(2014-09-17) Ultimates #1
Ultimates #1
Summary: A siege befalls Xavier's, students are kidnapped.
Date: 2014-09-07
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NPCs: Various Students/Extraction squads from Project: Rebirth/Emma Frost
Scene Runner: Fairchild
Social/Plot: Plot

It's the evening at the end of a normal productive day at Xavier's. Classes were the usual, followed by more extensive power training, while other students were forced into teamwork training as well. With lights-out coming in shortly, everyone's finishing up with their pre-bed rituals. Most of the youngsters are in bed already, the lights in the mansion winking out one by one.

In the room of Linda Danvers and Lana Baumgartner, homework is not being done. Nor is anything else that is productive being done. No, no. In that particular room, Linda's sitting on her bed staring at the wall as she describes what's happening in a certain room in the boy's dorm. "Okay. He's taking off his shirt now… why is it I'm doing this for you again?"

Productivity and Lana don't really see eye to eye. Maybe it's a teenager thing, or maybe she is just anti-establishment, or both…yes both. She's sitting cross legged on her own bed, magazine forgotten on her lap "Because between the two of us you are the only on with x-ray vision. Did he get the tattoo or not?

A few hours later, and lights are turned off. Everyone's asleep. Except for the bursts of light coming from tactical flashlights. Instead of being woken up by alarms in the morning, the next sound the students hear is that of machine gun fire and screaming as the mansion is being stormed. Armed commandos sweep through the building, collaring specific students on their list. Any other students getting in the way now lie in bloody heaps in corners as the soldiers continue through the mansion, now heading to the girl's dorms.

"Yeah, he's got it. Left shoulder. A little cartoon bomb." Linda rolls her eyes. "I cannot believe he actually did it. Guess you owe him a date now." And then, finally, comes lights out. Teeth flossed and brushed (more to get rid of unwanted food particles than any worry about cavities). The machine gun fire jerks Linda awake. She does so instantly without any drowsiness. Another benefit of Kryptonian DNA. "Lana, wake up." Linda hisses even as she leaps out of the bed. Before she hits the floor she's Supergirl. Blonde and in costume. "We're under attack!" She scans first, checking to see how many and where they are. At the same time, she's thinking REALLY loudly.

«MS. FROST!!!!»

Lana gahs "Man I didn't think he has that into me." she will have to make sure it isn't a fake one before she agrees to anything.

And sleep time comes. There may have been a time when Lana was a light sleeper, but that time has long past since being a student at Xavier's for going on two years. The gunfire barely registers in her unconscious state and she grumbles, rolling over. The pillow is about to be pulled over her head when the words attack click in. Nothing like a sudden adrenaline rush to take her from sleep to awake immediately "What the fuck?!" she exclaims as she not quite leaps from her bed. "Barricade the door or go out the window?" both are viable options at this point for her.

« Lin — uhnh! » comes back, then silence, the only reply to Supergirl's telepathic outcry.

Whomever these people are, they've done their homework. They meticulously mow down unwanted students while incapacitating and collaring others. Captured students are being funneled out to armored transports waiting outside the mansion. As the squad moves closer to Linda and Lana's room, the squad leader makes a hand motion, signifying 'Kryptonian'. The men change the lenses on their weapons, red sun radiation prepared to be used on the girl. Another group has switched to tazer weapons to take down Lana. On the count of three, the barge through the door!

And they won't find shit. "Window." Linda said only moments before. "They've got transports they're carrying kids out in. We need to stop them. Ms. Frost is down." Moving at superspeed, Supergirl grabs hold of Bombshell and they go out the window. She rushes around to the front, where the kids are being loaded in. "Blow up the wheels!" Supergirl shouts at Lana, setting her down at what she knows from practice is Bombshell's maximum range for her explosions. "Make sure the transports can't leave!"

Fighting in just an oversized t-shirt and her barely there's was not on Lana's planner tonight. She is going to have to fire her assistant. The delinquent is not about to argue with the manhandling that Supergirl uses to get them out, or at being dropped and having orders screamed at her. She is in action mode, adrenaline pumping. Flash,Boom, explosions are aimed at the transports wheels to keep them immobile.

Again, whomever these people are, they're thorough. Exits are covered, and Linda's not the only one with superspeed. Just as Linda stops to put down Lana, 4 giant spotlights of red sun radiation focus on her, while a squad of four uses the tazer settings on their rifles, shot at the same time, to incapacitate Lana. The wheels are fairly resilient and the explosions just leave burn marks and smoke. From a distance, the girls can hear a shout from the back of one of the transports. Fairchild, collared and supposedly drugged, screams out. "Girls! Run! Get help!" A soldier beats into Fairchild's skull with the butt of his rifle, knocking her out.

Linda's felt this before. The power draining from her cells as red solar radiation is forced inside of them. She staggers and then stares. There's so many of them. And they've got her number. Tears fill her eyes as she realizes it. She can't win this fight. She wants to. Every INCH of her is begging for her to fight and free her friends but she can't. All she'll do is get herself captured. "Shit."

This has to happen before all her power is drained. Supergirl zips forward, grabs Lana, and flies into the air. She pours on all the speed she can.

Lana's body convulses as the tazer current rips through it. The only thing that keeps her from collapsing into a heap is being grabbed by SG and flown upward into the air.

As Supergirl streaks to the sky, a pair of F-35B Lightnings scream by overhead. In Linda's weakened state, they target her easily, each one pouring on radiation from red-sun cannons specially modified for the fledgling aircraft. A ground team prepares to catch the two when they fall to the ground.

"You have GOT to be kidding me…" Linda swears as the red light cannons alite upon her. She begins to descend, almost dropping Lana, her body unable to keep the energy needed to keep her aloft. "No. God, no. I can't let us be captured. Can't… please… GOD…. PLEASE…"

How long has it been since she prayed? And this time, her prayers aren't answered. God knows what's going on, even if Linda doesn't. She begins to drop and her fingers, weakened by the red sun energy, let go of Lana.

"Fine!" Linda shouts. "FINE!" She's not going to go down easy. She kicks in the last of her powers and goes into a controlled fall, sending her hurtling towards Caitlin. If she can't free herself, maybe she can free their teacher.

Linda's attempt is valiant, yet fruitless. She bounces off the strong transport as it's pushed forward a few feet. Other than that, no damage was made. Linda lies on the ground, the red-sun lights back on her until a dampening collar is placed on her. Lana is brought over in the back of a jeep, a collar on her as well. All are piled into the transports and the group leaves, as if nothing's happened at all.

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