," more statement than question. "Thank you, that could fo gone worse if it was just me in there. Not to be intrusive, I sort of like to know who's around New York, is there some name you go by?" Then realizing his manners, he does offer, "I go by Black Lightning while wearing the uniform."

Cessily Kincaid blinks and looks up at the guy as he introduces himself, "Um…" she ponders giving her real name. "Mercury. You can call me 'Mercury'." she says, nodding softly and smiling a bit, "And I used to live here, but now I live in Gotham. I was here to return a book I bought, here a couple weeks ago." she points out.

"Mercury, fitting, I like that," says Black Lightning with a name not so fitting in certain ways. "A shame you had to move then, but lucky for that book. Is that more a permanent move, to Gotham?" Then he lifts a hand to his head a moment, frowning, "No, sorry, I'm being a bit too forward. I've just been trying to get some of us together up here, protectors of New York sort of a thing. Really trying to network and get to know others is all. I'm sorry for being inconsiderate there."

That was her codename back during her permanence at the X-school, at least, so she figures she could use it now. Anyways, Cessily Kincaid chuckles softly at the question, "It's alright, no problem." she says, gently crossing her arms under her chest and leaning her left shoulder against the building's wall, "And my permanence in Gotham will depend on several factors, to be honest. But, as for your group, you say you're assembling people? Who else you got, if I can ask?" she asks, curious.

Shaking his head, "I don't mind you asking." Black Lightning considers it though, keeping things straight. "Captain Atom has joined with us, some of our funding is from the government, but without the red tape." To clear that air up. "Doctor Mid-Nite is another one, not too much is known about him. We have a really fast guy that currently goes by Nitro. And myself, officially. Though I'm trying to convience Topaz to join us, we've ran into her dealing with Pluto trying to return from banishment."

Cessily Kincaid nods her head gently at the list of heroes on board with the project already, and she smiles, "Looks like you already got yourself a pretty good team." she says, nodding again, "I take it the team is supposed to protect New York, mainly?" she asks, taking that question from the question Black Lightning asked if she plans on staying in Gotham for good.

"Its our main focus," offers Black Lightning in return, "But we would extend that, Captain Atom has a broader range he has to cover. I run between here and Metropolis, I started with the gangs in the Suicide Slums, hard to walk away from that. Because we all have our own agendas, we're thinking an even stronger team means someone always available to answer any calls in the city or at large."

Cessily Kincaid ah's and nods, "I see. Yeah, that's a nice idea." she says, smiling. "What are you calling yourselves? I mean, does your group have a particular name?" she asks, tilting her head softly in curiosity as she lightly crosses her legs, letting her left foot rest beside her right foot. "And you said you have government funding? What does that mean, you have salaries?"

Shaking his head, Black Lightning returns, "Salaries, not quite, but we haven't asked for it. I think they would border into more government control than simply a team to protect innocent lives. We do have a club as a front, and anyone in need of funding." He lets it ride off, meaning jobs could be arranged. "Most of us have jobs or have had jobs. We're calling ourselves Outsiders, mostly because the lot of us aren't originally from New York. But the name seems to be sticking," as they're working outside the confines of the laws to meet their primary objective.

Cessily Kincaid nods gently, "I wish I could help, but my schedule is all taken by studying at College and working part-time to pay my bills." she says, smiling a bit apologeticaly. "so, little time is left for me to do patrols and the like. Sorry."

Getting out a card, he hands it over. Its for Outsiders with a number on it, not a stack, but a couple. "Sure, thing, if we could help with bills so you don't have to work, maybe you'll recondiers," he says hopefully, "Otherwise, we'll keep an eye out for you, it was good to have you there today." He gives a nod and then starts to hover, his legs flaring like static electricity, but way from her for safety.

Cessily Kincaid accepts the card and nods, reading it before nodding softly, "Thank you." she says, smiling, but then she takes a cautious step back when the guy starts crackling with electricity. "I'll see you around." she says, smiling and waving.

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